Monday, April 15, 2013

Koge Vitamins & Sarah's Banana Bar Recipe!!

Hey Loveys,

It feels like it's been forever since I posted last, probably because it has been! This past weekend turned out to be the most random weekend ever. I had planned on posting on Sunday but I kid you not when I say what I thought was going to be a club visit and breakfast with C, the owner & CEO of GoodLIfe (David Patchell-Evans) and the leaders of our equipment services team turned out to be 4 club visits, no breakfast, and 13 hours out of the house touring the clubs that GoodLife recently bought in Toronto (Extreme Fitness). It was a great day all in all, I learned a lot and got to meet some really great people, but I also went out Saturday night and didn't get home until very late.... needless to say last night I think I was in a coma from 11pm-7am.

Saturday was a great, productive day. I studied a bit, and we went and finally pulled the trigger on tile so that we can start "making over" our kitchen! Yaaaaaye!! We're putting white subway tiles on our backsplash area and we're using a grey coloured grout, it's going to look SO good! And we're putting a stone tile on the other side of our kitchen around some cabinets that we have. It's hard to explain, but I will post pictures once everything is done. We're hosting a lobster dinner for some of our east coast friends and co-workers that are coming down in May to run the GoodLife Half Marathon, so we're REALLY hoping to get this done before they arrive! I'm really excited but also really scared to be living in a messy place for a while... I'm not really sure what to expect, which I'm also scared about because I really like knowing things and plans and times and dates... basically I'm a control freak, so not knowing scares meeeee!

Because this weekend turned into the weirdest weekend every, I didn't workout. Not on purpose, I was supposed to run on Sunday but I'm ok with the fact that all my plans kind of evaporated because putting in face time with the boss man is worth it! However, I'm proud with how I ate this weekend. Usually when I drink I end up getting a hot dog or a sub or something that in a sober state I would not choose.... BUT I think my feet hurt so damn bad on Saturday night that I just needed to get home. So I ended up eating a protein bar (one of the Power Bar's I was given!) and downing a glass of water. I had a berry smoothie for breakfast and a DELISH sandwich with gluten-free bread, chicken, garlic spread, tomatoes, arugila, mushrooms and brie. OMG my mouth is watering just thinking about it. It was so damn good, it was from a little place in the Eaton Center called Fast Fresh.. if you're ever int he Eaton Center, go there. You won't be disappointed.

Something I wanted to do this weekend was bake these 4-ingredient banana bars that I saw online but I didn't have time.... So I did it as soon as I got home from work today :). Aaaaaaand I know you want the recipe, so here it is. I changed it up a bit from the recipe I found online and made it my own ;).

Sarah's Delicious Banana Bars
2 ripe bananas
1 tsp of vanilla extract
2 cups of rolled oats
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup of chopped nuts (I used mixed nuts and crushed them)
1/4 cup of chopped dates
1/4 cup of dried cherries

1. Preheat the oven to 350F (180C). Mash up the banana in a mixing bowl until it's almost liquid... I used a potato masher to do this lol.

2. Add in the vanilla and oats.

3. Add in the salt, dates, nuts and cherries and mix it all together.

4. Grease a 9x9 pan with olive oil and put the mixture into it, pack it down evenly and top with nutmeg or cinnamon.

5. Put this in the oven for 30 minutes, or until the edges get crispy. Taaadaaaa...!

This is what one of them looks like:

I guess they're more like banana squares as opposed to bars, but they are delish! :)

There's also something reeeeeally neat I want to share with you. I was approached by Koge Vitamins to try they're product and review it on this bloggy! I received my product on Friday, this is what the tub looks like :).

I picked out the Energy Pack because I could always use more energy! What I was impressed with the most was what they donate from each purchase towards children in Africa suffering from malnutrition. This is what Andrew, one of the co-founders of the company told me:
The donations vary somewhat, but we typically pass on between 10% to 25% of our profits per product per month.  It's a somewhat hefty portion, but it means that every child gets an entire year's worth of vitamins for each month a customer purchases (since we also offer subscription, we're expecting to see some customers staying with us for 7-8 months, which is a heck of a lot of children being helped for quite a long time!).  I really dig this aspect of our company because I think it genuinely helps the people who need it most.
They are also backed by the CEO of of the Canadian Olympics Committee. They simplify the vitamin buying experience by shipping directly to your doorstep, the vitamins that you want! You can find them online on Facebook, Twitter and on their very own blog! If you're interested in trying them out, click this link and use the promo code "HEALTHYLIFE" for 20% off of your order! :)

Oh - and the winner of the UberFit tank top is Jill Schelegal Snethen!! You have 48 hours to email me directly at with your address and information and we'll get it shipped out to you ASAP!

Q - How was your weekend?
Q - Have you ever made bars from 5 ingredients before? :)


  1. those bars sound super yummy! i love anything banana and dates are one of my new faves!! my wkend was pretty crazy because i worked the whole thing away! im a nanny for three little ones and their parents were out of town, so i was on duty 24/7. we sure had a good time tho!!

    1. They are super delicious! :) You're a nanny??? I couldn't deal! That is crazy!!! You must have very good patience :)

  2. Hey sarah! Like I've said before, I adore your blog. I have made bars very similar to what you wrote about, and my boyfriend and I just ate them up! They are so yummy, and really do satisfy a nagging sweet tooth. As for my weekend, it was pretty good. Looking for a new apartment, not having a lot of luck. London Ontario has some nice places, but no one seems to want to call me back. Soon I hope. Anyway, I had a question for you, when you have green smoothies in the morning, do you eat anything else with them?!
    Talk to you soon,

    1. Hey Courtney! Haha thanks for dropping by! I'm so glad you love it!! What did you use in your bars?? :) I lived in London for 4 years! Crazy! I used to live behind Victoria Park, it was SO nice!! I hope people call you back soon! I don't actually eat anything with my smoothie, I just have a big smoothie and call it a breakfast! :) Hope that helps!

    2. Hey Sarah! Things seem to be on the up and up in the apartment hunting game- have like 4 viewings on Saturday. That's where we are looking to live! Victoria Park/downtown area. There's just something about being close to downtown. As for my bars, I put banana, oats, natural peanut butter, dried cranberries, and some unsweetened applesauce. They were so good, I'm thinking I need to make them again, and fast!

  3. No need to cook that DELICIOUSNESS - just eat it raw outta the pan ;) I have no patience. LOL - Or restraint for that matter.

    1. OOOOH I totally could have! Good call Lovey!

  4. Those banana bars look amazing!! Can't wait to try them out - cooked or straight from the pan! :)


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