Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Birthday & How I'm Doing Good

Good evening Beautiful,

Happy November! I have no idea where October went… seriously! It’s flown by so quickly. Christmas is less than 8 weeks away, wheeeew!
As some of you know, it was my birthday yesterday so I apologize for the lack of a post. However, what an amazing day I had and I was spoiled ROTTEN! Seriously, I woke up in the morning and walked out to get a glass of water, low and behold there was a black Lululemon gym bag sitting on the counter. C had been up since 3am that morning because he couldn’t sleep, so he came over and watched me open it. The bag is soooo pretty… I’m so in love with it. When I opened it up there was a pair of Lululemon running crops on the top! So cute, black with aqua blue accents! It wasn’t done! I unwrapped a present to find a gorgeous new Starbucks mug and a Starbucks gift card… but I still wasn’t done… I pulled this out of the Lululemon bag…

….. I got a bit excited. I undid the white ribbon, opened up the tiny blue box and opened the little blue baggie they put jewelry in and out popped the earrings I’ve been wanting for a long time!

AREN’T THEY SO PRETTY! They are my favourite ever. Last Christmas he bought me my first Tiffany’s piece, a necklace… and now I have these too! Ahh! I love love love them!
So yes, needless to say I was spoiled. Then the staff of the GoodLife club I work out of bought me an anti-stress facial from a spa close to work. I actually have it booked and I’m going on Saturday for a facial and pedi! So excited… I hope it’s super relaxing. I need it!
Then last night I decided how I wanted to spend my birthday. Eating wonton soup and watching Michael Jackson’s This Is It. I’m a huge MJ fan, so I’ve seen the movie like 20,000 times but I wanted to watch it again. So I told C that while I was still at work. When I got home though, guess what I had waiting for me at the Concierge desk in my building…

…. SCHOOL BOOKS! That’s right, it’s 100% official, I’ve officially started my two year trek to becoming a Holistic Nutritionist. What you see in that picture is only Module 1 of 6. I will get a new Module to start working on every 4 months, which means I should be done the first Module in 4 months, so if I’m not I know I’m behind. Last night I read the introduction to the program and started reading a bit of the main textbook but didn’t get too far in it. I quickly realized that this is indeed, going to be a lot of work. I hope I can keep myself motivated to keep learning! I guess only time will tell J.
Besides the wonton soup that I had last night, and finished after work today.. eek.. I’ve been eating so well! I allowed myself a cheat last night only because it was my birthday – so I’m back in full force! I’ll tell you what I’ve ate today so far:
- yogurt made of almond milk
- frozen strawberries/blueberries
- half an avocado
- half a chicken breast
- 3 baby bananas
- Protein Shake (post workout)
- Beef
- Bok choy
- Zucchini
- Tomatoes
- the left over wonton soup… whoopsies.
For dinner tonight C took out chicken breasts so I’ll have to figure out a cook way to whip those up, and I have organic kale to bake up! Yum yum yum! One cool thing that I’ve learned so far in my course is that you can eat the best foods, tomatoes and cucumber for example, as part of your lunch. But if you decide to bring those vegetables to work with you in a Ziploc bag, it’s super counterproductive from a holistic perspective because the Ziploc bag will be thrown out, only to harm Mother Earth, the thing that produced those tomatoes and cucumbers for you. Use Tupperware or glass ware for everything you bring with you! It does the world good J.
Yesterday instead of working out I met a friend for a nice lunch (I had a salad with hard boiled eggs; I was like 75% vegetarian yesterday! It felt odd.), and obviously I didn’t work out after work so I took it as an “off day”. Today however, I KILLED it in the weight room! It went a bit like this….
Chest Press Machine
Lat Pulldown
Hammer Strength Chest Press Machine
Bicep Curl
Front Shoulder Raises
Assisted Pull Ups
Assisted Dips
Later Shoulder Raise Machine
60 Ab Crunches w/ 12.5 Dumbbell on my chest
Oblique Twists
Ran 10 minutes at 6.5 on the treadmill
I can’t remember how many reps and sets of each I did (I think for the most part it was 2-3 sets, 8-10 reps) but I was sweaty mess at the end! It felt SO GOOD, and my arms are still a bit fatigued!
TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!! That means it’s almost the weekend, and it also means I’m 1 week away from my birthday party. I’m super excited for it, I have like 15 friends coming to join in the festivities with me, and I will admit now that I will be consuming probably more vodka than I should, and I’m fairly certain a polish sausage will be involved as well. I guess I better kick my ass at the gym from now until then to make up for it!
How was your Halloween? I didn’t eat a single piece of Halloween candy this year, it’s probably the first year ever! I wrote an article for the GoodLife Fitness Blog about avoiding sugar in the office this year (click here to read it!) so I took my own advice and avoiding the sugar monster at all costs. I said “no thanks!” to about 5 different people – it made me very proud of myself and showed me just how strong I can be!
Did you all dress up? Did you succumb to the monster that is Halloween Candy? I’d love to know how your Halloween out was!! Since it was my birthday I think I deserve it! :)
A quick note - since it's November 1, I decided to play some Christmas music on the way to work this morning. I was listening to "Do They Know It's Christmas" by Band Aid and was really paying attention to the lyrics and realized how sad the song was! I instantly realized that I wanted to do something really fun and really good for the holiday's this year, so I sent out an email to all of my co-workers in the Toronto area as well as the staff of the club that I work out of letting them know that this year I'm going to be organizing a food drive!! I've already bought some food to put in the boxes I'm going to make. I'm wrapping up a box tonight to make it look like Christmas and I'm asking each staff member to bring in 1 non-perishable food item per week until the week before Christmas (or more if they want!). I'm going to have it sitting at the front desk so the members of the gym see it as well and get into the holiday spirit of giving! Isn't that so great!? I'm so excited to see how much food we collect and drop off to The Daily Bread Food Bank in Etobicoke! We are so going to be on Santa's Nice List this year!
Have you been inspired to do something good for your community yet? Let me know if you have, or if you're planning on it!
Stay sweet.


  1. awesome, you're going to love studying! I can't wait to start my courses for CPT certification next year! I'll be a study buddy for you...virtually ;) Happy birthday again! Gotta love that little teal box!

    1. That's so cool! What CPT course are you doing? I did the canfitpro PTS course/exams years ago and did CSEP as well!! Thanks for the birthday wishes!! :)

  2. i am SOOO jeally of those earrings! they are absolutely gorgeous!! happy late b-day to you, beautiful lady!

    1. Hi Jenna! Haha thank you! I happen to think they are gorgeous as well! And thank you so much for the birthday wishes!! :) <3

  3. Replies
    1. Hey Erin! Thanks for the birthday wishes - and YES I did!! Holy man.

  4. happy birthdayyyy! I love your new earings they are beautiful! (:

  5. Happy happy happy belated birthday! You definitely deserved the spoiling. :) Also, I totally got excited for your school books. That's how you know I'm a nerd...

    1. Thanks so much Amanda!! Haha, I got excited for them too.. I've been counting the days! And they finally came, on my birthday none the less!! So excited! Thank you for your comment!

  6. I'm still totally loving this layout!! It's so crisp and clean and pretty! :)
    What a sweet man you got there!! Jealous!! :) Looks like you had an awesome day!!

    1. Hey Jennifer!! Thanks a ton - I'm loving it too! I find myself just gawking at it sometimes haha. He is a GREAT Man! Thanks for your comments!


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