Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Long Weekend = A Long Blog Post!

Hey Loveys,

Hoppy Easter Sunday! Some bunny loves you!!

I hope you're having a great weekend, or had a great weekend rather. I've been so MIA from my blog all week, so sorry!! It's been insane, going to and from my home town for easter and spending 2 days in training this week.... needless to say unfortunately my blog got pushed to the back burner temporarily, but I'm back and I think this might be a long post my friends!

Friday was a holiday off of work because it was Good Friday, so we got invited out on Thursday night after work to our friend Gillian's birthday party. We got there SO early because we knew the club, Bloke & 4th, was hosting a party for Dom Perignon and the place was going to be insane. We got to the club at 10 and there was already a mini line up. A few people in front of us decided to bounce out, and we made it up to the front of the line with two girls in front of us who were so nice and so funny! If you're a big fan of The Bachelor, or follow the Bachelor Canada or anything, you'd know that the woman who won Brad's heart in the first season of The Bachelor Canada, Bianca, works as a bartender at Bloke & 4th on weekends. I knew that she worked there, but didn't really think much of it besides that.

We were getting super impatient waiting in the line because honestly, the staff at Bloke & 4th are assholes. Actually legit assholes. I'm not sure why they have this sort of "I'm better than you" type aura about them, but like I care THAT MUCH that I'm going to wait in your line while you treat us like shit. They kept not letting anyone in, but letting random people in off the street, and eventually it got to the point that the major asshole guy turned off the heater that we were all gathered under. Before we took off though, two guys left the bar, and I knew the one as soon as I saw him. Brad Smith, the first ever Bachelor on The Bachelor Canada! Haha! It was so awesome. One of the girls in front of us called him over and he came and took a picture with us.

The picture cut off the other girl that we were taking the picture with... BUT it was still so cool!! Thank god we actually waited in line that long so I could meet him :). Anyways, if you work at Bloke & 4th or are associated with that place in any way.... it sucks. I refuse to ever go back there! What makes them think they could make people waiting in line in cold for over an hour, turn off the heater and then expect us to WANT to go there? No thanks, I'll take all the money I'm willing to spend to ANOTHER bar, where they are nice and not assholes. :). That is all about that! We ended up walking down the street to Brassaii, where the staff love us and let us in! Our friends who were already in Bloke & 4th left because the bar was dead (shocking, everyone was outside and no one was spending money or drinking inside) and came to party with us! It ended up being a really fun night!

When Friday rolled around, we left Toronto in the morning to go back to my home town, Wingham. We had our big family Easter dinner on Friday afternoon. It was so good! My Aunt Janis cooked and we had turkey and vegetables and home made gravy and oh my god it was so good. We also have a lot of birthday's this time of year in our family, so we had birthday cake... HOWEVER I didn't eat a single piece :). Yay me!

We were all so tired after the day and the night before that we all ended up crashing around 10 on Friday night and slept all night. However, when Saturday came around I was ready to actually be productive. So I got up around 8 and busted out a 7km run and was back home by 9:30am! Check this out...

It was a slow run, but whenever I run in Wingham I always forget how hilly that damn town is. Seriously. I think our house is located in the more elevated areas of town. The beginning of the run was great, and I realize now it was because I was running downhill the whole time. I snapped a few photos from around town when I was running! Wingham is so small I literally ran to each end of the town. Check out the map for proof!

Anyways, here are some pictures from my run!

The slowest speed limit I've ever seen
The one end of the town that I got to. Hello country.
This is from the top of one of the damn hills that I ran up. My legs were destroyed after this one
My shadow :). Peace.
The river I was running along!
Taa daaaaa, now you have seen a little bit of Wingham, and where I came from! :).

That day C, my sister, my mom and I went to the new tea store in Wingham! I was excited to see that Wingham got a fancy tea place because I'm a huge tea freak. They had like 130 different kinds of tea and samples that you could buy for $1.95! So these are the teas that I picked up while I was there!

I got a sample of Stress Blocker, Mexican Winter Rooibos and some Green Matcha powder. I picked up a package of Pear Apricot Green Tea and a tea ball which I was supposed to leave at my parents house but brought back to Toronto with me by mistake. Whoops. I'll bring it back home next time. I'm really excited to try the Mexican Winter tea, it's got chilli flakes in it!

For dinner last night my dad BBQd us steaks and my Grandma came over for dinner. She's so cute, and our family dog LOVES her!

Isn't that so cute? Haha, I can't get over it. She's the most adorable Grandma ever and Jake just loooves her. She always brings him a cookie (dog treat) though, so maybe that's why. We got back to Toronto last night around 9pm and stayed in, after debating whether to go out. I can't go out twice in a weekend anymore. I may be 24 but I'm an OLD 24 year old! I'm glad we stayed in though. I slept for like 11 hours and got up and went for the 4th run of the week this morning! And just for good measure, here is a picture of my kitty Louie :).

My legs were already tender from my hilly run yesterday (mostly my calves, always my weak spot) and so I decided to only go for an easy 4km run today. Well... I think easy may be the wrong describing word. It was hard. My legs were SO HEAVY. The wind was in my eyes and making me look like I was balling while out for a run. Needless to say I got 4km out in about 25 minutes. I was so sweaty after. I came in and stretched out my whole body. I even went into the stairwell in my building to use the stairs to stretch my calves and that just did not help. I can't walk right now so much as shuffle. Le sigh lol...

During my run I convinced myself that I wanted to make a green smoothie. If you follow this blog you'll know I've tried this on multiple different occasions and they usually turn out brown. So anyways, I got showered and went to the grocery store and realized that the grocery store down the street from my building is closed because it's Easter Sunday. Splendid. So I went on a little walk downtown to a little grocery store called Fresh & Wild. Thank GOD it was open. I picked up a few things that I knew I could carry home :). Look how pretty it all is!

Some of this stuff was to prepare a roast in the slow cooker today - but I will post a recipe about that later this week. Tonight I'm going to share my green smoothie recipe!

Sarah's Green Smoothie
1 white nectarine
1 large banana cut into chunks
8 regular sized strawberries
1 small handful of blueberries
1 scoop of Vanilla Sun Warrior Protein
1 tbsp of flax seeds
1 tsp of Green Matcha Powder
1 cup of ice
2 massive handfulls of baby spinach
1 personal sized container of Vita-Coco coconut water

Put all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

YAYE!! IT'S GREEN!! Haha I was so proud. It made waaaay too much for me to drink today so I have to figure out how to store the rest for breakfast tomorrow. Any suggestions?

Ok I'm going to bounce out. This blog post is humongous.. 

What did you get up to this weekend? If you want - share with me your green smoothie recipe! I'd love to hear what you use! 

Oh - and stay tuned, I have a fun giveaway coming up this week. Oh - and if Carly is reading this (winner of my last giveaway), I still haven't mailed out your prize. I'M SORRY!!! I will be doing it tomorrow!! 


  1. Hey Sarah!
    I just recently started following your blog and I LOVE it. So encouraging and funny at the same time. You are inspiring me to start running again because I gave it up in the winter because it is WAY TOO COLD! Anyway, my boyfriend makes a green smoothie, and it isn't too bad. He puts in 1 Bartlett Pear, kale leaves, blueberries, orange juice (or coconut water whichever we have on hand) half a cucumber, and a stalk of celery. We recently purchased Spiralina, so he has been trying that out too. I'm not ballsy enough to try it yet. :)

    1. Hey Courtney! Your comment just made my day!! I'm so excited that you love my blog so much! Haha.. I'm glad it's somewhat humourous... I hope that the ramblings of my mind bode some humour on people! I'm glad that you're going to start running again! I lifted weights today because my legs were tender from getting back into it, but hopefully I'm all good tomorrow! Oh! And your smoothie sounds DELISH! I'm so going to try it, I'm now addicted to green smoothies! xoxo

  2. Seriously your longest post ever I think.... I can't believe how rude those bouncers were! I would have left too.
    I want to try a green smoothie -just not sure what I should put in it - I should try your mix. It sounds good! Is protein power essential for taste?

    1. LOL oh my god how long did it take you to read? I'm sorry! I had so much I wanted to talk about! I don't think that the powder is essential. Mine's Vanilla so I'm sure it doesn't hurt, but without it I doubt I would taste a difference! The fruit is all kinds of sweet :)

  3. lol you always run into "famous" people when you are out and about ill have to try out your smoothy! mine have just been consisting of frozen berries, almond milk protein powder and spinach! 20 more days until #tys10k!

    1. Maaaaybe you should come out with me more often and you can meet "famous" people too! :P. I tried to find some sort of lactose free milk to put in mine but my grocery store was closed so coconut water was all I could find. Keep it simple! Love it!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. you're seriously ridiculous meeting all these celebs all the time! i love it! lol. your greem smoothie sounds delish! i always put atleast spinach in every smoothie i make for good measure! haha. oohh, i spent the last week in the FL keys sunshine!!! it was amazing. sunny and 85 degrees everyday! just came home today to pittsburghs gloomy, wet, cold blecchh! haha. happy monday, love!

    1. LOL Jenna!! I don't plan on meeting celebs! I guess that just happens when you spend so much time in bars. Trust me, it's not always something to be proud of lol!! I will be adding spinach to my smoothies from now on! I had no idea how delish it was!!

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