Sunday, November 18, 2012

Weekend Recap, Frosty Fitness Challenge Week 1 Winners & Challenge 2!

Good afternoon Beautiful,

I hope you had a great weekend! Mine had a ton of stuff jam packed into the short period of time it feels like I had. Yesterday at the last minute we decided to take a trip to London to see our old friends. The original plan was to stay in and with UFC, but I dislike UFC immensely so I was wanting to go out to our old favourite bar. We made it out and got not the bar around 11:30. It was so much fun, but I didn't get to bed till 3 am so I'm kind of tired today...

This morning we had to be on the road for noon because we had to go to Kitchener to meet up with my family and see my Aunt and Uncles 40th wedding anniversary and the renewal of the vows ceremony. The ceremony was lovely and my aunt cried, as I knew she would, but it was super cute. They bought new wedding bands and everything!! They had some really delicious and really awful food there which I will 100% admit I ate. They had deep fried mushrooms, deep fried dill pickles and deep fried cheese. Ugh, it was a heart attack on a platter but boy was it good. I stuck to my guns about not eating sugar and passed on the huge cake they had. We're actually on our way back to Toronto now and I'm typing this on my iPad in hopes that it keeps me from falling asleep.

I've been doing really well with not consuming any sugar or processed foods. Last night I did have a sip of my friend Elise's Long Island Iced Tea which was packed with sugar, it was delish! I also didn't really have an option about it because she basically poured the drink down my throat lol. She apologized for it this morning because she's an avid blog reader and knows I'm on a sugar strike but I told her not to worry about it. Typically afterlife been at a bar all night I go for a delicious hot dog to get some food in my stomach. Because I'm trying to avoid bad foods, salas tonight I went for some authentic Indian food. I had basmati rice with curried chick peas and tandoori chicken. I was actually really proud of myself for getting something with some nutritional value after drinking all night. Go me!!

This week has been a total fail in terms of workouts. Seriously. I think I ended up working out only twice this week, on of those two times being yesterday. I didn't on Monday, did on Tuesday, did nothing Wednesday-Friday. Blah. I hate weeks like that. Two days I was out of the office but that's not totally an excuse because I could have worked out in my condo gym or just gone to the gym after work, but I did not. In all fairness I don't like working out after work because I usually come home and either blog or study or write articles for other commitments that I have.

This week gets to be different though!! I get to be home all darn week so at ensures I'm going to get a workout in every single day this week. I'm also going to be doing some Christmas shopping, doing A LOT of school work and get a few blogs in there too!! Next weekend we're heading up to my hometown of Wingham for the big Ohm Christmas. I have to finish making my super neat crafty gifts, get some gifts for the little cousins who are too young for the other gifts and complete the crafty gifts that have to be a bit different for a couple of people. I might head out downtown tomorrow afternoon to pick up a few things to get the show on the road!

I wish I could plan out my week of workouts for you coming up, but I'm not sure what I'm going to want to do. I want to do some stuff I don't normally get to do while I'm working out at work, so maybe I'll go to a club I haven't gone to in a while, or take a class I haven't taken in a while. Or maybe  I'll go for a run. Or maybe I'll do an at-home workout. Or maybe I'll go for a run. My options are really endless and so for that reason, I will just be updating you as I go!

Since I started school I haven't really given you and update about what I've been learning! I'm obviously not going to go through bit by bit, but I'm also still in the fundamentals part, which is the very basic stuff you should probably already be familiar with if your going into nutrition. I'm on Chapter 5 now and s far each chapter has been on something different. I've studied carbs, fats, proteins, water and I'm currently studying vitamins. I can see how it's hard for people to motivate themselves to learn when studying via distance education. I think if you go the distance education route, you have to be super passionate about what it is your learning so you actually want to learn it, as opposed to it feeling like a chore. For me it's been really easy for me so far because I love nutrition. There are a lot of nights where I'd rather study than write. I love them both equally, but I think I'm also still really excited about the whole venture. I'm about half way through that course, so I'll be doing my test on it soon! I want to really spend a good chunk of my week doing school work so I can put a good dent in it.

Alright - so the Frosty Fitness Challenge week 1 was an AMAZING success! We had so many people taking part, and in total we had 57 entries into the Chick Bands/Bondi Bands giveaway for this week! We had a couple entries from people who ran a half-marathon today, we had some entries from women who got motivated to start running again since we started the challenge, so now we're going to announce the winners...

Drum roll please!.......

1. @BoiseRunner
2. Be A Fit Fox
3. Shelley Payne

Congrats everyone! Please contact Michelle at to get your prize!

This week's prize is something really fun - Inspire Yourself! This challenge is different than last week as there isn't one specific exercise to do, so we can include ALL fitness and healthy junkies, as opposed to just the runners :). Here's the challenge:

- Try something you have NEVER done before ie. Hot yoga, Zumba, a Spin class, ect - just any form of physical activity that you've never done before! Each activity will get you 1 entry into the draw!
- Do something you've done before, but not for a looooong time. Inspire yourself to get back into something you know you love and tell us about it!
- Get out into your community and help out! Volunteer, donate or somehow give back and inspire others to do the same!

Everytime you do something new or something you haven't done in a while, tag myself (@sarahohm) and Michelle (@pushpumppro) and use the hashtag #FrostyFitnessChallenge. You can also post on our Facebook pages, twitter or instagram! For all of the links to our social media you can click my social media buttons or check out this link.

You might also be wondering... "What are the really sweet prizes I could win this week?!". Well let me tell you. The lovely people at Whooha Gear have donated a matted picture with the theme "Inspire Yourself" to give to one lucky winner! Whooha was started by two ambitious women from Las Vegas who met while mountain biking. Over the years they got involved in other aspects of physical activity like running, road biking, triathlons etc...  Along the way the became an inspiration to each other and to themselves and realized that that had a very similar outlook on life. They both had optimistic objectives and healthy attitudes! Julie and Amy worked together to create Whooha Gear with the aim of creating clothes that would help to inspire other women to inspire themselves! (source). Not only have the Whooha Gear ladies donated a very "inspiring" prize for one luck winner, but they are also offering everyone a discount code (ppp-whooha) to get 10% off any item you purchase from their website! Show them some love and follow them via their Website, Facebook or Twitter.

This is the photo print you could win!

A close up of the words in the print
I hope you can all inspire yourselves in many different ways! I can't wait to hear what you end up doing! Maybe this week I'll takle the hot yoga class I've been scared to do! :)

Stay sweet.


  1. deep fried pickles?! that's totally crazeballs! never heard of doing that! i guess they say you can deep fry anything these days tho! hahaha. im glad that you had a great weekend! also, im so proud of you with this no sugar thing! you rock!!!!

    1. Hey Jenna! Yes! I know - it's totally nuts! Thank you for your kind words!!

  2. Fun idea for a challenge :) I have four more workout days until vacation and will be making good use of them hopefully! Saw the Sadist this morning for some heavy lifting, and back in there Wednesday and Friday - thinking of getting back out on the roads on Tuesday and Thursday now that my ankle is almost back to functioning again!

    1. I'm super jealous that you're going away for your vacation - I hope you have fun! We should plan a workout together after your back some weekend! You live downtown, right? I'm retiring from running this winter, but I'll be back on the pavement in the sptring, I'm sure! :)


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