Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy 200th Post!

Good evening beautiful,

This is my 200th post! Cool huh? This lil'ol bloggy is about 1.5 years old as of now and my how she's blossomed into a lovely young blog. :). This blog is kind of like my baby. I enjoy her, take care of her, makes sure she looks suitable for the public to see, keep her healthy and make sure she's just overall well rounded. I think I've been doing a good job so far - what do you think?

This weekend was fun! On Saturday afternoon I headed on over to Whitby to hang out and run with Michelle from! I got there and we chit chated for a while before we had to get ready to hit the road to make it to The Running Room in time for our race. I use the term "race" loosely because it wasn't timed and it was called a Fun Run. The Whitby Poker Fun Run to be exact. It was a 5km route and at each kilometer mark there was a volunteer there handing you a secret card in an envelop and by the end you had 4 cards to take to hand in at the end and the person with the best hand wins the race! Fun, right? I managed to pull our 3 4's, but I haven't gotten a call yet that I had won so I assume someone got a better hand than I did. Darn... the winner got an Ironman branded heart rate monitor watch from The Running Room. Oh well, maybe next year!

The route was a pretty standard route but there was one mother of a hill right after the 2km mark and honestly, my quads were on FIRE and I wanted to walk.. We made it up most of the hill before Michelle and I both needed a walk break, but that was the only time we took one! We finished in about 29 minutes and some odd seconds, I don't remember the exact time, but it was a slow(er) one for both of us. I was exhausted and neither of us had done much running outside recently because of the insanely cold temperatures. Luckily yesterday wasn't too bad (it was like -6 instead of like -15 like normal) and it was bright and sunny and not windy - perfect! Here are some photo's Michelle snapped...

This was the first of our #13in2013 races... so 12 more races to go! We don't see any local races in February so we're going to have to double up a few months in order to make our goal, but we will do it none the less - and there will be photos to share each time!

After the race we went to the grocery store and picked up our dinner, cob salad and watermelon! Haha, it was so random but it was delicious. We each took insane hot showers because we were frozen and then got everything ready for Michelle's friends to come over. There were 4 other gals coming as it was one of their birthdays. Michelle made these UNREAL gluten free red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting... check it out (don't judge the frosting, Michelle thinks she's really good at icing cupcakes because she teaches cooking and owns piping bages... turns out the icing looked hilarious, but it did taste AMAZING lol.)...

So we dipped into the wine slightly, Michelle and I shared 2 bottles of white (I think it was 2?) and needless to say, we both ate our faces off. I'm actually ashamed to admit everything I ate.... Ugh, here it goes:

Jube Jubes x like 20,000
M&M peanuts
M&M chocolate
a cupcake
multiple glasses of white wine

Ugh, so awful. I couldn't stop myself. It's part of the PMS thing. Whatever. It's done and over with, I ran before I ate and had a nice clean meal so it wasn't ALL bad. And it was all quite satisfying... My mouth is actually watering thinking about the cupcakes now. OH YA! Michelle, the sweet thing that she is, bought me gluten free chocolate chip mix! WHAAAT?? Now I'm going to have to make the cookies and eat them all  try one and tell you all how it is! I'm super excited to bake, hopefully I'm successful for once in my life.

Other than that we talked a lot and got to know each other a lot better I feel like. Her friends were hilarious and so nice and it was definitely fun getting to shoot the shit with other girls instead of being around the guys. Some of the topics of discussion were pretty hilarious, Michelle told everyone how Carlton was on You Can't Do That On Television so that was pretty funny. Not everyone knew the show, but once Michelle described it everyone clued in.

Then this morning I came home around 11, tried to do some studying but I was tired and not focused. So I crawled into bed with Carlton and we watched My Idiot Brother. Have you seen it??? I thought it was going to be another one of those stupid movies, but it's actually really good and I really liked it! I cried at a part in the movie and got C's shirt wet. Whoopsies. We then went to the grocery store and restocked basically EVERYTHING in our condo and got some deliciously healthy foods for the week and then came home and spent 2.5 hours cleaning the condo. Needless to say I got ZERO studying done today... so there's that... *thumbs down*.

My recap of "my week in workouts" is reeeeeally lame, but obviously I won't lie to you, so this is how it went:

Monday - "rest day"
Tuesday - "rest day"
Wednesday - Workout with PT doing lots of heavy lifting day
Thursday - Workout with PT doing an insane circuit day
Friday - "rest day"
Saturday - The Whitby 5km Poker Fun Run
Sunday - "rest day"

How many "rest days" can one have in a week before they're actually considered "lazy days"? I feel like 1. So after Monday all other days were "lazy days". Shitty. Ah well, good thing tomorrow is Monday which means it's a brand new week! Haha.. oy vay.

Did you partake in any races this weekend? Please tell me at least one of you overindulged in sugar and wine... please.... please?


  1. please, my cupcakes could have won an award they were so well decorated haha. i hate one for breakfast..... oh god. I need to give dan all of the crappy food that was left over so he can eat it all. its dangerous! loved having quality time with you, so fun! its my turn to visit you in TO now!! xox

    1. LOL The sprinkles helped out I guess... :P. I hate Dan for being able to eat such great food and not gain an ounce. I think I gained 17lbs just from Saturday :).

  2. hahaha, I'm right there with you on the wine indulgence! On my second glass of pinot now :) Congrats on the race.

    1. Oooo so glad!! What's your favourite type of wine?

  3. That race sounds SO fun!! Sounds like you had a good weekend! PS I think you can have as many rest days as you need...some weeks it may be more then others :)

    1. Bahahaha - THANK GOD because 3 "lazy days" makes me sound AWFUL! lol!!

  4. That race sounds like so much fun! I was absolutely terrible this weekend - out until the sun was practically up both nights and eating subsequently terrible food to recover. Bleh. However, I've given myself a free pass for a few weekends as my Half training starts TWO WEEKS TODAY.. oh god.

    You guys should add the Harry Rosen Spring Run off 8k to your 13 in 2013 - its April 6th I believe :)

  5. Congratulations on your 200th post. I am still on the way to the 100th post, and I hope my blog someday be like your blog.

    Keep blogging, keep sporty, and keep healthy Sarah.


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