Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sorry I've Been MIA - Lots of News & Frosty Fitness Challenge Week 4!

Good afternoon Beautiful,

Oh my god – sorry I’ve been MIA all week. Ahhhh, the last time I posted was Wednesday. This is unusual and won’t happen again, at least anytime soon! 1000 apologies!
What a week man. I’ve been playing catch up all week from having a week off and I’m finally somewhat caught up with work. It feels good! Last night was our company Holiday Social which means I’m not feeling the hottest today. I’m fairly tired and will probably nap at some point this afternoon. But first I want to get down to business as I pour my brains out to you while trying to rehydrate.
Nicole, Wes & I at the Holiday Social! They're
two of GoodLife's Divisional Managers, they work
with C! :)
First things first – I need to fess up. I haven’t worked out in…… 10ish days. I know – what’s wrong with me!? Well, all week I decided to work through my lunch breaks to try and keep up and get caught up with everyone needing a gym membership right now. I had all day trainings on Thursday and we went out for dinner after as a team, and ate a very large dinner at The Keg (mmmm, garlic mashed…..), and Friday was spent getting caught up on everything I didn’t do on Thursday because of the training. I know I know, it all sounds like excuses and you’re probably right. But I do enjoy earning a salary and when work needs to get done, there’s nothing you can really do about it except do it! After work on Friday I got home and finished up a couple of writing commitments that I had been procrastinating on and yesterday was spent running all over downtown getting Christmas gifts, stuff I needed for the Holiday Social (tights!), getting my nails done (they were HORRID… I’d gone 3 weeks without a Shellac change, that’s how busy I’ve been!) and squeezing in a quick nap before the festivities began.
I also haven’t done any studying this week which is awful of me. I see my books sitting in their spot, open, on the last page that I read and I really want to just have a day where I do nothing but learn nutrition. When will this happen? I anticipate next weekend because I’m fairly certain I’m NOT drinking next weekend, as I love my liver very much and want to do it good after the pain I caused it last evening. I’ll also be doing some studying on alternate nights this week. Some of my bloggy’s might be short and quick because of it, but I promise not to abandon you again like I did last week!
When Jenny was here last night before we went to the Christmas party, she was talking about how her friends and she are signing up for Tough Mudder in 2013 and brought it to my attention that she thinks it’d be a cool idea if I was part of their team. I’m somewhat conflicted about the idea of putting myself through that. I definitely think it’d be a cool experience to do an obstacle race with a team, but it’s the length of a half-marathon and there’s 16 insane obstacles on the course, which is all uphill. Honestly, I think I’m just scared. At the training we had on Thursday one of my co-workers used to actually work with Tony Robins at The Power Within, and he gave us a little motivational speech at the beginning which I really liked. He spoke about doing something every day that makes you uncomfortable because you will then grow as a person. Some examples he used was talking to someone in the elevator. Or making friends with your neighbours, something I know not many people do here in Toronto. Tough Mudder would be so far out of my comfort zone that it would probably count as a year of doing something uncomfortable every day (I literally just watched a video about it after writing all this. WTF? Are you serious??????? Omg…… I don’t know about this!!). I was speaking with a Fitness Manager at GoodLife at our Holiday Social last night and he’s done it, he said you don’t notice the time or the length because it’s not like a half-marathon where you’re just running the whole time, there’s things to keep it interesting (ie. The obstacles). I don’t know… we’ll see. I’ll probably somehow end up getting convinced and totally regretting it but WHO KNOWS. It might be a fun goal to have! For all you out there who have done it – would you recommend other people do it? Why or why not? If I do decide to do it I’ll have to start training soon, which means I’ll be looking at some new gear! I found a cool website that has TONS of running gear – click here to check it out, everything from bags to clothing to shoes to running accessories! It’s called Northern Runner… they have a lot of different brands that I’ve never tried before too. And obviously a bonus that you can order from ANYWHERE in the world. I might be doing some window shopping later today! J
This past week I’ve been published in a few places and it’s been totally cool! First off, my first article for 12 Most was published, you can click here to see my list of the 12 Most Comforting Soups for the Fall Season. Then my weekly article for Lifestyle & Strength went up and I think this article is super important because it’s about the Dirty Dozen. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it before but it’s a list of produce and meats that contain the most chemicals and pesticides, basically the top 12 foods that everyone should be buying organic. Obviously there’s more than just 12, but I compiled the top 12 I found. You can also Google “The Dirty Dozen” for more extensive lists and different meats that are worse than others. Then of course, I wrote a blog for the GoodLife Fitness Blog about 5 Ways To Fit Fitness Into Your Day! Now that December is here, I have to get my butt in gear and get writing more articles for this month! Whew! Are there any nutrition or fitness topics you’d like me to write more about? I gather inspiration for writing from basically anywhere so I’d love to hear what you guys like!
At our team dinner on Thursday night we also did a little awards ceremony for our team, there were 3 awards:
-          Core Values Award (this goes to someone who shows all of the GoodLife core values which are “Caring, Trust, Integrity, Happiness, Peak Attitude, Passion and Personal Fitness”)
-          Leadership Award (this goes to the individual who shows a good sense of leadership at work every day, someone who people ask for help when they need it)
-          Living The GoodLife Award (I can’t really remember the criteria about this award, but I’ll explain in a minute)
So our Director went around a read out loud a nomination for each person and then announced the winners – guess what! I won!! J

So when she was reading out why I had won this award it was because I strive to push myself physically and am always looking to take on a new challenge. It was said that I inspire others around me to live a healthy and active life as well as through my various writing outlets, my blog, the GoodLife blog and Lifestyle & Strength (they did some digging!). Kind of cool huh? It’s really cool to get noticed for something like that!! Thanks work people! I totally appreciate it!
Something else happened this week, which actually happened like a month ago but I didn’t know about it because it got spammed in my email – I’m a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador now!! I applied a while back to be a GGS Ambassador and I had gotten an email from the founder this week. I was a little taken back because I hadn’t heard back about my application and so I replied saying I wasn’t sure if this was for me… to which she replied that I had been accepted at the beginning of November!! Hahah! It’s kind of funny, because I didn’t know. So I’m so super excited to be a part of this group. They do monthly physical challenges and it’s $10 to join in (you don’t have to be an ambassador!) and then the money is provided to someone who needs it, like a grant! It’s totally awesome and I can’t wait to get started! J If you want more information about them – click here!
So the good news since I’m now caught up on work and totally motivated to inspire some more people is that tomorrow is a BRAND new week so I’m hitting the gym up HARD. I’m going to look up the Tough Mudder website because they have a recommended training plan to show you how to train for each obstacle. I’m still undecided whether I’m going to do it or not, but I might as well get a feel for how the training would be, right? I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow. This past week has been a push-up challenge for the Frosty Fitness Challenge and we have so many awesome, totally motivating people participating!! We had 40 in total and now is the special time to pick a winner of the Girls Gone Sporty tank top… drum roll please!
Francine (Twitter @flash_fran)! You can contact Michelle at to claim your prize within 48 hours!
Our challenge this week is brought to us by the wicked gals from Fit Approach! They are providing one lucky winner with a Sweat Pink Swag Bag which includes a shirt, a tote, pink shoe laces and a yoga mat bag (it might be slightly different, but it will be something like this)!! Totally jealous – this prize sounds unreal! So since we worked our upper bodies last week doing 100 push-ups (and I know a lot of you did a lot more!!), this week we’re going to work out lower bodies (it’s all about balance, right?) and the challenge is going to be 200 (or more!) squats! Whether you do them using your own body weight as resistance, or if you decide to hold some dumbbells or have a barbell on your back. You can do split squats, regular squats, jumping squats, as long as you get in 200 (or more) squats this week, it’s all good! Let’s get our booties ready for Christmas!! Ready? GO!

Don’t forget to tag both myself (
@sarahohm) and Michelle (@pushpumppro) in any tweets with your #proof! We also accept tags on Instagram (You can find Me here and Michelle here) as well on Facebook (Myself and Michelle) or if you don’t use any of the above, feel free to leave a comment on either of our blogs and we will accept that as well! Good luck everyone!!
Stay healthy,


  1. Tough muddier looks fun! I can't wait to do warrior dash I'm February!

    1. That sounds fun too! So many options :)

  2. How fun!! I think I might just join in this squat challenge. :) Fingers crossed I remember to tag y'all.

    1. I hope you'll join us! It will totally be fun!

  3. Sometimes it's good to take a bloggy break! Glad everything is going well, and don't worry about the break from not working out. Sometimes it's good to just let your body rest and not let the pressures overwhelm you!

    Sounds like you have a lot going on and you seem to manage it well!

    1. Thanks Jennifer Lynn! I agree, I guess my body just needed it. I would have been EXHAUSTED if I was doing all my workouts and blogs and everything I have going on - thanks for the advice! :)

  4. OMG.. I feel like a heifer. I think I ate every morsel of food available on the cruise and drank for 8 days straight. Managed to sneak in two jogs and some light ab work, but that hardly counteracted my bad behaviour! So don't feel bad about your days off, everyone needs them eventually!

    I'm totally scared of Tough Mudder and would never do it - However, I am going to sign up for the Warrior Dash for next year! Its a similar set up, but its only 5k so it is mentally manageable for me! Also.. totally going to sign up for a Half next fall! My friend and I agreed to that while on vacation, so I can't back out now :)

    1. I'm 100% scared of it too, hence why I'm still undecided about doing it... it's so intense. AH! Good job on the vacation! Glad you got to relax yourself! Sounds like you need a little detox at hot yoga! I'm thinking about going this weekend, would you like to join? Maybe you can hold me accountable hahaha.

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