Friday, April 26, 2013

Ginger... & Not A Red Head...

Hey Loveys!


Omg omg omg omg omg. It's my favourite time of the week! I love Friday nights. I'm planning on staying in and not doing anything tonight - and it feels GLORIOUS. We don't have much planned for this weekend other than cleaning out insanely disgusting oven, perhaps attempting to make homemade lip balm, pick up a new stool for our kitchen, and go on a double date tomorrow night that has been long in the making! The couple we're going out with are so darn cute. I met them one night when I went out with a couple of friends and we keep running into them when we go out with those friends (makes sense...) so we're FINALLY meeting up just us 4 and having some drinks and getting to know each other better... SO EXCITED! :)

Me and Tascha, the other female on the double date :)

I got the idea of making my own lip balm after I made my own body scrub. I think the idea of using food for beauty is interesting and I kind of want to run with it... My scrub is so much fun. I love it, but it's messy. C pointed out that I got it all over the tile in the shower, and he cleaned it off when showering after me haha. Whoops. It is really runny and I have to mix it up with my hands every time I want to use it. I'd like to find a way to make it more thick and just kind of have it stay all mixed. I also find that it smells A LOT like an all natural product. I think it has to do with the Vitamin E, but I could be wrong, and just all the smells mixed together smell... well, not as "grapefruit+vanilla" as I would have liked. So I definitely want to think of some ways to improve on that. Meanwhile, I decided I want to attempt something more, and that's where my own lip balm came to be.

I've never been huge on lip stuff. It's only been within the last year that I've conjured up the courage to wear bright red lips but I'm not the type who ALWAYS needs to have lip gloss on my lips (once, my friend Rochelle made us cab home from a bar we JUST got to because she forgot her lip balm... So we went two the bar, home from the bar, back to the bar and home at the end of the night. Omg. I'm not even joking), however I do wear a thick coat of vaseline on my lips when I go to bed and let them soak and be moisturized overnight. Haha, weird right? I got the idea from when Ashley was The Bachelorette and she did that and got made fun of. So I'm going to use petroleum jelly as my base and go from there. I need to pick up some beeswax for sure...

Random side note - I totally just went to steal some of CB's Swedish Berries out of the cupboard and he already got to them. Damn. Sugar craving at it's finest.

This week was pretty crappy in terms of workouts. I think I only hit the gym twice... wait... three times... no, that's a lie, it was twice. The one time was with Christi and the other time was yesterday when I killed my biceps. They're sore today. I honestly don't remember what I did because I did my classic "Sarah Workout" of bouncing from machine to machine to dumbbells to cable pulls and just worked my upper body until everything was tired. C can be my witness that I was pooped after because he was working in my club and said "why are your muscles twitching?" to which I responded "Not twitching, I just have no control over them and they're excited!". Lol. Hey... if Marilyn Monroe didn't count reps or sets, why should I?

This is how I always workout.. maybe that's why people are always giving me weird looks...

This week I started using ginger in my green smoothies. I've never been a HUGE fan of ginger, but I don't mind it, and the health benefits make the taste more bearable. I got asked for a recipe for one of my green smoothies this week.... to which I responded that the recipe was "anything in Sarah's fridge!".. but I think I can remember what I added:

- half a mango
- pineapple chunks
- some ginger
- spinach
- mini cucumber
- green powder
- chia/flax seed powder
- vanilla flax milk

I think that's it... I try to use up my produce before it goes bad, because I have this OCD obsession with not throwing out food... so most days I just grab whatever and throw it into the blender. It seems to have worked for me so far! Because I started using ginger this week, I want to share the benefits of ginger! It's not just for pickling and putting on sushi! :)

Food For Thought - Ginger... & Not A Red Head.

A lot of people only really know how to use ginger in cooking because of it's really intense flavour. I think that ginger should be used in cooking solely so that we can consume it and reap the good ol' health benefits of it. Let me tell you whyyy:

* Cancer - ginger has been shown to really help against the fight of some of the toughest types of cancer, including lung, ovarian, colon, breast, skin, prostate and pancreatic.
* Diabetes Prevention - ginger helps control blood sugar, cholesterol and blood fats which helps in the prevention of diabetes.
* Antibiotic - ginger is a natural antibiotic and one study showed that ginger was more powerful in fighting a yeast infection than a medicinal antibiotic (Boo Ya!!)
* Antifungal - ginger is also an antifungal and has been found to fight even drug resistant fungi!
* Ulcers - ginger has shown to prevent the occurrence of stomach ulcers due to the H. Pylori which is a derivative of ginger.
* Inflammation - inflammation is the leading cause of disease in humans, so anything we can do to reduce the inflammation in our bodies is positive. Neurodegenerative diseases may be aided by gingers ability to inhibit nitrous oxide production which makes it a helpful fighter in arthritis, cancer prevention, prostate disease, and general inflammatory diseases.

The list could go on and on and on.... and if you click on "The list" you can check out more for yourself, but I think I've made it fairly clear why you should be putting ginger in your diet :).

Q: Do you currently cook with ginger or put ginger in your smoothies?
Q: How did your gym time go this week? Hopefully better than mine!


  1. YUM! I love ginger. I add it to so many things! Cinnamon too. Also I totatlly have the same OCD about not throwing out food. I've eaten some really strange combinations in my day...

    1. Mmmm yes, cinnamon!! I love it so much too! Haha, I can't wait to hear all about your combos, sounds AMAZING!

  2. love Marilyn!! that's such a good point!! ;o) I did lots of pilates this week for my workouts and walks with the babe in the stroller thanks to the gorgeous weather we've had here! im laughing at all the info on ginger because when I was little anytime anyone had a cold, fever, headache, runny nose, belly ache, sore foot, hangnail etc. my gram would say "TAKE SOME GINGER!" hahaha. have such a wonderful wkend, love!

    1. Lol your grandma sounds like a smart woman!! Hope you're having a great weekend girlie!!

  3. I haven't used ginger yet but I have used cilantro.

    My workouts were great this week; got a workout in everyday and tomorrow will be my rest day for the week. Tried some new exercises and am in training now for FemSport in Calgary in June. :)


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