Sunday, January 6, 2013

Productivity At Its Finest!

Good evening Beautiful,

So I did it! I got through one weekend without having any sort of adult beverage. Seriously! I don't remember the last time that happened.... On purpose I mean. Probably when I was 18, is that bad? Eek... I shouldn't have admitted that. Oh well. I have 20 more days to go until I have my first race of 2013 and Michelle and I have our girls night with WINE! We're both not drinking until then. I have to admit, it's harder than it seems especially if C is enjoying a nice glass of red with dinner. Boo... oh well. I try and convince myself I'm too lazy to get off the couch so I don't have to walk past the open bottle of wine.

Good morning :)
Today was suuuper productive and awesome! I woke up at like 8:30 and realized "Hey, I went to bed at like midnight last night, 8:30 is a good time to wake up..!". So I got up and made myself a cup of coffee, wrapped my quilt around me and turned on Dawson's Creek. Have I told you that ALL of Dawson's Creek is on Netflix? I've seen all of the episodes already but not since I was like 16-17 so there's a lot of stuff that I've forgotten about. I watched like 2 episodes until I realized that I should probably ingest something of nutritional value, which is when I decided to make myself a breakfast smoothie! I didn't take a photo, but I can tell you what I put in it:

- Sun Warrior vanilla protein powder
- 1 tbsp raw hemp hearts
- 2 tbsp organic flax seed
- 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
- 1/2 tbsp raw cocoa powder
- 1 cup of frozen berries (blackberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries and pomegranate seeds)
- 8 fresh blackberries
- 5 mini ice cubes (I refer to these as "condo sized")
- 1 cup of vanilla hemp milk

It was delish and totally what I wanted to consume to get my day started off right. I bought hemp milk in the organic section of the grocery store and decided to try it since I never had before - it was great in a smoothie! I haven't tried it any other way yet... woohoo dairy free!

So I decided to hit up the gym about 2 episodes later and I decided to take a little bit of a drive to my normal GoodLife club to workout instead of the one closest to me. The one closest to me is usually stupidly busy packed with people that look like insane fitness gods so I never really get a good, quality workout in because every random machine or cable machine or set of dumbbells is usually in use. My gym was nice and not really busy so I hopped on a treadmill and got my cardio in for the day. I did want to go run outside but it was snowing and slushy and wet so I just didn't feel like dealing with the weather. I managed to knock out a sweet run - check it!

Not bad for having walked twice (once for 1 minute and once for 30 seconds). I have to admit the last ten minutes were mentally tough but I pushed through and put Moves Like Jagger on repeat until I was done. Adam Lavigne is usually good motivation. I then did a little stretching and a little core work and called it a day. I was super motivated right then so I made a trip to Loblaw's and bought a TON of fresh veggies and meats and healthy foods for the week. It was wicked - I love buying awesome food. This week's grocery round up consisted of the ingredients I'm using for tonight's recipe (I will post closer to the end of this post), sweet potato, squash, pork, chicken, bananas, kale, frozen okra, edamame, tomatoes, cucumber, organic frozen berries, coconut milk, and some other stuff that I can't remember off the top of my head right now, but it was all great!

How has the first week of 2013 been for you so far?? Have you gotten off on the right foot? I totally have in terms of work/workouts/fitness/social media/relationships.. basically life! I've started running, I'm caught up on my work from when I was off over the holidays, I've been blogging and studying on alternating days and all is well! What have you accomplished so far in 2013? I think my biggest one so far is not having a drink YET in 2013. Also, because I'm trying to keep motivated with my workouts, I'm going to start a little tab at the top of my blog called "workouts" and I'm going to make a pretty little picture of different workouts so I can group them all together in a nice little workout collection - stay tuned for that!

Ok - so nutrition wise, 2013 has been unreal! I have been eating like a superstar and tonight is the first new recipe of 2013 so far. What is it?...

Spring Chicken
- 5 pounds of chicken pieces (I used 3 pounds of chicken breast slices and I think the recipe actually called for a whole chicken cut into pieces....)
- Salt and black pepper
- 2 pounds of asparagus
- 1 bunch of scallions (I didn't know what scallions were so in the grocery store I googled it on my phone, turns out they're just green onions)
- 1/2 cup of fresh mint
- 1 garlic clove, peeled and chopped
- 2 lemons
- 1/4 cup of olive oil

- Preheat oven to 350F (or 180C)
- This is what tipped me off that this recipe is meant for a whole chicken... If your chicken's not in serving pieces, do that first - cut legs from thighs, wings from breasts. Salt and pepper it lightly then arrange in a roasting pan (I used a casserole dish)
- Snap the ends off the asparagus spears where they want to break naturally. Arrange them over and around the chicken pieces. Slice up the scallions and scatter them over the whole thing too.
- Put the mint and garlic in the food processor. Squeeze in the juice of the lemons and and add the olive oil. Run till the garlic is pulverized, then pour the mixture evenly over the chicken. 
- Cover the pan with foil and bake for 40 minutes (I baked for 35 minutes) then uncover and give it another 10 minutes.

C had his bit with some rice and I had mine with edamame :). This is what it looked like when it came out of the oven..

And this was my dinner!...

It's totally paleo as it comes from my paleo cookbook! Mmm mmm good. I'm totally taking leftovers for lunch tomorrow and maaybe even breakfast! :). Oh - before I head out, if you happen to read this before midnight tonight and haven't entered my giveaway yet - enter now because it ends at midnight!! Click here to go there directly. 

What did you do this weekend? Did you try any new healthy recipes?? Let me know - I'd love to know what you got up to!

xoxo S


  1. That dinner looks fabulous! Tomorrow's dinner I making a tortellini soup with bok choy. I am winging the recipe and bok choy is a new food for me. I'm excited to try it!

    1. Hey Mary! Mmm, I love bok choy, especially with beef or something! Let me know how it turns out!

  2. i am so making this recipe this week, thanks for sharing it! 20 more days! we need to stay strong!!

    1. Haha yes, only 20 days thank GOD! Let me know if you end up making this! It was deelish!

  3. Good job not getting your drink on this wkend! You're sticking strong!!!! I am such an edamame freak. I love it, but I hardly ever hear of others eating it! Glad I'm not alone!! I once tried to feed it to my father, and he ate the whole thing, not just the pods inside. Haha! I just saw your food for thought on the fbook page about sweet potatoes. They're my alltime favorite food! Happy Monday love!

    1. Hey Jenna! I'm an edamame freak too... I love it as a replacement to chips or something like that! Boiled with a bit of sea salt is how I enjoy it! What about you? That's great that you saw the FFT post! I'm trying to get more interaction, so feel free to comment! :) xoxoxo thanks for stopping by!

    2. thats exactly how i eat my edamame too!! <3

  4. You're doing so well, keep going! Fab recipe, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey there! I think this is the first time I've seen you around here! Are you a new reader?? Welcome either way! And thanks for the words of encouragement! I'm going for a run today as well :)


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