Monday, December 3, 2012

A Great Monday! 22 Days Till Christmas

Good evening Beautiful,

Happy Monday! My day was wicked awesome today! Let me tell you why.
First off, it was the first day of the Frosty Fitness Challenge Week 4 – 200 squats this week, and so many people are already taking part! I’m super excited for it and so glad that we’re getting people motivated and doing our part to get people off their butts and get moving! So good job for everyone who has started their week off right by doing some serious squats – you rock!
Secondly, I finally got back into the gym today! It’s been 10 days since I’ve worked out and it felt so great. I was cruising around Instagram this weekend and a girl I follow (Jenna Beil) printed off a calendar and used it for planning out her workouts for the month of December. So to get me motivated I used a little calendar I had floating around and also planned out my workouts for December! Today was back/bis/tris and I took Jenny with me! I have a feeling that both of us are going to be sore tomorrow, but it felt amazing while we were doing it. It kind of went like this:
My new workout calendar :)
Cable Lat Pulldown
That reverse pec dec machine for your back
Cable One Arm Bicep Curl
One Arm Dumbbell Row
One Arm Tricep Pressdown
Assisted Pull Ups
Assisted Dips
Cable Upright Row
Tomorrow is chest/shoulders/legs… wish me luck! I topped off a great workout with a great meal, a small salmon fillet, sweet potatoes and a Sunwarrior protein shake! Delish! Before I went for the workout, I tried out a new type of soup…

I enjoy beets, I enjoy pickled beets, generally I’m a pretty decent fan of beets! It always catches me off guard when my pee is red because of the beets (TMI?) but they’re delish. The soup when warmed up had an odd scent. It didn’t taste like it smelled which was odd. I don’t know if I’d buy the soup again to be honest. It was $7 for the container because it’s all organic, no preservatives, stuff like that. I was bloated after I ate it, not sure if it was that or something else, but I didn’t like it either way. I would be willing to try a different type of their soup for sure though… but I would only give this soup a…. 6/10.
The third thing that made my day super cool and awesome was I got to meet Tammie from Allergic Solutions! Remember the giveaway I did with her products? The gluten free mixes and then I made gluten free cupcakes! Ring a bell? No? Ok well anyways, she stopped by my work to drop off… wait for it…. 20 BOXES of gluten free bread and muffin mixes for my food drive!! Check it out!!

Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? She also mentioned that she’s going to be putting the word out through Gluten Free Find to let people know that I’m holding a food drive and looking for donations! This woman is just, so sweet and so great and I’m super lucky to have connected with her! That being said, if you want more information about their products you can click here!
I also officially started my Christmas countdown today. Check this out.

 I write stuff like this on my presents…
It says "To Carlton, Love your lovey lover love-love <3"
Hahaha – so tacky and it’s so great. I’m not even done my Christmas shopping/wrapping yet so it should look even better by the time I’m done. Oh – and C hasn’t started his shopping so none of the presents he bought are under there yet. Isn’t it AWESOME to give gifts? I know, I know… it’s all about materialism and stuff, but I just love the feeling I get when I find THE perfect gift for each person I need to buy for. I love watching them open it and I love the excitement that happens when they realize what it is. So can you blame me that I love spoiling people?

I’m still undecided about Tough Mudder, although I’m a bit more interested since Jenny said that if there’s an obstacle that’s really scary (ie. Running through strings of electric current) that you’re allowed to pass it. Would it be wrong to pass like 15 of the 16 obstacles? Most likely, that’s why I’m still undecided.
One last item of business. Sometimes I need to wear ear plugs to bed because C snores sometimes (not always) and that’s totally fine, the ear plugs work and I had to wear them on Friday but my right eat has felt like it’s plugged since Saturday morning, and it’s driving me crazy. I have to wear my phone headset on the opposite side at work, I can’t really hear out of my right ear (I can, it just sounds like I’m lightly plugging it) so my hearing has basically been cut in half. Any recommendations? How can I get it unplugged? I thought it would just do it naturally, but it still hasn’t… L
Did you take part in the Frosty Fitness Challenge today?  Did you get December off to a good start in the gym today? Tell me, tell me!
Stay healthy,


  1. I would suggest going to the Doctor and haveing your ears flushed. I do it once a year and it feels great. You could also have them candled if you know anyone near you that does that. Your aunt Janis would suggest the latter.
    Love you and can't wait to see you at Christmas.

    1. Mom just texted me telling me to put oil in my ear, so I might try that... it's driving me nutso! If that doesn't work I'll hit up Aunt Janis for some ear candeling at Christmas :). Love ya pappy!

  2. oh, my dad and i both love beets too! not gonna lie! my gram tells a story about taking my dad to the dr. when he was a kid for "blood" in his pee, and they discovered he was just eating a ton of beets. hahaha!!! so embarrassing! about the ear.. i would definitely get it checked out. the dr. can help flush it or see if something is clogging it! let me know how it goes!! xo spa <3

    1. Hahaha - that's so funny!! I think it catches most people off guard. I don't eat beets often so it's not a norm and I always forget that they turn my pee red!! My mom recommended putting a little bit of warm olive oil in my ear for 10 minutes to loosen up the stuff inside (gross), so hopefully that will work!! <3

  3. eww beets. Beets and I are totally not friends, I don't understand the current beet craze at all!

    I really need to put together a December workout calendar - especially after just being on vacation and having another week of the beginning of january, I need to put some extra effort in!! So in short, yes to Hot Yoga, I'll text ya!

    also, the only way I can ever unplug my ears is by pulling down on the earlobe for like 30 seconds - give it a whirl!

  4. good job with the food drive!! so awesome and it sounds like you have had an amazing workout!!


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