Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Wanted To Barf On More Than 1 Occasion

Good evening Beautiful,

Well, we've made it. Tomorrow is Friday (finally) which means we're 24 hours away from the weekend. Can you believe it? I'm really super excited for this weekend because I'm getting some quality girl time which I haven't had in a VERY long time. I'm heading to the buzzing metropolis of Whitby, ON on Saturday to run 5km and consume wine with Michelle from I've mentioned this probably 5 times already but I'm excited! It's her friends birthday and we're going to her house, and (this is the best part)... the attire? LULU!!!! Oh my god, I almost passed out when Michelle told me this. Pardon, Lulu's??? I don't have to doll myself up, wear incredibly uncomfortable high heels and watch every little thing I eat that day so I don't bloat up in a tight dress? COUNT ME IN!!

For all of you now wondering, yes... I do watch every single thing I eat on days where I know I'll be going out at night. The last thing I want is to be in uncomfortable shoes and feeling bloated, so I eat incredibly clean until I start consuming vodka soda's. Here's an example of why I prefer to not be bloated... some dresses just can't hide that shit.

The dress feels tighter on than it looks in that picture. It's like Spanx, except it's your outfit... Thank you American Apparel for such a concept. AND if you're wondering... "She's 6 feet tall... how high of heel could she possibly wear"? See exhibit A...

My heels are high man, if I'm not 6'3-6'4 (most have some form of a platform in them) I'd be surprised. I used to hate being tall, always the tallest girl.. boys were always shorter than me. Turns out now I don't give a crap and it's cool to be taller than Carlton when I wear my shoes. I've learned to embrace it, and now I wear heels and show off how tall I am! It's great being able to see over crowds at a club :). Hehe.

Anyways - you'll be happy to know that since my last post I've had a solid 2 workouts (it's been 2 days since my last post where I hadn't worked out all weekend or at all this week). Yesterday I worked out with my TRX trainer Alex. We decided to do some Olympic/Cross Fit type lifting. I'll try to remember everything we did....

5 sets of 5 reps:
Sumo Deadlifts (wide stance)
Lat Pulldown
Pull-ups (with a band) - Note, I only did like 2 sets of these, 3 was my max so I opted out and did a heavier weight on the lat pulldown instead. My lil'arms can't pull me up (yet)!

Straight Arm Pressdown
1-arm chest press with dumbbell

Snatch Deadlifts (I've never heard of these before...) with alternate grip

Upright Row (to prep for cleans)

Then we did 3 sets of:
5 upright rows which I cleaned into 5 front squats which I pressed into 5 shoulder presses.

Then we did 5 sets of 20 yard sprints

Then we did 5 sets of... something... I can't remember what they're called but it was some type of drill that almost looks like a grapevine. It might come to me in a minute...

So needless to say, all of the back work made my back muscles a bit sore today. It took a lot to get me out of my desk and changed into gym clothes and upstairs to get to the gym. I was talking to the front desk motivator and then a different personal trainer told me to go warm up and he'd be with me soon - SCORE! I told him my back was a bit stiff from yesterday before we started working out. Holy effing god, this workout was A LOT harder (in a different way I guess) than yesterdays and I found myself wanting to barf on several different occasions...

2 rounds, probably for time but I disregarded that rule
Smith Machine
Seated Row
Walking Lunges
Assisted Pull-ups
Renegades (never heard of them before either. Basically holding two dumbbells and in a plank position, you row each dumbbell one at a time without losing the plank)
Bound Jumps (the hardest part of the workout)
Kettlebell swings
Chest Press on a stability ball
Hamstring Curl
That ab exercise where you're on a step and you sit in a V and bring your knees in and out.. whatever that's called
This thing where I threw and caught a medicine ball while jumping over a step
Walking plank (up to hands, down to elbows) on a BOSU

OMG GUYS!! I was so sweaty and disgusting after THE FIRST round, and then I had to do it again. I'm sure Chris was laughing in his head (he's so funny, his giggle is hilarious and he's this MASSIVE African man..). During the second round the club's Fitness Manager, Sean came and watched and also laughed on a few occasions. Thanks guys - real great. Not only did they laugh, Sean got on the assisted pull-up machine after me and proceeded to use the same weight as me to do 1-arm pull-ups. Lol.. UGH.. what a jerk (just kidding Sean, I'm mostly just jealous lol!). 

In my last two workouts I've discovered something... I have a little "ponch". What's a ponch? It's a little itty bitty muffin top forming above the waistline of my lulu's. I worked my ass off last year to get rid of it, and I will work my ass off this year AGAIN to get rid of it (although last year it was much larger). Once the weather gets better I'm going to start training for longer distances in running again. That normally helps. And I'm going to (try) to do more heavy heavy lifting like yesterday and mix it up with a hard circuit like that every now and then. I can totally do it on my own, I just lack the motivation... that's where Jenny comes in. :) If I know I can do it with her (aka put her through the torturous workout) then it will motivate me to do it as well. Yay workout buddies! :)

I'm hoping I'm able to walk tomorrow so I can go for a run on the treadmill. Burn off some of Ponch (going forward, my little pet muffin will be named Ponch, until he's disappeared). I can already feel the pain in my calves and my quads and a little in my hammies. My erector muscles are still stiff... if I know DOMS it will be worse tomorrow than it is today - oh yaye (did not mean to rhyme there). 

Yesterday we went grocery shopping for a quick buy of some veggies and fruits that I used up during the first half of the week, check it.

I love restocking. So colourful and fun! I got some Echinecha Tea to see if it helps my sniffles. I think it does. I drank some last night and sipped on some during the day today, and so far my sniffles have gotten a little bit better. We'll see by the end of the weekend how it goes. Last night Carlton made a great dinner... I had put in some roasted potatoes and he made....

Turkey breast slices with fresh basil, mushrooms, pearl onions and garlic cloves. It was so delish. He thinks he over cooked the turkey... and maybe it was only slightly, but I still LOVED it! I'm so glad he likes to cook - it makes my life a ton easier sometimes!!

Have you had any gruesome workouts this week? What has been your favourite meal this week? When you cook, do you cook enough for that meal, or do you always cook more for leftovers?


  1. I had no gruesome workouts, but I did teach some fun classes. And I walked for the better part of 10 hours on my last day on the BlogTour I was on. I pushed out 2 big-headed babies, so my "ponch" is probably permanent.

    1. Ohh classes!! Fun! What classes do you teach?? I can't believe you walked for 10 hours... were your legs sore??

      LOL about your "ponch"... at least it's from something meaningful, and not lack of running and too many cocktails!! :)

  2. Those are insane work outs! Did you crawl out if the gym? I've tried those renegade plank row things. Fun but hard. I am lucky if I can pull off 2 per side. Sounds like you killed it!! :)

    1. I took my sweet time going down stairs after my workout today - I'm sure tomorrow will be worse!! I'm sort of nervous to go to bed, because I don't want to wake up super sore lol!!

  3. I always cook enough for leftovers. I actually do all my food prep on Sunday. It's fabulous! Ps you look smoking in that dress!! And enjoy your lulu night-sounds fabulous :)

    1. MMM me too - leftovers are my FAV!! I never understood the food prep on Sundays, usually my veggies and whatnot go bad, but maybe I should try it! Any advice? :)

  4. Ha! Love the idea of a lulu dress code for a bday party! That's awesome. I'll take your word for it on the ponch thing--I don't see anything! :) Congrats on what looks like a pretty baller workout!

    1. Lol! I want to have a Lulu themed party someday - how fun and comfy would that be!? The ponch is there, i'm just wearing tights and a spanx-like dress!! :) Thanks for your kind words Kim! :) xo

  5. yeah for lulus! and gluten free cupcakes! hope they turn out! i had a pretty killer workout yesterday, today was a rest day. i ate healthy meals but snacked on for me! ill be hitting the gym tomorrow fo sho! see you soon! xo

    1. I can't wait to try the cupcakes!! Yaaaye see you in like 4 hours girlie!! :)

  6. I've been doing Tina Reale's Best Body Bootcamp - killer workouts. So sore!

    1. I've never heard of that before - sounds intense!!! :)

  7. You can totally rock the heavy lifting to help you drop some body fat!! Keep it up, chickie!


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