Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Thought A 5 Mile Run Was A Good Idea

Good evening Beautiful,

Tomorrow is Friiiiiiiday!! Which means the weekend is juuust around the corner! Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? I do! Let me tell you! Saturday during the day I plan on getting my nails done and studying. That's it. However, Saturday night C and I are going out for Jenny's birthday to the restaurant in the Fairmont Royal York called Benihana which is a Japanese restaurant that actually prepares the food at your table - SO COOL right??? I quickly skimmed the menu today and they have steak with lobster tails *gasp!*... I love both of those things immensely... However I believe that dish it's like $60, so we'll see if I actually end up getting it lol.

After the birthday dinner we have plans to meet up with a different friend and one of my coworkers which I've introduced and they've taken a liking to each other. Initially, this was kind of bothering me because I'm stressing about life in general right now. Work is insane, I'm a little behind in my studying although I've been busting my ass trying to catch up so a night out drinking wasn't really on the schedule because I need to be productive on Sunday. However, I've been thinking about it in my head because I've been in a weird mood all day, a quiet mood, and I realized that as long as I stay true to my tried and tested rules about clean drinking, I should be ok on Sunday. I made a pact with Michelle that I wouldn't drink until the 26th, however it's really hard for me to go to a bar/club and stay sober and NOT be in a pissed off mood at all the intoxicated people bumping into me and stuff... so I'm going to have 1 cheat night. The rules of my anti-hangover clean drinking is:

- ensure you have a good, healthy dinner prior to drinks that contains some sort of carbohydrate (I usually have rice).
- Have about 3-4 drinks straight until you can feel it, then alternate 1 alcoholic drink with 1 glass of water.
- Do not consume any alcoholic beverages that contain sugar. Stick to either soda water (the carbonation helps the alcohol enter your blood stream which allows you to feel the effects sooner while drinking less) or plain water with a slice of lemon or lime as your "flavour".
- NO SHOTS! Absolutely no shots.
- Preferably stick to a less sugary alcohol, like vodka instead of rum for example.
- Ensure you eat AFTER you've been drinking, before you go to bed. I usually have (bad me) half a sub or a hotdog, I don't make the best decisions after drinking.
- If you have some magnesium, take some before bed as it helps to curb the hangover.

So, alas... I'm doing it. I'm going to not be all stuck up and stressed out about it. I'm going to drink clean and dance and have a great time because I think I deserve it!! I've been so good and so busy and so stressed that I just want to have fun for a night. Go me :). Sorry Michelle... It's happening :).

I'm really sore today from my workout yesterday. I did lower body which is something that I don't normally do so when I do end up doing it, it hurts. I should take it as a sign to do lower body more often but I never do.. hmm.. Anywho, this is what I did:

My legs yesterday were so wobbly..! So of course, today I was so sore and figured some cardio would loosen things up. I was actually really tired today and I was groggy and unfocused. I really considered skipping my workout for the day but because I want to wear a certain dress on Saturday night I sucked it up and hopped on a treadmill (every calorie counts, right?). I had a few songs that I'd recently downloaded and loved so I had my little biddy playlist on repeat and picked the treadmill in front of a tv that no one else was watching which also out looked the street outside, and I started running. I actually felt amazing while I was running, so I ran for 30 minutes straight before I took a walk break. I had initially set the treadmill for 40 minutes, but I upped it to 52 minutes and finished the whole thing! Even with a couple of short walk breaks I ended up with this:

Yaye me :) 5 miles in today! Not too bad. However, back to my story about my leg soreness. I figured that the cardio would help loosen up the muscles, move the lactic acid out of them... and you know, my legs weren't sore WHILE I was running.... however, walking downstairs back to my office... walking from my desk to the fridge for my lunch, walking from the office to the car, and the car up to my condo... well... it was a little rough. And now, when I move, or need to grab something, every muscle below my waist pulls and is tight. Lovely. I even stretched good after my run which I thought might help as well, no dice. I think tomorrow might be a rest day.

Do you have any fun plans for this weekend?? If so tell me, what are you doing? Lots of work outs? Trying a new recipe? Going out with friends?

xoxo S


  1. What a great workout! I'll work that into tonight's routine. Well done on running the 5 miles, I hope to get there some day too.

    New follower here!

    Hui xx

    1. Hey Hui!! Welcome to my blog! And thanks for following, I'll have to slip over and check out your blog too!! And if you keep working at it you will totally get there as well. Good luck! xo

  2. great workout, love!! you rock! that lowerbody looks pretty tough! youch!! have a great weekend! it looks like it'll be a great one for you!

    1. Hey Jenna!

      Thanks (again) for your kind words, it was tough! You should try it sometime :). Have a great weekend!

  3. I had to laugh at your rules for drinking clean! I had a similar convo with my husband when I declared that I was taking up vodka for the new year. LOL
    Good job on the work outs. I slacked this week. Running the office and working extra hours while the bosses were on vaca really wore me out. BUT we are supposed to be hitting 60* tomorrow. I plan on running in the AM then hopefully hiking with my husband later - I need to do something active this weekend!

    1. Lol thanks Mary - I swear those are my rules to not having a hang over, or too bad of one at least. Your workouts sound great this weekend, good luck with them! We don't have anywhere to hike here in Toronto (i could hike up the CN tower I suppose).. so jealous!

  4. my legs are killing me from all of the lunges i did on thursday so i feel your pain, i also cheated yesterday and had 2 glasses of wine! opps! lol

    1. Hope you're feeling better today lovey!! I had 1 glass of wine last night, and I'll be having more than 1 drink tonight... wish me luck! :P Hope you feel better!

  5. Awesome 5 miles!! Hopefully the soreness will subside soon, but you did an awesome workout!

    As far as the drinking rules.. that kinda made me laugh a little. ;) I can hardly have more than two drinks without passing out on the floor, so it amused me a bit that this is your clean drinking.. hehe. Must be better than what you were doing, so that's good! :)


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