Monday, November 19, 2012

Vacation Day #1 - A Semi-Workout & A Double Date!

Good afternoon Beautiful,

Today is my first day of vacation and I feel like it was pretty productive! I woke up around 9am and I was a bit nervous because it feels odd not going into work but the feeling passed quickly. I turned on the television and watched some tv in bed (haha – oh it was so great.) and made some leftover steak for breakfast and a small bowl of mulligatawny soup along with a nice glass of jasmine green tea. I hopped into the shower and all was going well, until the shower turned cold. AHHHHHH. I hadn’t even washed my hair at that point… I guess it was kind of karma for taking my time in the shower. So I washed and conditioned my hair under freezing cold water, so I was FREEZING when I got out of the shower. Turns out there was a notice in the elevator saying there may be breaks in the hot water between 9-5. Damn it.
I got all ready to head to the gym, and I knew I was going out to Scarborough because I wanted to go to Walmart to pick up some stuff for Christmas. Well, my list included some card stock, a couple gifts, a couple things to add to gifts and maybe a banana (for a pre-workout snack). Only this girl would go in for that stuff and come out with that (sans banana) AS WELL AS a new pair of suede chocolate brown thigh/knee high boots (yes Andrea, they come to my knee but would be thigh high boots for the average person. Also good to note that they’re not SUPER baggy around my legs… thanks) and some black suede pumps with black sparkles on the heel for the holiday social I have coming up in about two weeks! So I think that officially puts my shoe collections at like 39 or 40 pairs of shoes. Damn it. I really do need to find a new condo to move into because between C and myself we probably have like 60 pairs of shoes. I need to dedicate a closet to a shoe rack for organizational purposes. I think I have shoes I haven’t worn in years only because I can’t see them. Speaking of which, I realized when I was in London that I had a pair of BCBG flats I bought when I lived in London and they were like $200 – and I CAN’T FLIPPING FIND THEM! Ahhhhh – it’s so frustrating, especially because they’re so pretty. Boo-urns.
After Walmart I made my way to the nearest GoodLife in the area and I have to admit I’ve never been to any of our clubs in Scarborough so I wanted to check one out. I’m a creature of habit and going to a new club is always intimidating for me, even though I’m an employee… they’re all different and no one there knows me so it’s just not familiar. Every time I check out a new club I get a whole new respect for people who step foot in a gym for the first time. It’s a scary thing!! I think the hardest part is just getting your foot through the door. I was very impressed by the service at this location however. I scanned in with the front desk Motivators (staff) and was greeted with smiles! When I asked where the change room is I got a personal escort from a lovely young man (who was also cute, so that didn’t hurt). I told him I was staff so he shook my hand when he found that out. After I changed I found the machines I usually use and stuck to those. I so badly wanted to do a really long workout but my nerves got the best of me and focused on major muscles and got out.
Being intimidated by a gym of all things isn’t something I should be intimidated by, right? If I had a friend or C with me it would have been a lot easier. For some reason when I have to go somewhere or do something for the first time by myself I get really nervous about it. I wanted to do the rowing machine after my workout but I left instead. BOO… Does going to a new club for the first time count in the Frosty Fitness Challenge? I’m not sure – I can’t win the prize anyways but it was a step outside of my comfort zone, that’s for sure!! If you’re like me, try these two tips to help you get comfortable in new situations:
  1. If you’re driving to a new location and nervous about getting lost, go there before hand so you are familiar with the drive and check out the parking situation! It’s something I get nervous about, finding parking and stuff so I sometimes I go check out the area before I need to be there!
  2. If you’re going to a new gym or something like that for the first time, bring a friend! I’m sure if you offered to splurge for the day pass for your friend so you’re more comfortable they’ll be totally willing to take you up on the free workout! You can both check out the layout of the gym together, get familiar with how it’s set up and maybe check out a class together!
Those are my two most uncomfortable situations so hopefully if you’re like me, that kind of helps you out!
After the gym I decided I wanted to study, so I got my butt home, got myself a bowl of organic tomato soup for lunch and hit the books…. For 15 minutes. Then I decided a nap was a better idea so I napped after watching the last half of Dr. Oz. Deepak Chopra was on talking about how to keep your brain healthy, and he included some herbs! When I made my tomato soup I added chives into the soup for flavour, and since I’m always looking for motivation for blogs, I decided to do some research and find out what benefits some of my favourite herbs have! So my favourites are chives, basil and cilantro. Let me share my findings!
They belong to the same family as onions, garlic, leeks and shallots and offer the same nutritional benefits, but in a smaller amount. For example, they contain a flavonoid called quercetin which helps fight off free radicals in the body which helps promote anti-inflammation and DNA repair. Chives contain sulfur which helps skin disorders and acts as a powerful detoxifier by helping your liver produce bile which rids the body of toxins. Chives are also oligosaccharides (I just learned about these in school!) and they are carbohydrates that helps support the growth of healthy bacteria in the large intestine, which is good for digestive health!
Like chives, basil contains flavonoids which help provide protection to the body at a cellular level. It has been shown to provide protection against unwanted bacterial growth which is thanks to the volatile oils that basil contains. The volatile oils also promote anti-inflammation and helps provide relief for people suffering from inflammatory health problems such as rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory bowel conditions. Basil is also a good source of magnesium which promotes cardiovascular health by relaxing muscles and blood vessels thus improving blood flow and lessening the risk of heart attack and stroke.
Cilantro is a commonly used herb that is also a powerful natural cleansing agent. It’s been effectively used to help remove heavy metals and other toxic agents from the body. The chemical compounds in cilantro bind to heavy metals, loosen them from the tissues, blood and organs and then help transport the harmful compounds from the body through elimination. Cilantro also helps reduce feelings of nausea, wards off UTI’s, adds fiber to the digestive tract, is a source of iron and magnesium and helps in fighting anemia, reduces minor swelling and contains immune-boosting properties.
I’ve started using herbs in cooking more so in the past year, and I won’t cook without them anymore. Not only do they add amazing flavour and colour to the dishes but obviously they provide so many amazing health benefits!
…. So anyways! After I napped and watched Dr. Oz I had to get ready because we had plans to go on a double date with Michelle and her boyfriend tonight! They’re going to the Neil Young concert here in TO and we went out for dinner together before hand. We went to E11even, and it was SO delish. It was great to see Michelle and Dan not at a race, and not in the rain, and not all sweaty! Michelle and I ordered the same for dinner, butternut squash gnocchi! I also had a Sunset Boulevard cocktail and Michelle had white wine!
Bloggy BFF <3
I’m super thankful for Michelle, she’s wicked awesome. We chat every single day and she’s definitely become a good friend of mine really quickly. I wish she lived closer (even though she doesn’t live that far!). I’m always glad when she comes downtown and we get to see each other!

Double date!
Did you have a great Monday? Tomorrow I’m planning on studying for a good chunk of the day, getting a workout i. I think I’m going to attempt to workout in my condo gym tomorrow in the middle of the day so hopefully it isn’t busy. What did you do for your workout today? Did you try anything new or  do something you haven’t done for a while? If you missed my last post about this week’s Frosty Fitness Challenge, you can check it out here! Also – I want to give a huge shout out to Jenelle from Mile Twenty Eight for posting about the Frosty Fitness Challenge today – what a great way to spread the word and such a nice gesture!! Thanks Jenelle!!
Stay sweet.


  1. i always chuckle when you say you ate steak for breakfast. i think that's so cute! thanks so much for all the info on the herbs! i just learned a buttload!! you're wonderful <3 spa love!

    1. Hahaha - it definitely throws some people off, but I love it! I guess that's all that matters, right? I'm glad you're learning! That's my goal when I post about specific foods! Thanks so much Jenna! <3

  2. Had a great day of rest today! You ladies look awesome times 100! ;) xoxo

  3. Ha!! Those shoes you were talking about are probably still in London with your new vacuum cleaner and everything else you left there. Just saying. Love You Mom

    1. hahahaha this is hilarious.

      I'm glad that you found knee-high boots that fit. You're probably glad you don't have to walk to work anymore so they won't get destroyed by the snow.

    2. Lol... Oh mother. And yes, the 14 km hike to work would probably kill them. Gladi drive now!!


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