Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's 20 Days Till Christmas - Holiday Treats Reminder!

Good evening Beautiful,

Yesterday I took a break from everything I normally do after work, came home and passed out into a sweet slumber for an hour and a bit. It was glorious. I was clearly tired and needed a break so it was nice to take one even though I missed writing! J
So far this week has been 3 for 3 in terms of workouts. I made a plan and I’m sticking to it! Yesterday was chest/shoulders/legs day which looked like this:
Pec Dec Machine
Leg Press Machine
Lateral Raise Machine
Chest Press Machine
Leg Curls
Leg Extensions
Shoulder Press with dumbbells
Push-ups from toes
Dumbbell lateral raise
Squats holding a 5kg medicine ball
Chest press with dumbbells
It was a great workout and I can feel it everywhere today – it’s amazing! Today was more of an “active recovery” day. Jenny and I did 30 minutes of cardio but split it up into 3 sets of 10 on 3 different machines. We started off doing 10 minutes of rowing, then we ran for 10 minutes, then cooled down a bit by doing the elliptical for 10 minutes. It was fun and I was super sweaty by the end and it felt really good because I was getting all groggy sitting at my desk and it was a good little wake-up for me.
I’ve been noticing on all the blogs I’ve been reading and from my Twitter feed that people are attempting to make some really creative/healthy munchies this holiday season, and then I read a Facebook post from a coach I used to work with at one of our GoodLife locations and it said (remember – he follows a very strict paleo diet…)

A Holiday reminder – not a rant… perhaps a wakeup. Caveman did not have an EZ bake oven, there were no “paleo desserts, squares, cookies, muffins, breads” etc… the carb/caloric density and stacking carb/fat could be a “recipe” for disaster in a lot of well meaning clients… Nope, cavemen did not take oats, eggs, coconut flakes, organic sugar/honey and organic chocolate chips, mix it in a bowl with a mortar and pestle and place it over the fire. He did eat some roots and a fish and found a few berries.

Does that make sense? It really rang a bell with me.
There are things out there like coconut sugar, agave nectar, honey, almond flour, coconut flour, dark chocolate and yes, all of these things are considered paleo and vegan but that doesn’t mean eating a bunch of deserts made from these ingredients is healthy. I recently read an article called “The Truth About Agave Nectar” and learned a lot about the new sugar substitute! I’m going to sum up my learning’s for you, basically agave nectar is sweeter than regular white refined sugar and has more in common with maple syrup and honey. It’s definitely on the lower-end of the glycemic index because of its high fructose to glucose ratio, however agave nectar is 1.5x sweeter than table sugar, and so people forget this and forget that they need to use less agave nectar than they would table sugar. When the body starts to get used to the sweeter flavour profile, switching back to table sugar might lead to excess calorie consumption because you feel you need more of it to get the same sweet taste.
Nut butters are another hidden treat full of calories! I’m not saying a small amount is unhealthy, but when you’re eating nut butter, how much are you REALLY eating? Do you measure? 1 tbsp of nut butter is around 100 calories. I know I can’t eat just 1 tbsp of nut butter… I think it’s rare that someone would! I know it’s added to a lot of raw and vegan baking goodies, but just remember how much you’re using!
I could go on and on about it because I see people attempting the healthy versions of these treats more and more. Unfortunately when it comes down to it, they just aren’t healthy. HOWEVER... there is always balance, and 1 or 2 treats obviously won’t kill you.
Ok, that rant is over…
I’m really looking forward to this weekend because it’s the first weekend in about 5 weekends that we have ZERO plans. I was texting with my friend Gillian who has taken the Holistic Nutrition course that I’m taking and she gave me some seriously great advice about planning out my study time, focusing on studying, setting a schedule and totally committing to the schedule. I haven’t studied in about 2 weeks because of all of the busyness of family Christmas’s and birthday parties and anything you can think of. Tonight however, I’m sitting down, figuring out when I want to be done my first course and basically mapping out my route for success. She told me that self-study is so hard for people because it’s on your own time, and eventually you’ve put NONE of your own time into the studying. So that instantly sparked something in me and I’m just so determined to get this, oh and because I’ve invested like $3200 in this might have something to do with my determination. :) So needless to say this weekend is dedicated to studying, and a hot yoga class with my friend NancyFrancis on Saturday. I knew I needed an intervention when I couldn’t get my ass to hot yoga, then I did get my ass to hot yoga but it wasn’t hot, which was frustrating. So NancyFrancis is coming with me so I have to be held accountable and get my body stretched out! Wish me luck!
I’m hoping to get in a couple new recipes this weekend as well. I haven’t really shared any new cooking I’ve done lately, because my cooking has been very boring, but clean. One night C made chicken parm and I opted for plain grilled chicken breast and baked kale. Lol… I know right? Last night was a steak with some edamame, a little bit of potato and more kale. I’m totally 100% obsessed with kale. I’ve shared the benefits of having kale in your diet before – click here if you missed it! I’ve been eating a lot of raw veggies for lunch along with a protein of some sort. Today I tried brocco-flower. Have you ever tried it? Basically it’s green cauliflower and it looks like normal cauliflower, but it tastes like broccoli. Totally GMO, but I wanted to try it none-the-less. It was definitely a neat experience!
It’s 20 days until Christmas – are you ready? I have to do some serious stocking stuffer shopping this weekend. What do you get your men for their stockings? I also have to finish my mom’s present and my dad’s present. My sister is complete, C is mostly complete, oh.. I have to get my Grandma a gift too. I have half hers done. Basically I’m really proactive when it comes to Christmas – I love it! I’m super proud of C this year because he’s already started his shopping! Last year he did it all the week of Christmas, so he’s getting better!
Last but not least, a huge thanks to Katy at Fit In Heels & Jackie Rowley for these wonderful Stella & Dot earrings that I won!! They’re so adorable and are easily now a staple in my accessories! THANKS GIRLS!!

Oh! Make sure to get in for this week's squat Frosty Fitness Challenge - all details here. This is our most popular challenge yet!! Amazing!
Stay healthy.


  1. very lovely earrings, beautiful gal! thanks for the reality check on the baked goods and refined sugar etc. youre totally right!!! i think people forget that often! everything in balance!! :o) have a great day! spa <3

    1. Thanks Jenna! Love when you stop by! Balance is key!! Take care beauty. <3

  2. Cute earrings! I just try to enjoy in moderation..and run more ;)

    1. Lol you're such a fast runner so you burn it off quick! The problem is when people don't! Xoxo

  3. I'm completely unprepared for christmas, which is sad since I only do stockings with my family! We've really reined in the gift giving these past few years as we just don't need anything anymore :) I'd rather just sit around drinking rum and nog!

    Prior to my overindulgence of rum and nog I need to lose the FOUR AND A HALF pounds I gained on vacation (shh.. no telling Brian, if he even suggests getting on a scale this week I'm leaving) - hot yoga is a must for Saturday!


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