Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Pre-Holiday Funk

Good evening Beautiful,

We have officially made it to hump day (tomorrow) and before you know it, I’m going to be on vacation!! Woohoooo! It CAN’T come faster, seriously. This week has been a serious overload at work. The end of December/beginning of January is always an INSANE time in the fitness industry thanks to everyone who wants to join the gym as a New Year’s resolution which means I get to work late every single day this week. J. Last night I worked an extra 2 hours when I got home from work, and tonight I worked an extra hour. I actually worked from home today because I was feeling under the weather this morning. I drank a ton of fluids and took some of my antibiotics that I got at the clinic last night and eventually started to feel a bit better this afternoon.
Because my day consisted of doing a lot of emails and spreadsheets, my eyes started getting super tired and I knew I needed a break. I was feeling good, wasn’t in as much pain as in the morning so I decided to head on out to do a light run. I haven’t ran outside since the Toronto Women’s 8km race at the end of October, so it’s literally been like two months since I’ve ran outdoors. I wore my Adidas compression socks and my Mizuno headband to keep my ears warm and headed out. I wore my GPS watch but as soon as I told it to start tracking it told me “Low Battery!” and died, at least I looked intense with a big watch on my wrist. I may, or may not have, looked at it a few times while running on busy streets to make me look like a very serious runner. J
It was perfect weather for a run. It was cloudy, but the blue sky was peeping out here and there and the sun got through every now and then. I wanted to do just a small run since it’s been a while since I’ve hit the pavement so I aimed for 3km. Since my GPS was dead I just had to wing it. I did a massive circle around my condo and my hip pain only started in the last few minutes of the run! Not bad either! I came home and stretched out for about 5 minutes, I should have stretched for longer while my muscles were warm and flexible but I was excited to hit up Map My Run online to track and see how far I ran. Turns out I ran 3.7km – not bad! Because it was such a good run, it’s making me want to start running more again. That and I feel like I’m gaining weight which is a massive no-no.
I read a post from a fellow health and fitness blogger yesterday (click here for the full blog post – thanks Jennifer!) about how she’s been in such a “funk” lately. She’s been slacking in her workouts, slacking with her blog, slacking with food prep and slacking on Twitter and whatnot. I could NOT relate more to her…. I’ve been in the exact same funk as her, and I’m officially naming it the Pre-Holiday Funk. I’ve been focusing on doing weight training lately and I think I’m getting bored with my program. The run today definitely lit the spark in me again. I’ll be doing a few more runs before Christmas and my goal is to get up and run before heading to my parent’s house on Christmas morning. Seriously – I’m so doing it. I’m committing to 2 10km runs in 2013, and other smaller ones. I’m not going to do another half-marathon this year because it took a lot out of me and I think I would get injured trying to do it again (us tall folks aren’t as good of runners as you shorties!!) and it took a lot of time which I need to put into school.
As for the other things I’ve been slacking with. First off – this blog. I’m used to posting a blog almost every day, at least 5 days a week. I’ve been going 2-3 days without posting and I know it probably doesn’t bother anyone but me, but it reeeeally bothers me. I haven’t been doing nearly as many fun recipes and in turn haven’t been sharing them with you which makes me sad. I haven’t been spending as much time studying my school work and I blame that on being busy at work…. The thing I’m being paid to do must come first, always! I can always catch up on school work over the weekends and stuff… Since I’m off all next week at least 2 days will be dedicated to just reading and learning about the wonderful world of Holistic Nutrition. I’ve been slacking on Twitter, but I’m excited to get on #fitblog tonight and catch up with people I haven’t connected with in a long time!
Honestly, meal prep hasn’t been THAT bad, but what I’m eating is getting boring. I usually eat leftovers which aren’t too bad depending on dinner, but at lunch I ALWAYS have a ton of raw veggies and some form of protein. I’m just getting bored of it so I find myself snacking on not-so-healthy things. Yesterday for example, I worked all day, didn’t work out and nibbled slightly on my lunch. After I was at the clinic and going to get my medication from the pharmacy and decided a bag of dill pickle chips would be so great and I opened the bag as soon as I left the drug store and walked home while eating them, out of a BIG bag of chips, not an individual serving. I couldn’t even wait until I got home was what was really standing out to me! Oy vey.
So anyways, the point of this post is to let you all know how I plan to stay healthy over the holidays, because clearly I’m not doing a good job at it right now.
  1. I’m going to start running again since today totally motivated me to get out and hit the pavement since the weather is cold and there’s no snow this year. Where I’m going for Christmas doesn’t even have snow, and it’s usually the armpit of Ontario. I will be running while back in my town too. Just short runs, 3-5km to get my body used to it again.
  2. I’m going to try and do my runs as early as possible while away for the holidays so that I can get them over with and I won’t need to find time later in the day (when I WON’T want to do it) and eventually just making an excuse to not do it. NO MORE EXCUSES!
  3. I will be avoiding all baked goods and replacing it with fresh fruit or vegetables. I will ensure my breakfasts are packed with protein so I set myself up for success through the whole day. If I’m feeling “hungry” (aka. Bored or “just because) I will have a glass of water instead! A lot of people mistake hunger for thirst, so before I eat I will eliminate the chance that I’m just thirsty!
  4. I will *try* not to consume too many adult beverages. J
Those are my goals until January 1! What is your favourite tip for staying healthy over the holidays? Leave me a comment below and tell me – I’d love to hear it!
PS - Christmas wrapping has been finished.... Look! So pretty :). Now, to figure out how to get them all in the car.......
Stay healthy,


  1. Girl I totally feel you on the whole holiday funk! I have been feeling that way lately too! I know a lot of it has to do with the QUALITY of my workout and some other personal factors. Anyway keep your chin up its almost over!

    1. Hey Nikki!! Aw thanks for stopping by!! I don't think I've seen a comment from you before - so welcome!!! SO GLAD I'm not the only one going through this, it seems to be pretty popular right now!! In the wrong ways of course. :). Glad we all have an amazing support system though - keep up the great work. AND totally LOVE your blog! It's so pretty!!

    2. Awe thanks! Thanks for the follow! I am so glad we have this support system as well! It really helps me keep myself accountable and want to push myself through these funks! Like I said keep your chin up girl!

  2. Yes, in the same funk AND work is especially crazy. Your plan to stay on track is a good one. I'm getting back to an exercise program while being realistic about my time. Your gifts do look pretty. Happy Holidays!

  3. Thanks for the blog shoutout, girl!! And let's work to get out of this funk, asap! :)SOO true about bored eating, too.. I do that a lot! It's not like I (or you) really need to be concerned with gaining weight, but man, it's easy to make bad decisions!

    Where are you headed in Ontario? Southern Ontario sounds like my neck of the woods (as I see Windsor from my work)..

    Beautiful wrapping, btw! Love the paper!!

  4. nice resolutions girl..best of luck to you and have a great time!! Wld love to c u drop by my blog and great xmas offer from romwe!

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