Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Newest Find At the Grocery Store!

Good evening Beautiful,

Well – it’s officially my weekend!!! How awesome is that? Ahhh – I’m super excited for my long weekend! It’s been forever since I’ve taken a vacation day and it’s well deserved, I can tell you that much! Tonight is going to be spent cleaning and preparing for the 20-something people that are going to be here tomorrow night. C has dubbed the kitchen a “no cooking zone” for the next 24 hours in efforts to keep it clean, sooooo I don’t know what I’m going to eat, but I bet it won’t be the best options…..
Tomorrow I have plans with my girlfriend Marina and it involves Hot Yoga, lunch, a manicure and her blow drying my hair all nice for my birthday party tomorrow night. We’re meeting in the late morning to head over to our huge GoodLife club on Yonge St to take a Hot Yoga class that we’ve been trying to plan for ages. I’m hoping it gives me a really good, deep stretch because I need it after all of the resistance training I’ve been doing. I can definitely tell my muscles are getting tighter. Then we’re going to grab a light lunch and she’s treating me to a manicure for my birthday!! Thank god for Marina because honestly, my nails are like claws right now. She’s such a sweet gal, I’m super excited to hang with her tomorrow on our day off!
Tomorrow for my birthday party, I have people from all stages of my life coming. Alyssa & Trevor, friends from highschool. Rochelle and Nick, friends from college. An old roommate from London and a ton of people I’ve met here in Toronto. It’s going to be really cool to bring all these people together for one epic party! I’m getting really excited for it!! I probably won’t be posting a blog on Saturday because I probably won’t be feeling all that well, but I’ll post some photos from tomorrow night on Sunday!
Today I made Jenny workout with me again. We did upper body and it was this:
Pec Dec
Lat Pulldown
Chest Press
Seated Row
Bicep Curl on Cable Machine
Tricep Press on Cable Machine
Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Lateral Raise
Frontal Raise
Dumbbell Bicep Curl
Skull Crusher
Ab Twists w/ Medicine  Ball
It felt really good and definitely woke me up after being so sluggish all day. I don’t know why I was sluggish, maybe just because I knew today was my Friday and I was keen to get out of there! 
Today for lunch I tried this new soup that I found at the grocery store. It’s called Soup’s On and it was Potato & Leek soup! First off, it’s so adorable; it comes in a mason jar. Secondly, it’s fresh and it’s made up of all natural ingredients. No preservatives, no chemicals no added salt or sugar, are low in fat and contain no dairy… it’s awesome! They also make frozen soups that I have yet to find that are gluten free and not concentrated. It’s about $7 for a jar, but it gives you two pretty good servings, and it’s delicious and comes in a lot of amazing flavours such as:
Potato & Leek
Chicken Noodle
Chicken Barley
Garden Vegetable
Butternut Squash
Carrot and Orange
Hot and Sour
Leek and Tomato
Mushroom Barley
Split Pea and Lentil

Don’t they all sound amazing? I can’t wait to try more… they’re definitely my new “go-to” soup for when the weather gets chilly. I might have the last half of my jar this evening actually! I also love that they come in jars instead of a container you need to throw out – yaye for recycling! A bonus is that they’re made in Scarborough, so they’re a local company for me! To see the coolness that is Soup’s On,
click here to be taken to their website directly. And no – they didn’t ask me to say any of this. I literally just found their product yesterday and tried it for lunch and love it!
In case you’ve been away from my blog – I’m having a super cool giveaway from David’s Tea! They’ve given me a 50g package of their Vanilla Orchid Holiday Tea to give to one lucky winner. It looks like it would be sooo good and I can’t wait to see who wins it! David’s Tea is my favourite tea store so far and I’m so lucky to be giving away a package of tea for someone to try! Click here to be taken to the giveaway and to enter, just use the rafflecopter!
I also wanted to do a big shout out to Michelle because I got such a cute card from her in the mail today with a GREAT little present inside - $20 at the LCBO! THANK YOU BLOGGY BFF.... I will have some drinks for you and WITH you very soon!

Tonight for dinner – I’m having chicken wings. Cheers to the freaking weekend readers!
Stay sweet.


  1. Sounds yummy, thanks for sharing!

  2. Chicken wings are my weakness! They are the yummiest things ever - have you been to the Anchor Bar in Buffalo??

  3. cant wait to have drinks with you! hopefully next monday before the concert!


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