Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy First Long Weekend of the Summer!!

Hey Loveys,

I hope you all had a great long weekend! If you're in the US - I hope you had a great regular weekend! Lol. I love long weekends, and I love them even more when the weather cooperates. I have to admit that it was a fairly laid back weekend, but I did manage to get in a couple solid runs despite trying to convince myself otherwise. Let's start back on Friday night.

On Friday night we ended up going out with one of our neighbours and his "girlfriend" (I put this in quotes because I'm not sure they're official.. either way, they're dating). We went to Williams Landing! Haha. We go there whenever we do anything. It was fun because I got to have dinner there and I'm totally in love with their Ahi Tuna Salad.

Mmmm... it's so darn good. I could eat it every time I go there. We had a few drinks but ended up being home at a reasonable hour, I think it was like 1ish in the morning.... not bad!

Saturday was a fun day. We started by going to Yorkdale Mall... my favourite mall! We went to the food court there for some grub before we started shopping. It's somewhat hard to try and get a healthy lunch when there is burger places, and sub places, and Chinese food places all around you, but I managed to get something decently healthy.. I went to Mr Greek and ordered a huge Greek Salad with chicken. It wasn't on their menu but whatever. I figured I'd try. Turns out it was SO GOOD. I ate a lot of salad this weekend to try and counter act the ciders and only 2 runs. Anyways... the salad was so good. My mouth waters thinking about it!

The first store I hit up H&M because well... I wanted to shop. I did REALLY good though. I bought myself a really cute LBD, a long black maxi skirt with a slit up both sides, a black and white striped strapless dress (that I plan on wearing as a shirt under my maxi dress) plus another red strapless top and a black skirt. I can mix and max each piece with more than 3 other pieces of clothing that I have (which is the number 1 rule!) so all in all, it cost me about $70 for everything I bought, but I got 5 different outfits out of it. That's being frugal at it's finest. I swear I should be a poster girl for H&M... Then I came home and we organized and cleaned our closet! It was MUCH needed and I always love organizing my clothes :).

And then while I was feeling productive, I decided to get my ass outside and go for a run! I did a short 3km run but I ended up stopping often because I wanted to take pictures along my route! And the fact that The City is currently ripping up the road that runs directly along the water so I got really confused and just ended up running around aimlessly lol. It was pretty frustrating, but I got it done eventually. Here are some photos from my run! It was beautiful outside...

I love living along the water, it's so beauuutiful! Saturday night we ended up going out again with our neighbour and my friend Katie. We didn't actually even leave the house until about midnight. CB unfortunately crashed hard around 1am so we went home lol. It was funny, but the poor guy was exhausted for some reason.

On Sunday we celebrated our 3 year anniversary together! Haha, woow. Who would have thought I'd actually find a man that can handle me for long periods of time. It takes a strong man for that! We started celebrating our special day by going for a walk to go out for lunch! We wore our matching Converse shoes :)

And ended up having lunch at Jack Astors! We each had a Cesear and I had the Mexican Crunch Burger without the bun. It was so good! It came with guacamole and chipotle mayo and lots of veggies. Mmm mm good!

We walked home along Queen St. and eventually made it home after 3 hours in the BEAUTIFUL sunshine! I was exhausted. I wanted to go for a run but I actually fell asleep after being out in the sun for so long! Does that happen to anyone else? It was insane! I slept for like 2 hours! Lol! Then last night we met up with Katie again and her boyfriend Adam and had some drinks at William's Landing (again!). Katie actually introduced me to Cider! It looks like it would be beer, because it's sold in tall cans and it's on tap and what not, but it's actually made from apples and is gluten free! It was so nice to be drinking "beer" on the patio and it not upset my stomach at all! I think she's totally converted me!

Us in a cab. Haha. 
Today has been pretty good! I woke up, watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars (hello - I didn't know I enjoyed shows marketed towards 16 year olds.) and then went out for a run! It was so warm out, so I brought a bottle of water with me, which I don't normally do. I did a 7km run today and ended up  beating last week's 7km time by about 2 minutes! Wiiicked! I ran slow again today, but I loved it. People were passing me but I didn't care. I was enjoying my 9's and 1's and felt good when I finished! :). I got home and made myself a big glass of green juice (2 oranges, celery and kale!) and that brings me up to now where I'm watching What Not To Wear and writing to you fine folks!

Unfortunately because it's a holiday today - the grocery stores are all closed. This... is kind of an issue for me. I have no food, so I'm going to have to get creative with what I have in the condo. This should be interesting because I can already feel myself getting hungry! I wonder if there is a Rabba open or something that I can go grab some food. Hm.

Q: Did you manage to get active on the first long weekend of the summer??
Q: Did you attend any fun events or races? Tell me how you did or WHAT you did!


  1. Yea for long weekends! Us Americans have our 3 day weekend coming up. Our unofficial start to summer!

    I ran a lovely 5k on Saturday. Didn't PR, but without knowing it, I helped someone pace their very first 5k. That made me happy. Sometimes a run isn't about you. I wouldn't have thought that when I woke up Sat., but I know it now.

    1. That's so nice!! Those types of experences are very humbling! Glad you actually heard about it! That makes it so much better!

  2. What a lovely long weekend! (Not that I'm counting down for our upcoming long weekend, but whatever, I'm totally counting down.) I love hard ciders too -- they're the perfect alternative to beer, and they taste way better than GF beer options too. Win!

    1. LOL I'm excited for you to have a long weekend! I'd be counting down as well! I will be going to have a cider tonight - Mmmm good! :)

  3. The weather in Newfoundland was hilariously awful this long weekend... my sister's kids made a snowman. Brutal. Glad your weather was much nicer!

    1. What!! A snowman??? Thats insane!! I hope the weather gets nicer for you!!!

  4. Mmm. Cider. Having one now - a Somersby. I also love Magners. Enjoy your new GF cider drinking!

    1. I wanted one of those but they didnt have it where I was!!

  5. MMMMM CEASARS!! You guys are too cute!! Happy Anniversary!

  6. First off...this "we ended up going out with one of our neighbours and his "girlfriend" (I put this in quotes because I'm not sure they're official.. either way, they're dating)." <--- made me laugh lol

    Yorkdale far is that from DT Toronto?

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