Saturday, June 29, 2013

I Need Your Advice!

Hey loveys,

First off - I don't know what's wrong with me. I think it's the fact that it's summertime and there's so much going on in the city ALL THE TIME that I've just been so distracted lately and I apologize for not writing as often as I should be. With lack of writing there is also lack of working out. I did a upper body workout on Tuesday and was sore until yesterday, and I did a lower body workout on Wednesday and am still a bit tender lol. I guess I slightly over did it.

There's a ton of stuff going on in Toronto this weekend! It's Canada Day long weekend obviously, but it's also Pride weekend!! Every year one of my oldest friends, Alyssa, comes into town with her husband and her brother hosts this epic Pride party to kick off the whole weekend so C and I went to that last night. Here are some photos... only the appropriate ones! :)

The theme of the party was Super Hero "I Need A Hero".... I planned on wearing what I wore plus some cat ears and a whip to be Cat Woman but I literally could not find any cat ears when I went shopping downtown this week. Epic fail. So I just decided not to dress up. I'm glad, because there were a lot of "Cat Woman" there!

That's been the fun of my weekend thus far, but we still have the big ol' Pride Parade tomorrow and whatever festivities we get up to this evening, which have yet to be determined. I could use a nap since we didn't get home until 5am this year (which is about 1.5 hours earlier than last year).

I am in such desperate need of a workout. I managed to get in 4 workouts this week, two strength training workouts and 2 cardio workouts. However my diet has been absolute ASS. Seriously. Last night before we went out we ordered Chinese food so I had wonton noodle soup and some chicken balls. Then after the party of course we went to McDonalds. The bain of my existence. I hate McDonalds. I mean.. it tastes good.. but it's awful. I will admit to ordering 1 double cheese burger and an order of chicken nuggets. And I also ate them. Which sucked.

So needless to say, yes, diet has been ass. I haven't juiced in a long time.... thinking about it though my diet isn't so bad during the week, but I know I'm not packing enough food to take to work with me so I end up buying food throughout the day... which isn't the best either. I've started weighing my food again because I got a new food journal to start writing all of my food again which has been motivating! I need to sit down and think about how to get my diet back on track.. no gluten.. no dairy.. no processed foods.

So here it is - I need help. Tell me what gets you back on track after getting off track for a while?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Probably The Scariest Thing That's Ever Happened To Me

Hey Loveys,

Ok.. So I want to share with you something absolutely insane that happened to C and I this weekend. It wasn't good. It was probably the most scary thing that's ever happened to me before. But all is good now, so I can talk about it with you :).

Basically, we were in a horrific car accident. Let me explain...

We were on our way to the grocery store because I had a friend from London coming for the night (to run the Colour Me Rad 5km with us!) so we were driving down the road and we came to a red light. We stopped, and we were the first car in the center lane waiting at the red. There was a race going on in the city at the same time called the City Chase (I think... or it was something similar) so the street was busy with people crossing the street who were finishing up the race.

We were at the stop light a good 4 or 5 seconds before all of a sudden there was a HUGE crash, we were flying through people into the intersection, there were people on the hood and windshield of our car and all I can hear are people screaming. Once the car stopped moving, C and I just looked at each other and had NO idea what was even going on. He pulled off to the side of the street, asked if I was ok, once I was confirmed fine he ran out to help the people that had been hit by us.

Basically, a large Ford Explorer type vehicle ran into the back of us while we were stopped at the red light. One of the witnesses that was in her car in the lane next to us told us that basically he ran into us like there was no one stopped there, and there wasn't a red light. Basically this guy just wasn't paying attention to the road. I have no idea what he was doing, but it wasn't driving properly.

I instantly found my phone and called 911. Turns out I wasn't the first person to call but I was the first one who was actually involved in the accident to call so I could let her know we were ok, but the pedestrians were not. I'm not sure the extent of the injuries, but I know 3 people were hurt (I didn't want to go over and see because I'm not good in situations like that, but C went and  helped) and taken away in an ambulance, and I think we ran over someone's ankle too (I know, so awful... ). While I was on the phone with 911 I noticed that someone's Blue Jays hat was stuck under our windshield wiper.. not good.

Needless to say, this is what the car looked like:

Sooo yeah... basically we have no more trunk. We're in a rental car now because (obviously) this one is not drivable. So yes! That took up our entire Saturday afternoon. Crazy, right? Ugh.. so scary. Thank god everyone is ok for the most part. Phewf.

On a bright note, today I got an awesome workout in! After work I went to go meet Dr. Lista at The Plastic Surgery Clinic to discuss his skincare line Miracle10 which I've discussed before, and I got two new products to try out and tell you guys (and the people who read my NEW BLOG.. please follow via BlogLovin' if you get the chance!!) and I'm super excited about it. But you will have to wait and find out what I think since I'm not telling you right now! But C was back at work doing TRX so I went back to pick him up and decided to workout while I waited instead of doing nothing :).

The gym was busier than normal... and by normal I mean busier than 2pm because that's when I normally workout. But I absolutely crushed my back, shoulders, biceps, triceps and abs today:

5 minute warm-up on the eliptical
3 sets, 8 reps of assisted pull-ups, 85lbs of help (I need to rebuild strength so don't judge)
3 sets, 10 reps of lateral raise machine, 50lbs and 40lbs
3 sets, 8 reps of lat pulldown, 55lbs
3 sets, 8 reps of shoulder press, 30lbs
3 sets, 8 reps of lat cable pulls, 50lbs
3 sets, 8 reps of bicep cable curls, 25lbs plus the bar
3 sets, 8 reps of tricep pressdowns, 25lbs
5 more minutes of cardio just for fun on the eliptical
25-20-15-10-10-10 reps, ab crunches on the stability ball with a 10lbs weight plate on my chest
1 minute plank


I'm pooped now, but I loved it!! So much so that I decided to snap a selfie in the car post-workout and all sweaty.


Q: Please tell me you had a better Saturday than I did? :)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Colour Me Rad 5km Race!

Hey loveys!

WOW!!!!! What a day today has been already!!! Today was a great day because I had the chance to run the Colour Me Rad 5k race today with some AMAZING gal pals of mine!!

My friend Elyse came down to the big city from London, ON yesterday for the race and we got to hang out and go out last night to, where else, but Williams Landing! It was BUMPING and so much fun and we met up with some other friends there. We didn't get home until really late and I was a bit worried that it was going to make today brutal, but it didn't at all!!

Before the race! :)
We left here around 9. Our race time start was 10:30, I thought that was a great time because it's not SO early but it's not going to ruin the rest of the day either. C came with us as our official race photographer (and thank god he did... wait till you see all the photos!). We got there and met up with Katy and Emily who happened to park right close to us, so that was nice :). Then I got a call from Davida who needed to meet up with us because... and you'll never guess what she did... but she baked us gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free CUPCAKES!! Omg. So we had to put them in a car. It worked out because we met up with Michelle who parked closer to where Davida was so we eventually all met up. The race had a million different places to park so it was a lot more difficult than I'm explaining but whatever :).

It was soooo hot outside. We were making our way towards the race start and I had already started perspiring. Seriously. I had sweat running down my back before the race even started. Eventually we made our way to the start line and got ready to tackle the 5km! We kind of split up the group. The "fast" group was Katy, Emily and Michelle and then us slow pokes (Me, Davida and Elyse lol) were behind by a couple of minutes. It was nice to run with Elyse and Davida and chat the whole time. I loved getting to know Davida who I had only ever communicated with via social media or text message.... she's SO cool. I can't wait to spend more time with her when she FINALLY moves downtown :).

Group photo before the race started, and before we got colour bombed!
ANYWAYS - without further adieu... here are the awesome photo's C snapped of the whole event!!

Emily, Katy, Elyse & Davida pre-race!

Getting ready to get COLOURFUL!

This is what we were looking forward to :)

Getting sprayed with colour via a fire extinguisher.

The fast group coming in for the win!

Michelle coming through the cloud of colour.

Me. Colour to the face lol.

The slow group at the end!!!

Whats up!

The whole group of us at the end!


Me and Michelle :)

En route back to the car. Perfect photo ops.

Cupcake cheers to a GREAT race!!
As you can see we had a serious blast. Loved every single minute of it and will definitely be doing more colour runs in the future!! I got into the car and Elyse and I took a selfie since I was able to touch stuff without colour rubbing off at this point (it was like glued to my skin lol).

And then realized how colourful my appendages were...

We sat on huge beach towels to get home... thank god Elyse packed them!! What a life saver. As soon as I got home I hit the showers. I was sticky from the corn starch and sweaty as hell since it was so hot out. I will admit that I got some nice colour on my arms from the sunshine - which is always a plus!! I also noticed how the blue and purple "colours" stain skin. Thank god Elyse got it off her face. She had blue ALL OVER her face... I think I did that by accident. Oops :).

I'm so excited to do our next colour run!!! It was so nice meeting Davida for the first time as well and catching up with the other gals (who I had met before obviously). I was glad to introduce Elyse to the group as well... she was surprised when I told her I had met all the gals through blogging, but hey - that's just another super awesome thing about blogging :)

Q: What was the highlight of your weekend??
Q: Did you race? Which race did you do?

PS - Elyse said she wants to run a full marathon.... so NOW I'm holding her to it because she's an amazing runner and would be amazing at it (she just did her first half in 1:44 - NUTS!!!)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Discovering Leftovers

Hey Lovey,

Oh. My. God.

It's Friday night... I haven't blogged here since Tuesday. I think that's classified as an #epicfail for Sarah (me). I'm sorry. I really don't have much of an excuse for not blogging. I just feel like I'm getting lazy. I'm getting lazy in a lot of aspects of life. I think my motivation level seems to be dropping for some reason. I think it's time to read a motivational book and get myself prepped back up and into my glorious positive spirits.. Yes? Lol.

C started doing TRX twice a week after work! I'm super excited for him. I love TRX. However, on those days that he does TRX we don't get home until in between 7 and 8pm. Which basically means I walk in the door, make dinner, eat dinner, go to bed. Seriously. No time for anything else. Lol. This week we discovered something amazing.


I figure that if we cook more than enough food on Monday's and Wednesday's, then on Tuesday's and Thursday's when we get home so late, we can literally just heat up our food and call it a nice. GENIUS!!!!! Why didn't I think of this before now!?!? It was totally by accident that we thought of doing this, because we had leftover steaks in the fridge last night we just heated them up and it was like a whole new world of not cooking! Haha. I know.. sounds silly.. but it was super exciting for me!

Ok - remember when I said I was spending a month focusing on food instead of fitness to see how it was going? Well... it went well! And it's now officially been 1 month. I will admit that my fitness was not good at all during that 1 month period, which I think is a direct correlation to not having to tell the world about not working out due to focusing on nutrition. That's the second #epicfail of this post lol. Damn.. this is not a good way to start this post off. Anyways, the good news is yesterday I did a really good workout that consisted of:

Lat Pulldown
Seated Row
Bicep Curls
Tricep Pressdowns
Lateral Raises
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls

It was a pretty good total-body workout and I'm feeling it today. Mostly in my biceps. Because of that I took today off AND because I don't want to be sore for the COLOUR ME RAD 5KM RACE ON SUNDAY!!!

Oh man. Can you tell I'm SO EXCITED?! So yesterday I went downtown to pick up mine, Elyse's, Michelle's, Katy's & Emily's race kits. I don't think I've EVER seen a race kit pick up as busy as it was at the Colour Me Rad race. Seriously. The line was snaked through the room AND went out the door. It was nutso!! However, while waiting in line I finally met the beautiful Robyn Baldwin from because she was just slightly in front of me getting her race kit as well! It was nice to meet her in person finally, and it will be exciting to run with her this weekend as well! Here's what came in our race kits :)

WHOOOO. So excited. We got some extra colour packs for when we get colour bombed at the end of the race :). I believe we've all decided to "prace" our way through the race and make sure we get tons of photos, so Sunday's post will be FULL of fun photos from the race! My friend Elyse is coming up tomorrow to spend the night (because she's from London) and I'm excited to have her! I think this weekend is going to be so much fun!

Anyways, this post was short (I'm sorry!) and I have to go get ready for tonight because (obviously) we're going out for a couple drinks since it's Friiiiiidaaaaaay!!!

Q: What was the highlight of your week? I feel like I'm missing out on everyone's life...
Q: Do you do the "leftover" thing often?

PS - because this is a fitness/health/nutrition blog I've been feeling like my fashion/beauty/cosmetic posts don't really belong here. I've started up a new blog over at Peace, Love & Vanity and would LOVE if you guys would head on over, check it out and let me know what you think!! Like I said, it's BRAND new... so show it some love.. please!! :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

MiMM #3 - It's Beautiful In The Morning

Good morning Loveys,

So I have no idea why I'm awake right now. It's 5:45am and I'm normally sleeping until at least 6:45. This is a bit concerning because... well... I'm not a morning person and I really, REALLY enjoy sleeping. I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep and realized that it was pointless, and all I was doing was literally nothing so I got up, made myself a coffee and sat down to write this blog (and watch Breakfast Television). I also realized I hadn't written my MiMM post yet, so I decided to do that instead!

Big thanks for the pretty Katie over at Healthy Diva Eats for hosting the link up each week (as usual!).. She's super pregnant right now, so if you get a chance pop on over and say hello!

I realized something right now... looking out the window. It's flipping beautiful outside this early in the morning. The skies are blue, the highway isn't jam packed with cars yet... it's somewhat peaceful. Carlton is awake already too. I didn't realize he normally wakes up around this time. Turns out I'm usually sleeping when he wakes up so I would never notice. He said I'm going to have a productive day today because I got an early start to the day... which I guess is true because I wouldn't normally have time to write in the morning! :)

The hosts on Breakfast Television look really flipping fantastic for being up at 5:45. It's enough of an accomplishment to make my brain function let alone look like a bajillion dollars!

I'm going to take a new spin on MiMM today and think of things I could do throughout my week to help my life be more Marvellous. I have a pretty scheduled life. I like schedules... I like knowing what's happening or what's going to be happening. I'm not good with "spur of the moment" events for the most part (it depends on the event I suppose)...

Wake up at 6:45
Get to work around 8:30
Eat/drink breakfast at 9
Workout at 1 or 2
Eat lunch after that
Leave work at 5
Write/Study when I'm home at 6ish
Cook dinner between 7 and 8
Bed at 10
Watch TV until 10:30

Haha. Yes. I'm one of those people who normally go to bed at 10 but I always have to watch tv before I sleep. I don't know why.. it's habit now I suppose. But anyways, I've been wondering how it would change my day if I continued waking up early. Or waking up early and getting my short runs of the week in BEFORE I go to work. That would give me time to do other things on my lunch, like if I wanted to lift weights or go to the grocery store or simply work through my lunch if I need to catch up on anything.

Not only would getting my runs in early help knock it off my list for the day, but it wouldn't be as hot out early in the morning as it usually is around 2pm. I wouldn't come back to work in a sweat-fest and feel gross for the rest of the day. I wouldn't have to lug all of my running gear to work (unless I was working out... I'd have to take more clothes if I wanted to lift). Hmm... this is starting to sound like a good idea. I'll rethink about this over the weekend because half-marathon training restarts again next week so it may be a good time to start! Weather permitting of course :).

Another thing that's SUPER marvellous about this coming week is that on Sunday I'm doing my first colour run!! I'm going to try and list all of the wonderful ladies that are participating in my group... I apologize if I miss someone!

Michelle from Push.Pump.Progress
Krysten from The Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail
Robyn from
Davida from The Healthy Maven
Katy from Fit In Heels
Emily from The Change In Your Back Pocket
Elyse (a friend of mine)

We're doing the Colour Me Rad race on Sunday at 10:30am and I couldn't be MORE excited.. not only to run the race but to meet some of these gals that I haven't before (Robyn & Davida!). I hope we all end up looking like this:

Davida and I both agree that we're going to take our sweeeeet time finishing this race. Mostly because she's injured, and I want to take a bajillion photos. C will be there as well with our Cannon camera and hopefully will get some seriously awesome photos with it of everyone running and colour bombing! I can't wait to see how they turn out!

Random thought. The race is no where near my house and we have to drive. I should probably make a mental note to back some extra clothes or something. I'm sure CB would freak out if I accidentally tie-died the black leather in the car lol! Or I should bring like 3 towels. Maybe towels. That might be easier.

This race is easily the highlight of this week... Oooo I'm just so excited for it!!

Q: Have you ever done a colour run before?
Q: If so - please leave some words of advice. I already know to bring my phone in a Ziplock bag (I did that when I was racing in the rain too and it worked well) and just made a mental note to bring towels - anything else?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

Hey loveys!

Um... so first up, I'm sorry I've been missing all week. Seriously. I had no idea I hadn't posted since Tuesday until yesterday at some point. I have been kind of lazy in all aspects of life lately and I guess I assumed that no one wanted to hear about it. I broke the cardinal rule of blogging, consistency. However I also believe that you shouldn't post and write just to blab on about nothing. So... I guess you could say I didn't post so I wouldn't waste your time. There! See.. all better :).

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I can't believe it's already Sunday. It's been a fairly action packed weekend up until this moment... and I have a lot of photo's to share with you to help explain. On Friday night I got home from work and in regular Friday ritual, watched Dr. Phil in bed. It was too nice of a day out to not make my way outside, so that's what I did. C was out with his friend on a patio so I got my butt up, walked downtown and just explored which is something I enjoy doing immensely... walking aimlessly. C isn't the biggest fan HOWEVER it's not for everyone. And you must always wear good shoes. ANYWAYS... my main objective was to find a black dress that works for both a Pride party I'm attending in a couple of weeks and my girlfriends birthday party next month. I didn't find one, but I did get a couple good items and saw a few cool things.

I walked up and down Queen St which has amazing shopping here in Toronto. First I went east and went into a store that I know an old friend of mine works at. I've dropped by a few times and she's never around when I go, so I was really hoping that she was working on Friday... guess what?! She was!! I haven't seen this girl in probably 3ish years, and I was so happy to catch up with her and see her. Isn't she great?

Parveen works at F As In Frank on Queen St. West. If you enjoy vintage shops and vintage shopping, I'd highly recommend you check out this store. It's so unique and so much fun!

As I kept on my in my adventure, I happen to come across one of my favourite stores where I got a really cute black Maxi Dress for summertime :). As I made my way MORE east, I came across the rehearsals for the Much Music Video Awards that are happening tonight. So fun to get a couple of little surprise concerts!

I'm a bit far back, but this is Classified rehearsing Inner Ninja with a children's choir.. it was so cool!!
I learned to zoom in for this one. Armen Van Buren ft. Trevor Guthrie singing This Is What It Feels Like. Also tres fantastic :)
I would have stayed here and listened to the performers longer but the store I was wanting to get to was closing in 1 hour. So I made my way west on Queen and got to a little gem of a building, it has a Loblaws, Winners and Joe Fresh inside. I wanted to go to the Winners because I always hear such amazing things about people finding great deals... and whenever I go I can never find anything. I think it's because it's one of those stores where you have to go alone so you can dig and dig and dig and so that's exactly what I did. I ended up finding a really cute dress (just to have, it doesn't work for what I need a black dress for) and a couple of really cute tops.

Then I made my way home and met up with C and his friend. We planned on heading out to Williams Landing but due to the Taylor Swift concert happening at the Air Canada Center that night, the taxi services were a bit of a cluster and we were getting tired (and we had to get up at a decent time Saturday morning) by that point so we grabbed some eats and headed off to bed.

The next day we had to head off to Wingham for the annual Ohm Family Reunion! Haha. We seriously do have one every year, it's always fun to see family I don't see very often. As soon as I got there, my little cousin (who we went to the baseball game with last weekend) came over, grabbed me and dragged me away from everyone lol. She's adorable.

I ate a serious amount of food because there's always an excess amount... but it was delish! After we wrapped things up, my immediate family, C and I went to visit my Grandma who just turned 88 a few weeks ago.. she's so funny. She was visiting with her neighbour and having wine haha. Check out these photos:

Grandma looooves Carlton. It's cute.
Grandma, Mom and I. Three generations!
Me and Grandma!
That was all the visiting we did. And in between all that, C actually let my little sister drive his car. Haha.. he went in a different car because he didn't want to get stressed out. I drove with her and she did well!

And then for lunch, a friend of my dad's dropped by the house and his car blocked everyone else's car... so he let me take it downtown Wingham to grab some food for us to eat. I got really excited to drive it. This is why...

It was so fun! We took the long way home so we could drive around some more. And me and Brooke stopped for a selfie hehe.

During my trip to Wingham, I also got to catch up with my fur babies, Louie and Jake.

I love them. Enough said about that. :)

And all of that brings us right back to now... where I'm blogging, sipping on coffee and watching Zero Dark Thirty. I'm going to get my hair done today, possibly my nails and I'm either heading to Starbucks to do some studying or I'm going to go hit up the MMVAs tonight if the rain clears (which I'm hoping it does!).

Q: Did you do anything special this weekend?

PS - Happy Father's Day to the bestest dad EVER. He gets his gift in a month when he comes to Toronto to visit with the rest of my family :). Loveeeee youuuuuu Pappy!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

That Time I Ate Popeyes Chicken & Was Up All Night

Hey Loveys,

I hope you're weekend is off to a fantastic start! I can't believe tomorrow is already Wednesday... wow! Have you been smiling a lot this week? I hope so :).

I have a couple of things to touch on today - and first off I want to give a big THANK YOU to a friend of mine, Dr. Lista, who is a plastic surgeon in the Toronto area who actually has his own skin care line called Miracle 10. Today he sent me a starter pack for Miracle 10 so I can test it out after hearing/seeing me complain about my break outs. I'm SO EXCITED to try it!! He claims that it will make my skin sooo much better than what I use now (Proactiv) and I can't even wait to start using this product. My skin has always been a sore spot for me because I'm really prone to acne and my skin is normally really oily and shiny, so I'm excited to see if something like this helps me out and evens out my skin! Check it - I even snapped a selfie in the car when I got it!

Obviously I haven't started using it yet, and I will write more about it once I get into it (so stay tuned!) but if you want to check out the whole line for yourself (it's customizable to your own skin type) click here and it will take you to their "online boutique"! Whoop!! This totally made my whole week. I'm so excited.. if you can't tell. :)

Ok - so now I have some not so fun confessing to do.

Last night I was a lazy bum. I was pooped when C picked me up from work... and we had to stop on the way home so C could get the oil changed in the car. He was planning on working out last night and I was going to rest and cook up a healthy salmon dinner. The place we got our oil changed (I will refrain from naming names) took FOREVER and I was so cranky by the time we got out of there, and so was C, that we decided to basically say "eff it" and we picked up Popeye's Chicken for dinner.

I got a meal of chicken tenders (their version of chicken fingers) as well as a biscuit (drool) and their french fries. I totally devoured the whole meal and you know... it wasn't that good by the time we got everything home. It was cold(er), the fries weren't crispy and the chicken was kind of chewy.. but alas, I still ate the whole thing. Oh.. and I had a spicy ranch dipping sauce for my chicken.

Oy.. ok... I know what you're thinking. REALLY SARAH!?!?! WHAT ARE YOU THIIIIIIIINKING!?!?! and you're totally right? What the eff was I thinking? I could have easily came home and just fried up a couple of salmon fillets and baked some kale... but no. And I paid the price. I was unbelievably gassy the whole night.. my stomach bloated... and I woke up at 2am with some serious stomach cramps and all day today my tummy has been upset.

It's no secret that what I ate is literally everything I always avoid eating. I am totally to blame for feeling like a bag of ass after eating such food... but it goes to show how your body will tell you when you put something into it that is obviously not supposed to be there.... basically it gets rid of it as quickly as it can. Le sigh. I found that out first hand in the middle of the night (if you know what I mean). I tried to Google what it is in Popeyes Chicken to see if I could find an ingredient list but obviously that stuff is kept under pretty tight wraps and there's a lot of people trying to duplicate it (it is reeeeally delicious when it's fresh, damnit!). Whatever it is, ugh... it's so not meant to be digested. It's probably why I feel lethargic today.

With that being said - tonight I'm not being lazy and I will be making the salmon and kale that I should have made last night. It's going to be delicious.

Badness. Sorry Popeyes.
I don't know how people eat such things all the time. I think I'm now just ranting about it but whatever. It's my blog and I'll do what I want lol.

Q: What's 1 food that you SOOO love but know it makes you feel like ass?
Q: When's the last time you actually ate said food?

Monday, June 10, 2013

MiMM #3! What Is Marvellous?

Hey loveys,

Happy Monday!

AND because it's Monday - you know what that means! Happy MiMM (Marvellous In My Monday!). Thank you to Katie at Healthy Diva Eats for hosting this super fun link up every Monday!

Instead of rambling on about things that happened this past week (which I will IN ADDITION to this), I decided to tell you WHAT I think are the reasons I classify some things I do as "marvellous". Why not, right?

1. Happiness. Anything that makes me happy deserves to be marvellous. Marvellous is such a happy word in itself, anything that you describe as marvellous has to be something that puts a smile on your pretty face!

2. Neat. Anything that you think is neat. It might be a material item, it might be something you saw, or it might be something you've experienced recently that you would say is "neat".

3. Laugh. If something makes you laugh, it is marvellous. Nuff said :).

4. Productivity. I believe being productive is never a negative experience, so since it's then by default a positive experience, it must be marvellous :).

And with that... Here are some things that fall into one of the 3 categories mentioned above from this past week.

* On Friday I had an awesome phone call with a lady I work with (sort of, hard to explain). She makes me laugh and always brightens up my day when she calls. I've only met her in person once, but I feel like we've been friends FOREVER. Haha. She just makes me giggle so much and she has such  positive energy that you can't help but cheer up as soon as you start talking to her. Laugh.. Happiness..

* On Monday I was doing a bit of catch up with work and decided to work from home all night. It was hard and I was tired by the end of the night, but because of it the rest of my week went a lot more smoothly and I felt good getting a lot of stuff done and caught up. Productivity... 

* This weekend I was glad I got some studying in. I always feel good when I get some studying in. I've come to terms with the fact that I'm definitely behind where I should be in terms of my course because I've been a lazy bum, so any studying I do is a good thing. Which reminds me that this week I'm going to get super strict with blogging 1 day, studying the next.. like I used to do. I don't know what happened there? Productivity...

* At Starbucks this weekend, I witnessed one of the staff there going out of their way to help an elderly man who couldn't stand up straight and used a walker to help him walk. I felt so badly because it was a busy rush time (noon) and he just wanted a sandwich. I heard him as for egg salad, and obviously us young folk know that Starbucks isn't really a sandwich place, but the staff member helped him one on one to get something he actually wanted to eat for dinner. I almost cried watching this employee be so nice to this elderly man. Seriously. I think it's so important to respect our elders, and help them when they need it.... and I feel like a lot of young people are either too shy to help or are too ignorant to help.. so seeing this really made my heart happy and inspired me to be a better person as well. Happiness... Smile...

* On Sunday, C told me he bought me a surprise gift on eBay. I have no idea what it is or what it could be... but I'm excited!! Smile... Happiness...

* Last night after I vlogged, a friend told me I cheered them up when they were having a "funk"! Obviously I didn't vlog specifically for my friend and didn't intend for it to get them out of a funk, so it's so nice to hear that it helped! I like making people happy.. I'm a people pleaser, it's what I do! :) Smile.. Happiness..

That's all I have for you on this Marvellous Monday! It's short, it's sweet.. and hopefully someone smiles because of it! I'm officially on a kick of making people smile. It's fun!

What is the one thing that stands out in your mind from this past week that stands out as "Marvellous"?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Recap + Honey-Lime Chicken Recipe Review

Hey Loveys!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! Mine absolutely flew by! I got to have some awesome family time, see a Blue Jays game and get some blog designing and studying in! It was a pretty fun weekend and I have a feeling I'm going to sleep verrrry well tonight, because I'm worn out! Check out this vlog for a quick run down of my weekend:

Haha. Sorry for looking like a crazy woman. That... is my Sunday attire. No prep. No pretty.. just au natural haha. I also don't enjoy how the still shot they picked looks like I'm picking my teeth. Classy.

So yes, my cousin, her husband and her 2 little gals came into the city to go to a Blue Jays game with us. They are so cute. They're 4 and 6 and they're so shy when they first see you and it takes only about 10 minutes for them to finally open up and start playing. Haha. Here's a couple of photos we got to snap before heading out to the Jays Game...

AREN'T THEY TO DIE FOR?! My god. They are adorable.

This is the gals (minus one of the small girls who was just NOT in the mood to have her photo taken lol)

Anyways - so we hung out at The Jays game and left at the top of the 9th inning because the girlies were getting kind of antsy and wanted to get back home. We didn't care because the Jays were ahead and we figured they'd just wrap it up because the game kind of went by really quickly. I don't know what happened but they ended up playing 9 extra innings which is INSANE, it's like playing 2 back to back games. I'm sure all of those players went home and crashed HARD.

We went out after the game and met up with our friends Adam and Katie and I got to see Katie's new engagement ring! It's sooooo pretty and shiny. Adam did a VERY good job! :) We went out to Williams Landing and had some drinks and shared some food. We had mussels and edamame!

It was delish! They asked C if he wanted to be their MC at their wedding which is super exciting! I've never actually seen C speak in front of people before, but he does it all the time so it will be nice to see what all the fuss is about (people always tell me how great he is in front of a crowd and I don't even know because I've never seen it!).

Today was spent being kind of productive. I hit up the local Starbucks this morning because I wanted to get some blog design work for Michelle done as well as some studying. Today would have been one of those days that I found everything else to do in the condo besides anything productive so I left the condo to get it done. It worked! I might actually do that every weekend for a while just so I'm able to focus on one thing and not get distracted. I got some reading done on digestion as well. The book I'm currently reading for school is all about digestion and I'm loving it! I think it's because it's written very casually but I'm still learning a ton. I love my course so much :).

We went grocery shopping this afternoon and before we went I found a new recipe to try tonight. I found it on Pinterest (like I mentioned in my vlog)... I was kind of torn with the recipe. The rice portion KICKED ASS and the chicken was shitty. Lol. But here is the whole recipe!

Honey-Lime Chicken with Coconut Black Bean Rice
1 can of coconut milk
1.5 tsp of salt
1 cup uncooked long grain rice (I used basmatti)
6 chicken breast cutletts, I used 4.
1/4 tsp freshly ground pepper (now that I think about it, I never used this)
3/4 cup finely crushed tortilla chips
1/4 cup of honey
1 tsp of lime zest
1/3 cup fresh lime juice
1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil
1 can of black beans (I used organic)
1/2 cup of chopped red pepper
1/3 cup sliced green onions
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro

1. Bring coconut milk and 1 tsp of the salt to a boil over medium-high heat. Once boiling, stir in the rice. Turn down to medium-low heat and let simmer for about 20 minutes or until the rice is cooked.

2. While the rice is cooking, sprinkle the chicken with the black pepper (which I forgot) and the remaining salt. Place the crushed tortilla chips in a shallow bowl. Whisk together the honey, lime juice and lime zest and set aside 2 tbsp of the mixture. Dip the chicken in the honey mixture and then coat in the tortilla chips.

3. Fry the chicken in 2 tbsp of olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat. About 4 minutes on each side but it will depend on the thickness of your chicken. Once all of the chicken is cooked, spoon the leftover honey mixture onto the chicken.

4. When the rice is done, stir in the black beans (make sure you've rinsed them first), the red pepper, green onion and cilantro. I also added some butter and extra salt. Spoon the rice onto a plate and top with the chicken. You can garnish with a cilantro sprig or lime slices.

The chicken that doesn't look anything like it's supposed to.
The delicious rice.
Sooo ya! I would love to make the rice again but I think I'll pass on the chicken. You can see the original recipe by clicking here.

Alright - I'm off for the night! I'd love to hear about your weekend and what you did! Please share in the comment section below :)