Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Good afternoon Beautiful,

Well January 1 has finally arrived and I'm off to a great start.. sort of. I haven't exercised today because:

1. I'm slightly hungover and still trying to replenish my optimal hydration level..
2. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night because I went to bed late and C is getting sick (again) and is congested and snored most of the night...

I think I got to bed around 3am and I woke up a little before 10am to shower and clean the house we were staying at in London. The guys I used to live with in London always let us stay there so I like to repay them by cleaning the house post-party. It was a disaster zone but it was all clean and tidy after C and I were done cleaning and sorting all of the garbage/recycling. The joys!

My friend Rochelle and I went shopping last week to get matching outfits for this party which was themed "Black Light & Dress Bright.. we thought everyone would get decked out as well since it was New Years.. but alas, we were the most dressed up although there was a lot of people wearing white. Here are some pictures that were snapped of Rochelle, my friend Elyse and I...

The last photo was taken in the basement where the black lights were put... there was glowy gel and black light markers as well! I believe by the end of the night I had random glittery gel that glowed on my arms and legs and someone drew a moustache on my back with a marker... so random. There was also a flip cup competition which was guys vs girls... the girls won on more than 1 occasion and I played quite well if I do say so myself. It was probably contributing to the hangover today... whoops. The good news is that I stuck to my vodka soda drink and so the hangover is mostly just being tired and none of the headache, sicky type hangover.

The party was super fun and C kept everyone dancing with his DJing skills, the best part was the countdown because we had champagne and even though I don't enjoy champagne, it's necessary to have at New Years Eve. At midnight C and I did the typical "first kiss of the year" haha, and then we made our way around the party hugging everyone in attendance, so much fun!

After we left London I wanted to stop and get food. The only thing that came to my mind was that I knew McDonalds would be open on January 1, and figured that's what I was stuck with. We stopped at one of those "En Route" places on the way to Toronto and they had this little store called The Market or something which turned out to be quite useful. I wanted my first meal of 2013 to be something healthy, so I got myself a snack pack of hummus and flatbread, a slice of cheese and a southwest chicken salad which had chicken, black beans, corn, tomatoes and a sprinkle of cheese with a tomato dressing. It was delish, and even though I could have made my own food a lot healthier, this wasn't so bad for my first meal and first hangover meal of the new year. Go me!

The response on my giveaway has been so great and I'm so excited that you're all excited for this awesome prize! If you haven't checked it out yet, click here to be taken to the post with the giveaway directly. Thanks to everyone who has already participated, I look forward to seeing how many more jump at this fun opportunity!

I'm off now to watch a little Dawson's Creek (if I can get silly Netflix to start working.. does anyone else ever have problems with it loading?) while drinking up my water and possibly napping before I tackle my studies...

What did you do for New Years Eve?? I hope you had a blast but kept it safe! Share your stories with me! :)

xoxo S


  1. I can't believe you turned down McDicks when you were hungover. You are officially my hero.

    1. Lol! McDicks.. you're hilarious. Yes, I did... I'm not a huge fan normally so it's not hard to turn down if there are other options available! Unless I'm drunk or getting hangry in Walmart then it's usually a double cheese burger :)

  2. Quite the facinators you and Rochelle are wearing, very nice!!!

  3. Oh boy I didn't know Dawson's was on Netflix - so so so EXCITED!!!!

    1. Uhmmm YEAH ME TOO!!! hahahaha!! I have to kick my boyfriend out of the living room to watch it! :)


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