Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Weekend FULL Of Lobster

Hey Loveys!

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had an awesome weekend like I did!! I'm absolutely exhausted now, but it was SUCH a fun weekend!!! On Friday night after work we ended up making plans with some people that work for C. I didn't really know any of them so it was fun for me to meet them! It was two guys that work for C and their girlfriends/wifes and then a third guy that doesn't work for C but knows the other people and one girl who worked for C. We ended up getting a booth at our favourite bar, Williams Landing. It was really fun to just sit around and chat!

As it turns out, the girl that works for C lives across the street from me and we got along really well! So we're both super excited to be neighbours and hang out :). It's always so nice meeting new people in the city. She's pretty new to the city as well so she understands how hard it is to make friends. We already are planning a date to the St. Lawrence market - SO EXCITED!! :)

3 of the people we were with, and moi!
I had a lot to drink and was definitely feeling it in the morning. I didn't sleep well (which is normal after drinking) and was dehydrated. I ended up spending Saturday morning watching The Hills (surprise surprise). I made my way into the bed in the afternoon and dosed on and off while attempting to read my book.... Which I tried to start in the morning along side a Starbucks, as you can see... but I was too tired and Spencer was going through his crazy crystal period on The Hills, and it was like a train wreck, you don't want to watch it but you just have to. So the book got pushed to the side and I drank my coffee.

So after I finished napping, we planned on going to Rock Lobster here in Toronto for dinner and a couple of drinks. It was recommended to me by a friend, and when Cory explained to me that their Ceasar's come with a lobster tail in it, I knew it was going to be my restaurant soul mate. C and I tried to go last weekend but we went in the early afternoon and it didn't open till 5. So we got there last night around 7, and thank god we got there when we did because as soon as we were seating, a ton of people came in and got turned away saying it was going to be a 1.5 - 2 hour wait! This restaurant, located on Ossington here in Toronto, is unreal. The food is amazing, and the Ceasar I had (well, the two I had) were the most amazing I've ever had. Let me explain in photos:

This is the world famous Ceasar. Seriously. Look at that thing. I look super awkward because the tables are so close together, we tried to take this picture without anyone noticing. So it's also dark because we didn't use a flash. Anyways. Omg. Look at the lobster tail!!! It's on a stir stick so basically what you can see is what you get, BUT STILL! It was a super delicious lobster tail.... omg. My mouth is watering thinking of it.

This is their most popular item on the menu. Since we had never been there before we asked the waitress what she would recommend and this was the first thing she said. It's called a Lobster Roll and basically it's like creamed lobster inside garlic bread. C and I shared one, it came with old fashioned potato chips and a dill pickle! It was soooo so so so so so good and sooooooooo not good for me (creamed anything on garlic bread?) but it was totally worth it.

This was the lobster poutine! This is what I ordered and it was sooo good. As you can see there is tons of lobster on top of french fries with gravy and cheese curds. I shared some with C, but he ordered lobster mac&cheese, which I didn't get a picture of because it was too dark by then and I didn't want to use the flash on my phone. It wasn't as "lobster-y" as the other things we ordered.

All in all the food there isn't the most healthy for you, but it's SO delicious and it's totally worth trying. Even though I try to eat the most healthy most of the time, I totally believe in experiencing new foods, even if they aren't the best for you. Living a balanced lifestyle is all about experiencing life while knowing your boundaries. I don't classify eating out at a place like this a "cheat" meal... who's cheating?? This food was AMAZING and I don't regret eating it at all! A lot of people think that something isn't a "lifestyle" if you have to plan out cheat days... I totally don't agree because I believe that if you're a healthy person, healthy eater, active... that if you decide to eat a lobster roll, it's just a part of life. It's not a cheat.

Does that make sense? It makes sense in my head.

Anyways, after Rock Lobster we decided that it would be a good idea to go to Grace O'Malley's downtown because we had had some drinks and figured why not? We showed up around 10pm, got some drinks and ended up dancing the night away together. Seriously... C is so much fun. He's like the one person I can go out with and it just be us, but we just dance and dance and have a great time!

C's bartender/owner friend took this picture for us. Yay! I totally pulled a Lauren Conrad all weekend and went with liquid eyeliner and red lips hehe.

Needless to say, I forgot to shut the blinds last night before passing out in bed, so 8am rolled around and Mr. Sun decided to wake me up and beam down on me and make me REALLY hot. I watched more Hills this morning and met up with my friend Katie for an iced coffee after C and I did groceries. Lesson 1, don't do groceries hung over. Not productive. Lesson 2, sunglasses are awesome when hungover. It was nice to see Katie and catch up with her...
Sweaty me post run

After the iced coffee, I think I was totally high on caffeine and decided to go for a run. It was 9C in Toronto today and the sun was shining and tons of people were out and about so I wanted to join in. It was my first outdoor run of 2013!! I was REALLY nervous that I was going to do super shitty but it actually wasn't that bad! I ran for a total of 29:18 and ran 4.89km! Instead of running along the water on Lakeshore I decided to run in and out of downtown and ended up running through Liberty Village and back to my building. I realized today that the Toronto Yonge St. 10km is in like 2 weeks and today was my first training run. Epic fail. So I'm going to have to run outside like 4x/week from now until then. Oh my god.

Food For Thought..... Under The Seeeeaaaaaaa, Lobster!

So to keep with the theme of the weekend, I thought I'd do this "Food For Thought" on the health benefits of Lobster meat. I actually had never wondered about loster meat before, the health benefits, the not-so-healthy aspects of it, or anything really. So after eating a ton of lobster last night, I decided to research it. I found a pretty neat article on it, and there is definitely some health benefits I wasn't aware of! 

- Lobster meat is one of the most wholesome foods we have today, they give out a ton of vitamins and minerals when boiled, baked, steamed or grilled. 

- Lobster meat is low in fat and is high in protein! It's lower in cholesterol than chicken which means lobster meat is heart healthy!

- Lobster meat contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids which lowers blood pressure, prevents heart attack and is excellent for the brain.

- Lobster contains selenium, which aids in thyroid and immune function. The copper found in lobster meat can prevent bone and tissue damage. Vitamin B12 is essential for healthy nerves and red blood cells. Phosphorus is required for proper kidney function and helps decrease arthritis pain. Zinc promotes brain activity, boosts the immune system, and provides a healthy reproductive system. Potassium contributes to healthy heart function.

- Eating lobster can help prevent osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, colon cancer and chronic conditions which include bone, connective tissues, heart and blood vessels.

Did you know any of that? I friggen didn't. I would have started eating lobster earlier in life than Christmas (the first time I had a lobster tail). I'm so glad that there are so many vitamins and minerals in lobster, it gives me an excuse to eat it more often :). 

How was your weekend??? Tell me what you did! Did you go out? Go running? There was a ton of races this weekend - did you participate?


  1. UMMMMM Lobster poutine! HELLO!!! I am so going here! DELICIOUS!!!

    1. Oh my god it was amazing!! Its at Ossington/Queen but never opens before 5pm! You should totally take hubby there to check it out!

  2. i love that you guys had a great time at the restaurant! im dying for some lobster now!!!! yum! and you look wonderful with your lauren-esque makeup! heehee. i wish i could pull the red lips off!

    1. Jennnnna! I'm craving lobster now too! Always and forever! Lol.. I dint hunk I could pull off red for a longtime, you just have to do it with confidence!!

  3. courtney vandewaalMarch 24, 2013 at 8:28 PM

    Mm all that food looks so good, I havnt had lobster in way to long! I just finished watching the hills like a week ago! Love it!

    1. Court!!! How have you been?? I'm so excited to see you read my blog!! OMG, instant mile :):). I'm finishing up the series tonight! So sad, but I sooo love it.

  4. SO SO SO SO SO jealous! I was just telling my friend how I haven't had lobster in FOREVER! We saw some Lobster Tails at Costco... Because you know those are JUST AS FRESH as the ones you were eating all weekend, lol!

    1. I think frozen is good too! Especially if you boil it :):)

  5. You look so gorgeous! I love the liquid eyeliner, but I just haven't figured out how to put it on properly... or straight. haha!
    Lobster is one of my favorite foods. If it's on the menu - I'm eating it. The fresh lobster rolls and chowder at Fisherman's Wharf in SFO are to die for.

    1. Hey Beka!! Thanks so much for the compliments!!! I'm still new to lobster but its one of my favourite foods now too!!

  6. Ok that sounds like an awesome weekend - and solidifies my need to go to Rock Lobster. There are seriously so many restaurants on my hit list right now, its ridiculous. Toronto really has SO MUCH FOOD.

    So cute that you guys had a date night at Grace O'Mallys :)

    I was very unhealthy this weekend as I was on a roadtrip from Myrtle Beach to Washington and Pittsburgh (long story) - but cracked out my longest run ever the day before I left, 13.28k! Only like 8 more to go to Half Marathon Distance and like 6 weeks of training, gulp!

    1. YES You totally need to hit up Rock Lobster!! There are a ton on my hit list too... I should start writing them down so I don't keep forgetting! It's ok that you had an unhealthy weekend - we all deserve it sometimes. You're also doing SO WELL with your running!!! I'm so proud of you, and need to start joining you soon!! xo

  7. I really had no clue lobster that many health benefits! I am not a lobster fan but maybe I should give it another chance.
    Ahhh The Hills... I think if it was on right now, I would totally get sucked right back in.

    1. I had no clue either girl! I totally finished the hills tonight. I'm so lost... what do I do now? :)

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