Friday, November 23, 2012

I Went Shopping...

Good afternoon Beautiful,

Well – it’s official. It’s almost 5 o’clock which means my real vacation is pretty much over, and I’m SO SAD about it! Actually, on more than one occasion I tried convincing C that I would make the perfect house wifey and that life would be so much less stressful for him if I didn’t have to work. We’d never have to find time on the weekend to do the laundry, he’d always come home to a nice, clean, healthy dinner. I would keep the place tidy and I’d get to keep myself lookin’ HOT at the gym that I would spend time at every single day. Seems like legit reasons for me to not work right? Turns out he didn’t go for it, on any of the 4 times I tried convincing him. Bummer.
Today was somewhat of an interesting, yet super fun day! I woke up and I felt like working out immediately. So that’s what I did. I NEVER workout in the morning, I actually don’t really enjoy it but for some reason today my body was all “please?” and I was like “well, ok.” so I took my body down stairs and let it do some pumping. Please note that this is my Frosty Fitness Challenge post for today because I never workout in the morning, EVER. So I took my body onto the treadmill and we warmed up by running half a mile at speed 6.8. Then my body and I did some upper body…
-          Bench press
-          Lat pulldown
-          Pec Dec (upped my weight!)
-          One arm cable row (upped my weight!!)
-          Bicep curl (I upped my weight today!)
-          Tricep pressdown (upped my weight!)
-          Shoulder press
-          Lateral raise
-          Sit-up bench
-          Back extension bench
Then I started to feel slightly nauseous. I think it was because I hadn’t ate or anything, which is one of the main reasons I don’t like working out in the morning. Anyways, I got a pretty good workout in and I upped a lot of my weights today so it made me really sweaty. It was wicked!
I had heard on breakfast television this morning that the Foot Locker at the Eaton Center was selling for a very limited time, some retro Air Jordan’s (4th edition or something?) from 1989. I instantly thought of getting them for C for Christmas. He has a very broad range of footwear that he likes (for those of you who have been reading about C for a while but don’t actually know him, he’s probably the most well-dressed man I’ve ever met.) which ranges from lime green sailor loafers, to grey leather converse high tops, to light brown leather boots with guns on the toes (yes, guns.) so I don’t like just going out and buying him fashion apparel without already knowing he thinks the item is cool, or has specifically asked for it for Christmas or birthday or whatever. So I sent him a message about these shoes.
Me: “Hey – are Air Jordan 4 shoes from 1989 cool?"

A part of me thought he wouldn’t put two and two together, that he wouldn’t know that this was obviously a question about a Christmas present.
C – “Somewhat cool."

Umm… ok? This wasn’t helpful at all, I needed more of an explanation because if he thinks they’re cool, I would go try and get some. But if they weren’t THAT cool, I wasn’t going to take the TTC to the mall, and go in there asking for these random shoes that they MAY have because they were anticipating that they’d be sold out by the afternoon…
Me – “Cool enough for me to travel and try and take down some peeps to get you a size before they sell out this afternoon?”
C – “Not that cool.”
C – “Let me rephrase. I’M not cool enough to wear them”
That helped. I did not go get the shoes, I had a nap instead.
When I woke up around noon (haha – totally napped from like, 10:30-12) I cleaned up around here a bit and started making sure I had all of my Christmas presents ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the Ohm Family Christmas happening in good ol’ Wingham, ON. I have a large family, so I put together some frugal yet cool gifts to give out tomorrow! Obviously I can’t tell you or show you what they are yet but I will for sure on Sunday – they’re the coolest gift’s I’ve ever made (in my humble opinion). I’m going to try super hard to stick to my Sugar Strike, and not eat anything not paleo. It’s usually somewhat hard because there’s so many different cheeses, crackers, snackies…. MMMMM!! But I’m going to stick to meats and veggies. They can be snack foods too, right?
I got all the gifts in order, and realized I needed a few things to complete them, so I went for a walk down Queen St. W, one of my favourite streets in Toronto! I picked up what I needed to finish the gifts, and then did something I 100% know I should NOT have done… I went into H&M.... my favourite store.
I found a lovely standing hanging rack of coloured denim pants. For a few months now I’ve been in search for the perfect pair of mustard coloured pants. Guess what I found? MUSTARD PANTS!

Not only did I find mustard pants, I found some teal pants which I also adored.

Originally I tried on mustard pants that were too small, so I went out and grabbed a larger size (H&M sizes are always so strange!) and as I was waiting in line to try the larger ones on, there right beside me was a gorgeous yellow blazer, in my size. Staring me down and whispering “try me on… I dare you.” So I grabbed it, and tried it on. The whole time I was in the change room I really, really hopped that I didn’t like it because if I did I knew I wanted it hanging in my closet. Well, turned out it fit me perfectly and I took my two pairs of pants and my blazer and got into line without looking at anything else.

When I first got in line I was beside the pant rack I found my coloured pants on, and I set the teal pants down, hoping to walk away from their beauty in hopes of saving some $. 30 seconds after I set them down I picked them back up again, knowing that I’d regret not buying them for a mere $25. Black Friday shopping deals are becoming more and more popular in Canada, and today I think I scored some! I got two pairs of skinny jeans and a blazer for $90. Pretty good, right?
Tomorrow is the last day to Inspire Yourself for this week's Frosty Fitness Challenge. How many things have you done this week that is outside of your comfort zone? Have you tried a new class? Tried a new sport or activity? How about doing good in your comminity? I know Jenelle from won a pie at her Thanksgiving 5km race, and then donated it! Go Jenelle!
Also, the end of the NourishTea giveaway is slowly approaching - so get in while you can! I'm giving away a can of jasmine dragon pheonix pearls to one lucky reader! It's one of the best green tea's that I've ever had, so I can't wait to share that with someone! Click here for all of the information about the giveaway!
What are you favourite fashion trends this fall/winter? Is anyone else celebrating Christmas this weekend? I’m super excited for mine! J
Stay sweet.


  1. Boooooooo for your vacation ending. Love both of the mustard and teal skinny jeans - so cute!! I never thought about Black Friday being an American thing but I'm glad it's branching out to our Northern friends!

    1. Black friday shopping is well known here but not a ton of stores participate - most people go to the states for the day! But this year we're hoping to start keeping our $$ up here so stores are holding Black Friday deals now! Its super cool :)

  2. Yay you shopped too! I'm loving the colored jeans fad, those are super cute!

  3. This is one of my favourite blazers!!! I have it in a magenta... great minds, lady ;)

    1. Heyy!! Magenta huh? That's SO cool. They told me they had it in a royal blue colour but I only saw it in yellow. I don't mind - I don't think pink looks right with my skin tone, but I'm loving the yellow!! We can go out for drinks someday and match :P

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