Sunday, December 9, 2012

Great Workout Week, I Ran, I Studied & Frosty Fitness Challenge Winner and Last Challenge!

Good evening Beautiful,

Happy Sunday! Well, Sunday is almost over… but that’s ok because I had a great weekend! Friday was spent with some friends out at Grace O’Malley’s. I like Gracies because it feels so small town, the bands usually play some country music and some older alternative music. We got there around 11 and met up with our friend Nicole who was in town with her friend for the Dave Matthews Band concert that was happening at the ACC. Our friend Aaron from London was also here for the concert so we all met up at Gracies for drinks and dancing. I stuck to my classic Vodka Soda and had a great night! C is officially on vacation until December 27th (I know, right?) so he had a few shots while we were out and not surprisingly was a bit hung-over Saturday morning. I did 1 shot at the very beginning of the night and then did not participate in any others in order to avoid the dreaded hangover. We danced and danced until about 3am at which time we left and I made a bad decision and bought a polish hot dog from one of the hot dog vendors. It must have been a sign or something because my hot dog was COMPLETELY burnt so I ate about ¼ of it before I couldn’t anymore, shed one single tea and then put it in the garbage.

It was sad.
Nicole, Jen and I at Gracies :)
However, for dinner before we went out we maaaay have ordered Mexican food for dinner. I was actually really good all week in terms of my nutrition and the Mexican food wasn’t that bad. I had a chicken burrito on a whole wheat wrap and I can’t even explain to you how delicious it was. I also got some corn chips and guacamole that I didn’t eat at dinner that replaced my hot dog. Mmmm…. I want more Mexican food now.

I had plans to wake up and go to hot yoga with Nancy Francis on Saturday morning, and since I never really sleep in I didn’t set my alarm. Well, if I didn’t sleep in until 11:05… frig. There’s always some reason why I miss out on hot yoga, seriously. I was disappointed, but luckily Nancy Francis bought a 5 punch pass so we’re going to go together soon… oy vey.

I did a little bit of school work on Saturday and then we decided to go to the Eaton Center to do a bit of Christmas shopping. I love going to the Eaton Center around Christmas time because they always deck out the mall in huge decorations:

While we were there we picked up some Christmas gifts that we needed to get and headed over to Urban Outfitters on Yonge St, one of my favourite stores, and did some shopping there. I picked up a present for my office secret Santa on Thursday and I got myself a pair of loafers. For some reason my iPad isn’t sending out emails right now, or else I’d be able to post a picture. However, you can view them online by clicking here. You need to click there because the loafers are unreal and I want to wear them so bad. They remind me of Michael Jackson and I love Michael so much. We did a ton of walking Saturday afternoon and I was very excited to get home and take off my wedge boots.
For dinner last night we had planned on making some steak and various other things, and having an “at-home” date night! On our way up from the car after getting home we shared the elevator with a lovely delivery man from Mamma’s Pizza. Guess what happened after that? We decided pizza was a better idea than steak. I felt a bit bad for my over indulgence in vodka, Mexican and a quarter of a hot dog the night before so I opted for a large Mediterranean salad and ten chicken wings for dinner which I felt good about. Go me for making a good decision! We then had date night, cuddled up on the couch (haha, by “cuddled up on the couch” I mean I laid on him.) and basically had a How I Met Your Mother marathon on Netflix. Only one word could describe that date night – epic.

I slept like an absolute baby on Saturday night, woke up today, had a shower and made my way down to the common room of our building, cracked open the books and studied for almost 4 hours. It was great and I totally needed to do that. I always learn so much when I’m reading my current text book. I would have studied longer however we had like no groceries and I was starving so I couldn’t concentrate. Does that ever happen to you? You seem to have a ton of food, but you have nothing? It was like 2:30pm when I came up from studying and I didn’t want to make rice, we had no fresh veggies or fruits because Sunday is grocery shopping day, we had no left overs because we ordered take-out all weekend and I ate all my food… sigh.
The plan was to go to the grocery store at 3pm and I had the brilliant idea to run to the grocery store and meet C there! Yes!! I was totally stoked to RUN. I haven’t ran since my last race which was the Toronto Women’s 8km Race I did with Michelle because I had declared I was retiring from running for the winter. Well, I have to admit, when I don’t have a running schedule in my workout schedule, I personally think I tend to put on a little weight and obviously that is NOT the goal, at which time I start running again as opposed to just keeping my running up. I think having a break is a good thing though, because when I’m running a lot I tend to get super sick of it. I don’t mind running short distances though, those are what keeps me going.

The weather wasn’t so great though and I didn’t want to take a chance because there was a freezing rain warning out so I opted for a ride to the grocery store where I stocked up on food J. I got TONS of delicious-ness. Berries, pomegranates, salmon, beef, chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, kale, fresh brussel sprouts, frozen peas, frozen carrots, a sweet onion… TONS of good stuff. We got home and I still had the urge to RUN. So I put on my gear and headed to the 5th floor and hopped on the treadmill at my condo gym. I was excited to bust out a serious sweat, my body was craving it, I hadn’t exercised since Thursday and my body was begging for it. I ran for 30 minutes and put in a good 3 miles. I think that’s pretty good after not running since October 27th! It felt SO GOOD. I could feel my ankle getting a bit tender near the end, and my calves were getting tight near the end too, but I was dripping in sweat and I was a machine – no stopping me! Check out my sweaty post-run picture here (again – can’t email… damnit!)
This week was actually pretty decent in terms of workouts; I got 5 days of exercise in! This is how it went down:

Monday – Back, biceps and triceps
Tuesday – Shoulders, chest and legs
Wednesday – Cardio (3 rounds of 10 minutes, rower, treadmill, elliptical for a total of 30 minutes)
Thursday – Back, biceps, triceps
Friday – Rest (unless you include getting my Elaine on at Gracies exercise!
Saturday – Rest (and unless you include roaming the mall for a few hours
Sunday – Ran 3 miles in 30 minutes
The plan for this coming week remains about the same except I really want to include more running and cardio into the plan instead of just weight lifting. How was your week in terms of working out? Did you complete this week’s Frosty Fitness Challenge?

We had a whopping 85 entries into the Frosty Fitness Challenge Week 4 prize for the Sweat Pink Swag Bag! Before I announce the winner for this week, I want to take time to send out a couple of honourable mentions to some people who absolutely KILLED it this week. We don’t usually do honourable mentions but this week Mary Long (follow her on Twitterhere) and Shelley Payne (follow her on Twitter here) were so unreal!! Mary was doing squats everywhere from the kitchen, to the stairwell, and she was squeezing them in before church!! Shelley showed us a VERY impressive photo of how muscular and amazing her legs are and I believe to quote her “her legs were MADE for this challenge!” haha! So without further ado… the winner of the Frosty Fitness Challenge Week 4 is….

TASHA MALCOM from The Healthy Diva!!
Congrats Tasha! You did SO well this week and totally killed it! You were entry #40 and won! You can email me (using the email button at the top right of my blog) with your shipping details within 48 hours to claim your prize!

This week's Frosty Fitness Challenge is brought to us from our friends at The Eat-Clean Diet! What is the Eat Clean Diet?  "It is eating the way nature intended. You eat the foods our bodies evolved to function best on, and that makes you feel – and look – fantastic. When you Eat Clean you eat more often. You will eat lean protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats. These practices keep your blood-sugar levels stable and keep you satisfied."They are always SO KIND and so generous to donate 1 lucky winner with a Sisters In Iron T-shirt and 1 Eat-Clean Diet book! Aren't they the best?
The winner get's one of these bad boys!

Here's Tosca and her two daughters sporting the lovely tshirts!
As you can probably guess, this week's challenge has something to do with The Eat-Clean Diet! Basically, we're looking for your clean recipes! For each clean recipe you share with us, you'll get one entry into our giveaway for the t-shirt and book!

In order to earn entries all you need to do is post a picture of a healthy recipe you have made or post the recipe or both! You can post your entry on twitter (make sure you tag myself @pushpumppro and Sarah @sarahohm), you can post it on Michelle's Facebook Page or My Facebook Page or on instagram (again you must tag Michelle @pushpumpprogress and me @sarahohm) and you MUST use the hashtag #frostyfitnesschallenge. We will give you a bonus entry every time you make an Eat Clean Diet Recipe. You can also post a link to each clean recipe by using the link-up tool below, or if you don't have a blog, by posting the recipe in the comment section of this blog post. You can also tweet us the link to  your blog post but it would be so cool to keep all the recipes in one area, so you can post to either Michelle's blog post (found here) or mine (below) or both (still only 1 entry per recipe if you post in both places)!!

I can't wait to see and try all of the delicious recipes this week! Good luck to everyone!

How was your week? Did you get in all of your planned workouts? I want to hear all about it, so leave me a comment and let me know!

Stay healthy,


  1. Ohh cute loafers! I am looking forward to following this week's challenge for new recipes. I was wanting to learn more about what was involved with clean eating so this is perfect timing!

    1. Thanks Mary!! I'm super excited to wear my loafers!! Maybe tomorrow with tights and a skirt :). I definitely want you to participate - you can always google it and show me any recipes you try!

  2. If it makes you feel any better I didn't get up until 3pm on Sunday and spent from 3-11pm on the couch watching Breaking Bad! Its a good thing I did something active on Saturday :)

    1. LOL that does make me feel a bit better... I so owe you a hot yoga class. Sunday's are better for me - Let me know when you're free!!!


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