Friday, March 15, 2013

Can You Help Me Pick A Dress Please?

Hey Loveys,

Happy Friday!!!

I hope you had a great week! I felt like my week was a whirlwind, so I'm glad that this weekend has arrived! I plan on relaxing hard this weekend and just letting loose. I actually got an email from a co-worker today that said she hopes I have a "not so healthy type of weekend!". Haha, I almost died when I read that because it's totally what I'm doing and need.

Last night I didn't sleep well at all. I think I got about 4 hours of sleep.. maybe 5. Anyways, I'm pooped but I'm going out tonight with C's coworkers so I have to muster up the energy to have an amazing night. So I don't know what I'm going to wear. Can you help me pick? Let me snap a few photos of some options..

So while doing this I realized I have a lot of dresses. How is it that I never have anything to wear? I think I'm going to vote for my black, high neck with gold die dress, third from the bottom! I haven't worn it for a while and it will be nice to wear with tights. What's your vote? You have t-minus 1.5 hours to tell me your vote, and I really will take this into consideration! :)

This is a relatively short post because I'm tired and I don't have much to update you on. I meant to post last night, and I did a vlog, but I never ended up posting it! Basically it's a rundown of my day yesterday and my attempt at enjoying black coffee....

Again, how does YouTube decide which clip of the video to use as the little photo. Why are they ALWAYS ridic???? I look like an insane person in each one of them. COME ON Youtube - get better at picking photos!!!


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    1. Hehe thanks Tabitha! I thought of it, but I wore black tights because it was cold, so I'm saving that skirt for bare legs in the summer! :)

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    1. It's super cumfy! I like wearing that one too when I feel a bit bleh in the stomach area!

  3. i really really love the second choice up from the bottom!! the blue-ish and purpley stripes together is so cute!! or the one you said you are leaning towards! gosh. they're all adorable! i want to raid your closet!! :o) i hate black coffee too!! i drink coffee every single morning, but i use sodelicious brand vanilla coconut creamer in mine! yum! have fun at the tequila tasting. that sounds like a hilarious time even though i dont drink tequila at all. i hope you have a great wkend! take lots of pics!! xxo

    1. Haha Jenna you're funny. Thanks! I love those two as well. It's almost a pain having so many outfits that you love! I've NEVER heard of coconut creamer!! Is it good??? Where did you get it??? I don't drink tequila either, but the point of it was to learn about it and see the difference between tequilas, it was neat!

  4. I like the one you picked -- that was what I was going to say!! Have FUN tonight :)

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    1. Haha I know you do! You commented that you liked it last time I wore it out :) :) :) xoxo

  6. Sarah, you're so adorable lol :)

    I love the red one! No modeling of each dress in the vlog??

  7. I would suggest the 2nd dress. It has a unique look and I hope it will match your skin tone.


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