Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tito, Tequila & Lobster with Ghee... What a Weekend!

Hey Loveys,

Hopefully you all had a great weekend!! My weekend was full of lots of fun and exciting stuff! This is the "(mostly)" part of the blog title, so don't judge. I know I've been the opposite of "healthy"lately but I'm really feeling the non-benefits of it and I'm back on track as of today in terms of food, and tomorrow in terms of exercise. I 100% have a double workout planned for tomorrow and I'm 100% doing it, no matter what. I'll post the details of my workout tomorrow. Just to warn you all, I will be extremely sweaty, twice in one day. BOOM!

On Friday night we went out with a bunch of people who work for C. I ended up wearing the black dress that I figured I was going to wear - I wasn't feeling the best and I was kind of bloaty so it covered any "bloaty-ness" quite well. We went to this little Resto Bar in Liberty Village called Politica. A friend of mine and a girl that was with our group actually works there on the weekends so it was nice that everyone knew her there. I had a chicken breast stuffed with cheese and broccoli and mashed potatoes and veggies for dinner along with white wine and a cocktail called a Pick Me Up. I've never had one before, but let me tell you what it is.

1/3 shot of vodka
1/3 shot of Kalua
1/3 shot of Bailey's
1 shot of Espresso
On the rocks

Seriously. That's why it's called a Pick Me Up. It was nice because it literally tasted like an iced coffee, but it woke me up which I needed after working all day. We finished our dinner and our wine and went to Brassaii. There, we had a booth with bottle service which is always super fun, and we were right by the washrooms which is always a plus when you're drinking. I stuck to my typical Vodka Soda with Lime but ended up having a shot or two of some other drink. I wasn't too intoxicated but I felt great! I actually was very proud of myself because I stayed in my heels for most of the night! I usually bust out my Fast Flats but I only had to wear them for a little bit. Wiiicked! Here are some pictures from Brassaii...

Those were some friends that were at Brassaii too!

The night was wrapping up, but then a group of guys marched in and past our booth... they seemed popular and I looked but didn't recognize any of them.. Meh. C turned to me and told me that the one massive guy was Tito Ortez, the super popular UFC fighter and husband of "adult entertainer" Jenna Jameson. Obviously because I had been drinking, I made a bet with C that I could be the first person to get a picture with him. Turns out I totally was, and here's the photo. I look like ass in this picture because the photographer was extremely inebriated and I was standing in a booth and the photographer was on the floor, so it was bound to be an awful shot.. anyways...

He's a massive person. Look how huge his head is next to mine. He was smiley though, which makes him look like a teddy bear and not this massive cage fighter who likes to make people bleed (I'm not the hugest fan of UFC.... I just like being photographed with famous people lol). So that was cool!! Needless to say that Saturday morning was a bit rough. I stayed in bed most of the day until about 3pm (some of this was spent watching a movie). I got up and got ready to head to a Tromba Tequila Tasting with my friend Cory!

It was a really low key event, there was about 15 people there in total I think. There was one man bartender making the cocktails, and 1 man with Tromba Tequila who took us through a little lesson about how Tequila is made and what makes Tromba better than other types of Tequila because it's made from 100% agave tequila! We snapped a few pictures so that I could show you all some of the event! Here's the group of guys I was with with the bartender. He's part of the company Crew Men & Co, soooooo.... he's in his underwear.

And here is myself and the bartender :)

Hehehe. It was so fun! I got to meet some great guys and have some great conversations... Afterwards I came home and C and I thought we were going to go out. We ended up just hanging out at home and having a few drinks together while watching about 9 episodes of The Hills. What a great man... he was even paying attention and everything! On a random note, I found these amazing sunglass in one of our junk drawers and HAD to take a picture of them. I'm not sure who they belong to, but I'm claiming ownership of them going forward.

Haha, oy. We had fun though, and it was great! I was so exhausted last night, we went to bed around 1 and I didn't wake up today until 11:20am. Seriously... I don't know how I slept that long but obviously I needed it. Today however, was very productive. We cleaned our whole condo from floor to ceiling and did groceries! We actually went out of our way to go to a restaurant that I head about yesterday called Rock Lobster. It's a lobster restaurant and they have a Cesar drink they serve with a lobster tail in it. Ummm - what?? YES PLEASE! So we tried to go there but they didn't open until 5pm. Darn it! We ended up having lunch at this cute little Indian Cafe, I had chicken korma! It was so delish, but I wish we could have went to Rock Lobster. We decided to go this Friday after work!

However, the Lobster idea kind of stuck with us and we decided that we wanted to buy some lobster tails for dinner tonight. We got to Loblaws and guess what - Lobster tails are on sale this week! Hello!! Talk about a flipping sign from the universe. So I'm going to post the recipe we're using for Lobster Tail & Garlic Butter. It's not the most healthy, but it's amazingly tasty. First up, I made garlic ghee.

Garlic Ghee
Butter, I used about a 1/2 a cup
Garlic, I used about 2 tbsp, but you can use however much you want.

1. Melt the butter in a pot, I used the super small sauce pot that we had.
2. Put the garlic in the butter and bring to a boil. I used minced garlic, but you can use crushed up cloves too.
3. While it's boiling, foam will form on the top... this is the milk proteins from the butter separating. You want to get rid of those bad boys, so I just spooned them out into a bowl. Keep removing the foam without removing as much butter as possible... eventually no more foam will form.
4. Strain the ghee into a bowl so there are no chunks of garlic left over.
5. Taaadaaaaaa ----> that's my ghee to the right.

Ok... so then after I made the ghee I made the lobster tails.

Lobster Tails
Lobster Tails

1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil.
2. Place lobster tails in boiling water.
3. Let boil for 12-14 minutes. Shells will turn bright red when finished!
4. Eat..

Haha so easy right??

I loved it! I actually thought this wasn't going to be a healthy recipe because of the garlic butter. Turns out I made ghee which is totally paleo and good for you because you've removed the milk proteins from the butter which is what is allergenic in most people.

BOOM! Dinner is served (almost, C is making steak for Surf n' Turf and I have kale in the oven... but it's almost served). What did you get up to on the weekend? I'd love to hear your workouts, your outtings, anything you did - I want to know about it! Leave a comment below and let me know how you're doing even! Do you like seafood? Lobster?


  1. that lobster looks so yummy! seafood of any type is my favorite! it looks like you guys had a great weekend!! i was chuckling because of the ghee. do you follow the kardashians at all? i am not sure how familiar you'd be with them in canada, but anyhow, kourtney kardashian is known for drinking straight ghee every morning when she wakes up. apperantly, her reasons are that it's good for you skin and digestive system! eeek! this weekend one of my girlfriends and i went to a theatre performance in the city as a late bday present to me. it was a great show! happy sunday night, darling!

    1. Hey Jenna! Yes I absolutely know the Kardashians! I think they're popular EVERYWHERE! :p. I didn't know she drank ghee. How can you just drink ghee??? I don't think it would taste good... but who knows. Is it like a glass of ghee? Or like a shot of ghee?? I'm so intrigued! When was your birthday!!?? Happy belated girl!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

    2. awhhh! thanks so much, beauty! my birthday was on the 12th! oh, and Kourtney just fills up a measuring glass with like 1/2 c. of ghee, and then "bottoms up" style drinks it down straight from the microwave like a shot.... ew. they actually showed her doing it on an episode! Khloe and Kim were so disgusted and like "why are you drinking..BUTTER!?!" and she's like "IT'S NOT BUTTER, GIRLS. IT'S GHEEE!" hahaha!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! I did the total opposite and hunkered down on Fri/Sat and then ran a 5k yesterday and shattered my PB :) Best way to start the running season that I can think of!

    1. I saw your pictures!! Congrats on a new PR, that's wicked girl!! I need to get out running, haven't been in so long!

  3. ok - let me try this again ( Stupid Blogger/Iphone )
    You weekends always sound like so much fun. I will have to remember that cocktail and try it some time. I could have used one this morning- the coffee was not working.
    I have never had Ghee I don't think. Is it like clarified butter?

    1. Lol my weekends are pretty fun! I could have used a second weeekend to recover from last weekend. Hopefully this coming weekend is a bit more low key with a lot more exercise! Yes, the Ghee is like clarified butter! So tasty! And paleo ;)

  4. Love the black dress - and the Pick Me Up sounds amazing! Can't believe I've never heard of that one! The lobster sounds delish too - one of my favorite meals that my fiance makes for me! :)


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