Saturday, April 6, 2013

I'm Sad That Jenny Is Gone... So I Went Shopping.

Hey Loveys,

I hope everyone has been having a great weekend! I don't normally post on the weekends except for Sunday's, but I felt like I wanted to. It will probably be a short post, but I'm bored and need something to keep me occupied.

I'm the type of person that gets bored easily... and when I'm bored I normally bug the people around me until someone offers to do something with me lol. This isn't the best trait of mine, however I've accepted it and when I'm bored now I normally try and occupy myself. This may be why I have so many books, or why I started this blog, or why I started running. Have I ever told you about my obsession with books? I know there's this new era of buying books on your iPad or Kobo or iPhone or whatever it is where you can have an "e-copy" of the book. I'm fairly against this. I do admit that I have bought two books on my iPad and a few books that were free, but the only time I ever read on my iPad is when I'm doing cardio that isn't running, which is very rare. I am one of those people that needs to have the actual, physical book.

Currently we have two book shelves in the "den" portion of our condo. These said bookshelves serve as a few things:

1. a liquor cabinet, even though there's like a bottle of vodka and a bottle of scotch in it.
2. a storage facility.
3. a display case.
4. a book shelf.

The fact that it's used as a storage facility drives me nuts, however I don't have a solution for the storage problem right now so I can't complain. The display part is ok, although I really do wish all of the shelves were used to hold books. I have a lot. I have half of one bookshelf dedicated to books, plus I still have boxes and boxes of books down in our storage locker. I haven't brought them up because if I do, then something else has to leave the bookshelf and we're already so short on storage as it is. The joys of condo living... sigh. As part of my love for reading, at the bottom of my right sidebar, I've added a "What I'm Reading" header with my current book beneath it... so you can always check in and see what I'm reading! :).

Yesterday was Jenny's last day working in my department. She's moving along to a sales position at our company so she's able to make some more cash. I don't know how else to say it except for I'm really sad that she's gone. Her and I were really close, we did everything together at work... she was someone I could confide in and basically she's become one of my best friends. Her and her boyfriend, and myself and C went out last night because it was her last day and we went to a cutesy little bar on Front St called C'est What? A friend of mine from college actually works there, however he wasn't working last night so I didn't get to see him. Oh well.

At my birthday. I look gross, but she looks hawt!
We had some drinks and had some food and shared a lot of laughs, and I got home around midnight. I'm always an overly emotional person, and when I got home I totally balled. I hate good-byes, especially when it's someone really close to me. Thinking about not working with her or working out with her, or going on our runs anymore actually makes me teary eyed thinking about! I'm such a sap. It will definitely be strange going to work on Monday and not having her there. I know the positions she's moving towards will definitely be rewarding, I'm just going to miss her. :(

Because we were drinking last night, I don't think I slept well. I'm really tired. I had such an intense week and then went to bed late and woke up early... I'm pooped man. C and I went to the mall today to try and track down a new dress for myself because we have a birthday party coming up and I think I've gone through everything I own with the people we'll be out with so something new is in order. Unfortunately I didn't find anything I was looking for. I did try on this reeeeeeally cute black onesy. It looked like this:

Unfortunately it didn't look like that on me, but I was really hoping it would. Damn. I could have rocked the red lips and cute heels. Oh well.. tomorrow I'm going to attempt a store closer to home and see if they have anything for me. Fingers crossed. At the mall though, I did pick up a really cute denim crop jacket:

and some new sunglasses and costume earrings that I'm just so in love with. I'll post pictures of them later, they're out in the kitchen and I'm becoming more and more lazy as the night goes on.

Speaking of being lazy, I should probably NOT be lazy and go do laundry. I have no workout clothes at all but I also haven't worked out since Thursday. I plan on doing a "long" run tomorrow, so I'll update you on how that goes now that my GPS watch works (which I'm STILL really happy about!).

I'm a self-proclaimed shopaholic... have you shopped lately? What "frugal fashionista" purchases have you made lately???


  1. The demin crop is really nice. I have a big demin shirt that I wear with everything!

    1. Nice!! I love denim shirts, but I can never find one that actually fits me properly, and lord knows how awful a denim shirt looks when it doesn't fit right! Sigh.. the search is still on!

  2. ive been so into denim lately! very cute!! i am also a big onesie person, but i cant find any that look good on me! im 5ft tall, and they end up making me look silly (kinda like maxi dresses! i love them, but they don't love my stump legs! hahaha) so sorry that you had to say goodbye to your dear friend yesterday. that really is so hard!! i hope the rest of the weekend is great and that you are successful on the shopping hunt!!

    1. LOL I think we have the opposite problem when it comes to onesie's! I'm too tall and your're too short! That's so funny! I didn't end up shopping more, but my weekend was great! Hope yours was as well!

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