Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bata Shoe Museum Trip With Michelle!

Good evening Beautiful,

I hope your weekend is off to a great start!! Mine sure is! Last night we stayed in and I did some writing and some studying while C and I watched Rules of Engagement. I absolutely love that show - it's hilarious!! Patrick Warburton is 10000% my new celebrity crush. I can't get through 10 minutes of that show without laughing at his voice and his facial expressions haha, it makes me laugh right here thinking about it. Here is C and I tonight saying hello :)

We used the "Bug Out" filter on my computer's webcam haha, it's also quite funny.

Today I woke up and you know, I was thinking about working out but I decided to just lay in bed and watch a movie and it was GLORIOUS! It was so nice just to chill out in bed until 11am.... I can't even remember the last time I did that. It was wicked. But then I got up and got ready because Michelle and I had a fun afternoon date planned!! She brought the train into downtown and we met at Union Station and from there made our way up to Bloor St. for an afternoon of gossip and wedding chat and SHOES!

We got out of the subway and the first place we went was this little tiny fine jewellery store and the ladies that run the store were absolute dolls. I may have tried on every single diamond ring they had, I had one on my hand at one point that was worth $52,000!! She told me she could sell it to me for $26,000... Haha, ok lady - do you take debit?? Because that's obviously pocket change. HAHA. It was fun to see the rings though, and I learned a thing or two about diamonds from the ladies and Michelle who knows a thing or two about diamonds!

Then we made our way back outside to try and track down a place to eat. We were in Yorkville so it's mostly shops and expensive stores but we managed to find Gabby's, which is a pub type place. We both ordered the same lunch, Moroccan Chicken Salad or something like that and they described it as white chicken breast over a bed of mixed greens with tomatoes and onions in a taco bowl. We got it out of the taco bowl, but alas, the salads came and the chicken was breaded and sauced... we were kind of disappointed but we ate it anyways.. I got to get all the details about her wedding planning so far, we chatted about races we should do, experiences we've had in the past and just got caught up on everything! I finally got to see her ring in person too... so pretty :) - good job Dan!

Thank you to Michelle for taking a photo of food while I totally forgot
After lunch we got to the Bata Shoe Museum and the first thing we hit up was the gift shop that had a Christmas tree covered in 100% shoe ornaments. Seriously - it was COVERED and it was only shoes... heaven! There was some fun things in the gift shop but neither of us bought anything. We almost got wine glasses but they were plastic and we didn't really like that.

We started out in the first area which was older shoes from different cultures and different centuries. Did you know that back in the days when foot binding was popular in China, the optimal size of a foot for a women was 3 inches big?? What the heck?? Look at these shoes - they're so small!

We weren't supposed to take pictures with a flash but it wasn't busy so I totally used my flash most of the time. Hehe, sorry staff at Bata Shoe Museum.

The fun stuff was next... celebrity shoes!! It was upstairs from the first level and there was displays from so many celebrities... check it out.

Marilyn Monroe

Elizabeth Taylor

Elton John

Ella Fitzgerald

Judy Garland and Jimmy Stewart


Justin Beiber

Robert Pattinson

Robert Redford and Pierce Brosnan aka James Bond

John Lennon


Not sure who the dancers are, but ballet shoes!

Dalli Lama

Margaret Atwood - sorry, dark, no flash
 After the celebrity bit, we entered into a section that was dedicated to the shoes of the 20s (one of my favourite era's) which included a lot of flapper type shoes and some actual dresses and hats as well! After that we went into the shoes made by Native Canadians, and I have to tell you... the amount of detail that went into moccasins back then is insane!! They were beautiful. The last exhibit was dedicated to Roger Vivier who was the designer for the House of Dior after Christian Dior himself passed away.  It was unreal. He passed away in 1998 but he really did modernize the high heel shoe of today. Here are some of the shoes that he designed...

As you can see, near the end of his career he was making heels much higher than normal! Cool, huh? It was like a shoe heaven.

Hello from us!

Well now that I've bored you with a thousand photos... I can ask - did you workout today?? Do you have a workout planned for tomorrow?? I think I'm going to double up on a workout tomorrow because Michelle told me she does that sometimes and it totally motivated me! I will be going out for a run in the morning and hitting up the gym with C in the afternoon to work on my muscles!

Speaking of which!! I forgot to tell you. Yesterday on our lunch break, Jenny and I decided to get a little workout in because we were both about to lose our minds at work due to crazy business, and I had seen a workout that Katie did over at

And we decided to do it as a quick way to get in a good workout. Holy eff - I'm SO sore today!!! It was an awesome workout and we modified it only slightly because I didn't know what a Tricep Nose Breaker was and so I assumed it was a Skull Crusher, but then I think the Skull Crusher was an Overhead Tricep Extension so whatever... we did tricep exercises for both of those slots so it wasn't a huge deal. If you're looking for a quick upper body workout, I'd totally recommend this! I hope I'm not more sore tomorrow!!

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I hope you all have a great Saturday night! Do you have anything special planned??

xoxo S


  1. You did not bore me. I love shoes! I never knew there was a Bata shoe museum!

    1. Glad the pictures were entertaining!! And yes, it's here in Toronto and it's totally cool! I had no idea about it either until Michelle told me!

  2. Sounds like a good day indeed! Today I ran outdoors for the first time in over a year. I've ran on the treadmill off & on but it's not the same as running outside. Trying to get ready for my first 5k of the year!

    1. Ooo how did it go?? Congrats!! I plan on running outside tomorrow too! When is your 5km?

  3. What a fun day you two girls had! Glad you didn't decide to run out of the store with that bling ring ;)

    1. Hahaha I wanted to!! Oh well.... !! :)

  4. yeah!! fun day!!! looking forward to our second date this month! xox

    1. Can't wait!! My first sip of wine in 2013 will be win yooouuuuu! <3


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