Friday, May 24, 2013

My First Experience With Kombucha

Hey Loveys!

Happy Friday!! I hope you're all either having a great Friday so far or are looking forward to wrapping your Friday up and get the weekend started! I know for my US readers that it's your long weekend so I'm SO excited for you! Last weekend was our Canadian long weekend (May 2-4 weekend) and we were lucky enough to have some AMAZING weather, so I wish the same for our neighbours to the south!

I'm on vacation right now, and to be honest I haven't done much of anything and it's been so nice. I haven't been feeling the hottest, mostly really tired, so I've been resting and catching up on some TV that I've been looking forward to watching and reading the novel that I recently started (which you can see at the bottom of my right hand sidebar.. :D). I'm currently watching my favourite day time show Dr. Phil... I just love him. He's so in your face and I just love it. Most of these people just need a serious wake-up call and I love when he gives it to them.

Around noon today I went to Liberty Village here in Toronto, one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Toronto and the place where C and I probably spend the most time when we go out and do things. In the Village there is basically everything you could need. I made a pit stop into Starbucks for my favourite summertime drink, Iced Americano with milk.

Mmmm. It's so good. Are you a fan of iced coffee? While I was in Liberty Village I made a stop at the new Live Food Bar that recently opened there. I've been to their first location on Dupont and Bloor and this is their second location in the city. I'm so excited because it's all such amazing food. The restaurant is all vegan and raw food. I ended up getting the Uber Protein Salad with Tahini & Lemon Dressing as well as a bottle of Strawberry & Chamomile Kombucha. 

This has been my first experience with Kombucha and I was super excited to try it. I've seen a lot of people making their own, but I wanted to actually try it before attempting to make it myself just so I kind of new if I liked it and what it's supposed to taste like. I know that some people might not know what Kombucha is or why it's beneficial for the body, so let me educate you :). According to Wikipedia:
Kombucha - the effervescent fermentation of sweetened tea that is used as a functional food. Sometimes referred to as a "mushroom" or "mother" , the Kombucha culture is actually a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast.
Some of the health benefits of Kombucha are (but are not limited to):

Detoxifying the body - it contains many bacterial acids and enzymes that are needed to detoxify the body and can help reduce the pancreatic load and help prevent the liver from becoming over burdened (if used regularly can help give you a health liver).

Prevention and treatment of cancer - the detoxifying properties and its high content of gluaric acid can aid in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Reduces risk of arthritis - kombucha contains high amounts of glucosamines, which is a substance needed by the body to maintain healthy joints. Glucosamines help to enhance the production of of hyaluronic acid which is an acid that can help preserve cartilage structure and reduce arthritic pain.

Boosts immune system - kombucha is extremely rich in antioxidants which helps to strengthen your immune system by fighting off free radicals in the body which are known to cause cancer.

Aids in digestion and gut health - because kombucha is naturally fermented, it's full of a living colony of bacteria and yeast that make it a probiotic beverage. It will help improve digestion, fight off bad yeast in the body, provides mental clarity and mood stability (bonus!).

I didn't really know what to expect when I first opened my bottle of Kombucha, but I was pleasantly surprised. At first it kind of smells a bit like apple cider vinegar, but the strawberry and chamomile really give it a nice taste, and it's a bit carbonated feeling as well.. which might just be because of the fermentation. Something that I was interested about is HOW MUCH kombucha should someone drink at one sitting. Was I supposed to drink that whole bottle? Or was I only supposed to have a little bit? I only drank a little bit because I didn't know the answer, but I'm Googling it right now.....

....... Interesting. It's recommended to drink in the morning on an empty stomach. If you're new to kombucha, it's recommended to drink only 1-2 fluid ounces per day to get your body used to it and work up to 4-8 fluid ounces daily. The absolute maximum you should drink is 32 oz/day. The person who wrote this says they drink 2oz in the morning and 2 at night and that's good enough for them. (source). So I guess that it all depends on how you feel and what your body can handle. It's better to drink too little than too much, always keep that in mind! I'm actually glad now that I only had a couple of drinks out of my bottle. :)

So there you have it folks! If you're interested in making your own, you can always Google different recipes, but I'd definitely recommend trying some before you make your own just so you know how it's supposed to taste and whatnot. Live Food Bar sells it here in Toronto but I'm sure you could find it at any health food stores? Maybe Whole Foods? I don't actually know for sure. I think I will try and make my own at some point since my local health food store is literally starting to sell Kombucha Starter Packs today after 5pm. What are the odds, right?

Q: Have you tried Kombucha?
Q: Have you ever made your own? How did it turn out?

PS - C got me flowers this week for no reason :) I love when he does that. Aren't they pretty!?


  1. I've never heard of kombucha!
    Thanks for educating me :)

    1. No problem!! Let me know if you end up trying it!!!

  2. I haven't tried that crazy kombucha stuff yet. I see it everywhere and hear all about it though! now, thanks to you, I know why I should be drinking it!! I think a great point is the "how much should I be drinking?" I totally never would have thought of that, and just probably drank the bottle. kinda shocking!!!

    1. Haha yes!! You should always research how much of something you should have if its considered a health food!! Glad to help!!

  3. I have tried kombucha, but I didn't know that it had so many benefits.
    Thanks! I think I will try it again.

    1. Hi Charisse!! Glad to have helped! Do you make your own or do you purchase it???

  4. Oh yes, I've been seeing a lot of bloggers talk about kombucha and many of them love it. I love that you included the benefits of it cause I never actually knew what's so great about it.

    Haha, I love how you said hold on let me check this.. and then you come back and tell us :) Anyway, I am a bit anxious about trying it because I heard from some people that it tastes like piss lol would you HONESTLY say it tasted good? I mean, ACV is not exactly the best taste and it smells like that... hmmm. Do tell :)


    Kammie @ Sensual Appeal

  5. Hey girl! Great post! Loooove Kombucha. You can get it at Whole Foods and at health food stores (especially in Kensington). It's so expensive though so I try to make my own (which is actually way easier than you would think). Hope you're having a nice weekend :)

  6. I LOVE Kombucha.. I used to drink it when I was doing my Whole30 as a substitute for my evening glass of wine.. put it in a wine glass when you drink it.. fancy! ;)

  7. I haven't tried it but I totally want to!

  8. yes yes, you liked it! i make my own and swear by it's healing powers! GT kombucha trilogy is still my favorite. You must try that!

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