Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Went Shopping.....

Hey loveys,

I don't know why I love shopping so much. But I do... it's my burden, hugely my burden because I'm always updating my wardrobe, always adding to my notorious shoe collection or falling in love with another hand bag. I wish I could take pictures of everything I own, but that would take A LONG time and you'd be sitting here scrolling through pictures for hours. Instead now, whenever I go shopping I do a post called "I Went Shopping...".

This isn't something to be proud of, but sometimes it is something to be proud of. I was proud of my Louboutin purchase because I saved for ever for those shoes and totally deserved it. Today I spent money and probably didn't need to... that's where the "isn't something to be proud of" part comes into play. However, C's and mine anniversary is coming up on May 19th and I knew he wanted another bottle of cologne for the happy day (it's our third if you didn't know!). This year I put a spending cap on this gift exchange because in years past, shit has gotten out of control lol. I believe last year for our anniversary I got an iPad with a Michael Kors iPad case, and I took him on a weekend trip to Niagara Falls and paid for our huge steak dinner at The Keg overlooking the falls. I know... it sounds like gifts you'd give your significant other after being married for 10 years, ridiculous. So this year in effort to maintain my frugality (is that a word?) I put a cap on the amount of money we could spend.

So when we were on our way home from the mall (I'll tell you about that trip momentarily) I needed to stop and get some insulin from Shoppers Drugmart, so while I was waiting for them to prepare my prescription, I took a little walk into the "beauty" part of Shoppers to check out their stash of cologne. A very nice woman was helping me, but I was getting really overwhelmed with the choices and the smells and the little spray cards they give you. I had no idea what was what and couldn't remember what I had smelled and what I hadn't. Then as she was writing the names of a couple of my favourite cologne's, she drops a massive bomb on me. No, not in the literal sense, but she did say:
Sooo, today only you get 20x the points on your Optimum Card, so you'd get about $20 back in purchases at another time if you do decide to buy today....
Ummm, thank you sales lady, eff. Now, I'm not stupid and I realize that I have to buy some sort of cologne either now or in a month when I perhaps won't get these said points, so I call CB up.

Me: Laughing (because hes just outside in the car)... Hey... can you come in?

CB: Uhh why?

Me: I need you to borrow your sniffer...

CB: I'm not exactly sure what that means..

Me: It's fiiiiine, just come in for a sec, it will be REALLY fast, I promise!

So he comes on in and I explain the situation at hand. He can pick out his own damn cologne because I am sure as hell not spending money on a sub-par smell and have him only kind of like it despite him saying how much he loves it. So we go through the store and he smells all the colognes, and he finally finds one he enjoys. So we bought that, and I got a ridiculous amount of points, I think I get like $60 back next time I go buy stuff there (this includes all my points previous to this purchase as well). So laa dee da, that paired with a magazine subscription to GQ Magazine which he already knows about, he's crossed off my list for gift exchanges for a while. I'm the most wicked girlfriend EVER.

Ok so previous to this we did mall shopping. I was doing SO WELL. I bought some of that smelly flower stuff from Pottery Barn and that was all I really needed. Then CB goes "You haven't been in Michael Kors in a while...". This is because every bag design I've seen recently looks el-cheapo or looks like a beach bag. I have the classic Hamilton Bag in Camel...

And a wallet....

And another clutch that I can't remember the name of... so I decided to take a peak inside. What is the first thing I see? This dress (it doesn't do justice on this woman) and I love it. So I tried it on in the last medium they had...

... and then I bought it. It's so pretty and will be a nice dress to wear to work in the summer! :) So happy with it!! I then also purchased an accessory organizer, which isn't from Michael Kors, but Home Outfitters!

It's in the shape of a little black dress. Cute huh? I clearly have more necklaces than anything else... I need to start purchasing more cute earrings. Anyways, I'm back on track now of you know... not shopping. I didn't stop for a LONG time and I've recently had a little but of a splurge mentality, so I have to get back to my frugal ways!! Wish me luck. NO more shopping!!

Ok so.... and this is really cool... before we went to the mall I got an email and it said:

"Hey Sarah, Just wanted to let you know you're in the National Post today!"

I'm part of a weekly foodie challenge with Gastropost which is a little division of the National Post for Toronto foodies to showcase their pictures of food, and last week the challenge was Snacks, so I posted my photo of my 4-ingredient banana bars and laa dee daa!

My little guy made it in there!! To see all of the page I'm on, you can click here and it will take you to a page that you can actually read :) And here is page 2. Neat huh? Now I have to figure out how to get a cartoon photo of myself in there! Haha, it's so cool! I love love love it!

Alright folks, I'm off to study gut health...

Have yourselves a great Saturday night, and I'll touch base tomorrow! Ciao!

Q: Do you shop at Michael Kors often? What's your favourite purchase from there?
Q: What's your favourite store to shop in?


  1. Your banana bars are famous! That's pretty darn cool!

  2. OMG I HATE shopping! LOL! I just don't like clothes. I am not a fashionista. I am not a girl, lets be honest - Ah ha ha ha! I shop at lululemon and uh................ I wear sweats from college, LOL!!! It's a problem! My friends have been trying to help me find outfits to wear to business meetings, when I am hosting shows and what not, but the SECOND I walk through my door I THROW ON THE SWEATS! LOL!

    Oh but my favorite store to shop at of ALL TIME: the grocery store! AHHH HA HA HA

    1. You're a girl and you HATE shopping? I don't think I've ever met someone like you! :P I do enjoy the grocery store too! Always a new adventure!! :)

  3. after finally putting a little bit of much needed weight back on, I have re found a new love for shopping again and the way that clothes fit me. I love it! still trying to keep my spending to a low though! you and c are seriously hilarious. I can just picture that situation going down! hahaha. also, I must say that when I first looked at your new accessory hangers, I totally thought they were real dresses with funky designs! LOL!!!

    1. Hahaha, Oh Jenna - you're adorable! That's good that you're at a healthy weight! I fully support that! :)

    2. thank you!! I was running too much and not eating enough of the right stuff! it was tough for me to have to seriously slow down and re-evaluate everything, but im SO glad I did!!! <3333

  4. I used to like Michael Kors - but I agree- everything looks the same or cheap now. I've moved on. However, I definitely feel you on the shopping bug... I usually have Tuesdays off - which is my "official bank balance disappearing act day" as known in our house.

    1. LOL That's amazing! I'm glad you think the same as me! There is a new watch there that I like, it's not the typical kind everyone has, so I'll wait and see if I want to buy it! Where's your "go-to" store?

  5. i finally have a michael kors watch but the nearest store is TO so i dont get there too often. next time we meet up we can go shopping there. ill have to check out that gastropost thing, so cool you were in it!! xox

    1. Yes - lets go shopping PLEASE... except I won't bring my wallet because that would be dangerous :). xo

  6. ps. i have the exact same accessory organizer!!! i love it!


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