Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why Aren't Weekends 5 Days Long?

Good evening Beautiful,

This weekend has absolutely worn me out and I need an extra day of rest. Holy man… I’m struggling to keep my eyes open as I write this, but I haven’t blogged since Thursday and it’s so unlike me, but this weekend was so busy!
When I got home from work on Friday I had full intentions of telling you all my weekend plans, but I literally passed out in bed, woke up to C cooking dinner (good man), ate dinner, watched some How I Met Your Mother and passed out in bed around 11. I’m not sure why I was so exhausted, I guess it’s because of how busy work is getting going into the new year and that and getting ready for the holiday’s seems to be taking a lot out of me! 
Saturday came around and I woke up around 8am. Out of principle that I always want to sleep in, I decided to stay in bed and I curled up and watched Mirror, Mirror with Julia Roberts because it was on tv. It’s another take on the classic Snow White and I totally thought it was great! After it was over I got my butt out of bed and C and I headed out to Etobicoke to go to the mall there to wrap up our Christmas shopping. I got C some stocking stuffers and we had a friend’s birthday party last night so I wanted to find something nice and cheap to wear. I kind of got into a shopping funk (you know, that mood you get when you just aren’t in the shopping zone and you can’t find ANYTHING suitable in a massive mall?) but eventually found last night’s ensemble (I will post pictures momentarily). We went into this watch store because I had asked for a watch for Christmas and C wanted to know exactly which one I wanted because I had given him a lot of options and he didn’t want to mess it up (makes sense). I found the watch I like and C bought it right then!! We got it sized and he told me I could just wear it and it would be an early Christmas present, fine by me! This is my new baby:

Marc by Marc Jacobs, all gold, totally wicked watch. LOVE!
We got home from the mall and I crashed into bed and had a nap. I’m not sure why but every time I go shopping I feel the need to nap afterwards, anyone else the same way? Then last night we went out for our friend Michelle’s birthday which was at Brassaii on King St here in Toronto. I usually only ever go to Brassaii for Michelle’s birthday festivities actually, but it’s a really nice place! This is what one of the bars looked like…

… We got there around 10:30 and stayed and danced till about 3am. I wore my black satin pumps out and thank God I brought my Fast Flats (If you wear heels and you don’t know what Fast Flats are – click here, they are a god sent) because I wore them most of the night, gave my feet a rest and rocked the heels on the walk home pretty comfortably.
Suzanne and I!

My dress I finally found

Birthday girl

After we ate, we finally got to bed around 4am, only to wake up around 10 this morning for no real reason. I watched a few hours of Mad Men on Netflix and then we headed out to North York to meet up with some of my cousins for our annual Secret Santa gift exchange and “lupper”. We went to The Prop on St. Clair W and it was so adorable. It’s a little café type place and my food was so good! I had baked eggs in a tomato sauce with basil and a side of bacon and fresh fruit along with a green tea. I was super excited about my gift too because my secret Santa got me this:

I don’t have a Paleo cookbook yet so this is my first one! It has so many delicious things in it, I’m actually doing one of the recipes tonight that I will share with you in a bit! Anyways, after our secret Santa date, we went to Canadian Tire to really wrap up the Christmas shopping and I got a few extra roles of wrapping paper because I’m almost all out, stopped at Loblaw’s and here we are, barely keeping my eyes open – tonight will be a GREAT sleep!
I didn’t work out once this weekend and ate like absolutely garbage with the exception of Friday night and my lupper at The Prop today. After Christmas shopping at the mall yesterday we were in Walmart and we were both absolutely starving even thought I had a great breakfast of butternut squash and some steak. We caved and went for the McDonald’s… I had a bottle of water and 20 of those little popcorn chicken pieces that they have out now, and a few bites of C’s Big Mac (oops). You can ask anyone who knows me well, I’m not a huge fan of McDonald’s, and hardly EVER eat there when other people around me do. For the longest time all I ate there were their yogurt parfaits, but these little chicken pieces were pretty darn good! For dinner Saturday night we ordered Mexican food again. I had a burrito bowl which is basically the inner contents of a burrito in a salad form. It was delish! I also ordered a real burrito for after the bar and it was also just as delightful. This morning while dealing with my self-induced flu, I may have ate some Asian ramen noodles. Damn. They were tasty though.
We found out on Friday that for Christmas back in Wingham, we won’t have to bunk in my little sister’s room! Haha, she has a tiny bed and the sleeps that C and I have there are never usually the greatest, but my mom’s friend, I call her Aunt Diane, and her husband are going to Vegas over Christmas and told us we could stay there! It’s literally one street up so it’s like a 3 minute walk to my parents’ house, and they have a king sized bed, a treadmill, a really nice house in general so we jumped at the chance to get a sound sleep at their house! I’m not sure if I told you my goal yet, but my goal is to either get up Christmas morning and go for a 5km run outside, or since we’re staying at Aunt Diane’s house now, to run 5km on their treadmill. It might be funny running through Wingham on Christmas morning but that’s never really stopped me, and they have no snow which is an obvious plus. I might still run outside just for the refreshing feeling of running outside. I’m sure my sister will kill me because that means present opening will be delayed slightly – sorry Brooke!
So the recipe tonight out of my new paleo cookbook is this:
Creamy Tarragon Chicken
1.5 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breasts
salt and black pepper
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 tablespoon of finely chopped tarragon
1 cup of unsweetened coconut milk
¼ of a lemon
2 tsp of chicken broth concentrate
1. Cut the chicken into ½-inch slices. Salt and pepper lightly.
2. Put your big heavy skillet over medium-high heat and slosh the oil around. When the oil is hot, add the chicken in batches – don’t crowd it. Saute till it’s done through and has a little golden colour.
3. Return all chicken to the skillet and stir in the tarragon.
4. Pour in the coconut milk, and broth concentrate and stir it up. Let it simmer for a few minutes to cook down a little. Now squeeze in the juice from your lemon wedge and stir it in. Salt and pepper to taste and serve.
They recommend that this would be good over a bed of cauliflower rice or spaghetti squash but it’s up to you. It yield’s 4 servings and has 373 calories, 23g fat, 39g protein, 2g carbohydrate, trace dietary fiber and 2g net carbs per serving. Cool that the book tells you that, right?
Alright folks, I'm calling it a night - I hope you all will sleep as well as I plan to!
Stay healthy,
Oh – I’m not sure if I’ve told you this yet or not but C started a blog too… he now blogs about his experiences with my sleep talking, it’s pretty funny. Click here to go on over and give him some love!


  1. oh my gosh! what a freaking gorgeous watch!! i love it! i also love the blue necklace. that is FANTASTIC! i never have a clue how to accessorize myself. lessons please?! lol! what a weekend you had! fun fun fun!

    1. Thanks a ton Jenna - I love it too!! Haha, the blue necklace I got a couple years ago, but I get compliments on it everytime I wear it out! I'm usually pretty minimal when it comes to accessories, usually 1 big statement piece and everything else very small and petite! :)

  2. How was the chicken? It looks delicious, but I'm always leery of cooking with coconut milk because I don't want the coconut flavor to ruin what I'm cooking..

    1. Hey Jennier! I don't find coconut milk actually tastes like coconut. I actually really like it, and with the chicken broth it tastes reeeally good and creamy with no upset stomach! :) Definitely try it out! You might really like it!

  3. love the watch, love your dress!!! and your chicken looks delish. i think i am going to try a new paleo recipe out tomorrow if i have time, i only have one paleo cook book too so i need to invest in another one!

    1. Hehe thank you lovey!! The chicken was REALLY good - the book I got is packed full of goodness, you should check it out!

  4. I can't wait to read C's blog about your sleep talking!!

    Oh.. and as for running goals, I love the idea of a Christmas AM run, but I'd have to dodge my Father with the Rum 'n Nog on my way out the door (its available as soon as you get up over the holidays at the Francis household!)

    Also.. was thinking of doing the Goodlife Toronto Half in May....thoughts?

    1. LOL did you check it out?? He has 3 posts so far and only 1 about my sleep talking directly. Apparently I'm quite rude when I'm sleeping - oops! I think you should do the run - how much better would you feel having your egg nog knowing you already burned your calories for the day!

      It's a great race - I'm not doing a half this year, but you totally should!!


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