Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Weekend Contained ZERO Exercise & A Donut..

Good evening Beautiful,

Hope you had a great weekend! I have to admit, it wasn't as productive as I had planned and that stresses me out slightly. The positives is that this weekend we had some UNREAL weather, which in itself is also quite scary if you think about global warming.... but let's not go there. It was like 12 or 13 degrees and sunny as all heck yesterday and today when I was out the car thermometer told me that it was 15 degrees!! What the hell? On the 13th of January?? The downfall,  I didn't take advantage of the weather and didn't run outside, not even once. My weekend sort of panned out like this:

Got home from work and went straight to bed. C has been sick with like some sort of chest/sinus thing so unfortunately he snores in the night and on Thursday it had been really bad and I hardly slept at all and when it was time for me to wake up I just started crying because I was so exhausted and I'm overly emotional on a good day... So alas, I had a nap after work. I finally got out of bed around 9 (I didn't sleep until then... just lounged after I woke up) because it was time for dinner. Of course we decided we didn't want to cook so we ordered Mexican. In attempts to stick to a somewhat "clean" way of ordering out, I got a "Naked Burrito" which is basically the contents of a burrito in a box for you to eat, no tortilla. So that's basically all that we did..

I woke up on Saturday and made myself a delicious smoothie full of good things that I've shared with you before (Sun Warrior protein, hemp hearts, flax seed, raw cocoa, vanilla hemp milk, frozen berries, beets, kale... ) to get my day off to a good start. I did some reading of my text book while watching Dawson's Creek on Netflix.. mistake numero uno. Don't try and study while watching the overly dramatic lives of 16 year olds... totally doesn't work. Anyways, we were expecting company last night so we spent the afternoon cleaning and getting some laundry done. Super exciting right??? Our company (my old roommate from London) got here around 5 and we chit chated for a while until C and I had to get ready to head out for Jenny's birthday (Andrew had a date he was taking out for dinner as well).

We went to Benihana for Jenny's birthday, it was so cool! It's a Japanese restaurant where you sit around one half of the table and the other half is a massive grill. You have your own chef make all of your food right in front of you and serves it to you fresh off the grill. Our chef was so darn cute, his name was Lee and he was really funny as well. They have a ton of cool knife tricks and chopping and food tricks they do which made the experience so much more enjoyable. I ordered the Ahi Tuna which was served with zucchini, onions and mushrooms with a side of steamed rice... drool, it was absolutely one of the best meals I've ever had in my entire life. It was fairly expensive however, but the meal was a great size and the experience is so cool... for C and I to eat, and each have 1 drink it was $160 before tip... but it's totally one of my new favourite places to eat in Toronto (it's located inside the Fairmont Royal York hotel, if you're ever in town and want to check it out :D). We actually were dinning beside the table that Amir Johnson was eating at with his people, he's a basketball player for the Raptors! I wouldn't have known, but C did... the only thing that tipped me off was that he couldn't stand up straight because he was so tall. This is him:

I think that's like, the second or third time we've encountered a "celebrity" while out in Toronto.. the last time was Shane West - do you remember that? :)

After dinner we met up with Andrew and his date at Brassaii where they had gone for dinner, we got a booth and danced the night away! It was so much fun and I had a blast, it helped that our booth was right beside the washroom, super convenient. Here's a picture of me and Andrew's date, who I also happen to work with!

I finally got to wear my tiger dress that I had bought months ago, it was great!! ($25 from Forever21 if you're curious :D). Then there was a group of people in a booth beside us, and one of the guys was wearing a Robin Hood hat, it was the strangest thing... however I did ask to borrow it for some quick photos...

Haha, too funny. All in all it was a good night... until around 2am. See, when you have a booth and bottle service for some reason they bring you 5 donuts. Seriously, on a platter... I think they're freshly made, but it's still strange, and of course I ended up eating half of a donut. I have to admit, I was so bloated by the time I got home but it was SO GOOD!!! I don't remember the last time I ate a donut, which I guess is why I can justify having half of one. I opted out of post-bar sub's because of it, so it was ok.

I woke up around 10 and I was still a bit sleepy, but I wasn't hung over. I turned on Dawson's Creek (obviously) and started to try studying again, but I couldn't focus because I was sleepy so I just rested. Then I napped briefly. Then I woke up and had a shower and got ready and went to visit my cousins who live here in TO. They're so funny and so fun to visit. After our visit, I picked up C and we went and did groceries and guess what? We bought 2 tuna steaks so we can try and make our own Ahi Tuna!! Well, there is no "try". We are making Ahi Tuna and must succeed because tuna steaks are not cheap so I really can't eff it up.

Obviously as you can tell I did ZERO exercise this weekend. I feel grubby because of it. Oh well, tomorrow is a brand new day and I'll get a good run in. I hope the weather is as warm tomorrow as it was this weekend!

I haven't posted recently about any foods that I've found to be interesting, so I'm going to start again - right now! I'm going to choose one of my FAVOURITE foods, raspberries!! My preference for these berries is to eat them frozen, but I like them fresh as well :) They can be so sweet and so sour... but doesn't matter to me!! For those who are unfamiliar with the awesome benefits of eating raspberries, check this out...

1. They are full of antioxidants which help fight those damned free radicals in your body that can lead to cancer. Raspberries can have anticancer properties because of the antioxidants - always a bonus!

2. Free radicals also lead to increased aging, so since raspberries fight those free radicals, it can help slow down the aging process. How needs botox!? Eat some berries instead!!

3. If you start eating raspberries (and/or other berries as well) for a snack instead of chips or something unhealthy, they can totally help with weight loss and/or control!! Yay for low-cal snack options!

4. Raspberries are full of vitamin C which helps growth and maintenance of tissues in the body and can repair cells of the skin and bones and blood vessels. Wheeew healthy hearts!!

Other random benefits of raspberries include (but are not limited to):

- decreased PMS (haha, handy..)
- improved bone health
- decreased arthritis pain
- protection from low-density lipoproteins in diabetics

So basically, go buy yourself some raspberries, fresh or frozen - it's up to you!

The last thing I wanted to do tonight is plan out my workouts for the next 5 days. Weather permitting I'm going to try and fit in 3 outdoor runs of 5km or more...

Monday - Run
Tuesday - Full Body HIIT workout
Wednesday - Run
Thursday - Full Body HIIT workout
Friday - Run

I'm not going to plan the weekend out yet, I'm just going to start small and see how the week goes!!

What did you get up to this weekend? Were you better than me and actually break a sweat? Or did you relax and do nothing? If you did workout, share your workout with me.... I might need to take some motivation from you to create a workout of my own! :)


  1. you look beautiful in the tiger dress! i love it!!! dont beat yourself up over enjoying your weekend. we are all entitled to that!! :o)

    1. Hey Jenna! Thanks so much!! Haha, now just to get my body back on track! :) hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Love the title of this post and love that dress even more! You look fab!
    I got in some activity but not like I wanted. I'll re-start again tomorrow. Sometimes spending time with old friends is more important :) you'll kill it with tomorrow's WO!

    1. Hey Mary! Haha, well thanks! I was a bit nervous to wear it because its so tight, but the tiger print helped hide anything! :). Good for you for at least doing something!! :)


  4. Omg I wish wish wish I could go one day without working out, but my brain slaps me silly before I can even think about not working out, LOL! If I am super tired I go and work out and then come back home and go back to sleep, lol!!

    Man, I have always wanted to try Benihana!! It's on my TO-DO list... Hmmmmmmm - I have the biggest obsession with Japanese food ;)

    1. Lol! I usually get more lazy the longer I go without working out. Weird right?? You should totally try it!! Its well worth the $$!

  5. such a hot dress!! i had really good workouts this past weekend, i am pretty such this coming weekend will be a right off though lol i hope the weather is this nice on the 26th!

    1. I'm so jealous of your amazing kick ass workouts. Mine will be like that this weekend!!! Xooxox

  6. Fabulous dress!!

    I'm totally with you on the running thing - getting back up to 3x5k a week is my goal right now, as training for my half starts in three weeks!!! AHHHH. And I have to do all of my prep for that without the Irish Sadist - which is the worst, but hopefully he'll be back by March!

    Benihana is delish!

    1. Hey girl!! Long time no see! Glad you're back :). Hot yoga date soon? You'll be ok without IS... You've got a goal to achieve, that's motivation enough!! How's the new trainer so far?

    2. Yoga date soon YES. I haven't been home in weeks so this weekend is likely not advisable, but maybe next Saturday (26) or the week after that - once my long runs pick up on Saturdays I'll have to leave yoga to another day though!

      New trainer will do the trick, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be crippled tomorrow thanks to today's work out - so I'll manage without the Sadist I'm sure :)

  7. Thanks, You have a really nice Blog! i like the Amir Johnson part :)

    1. Thanks so much! Hope to see you around more often! :)


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