Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Makes You Pretty" Juice!

Hey Loveys,

Welcome to Wednesday! Hump day is officially over and it's all down hill from here. This weekend is going to be really fun because I'm having some friends and co-workers over on Saturday afternoon for our (what I hope is now annual) Lobster-Fest!! A couple girls are in from Halifax and brought some of these amazing crustations with them. But, this also means I must prepare, clean and organize. Luckily our kitchen is mostly complete, minus the perging we must now do to try and keep our place looking spic&span. I promised you some before and after shots of the kitchen, but I think because it's not clean yet, I should hold off on the big reveal. Stay tuned though... I love keeping you all in suspence about kitchen tile. :P

Today I worked out with Christi, my new workout buddy. It's probably the first time I've worked out in about a week, and she wanted to do legs. Awesome. I never do legs. I have it in my head that if I sometimes run, that's a good enough workout for my long apendages. Negatory folks!! Turns out strength training really is the way to go. Le sigh. I'm going to be sore tomorrow I bet. She is one tough woman. I think... if I recall correctly... she was explaining an exercise and at the last second said:
And for god sakes.... put some VIGOUR INTO IT!!!
Needless to say, my knees came up higher in my jumps, I landed harder during plyometrics and I got lower when I squated lol! It was pretty funny and now it's a running joke between us. I have no more vigour to give today, so please bare with me if the rest of my post is boring lol. We ended up doing deadlifts, squats, plyo jumps and bound jumps. Needless to say it's only 6:30pm and I can tell I might be sore tomorrow.

Last night C and I attended our first Jays game of the year, they played against the Boston Red Sox! We went with about 20 other people, and I only knew 1 of the people and had actually only met him once before through another friend. It actually turned out to be a really fun time, although the game was taking FOREVER. Ultimately the Jays won (obviously, because we're the best) but we didn't stay till the very end because it was getting late and I was getting tired. This is the part where I admit what I ate. Ugh.. I don't even want to. I ended up having 2 glasses of the house white wine at the Rogers Center and some popcorn, good dinner right? Not quite... to top it all off when we left, I bought C and I both vendor dogs... OH I KNOW!!!!! On one hand I feel tubby and disgusting today... but on the other hand, I want another one because it was soo so so so so good and it reminds me that summer is coming! Whatever. One hot dog won't kill me... GO JAYS GO!

This whole week in general has been kind of a write-off in terms of food. We couldn't cook on Monday night because our kitchen was insane due to the tiling that was going on, so we ordered Thai food. CB loves Thai food, I'm always "meh" about it. He  bought dinner, so I let him pick lol. He got Thai so I went along with it and ended up ordering Shrimp Spicy Lemongrass Soup. I don't feel too bad about eating it because it was just spicy lemongrass broth, mushrooms and shrimp. My days at work have been good for food. I have been drinking my home made juice for breakfast, having fruit as a snack, having raw veggies and some meat for lunch and then I usually end up  buying something small to have as a snack, like today I bought soup... cream of spinach. Sounds disgusting and looks like liquid poop, but it's SO GOOD! I want to make it now.

This morning I drank my newest juice concauction which I have named "Make You Pretty Juice". Check it.

Why is it called "Make You Pretty Juice"? Well, because it makes you pretty(er)! Let me explain...

Oranges - Antioxidants present in oranges make oranges very effective in the fight against wrinkles and blemishes.
Pears - Pears are a good source of copper which helps prevent inflammation, supporting inner health resulting in glowing skin.
Beets - Beets help to feed your skin from the inside out so it helps your skin become visibly flawless (or we hope!) and will help your hair shine due to all of the vitamins in beets (vitamin C, folate, potassium, magnesium, etc)
Celery - eating celery can actually help clean stains off of your teeth!
Carrots - beta-carotine, vitamin A, B5, C, E & K are all found in carrots and are all used in helping treat sun damaged skin.. Besides staying out of the sun completely, eating your share of carrots is another great way to ensure your skin keeps young!
Strawberries - strawberries are rich in AHA's, vitamin C, salicylic acid and flavanoids which are all used in medicinal treatments for acne! They reduce oil and help keep your skin clear of those annoying blemishes.
Coconut Water - coconut water helps keep your skin hydrated. When you're dehydrated, your body tries to get rid of toxins through your skin since you don't have enough liquids to urinate, and when that happens we break out in blemishes! Stay hydrated folks!

I highly recommend juicing only after doing it for a few days because it's so easy to get enough fruits and veggies and obviously it helps your skin and helps you gloooooow from the inside out!

Q: Short but simple, what's your favourite fruit and what's your favourite veggie?
Q: What was the coolest thing about the first half of your week?


  1. i really need a juicer that sounds delish! my fav fruit are raspberries and dragon fruit, veggies hmmmmmm i love spinach! the 4 of us need to go to a jays game this summer!!!!

    1. Haha yes we do!! We won't be drinking juice however. :)

  2. Oh i just loved seeing this on instagram last night! Looks delish! My fave fruit is impossible to choose. Top choices would be grapes oranges and kiwis but i love any! Veggies would be beets or carrots. Love root veggies!!!

    1. Grapes, oranges and kiwis would make a kick ass juice!!


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