Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

Hey loveys!

Um... so first up, I'm sorry I've been missing all week. Seriously. I had no idea I hadn't posted since Tuesday until yesterday at some point. I have been kind of lazy in all aspects of life lately and I guess I assumed that no one wanted to hear about it. I broke the cardinal rule of blogging, consistency. However I also believe that you shouldn't post and write just to blab on about nothing. So... I guess you could say I didn't post so I wouldn't waste your time. There! See.. all better :).

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I can't believe it's already Sunday. It's been a fairly action packed weekend up until this moment... and I have a lot of photo's to share with you to help explain. On Friday night I got home from work and in regular Friday ritual, watched Dr. Phil in bed. It was too nice of a day out to not make my way outside, so that's what I did. C was out with his friend on a patio so I got my butt up, walked downtown and just explored which is something I enjoy doing immensely... walking aimlessly. C isn't the biggest fan HOWEVER it's not for everyone. And you must always wear good shoes. ANYWAYS... my main objective was to find a black dress that works for both a Pride party I'm attending in a couple of weeks and my girlfriends birthday party next month. I didn't find one, but I did get a couple good items and saw a few cool things.

I walked up and down Queen St which has amazing shopping here in Toronto. First I went east and went into a store that I know an old friend of mine works at. I've dropped by a few times and she's never around when I go, so I was really hoping that she was working on Friday... guess what?! She was!! I haven't seen this girl in probably 3ish years, and I was so happy to catch up with her and see her. Isn't she great?

Parveen works at F As In Frank on Queen St. West. If you enjoy vintage shops and vintage shopping, I'd highly recommend you check out this store. It's so unique and so much fun!

As I kept on my in my adventure, I happen to come across one of my favourite stores where I got a really cute black Maxi Dress for summertime :). As I made my way MORE east, I came across the rehearsals for the Much Music Video Awards that are happening tonight. So fun to get a couple of little surprise concerts!

I'm a bit far back, but this is Classified rehearsing Inner Ninja with a children's choir.. it was so cool!!
I learned to zoom in for this one. Armen Van Buren ft. Trevor Guthrie singing This Is What It Feels Like. Also tres fantastic :)
I would have stayed here and listened to the performers longer but the store I was wanting to get to was closing in 1 hour. So I made my way west on Queen and got to a little gem of a building, it has a Loblaws, Winners and Joe Fresh inside. I wanted to go to the Winners because I always hear such amazing things about people finding great deals... and whenever I go I can never find anything. I think it's because it's one of those stores where you have to go alone so you can dig and dig and dig and so that's exactly what I did. I ended up finding a really cute dress (just to have, it doesn't work for what I need a black dress for) and a couple of really cute tops.

Then I made my way home and met up with C and his friend. We planned on heading out to Williams Landing but due to the Taylor Swift concert happening at the Air Canada Center that night, the taxi services were a bit of a cluster and we were getting tired (and we had to get up at a decent time Saturday morning) by that point so we grabbed some eats and headed off to bed.

The next day we had to head off to Wingham for the annual Ohm Family Reunion! Haha. We seriously do have one every year, it's always fun to see family I don't see very often. As soon as I got there, my little cousin (who we went to the baseball game with last weekend) came over, grabbed me and dragged me away from everyone lol. She's adorable.

I ate a serious amount of food because there's always an excess amount... but it was delish! After we wrapped things up, my immediate family, C and I went to visit my Grandma who just turned 88 a few weeks ago.. she's so funny. She was visiting with her neighbour and having wine haha. Check out these photos:

Grandma looooves Carlton. It's cute.
Grandma, Mom and I. Three generations!
Me and Grandma!
That was all the visiting we did. And in between all that, C actually let my little sister drive his car. Haha.. he went in a different car because he didn't want to get stressed out. I drove with her and she did well!

And then for lunch, a friend of my dad's dropped by the house and his car blocked everyone else's car... so he let me take it downtown Wingham to grab some food for us to eat. I got really excited to drive it. This is why...

It was so fun! We took the long way home so we could drive around some more. And me and Brooke stopped for a selfie hehe.

During my trip to Wingham, I also got to catch up with my fur babies, Louie and Jake.

I love them. Enough said about that. :)

And all of that brings us right back to now... where I'm blogging, sipping on coffee and watching Zero Dark Thirty. I'm going to get my hair done today, possibly my nails and I'm either heading to Starbucks to do some studying or I'm going to go hit up the MMVAs tonight if the rain clears (which I'm hoping it does!).

Q: Did you do anything special this weekend?

PS - Happy Father's Day to the bestest dad EVER. He gets his gift in a month when he comes to Toronto to visit with the rest of my family :). Loveeeee youuuuuu Pappy!


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