Wednesday, July 31, 2013

HIIT, Interval Training & A Giveaway!

Hey loveys!

I hope you're all having a fantastic week! I will admit that all day I kept thinking that tomorrow is Friday... wah wahhh.... it's only Thursday. But for some reason the week has been going by really quickly.. which is odd. But none the less, it's been a great week!

I'm also going to admit that I haven't worked out in like 2 weeks, until today. I took a bit of a break because of my shin splints (excuses, excuses, I could have done other stuff but didn't) but today I did some interval training. I'm not going to assume that everyone who reads this knows what interval training is, so let me do some educating :) (if you haven't noticed, I love feeling like I'm teaching you all stuff.... so humour me and tell me I am, k?):

1. Training in which a runner alternates between running and jogging over set distances.
2. Training in which an athlete alternates between two activities, typically requiring different speeds, degrees of effort, etc.

Thank you google for that lovely definition. The only thing I would argue is that interval training doesn't always require only running or only 2 activities. You can really use as many different exercises or activities as you want! But before I demonstrate what I mean, let's look at the benefits of doing interval training. I found these benefits from the website if you want to check it out!

1. Efficiency
Interval training, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is perfect for those on a busy schedule! It can take up to 30 minutes (30 minutes of HITT is A LOT) so when you're on the run or don't think you have enough time, WRONGO.. you SO have enough time. Just make sure to pack a towel because in that short period of time you're going to sweat A LOT.

2. Fat Burning
HITT and Interval Training are proven to burn more fat. When the body is pushed that hard it kicks your body into repair system into overdrive... which means in the 24 hours even AFTER your Interval Training or HIIT workout you will be burning more calories than normal. And we all know that the more calories you burn, the more weight you lose :).

3. Heart Health
You know that feeling you get when you're doing exercise so intensely that you can't breathe and you feel like your heart is going to pop out of your chest? That's what you get with HIIT workouts and it puts your body into the anaerobic zone of training. Doing this really helps to strengthen your heart and doing lighter exercise for longer will become drastically easier over time!

4. No Equipment Necessary
You can do HITT on the go or at home and it's so easy because you don't need equipment to do it (you can use equipment for sure, but it's not necessary). Jumping jacks, knee high's, jump squats, lunges, push-ups, etc can all be a part of your HITT workout. For tons of options check out my friend Katy's YouTube channel... she has A TON of HIIT workouts posted there!

Katy, Myself & Michelle!
5. Lose Body Fat, Not Muscle
While doing non-stop cardio is shown to increase muscle loss, HIIT and Interval training is shown to burn fat while preserving your muscle mass. The fact that you're doing resistance exercises but at such a fast pace that it gets your heart going like cardio is what makes this type of workout one of the best!

6. Increase Metabolism
Like previously mentioned, HIIT and Interval Training helps the body burn calories for up to 24 hours after the workout, this is caused due to an increase in Human Growth Hormone, which increases calorie burn and also slows down the aging process! DOUBLE BONUS!

7. Do It Anywhere
Because there is little to no equipment needed for this type of exercise, you can pretty much do it anywhere. A period of time doing the exercise followed by a period of rest, a simple concept! You can do it at home, or when travelling, or at the gym if you just enjoy it!

Dude - have you ever done one of these workouts? THEY ARE ALWAYS HARD! No matter how fit you get or how far you come, every time you do one of these workouts they will be challenging, because they are based on how fast you can go or how many reps you can do yourself. It doesn't get easier, but you always get a kick-ass workout :).

Make sense? Do you understand? Wicked. :) Now for the FUN part!! Here's a demo workout of a HIIT Workout that you can do right in your own home. The type of workout is called Tabata, which is a specific structure of timing for your workout, which lasts a total of 4 minutes. You have 4 minutes, right? Who DOESN'T have 4 minutes??? Get up and do this right now, so you know how quickly it goes by! The Tabata format is 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. I've been put through this more than 1 time, and it kicks my butt every time. Ok ready? GO!

20 seconds - Jumping Jacks
10 seconds rest
20 seconds - Knee Highs
10 seconds rest
20 seconds - Push Ups
10 seconds rest
20 seconds - Squats
10 seconds rest

That was easy, right? Want to know a secret to help make the workout easier? I was recently given the chance to try out the new Gymboss Interval Timer and it's amazing! You can set it up for however long you want your intervals to be, and it beeps every time the interval changes so you know the exact time to change up your activity!

AND because the folks over at Gymboss are SO NICE and gracious, they've offered to give 1 lucky reader their very own Gymboss! :) So check out the Rafflecopter below and get yourself entered! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you win!!

Q: Do you often do interval training or HIIT training?

Monday, July 29, 2013

It's Been A While MiMM!

Hey loveys,

It's been a while since I participated in a little MiMM action hosted by Katie over at Healthy Diva Life.... so I thought I'd make a point of making sure I participated today! Woohoo!

It's been probably like a month since I participated, and I'm sure I can find some things since my last post that have been Marvellous... Let me think... Oh!! I've been writing a lot on my other blog, Peace, Love & Vanity and I've been given the awesome opportunity to try and review some amazing skin care products that I'm excited to share with you guys! The product line is called Miracle10, you might have seen me blog or tweet about their stuff before, but honestly, the stuff is amazing. The products were developed and created here in Toronto so I'm so excited to be able to support such an amazing, LOCAL company. The man who created the line, Dr. Lista, created it originally for his patients (he's a plastic surgeon here in Toronto and in Mississauga) and because it worked so well he developed it into a skincare line!

They recently put together this really adorable video and I had to share it with you! However, it's uploaded on Vimeo and I can only put videos on here from YouTube, so if you CLICK HERE (and please do, it's so cute) you can watch it! Anyways, if you live in the Toronto area, they're boutiques are so friggen beautiful. They have 1 in Yorkville and they have 1 in Mississauga. If you're not in the area, you can visit their online boutique and check out all their products.

This is their Yorkville boutique. Gorgeous, right?
I get so excited when I find products that I love. I love sharing and spreading the word. Let me know if you're interested and if you try their products... J'adore :). They actually recently hosted one of the founders of Gilt and one of the authors of By Invitation Only. I'm currently reading that book and it's unreal. You can always pick up a copy online on Indigo if you're interested... there are so many take aways from that book, even if you aren't into fashion! MARVELLOUS! :)

Since my last MiMM post I found out that I very much enjoy running in the mornings. Like, waking up early and running before getting ready for work. I 100% never thought that I'd be the type of person to workout in the morning. I've never been a morning person. I enjoy sleeping too much, but I gave it a chance and I absolutely fell in love with it. It woke me up, got me pumped up for my day and I didn't have to worry about getting in a workout during the day or not. I will admit that I still did workout on my lunch, but it was perfect because I got in a good 20-30 minutes of running in the morning and I spent my lunch time doing weights! However..... I ended up getting some shin splints so I've only gone on a total of 2 morning runs. I tried using KT Tape, but unfortunately I think the only thing I can do to heal them is rest.

After one of my AM runs! 
Once my leggies heal though, I'll be back out on the pavement at 6am! I might have to get up earlier if I ever want to do more than 3km in the morning. MARVELLOUS! :)

On some random day, I was going through some old photos of when I was in college... and I had NO IDEA how much I've changed since then. I posted a photo of my in 2007 and me now on Instagram and I was overwhelmed with all of the comments from people who follow me!

I started this blog because I wanted to help motivate people to live a healthier life... and I think this is the most feedback about being inspirational that I've gotten. This photo shows that losing weight and getting healthy isn't something that comes instantly. It took me almost 6 years to look how I do. I didn't rush anything, and in all honesty, I didn't set out to look the way I do. I just learned how to eat healthy and I enjoyed doing so. I started running because I enjoy doing so. I think the key to anybody's success is finding something you enjoy doing and keep a mental note on how it makes you feel. When something feels good, you're going to want to do it. My journey was definitely a long one, coming from my first year in college living off of ramen noodles and vodka with the weekend exercise of hitting up the dance floor at our local bar and ending up today where I still enjoy vodka, but eat A LOT of veggies and fruits and exercise almost every day in a gym :). MARVELLOUS! :)

This past weekend my bestest friend came to visit from Nova Scotia. We've been friends since our first year of college (we took the same program and lived in the same residence). Lauren (aka Lo) came for the weekend for our friend Rochelle's birthday party. We went to a club here in Toronto called Cake. I think the club is meant for birthday's because when you get a booth, you also get birthday stuff, like pins and crowns and cupcakes! Here's a picture of Lo and I that was taken that night..

Our friend Nick from college also joined us on the outing (C did too!) so Nick came over before we went out as well... and naturally I stole the glasses he was wearing because.. well... they were super cool and I loved them.

On Saturday Lo & C & I went out for brunch to this super cute place on Queen St called La Palette... it's very French and very vintage. I snapped a photo of my coffee because it was so friggen adorable.

And also snapped a photo of the wall I was staring at... La Palette definitely qualifies as my new favourite place to sip coffee with a friend.


Q: Did you have a fantastic weekend?
Q: Where is your favourite place to sit and sip on coffee with a friend?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Because I'm Always Tired...

Hey loveys,

Do you lack energy?

Could you nap at any point through out the day and sleep perfectly through the night?

Do you wake up feeling like you could sleep for another 3 hours?

Me too. I don't know why this happens but it's pretty annoying. I hate not having energy. I like doing things... however when I do things, it must always include a coffee or Red Bull. I know, I know... Red Bull is bad... but I kid you not when I tell you that caffienated beverages get me through the day. No matter what day it is.. week day... weekend... it doesn't matter. Thank god for iced coffee during the summer months.

I was thinking that I should probably do another research and education related blog post soon because I've been kind of slacking in terms of actually providing you all with useful information, so this is the perfect opportunity to do so. What brought this on? The fact that I want to go for a walk... but being in my bed just feels SO GOOD. In my night gown... hair pulled out of my braid and plopped on top of my head... pillows and a duvet all around me... are you understanding how I'm feeling? :) I could put on Dr. Phil and literally fall asleep to the sound of his southern accent. Haha... I might be getting a little carried away.

The point is as a young, healthy 24 year old woman, I should have more damn energy than this!!! Perhaps it's because I haven't exercised in a while in attempts to heal my shin splints. I did notice that when I ran in the morning I had more energy through my whole day. Anyways, regardless... I googled (is this officially a word now?) natural ways to boost energy levels and came across an awesome article with FIFTY.. yes, 5-0 ways to boost energy naturally. I'm not going to copy and paste all 50 into this blog post, but I'll provide a link to the full article after I share my fav 10 :).

1. Pull down on your earlobes. What? Apparently this helps you stay awake and alert when you're feeling drowsy. I will have to try this...

2. Roll up and down on your toes. This stimulates the circulatory system which helps deliver much needed oxygen and glucose throughout the body.

3. Crank up the AC. Warm, stuffy environments accelerate mental fatigue. If you need to stay awake and energized in a lecture hall or meeting room, find an open seat under an AC vent.

4. Exercise regularly in the morning. I'M DOING THIS!! Even 30 minutes of exercise can make you feel energized for hours after. Exercise in the morning gets the endorphines flowing which keeps you happy and productive most of the day.

5. Eat at least 3 meals per day. Give yourself lasting energy by eating on a regular schedule.

6. Avoid late night television or aimless web browsing. Get a little more sleep instead.

7. Cut down on coffee and energy drinks (uhmm.. what?). Although coffee can give you a rush of energy, in the end it causes more fatigue. It doesn't have to be eliminated but you probably shouldn't drink more than 1 cup per day. OMG I'm totally drinking way more than that.

8. Stay hydrated. Dehydration can reduce blood volume which can lead ot feelings of fatigue. Drinking plenty of water will increase your need to go to the restroom which is a feeling that also helps you stay awake! :)

9. Watch your attitude. If you let the bad things that happen during the day get you down, you're bound to start feeling worn out. Watch your attitude and make sure you're not letting yourself be overly negative. A generally upbeat and optimistic outlook on life will keep your energy level up. Yes, the worst thing that can happen might actually happen, but giving it too much worry will only drain you. Look for the positive in every situation and you won't be so tired.

10. Avoid energy vampires. Lol. Energy Vampires always have something to complain about, or a problem that needs to be fixed, and they'll drain your energy by making you listen to them about their problems or by giving them attention.

For the whole list of all 50 energy boosting tips, you can click here! They have some really neat tips and tricks. I definitely wouldn't have thought of half of them but I will definitely be trying some of them out!! I think I could think up maybe 4 tips on my own...

1. Nap often.
2. Drink coffee.
3. Sleep 10 hours per night.
4. Go take a vacation.

Seems logical right? :).

Speaking of vacation..... I really want to go south this fall. I'm thinking I want to go the week after my birthday (which is Halloween - feel free to send gifts :P). Some place warm, where I can lay on a beach chair in my bikini and just bask in the sun. I also want to learn how to surf and swim with dolphins and play beach volleyball and run along the water and go dancing and drink from a coconut (I've done this here in Toronto but it seems much cooler doing it at an exotic destination) and basically anything you can do, I want to do. Turks and Caicos seems like a good option. No? Have you ever been? What did you think? It says it's good for people who like water sports, which means I could probably learn to surf somewhere (that's at the top of my to-do list) and play beach volleyball. :)

Random fact for you - I've never been somewhere warm. The only "trips" I've been on is when C and I went to Manhattan a couple of years ago.....

.... and when I was 16, my boyfriend at the time and his family and I drove from our little town in Ontario all the way to Edmonton Alberta... 4 days... 44 hours... not really what I'd call a "vacation" but it was far, and that counts kind of in my books.

Q: What's your "go-to" tip for keeping your energy high during the day?
Q: Best vacation you've ever been on?

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Cool Weekend Filled with Family!

Hey loveys!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend!!

My weekend was pretty insane! I had my mom, dad and sister down from my hometown of Wingham! They got here Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday afternoon! It was tons of fun! On Saturday afternoon we met up with some other cousins and one of my Uncle's in the area and went to a Jays baseball game! I didn't really pay much attention to the game (I never do!) so much as chatted and visited with my family! I obviously snapped some photos... so here they are :).

Me & My Little Cousin A

Me & Mama

Me & Little Cousin W

Me & Sister

Me & C

Dad, Uncle, Mom, Me, Sister, A, J, W, R... lots of initials :)
It was super fun and I'm glad I remembered to put on sunscreen this time! I usually forget and end up with a little bit of a burn. I remembered to lather up my arms and legs however I forgot my chest and my face... so my nose and chest are both a bit red. My burns usually only last a day or two so it should be cleared up by Wednesday!

For dinner on Saturday night we went to this new place near where I live that just opened this summer called the Amsterdam Brewery. It's a massive restaurant with a massive patio right along the water that houses it's own brew house as well (so they make all their own beer).

My Fam <3
We sat inside because it was late and it was busy and if we sat inside we got our food quicker. I ordered an appy of mussels which were ok... the serving size wasn't that big so I was kind of disappointed by that... but for my main I ordered the lobster rolls...

I don't know why I ordered them. Maybe it's because a big part of me hoped they were going to be as good as the lobster rolls from Rock Lobster. They were not even close, but it did satisfy my craving for seafood. I've been having MASSIVE cravings for seafood lately. I don't know why, but I'm not complaining :).

On Sunday morning we decided to all go out for breakfast. By the time we actually made it out for breakfast though it was already lunch time. I had a hard time deciding where to go but we eventually decided on the Thompson Diner which is on Bathurst/King here in Toronto. I wasn't really feeling the typical "friend breakfast/brunch food" so I got a turkey cobb salad!

It was HUGE and so satisfying. I'm super glad I got that salad over an omelette or something. Then after breaky I took my mom and sister for a walk down Queen St to do a bit of shopping. We didn't find much, I found a dress... shocking.. lol.

No matter where I go I always seem to find something I enjoy. Super awesome for my closet, not at all ideal for my bank account lol.

Needless to say my weekend consisted of no exercise and some semi-poor food choices (I ate a lot of liquorice for some reason). However, I can still feel my shin splints so I'm trying to take it easy on them and let them rest and heal. I think I'm going to have to book some time with my physio and let him do some of that electro-shock stuff on my shins to help it heal quicker. I want them to heal before summer and all this nice weather is gone!

Oh - I totally forgot. Mom brought my some fresh peas in the pods from the local Mennonite farm that's close to where my parents live. Aren't these beautiful!?

And speaking of which - did I ever show you the after math of all the tiling we did in our kitchen? We did the backsplash behind our sink and the tile above our cabinets. Check it! (Because I didn't have enough photos in this post already)..


Thanks to Rona for helping us buy stuff that we didn't know we needed lol. Oh boy... thank god we know people that know how to do things because we couldn't have done this alone. Phewf.

Q: What did you do this weekend??
Q: Did you have any special family time?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trying Out KT Tape - Vlog!

Hey loveys,

So I'm doing it. I'm getting up early again tomorrow to go for a run. Check out this vlog and you'll see what I'm going to try!

It's taken me forever to even write this because Breakfast At Tiffany's is on TV so obviously I'm sipping some Moscato while watching it. It's my favourite movie ever :). Do you think I could start going by Sarah Golightly? Would people think that's weird? :)

This is short. That's why I vlogged... anyways, here are some links of products I mentioned in the video!

Face Mask - Miracle10 Skincare
KT Tape
Essie Nail Polish
Hand Cream - Vaseline Hand & Nail Cream

Wish me luck and no shin splints tomorrow morning!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2-A-Days & the McDreamy of Diabetes!

Hey Loveys,

Welcome to Hump Day (now that today is over, tomorrow is Hump Day!)! This week is insane. Mostly because it's so flipping hot out here in Toronto. Today it feels like 39 degrees C, tomorrow it's supposed to feel like 41. It's totally killer!!! Let me explain...

I've told you before that I'm not a morning person. I never have been... I never will be (or so I thought). Last night I had this brilliant idea to wake up early this morning to get a run in before work today. Well, my alarm went off at 6am and to be honest with you, I reset my alarm for 6:45 and almost went back to sleep. I realized I was already awake and instead of trying to fall back asleep, I got my ass out of bed, through on my shorts (I slept in my sports bra and tank top so I wouldn't have to do too much work when I woke up this morning), threw my hair up, got my shoes on and got my ass outside. I couldn't believe how hot it already was when I got outside at about 6:15am.

I had remembered to charge my GPS watch which was a huge bonus, so I didn't have to run with my phone in my hands this time. I ran in one giant circle which ended up being about 3.2km and it took me about 20 minutes to finish the whole thing. Like my last run on Sunday, it was really flipping hot and I took a ton of walk breaks because the heat eventually makes it hard to breathe when running. When I got home, I snapped a quick selfie (obviously) of how sweaty I was!!

1. My hair is insane... no judgement.
2. Can you see the immense amounts of perspiration running down my chest?
3. I felt gross, hence the crinkled nose. :)

Overall it was pretty good except for the fact that I think I have shin splints. Seriously. I can't get rid of these f*^@#^s. Well.. that's a lie. It's actually been a while since I've had shin splints. I think the last time was after I finished my half-marathon. But come on... really? The only way to fix these stupid things is to rest and I just got back into running and it's been going SO WELL and I don't want to stop. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I used Arnica Gel on the spots on my legs where the pain is (the inner calf, kind of deep in there) but I doubt that's going to help do much but reduce the pain (which I guess is kind of good). Maybe I should hit up my physio and get him to put some electricity on my calves. Ugh - this is frustrating. I can still feel where the achy bits on my legs are now..

You know.... I was surprised at how much I didn't mind running at 6am. First of all, hardly anyone is out walking at that time, so the sidewalks and the streets were fairly dead, making it easier for me to focus on running in a straight line and not dodging pedestrians. The mornings are so pretty and peaceful, it helped kind of "zone me out" while I was running, even though I had music blasting in my ears. And obviously it wasn't as hot at that time as it was most of the day today, so I'm glad I ran then and didn't over heat too badly. I also found that when I got home I had a ton of energy! The run had totally woke me up and prepared me for the rest of my day! C was kind of surprised at how chatty and chipper I was when I got home! Haha, I'm sure he wasn't prepared for that lol. 

Because I had gotten my day off to such a great and healthy start, I wanted to keep the momentum going! So I started by preparing all of my food for the day (I do this anyways, but today I'm going to brag about it. Lol). Like normal, I got my breakfast ready and blended it up with my Magic Bullet. I had 1 banana, some blueberries and frozen raspberries with some protein powder and water. DELISH. And I needed that protein after my run! For lunch I made my famous Upside Down Salad. 



Upside down salad. It's literally what you think.

Basically I make my salad in reverse. I used to find that I'd always put in too much lettuce or spinach and would never leave myself enough room for all of the other veggies I wanted to include in my salad, so I started putting in my random veggies first and the filler (lettuce/spinach) I'd put in at the end! I paired this salad with a mini can of Tomato & Onion Tuna... drool. Seriously. I love veggies so much, I'm kind of grateful for it.

As a snack at work I bought another small salad with hard boiled egg because I got hungry before lunch. Whatevs.

On my lunch break I decided to workout for a SECOND time today. I know, I know. I got some feedback on my Instagram account ranging from "You're crazy!" (thanks Katie :P) to "You're officially my new role model!" (which TOTALLY flattered me and made me blush...) however I had lots of energy and totally felt like lifting some heavy weights! I attempted a full body workout, but like I thought would happen, I did get a full body workout but it wasn't SUPER intense like normal (I basically had to divide my time between upper and lower body when I'm used to spending all my time on one or the other). Let me see if I can remember the exercises I did:

- Leg press
- Pec Dec
- Rear Deltoid Fly
- Leg Extension
- Leg Press
- Negative Pull-ups
- Bicep Curls
- Tricep Pressdown
- Lateral Raises (machine)
- Lateral & Frontal Raises (dumbbells)

I think that's about it. I don't think that's the correct order, but I think I covered it all. It was awesome! I was sweaty and my arms felt pretty weak at the end of my workout, which is always a good sign that you had a good workout! I definitely devoured my salad/tuna after all that.

Yesterday I didn't workout, however I got in some good walking. But fiiiirst.... I saw my McDreamy of Diabetes, my Endo (aka. my Diabetes Doctor). Remember Dr. Perkins? I've talked about him like 1421 times on here already, but yesterday after we talked shop (and how he can help me get healthier) I asked him for an updated photo for my blog. He's always so great with it, so I didn't feel as stupid this time as I did the first time lol! I look really tired in this photo.... 

He's actually dreamy, right? It's not just me? I know the ladies I work with all adore him and get jealous when I get to go visit. Hehe. So, do you know anyone that you think is basically perfect? And then they go and say they're going to do something super cool and all you can think is "Oh ya.. of course you are doing that.. you are perfect...", well that's what happened to me about him last night. A gal and a fellow diabetic is currently training to climb Mt Kilimanjaro soon, and it turns out that she's climbing with Dr. Perkins... which  means "of course he's climbing Mt Kilimanjaro...". Lol! He's officially the McDreamy of Diabetes. Done.

He actually asked me what the feedback was on him last time I posted a picture of him. Come on ladies, give me some concrete feedback to send him :). 

I actually walked home from the hospital yesterday because I knew I wouldn't be getting in a workout. I was dripping sweat by the time I got home because of how hot it was outside, and my balls were killing me (the balls of my feet that is ;P). Better than no workout at all I suppose!

One last thought for tonight's post. I got my new "Thank You" cards in the mail yesterday and I totally love them. That's all.


Oh! And don't forget to stop around to my other blog and find out which 3 Summer Trends I Do... and Do Not Enjoy! Let me know what you think :)!
Q: Do you ever do 2-a-day workouts?
Q: Seriously though... thoughts on my McDreamy?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dining Alone & Running in 35C Weather!

Hey Loveys,

Happy Sunday! I just got back from seeing The Heat and doing groceries with C. OMG that movie was HILARIOUS!! I'm glad that we picked that movie to go and see, I needed a good laugh. I had tears in my eyes at times! Melissa McCarthy is just absolutely hilarious, her humour and straight face delivery just makes me crack up... even during the commercials for the movie lol!

This morning I went for a run and I did not check the weather before I went. It looked beautiful inside as I was looking outside from inside from air conditioned condo. I put on my running shorts, threw on a race t-shirt, tied up my hair and got outside before I could change my mind (and continue watching Gossip Girl... obviously). Well I got outside, turned on my GPS watch.. and "Low Battery" flashed across the screen. Perfect. So back up to the condo I went and traded in my GPS watch for my phone (which is not ideal because I hate holding my phone when running, my hand gets sweaty), and went back downstairs again and then hit the pavement for real this time lol.

Well, 500 meters into my run and I was sweating. I knew it was hot out, but all I could think of really was "Awesome, this is going to be so intense and I love it" and "Damn it, this stupid race t-shirt... I should have worn a tank top.". When I run, I usually run along the trails along the lake shore here in Toronto, but occasionally I like to run in the core of downtown because I like to see people and see things. Today I ran downtown mostly to avoid all of the people at the Toronto Indy Race that was happening all weekend. I navigate between the closest main street I live near, and the second (Bathurst and Spadina) closest and make my way gradually north. That means I run down some major streets here in Toronto. It's fun! There's always something to see! Today? Not much other than many people walking out and about while I dodged between them.

I cut my run a bit short (I was aiming for 7km but ended up doing 6km) because I was so tired and hot. I made it through 6km in about 40 minutes but I had countless walk breaks during the run because it was so hot that it was kind of hard to breathe. When I got to my building, I wanted to walk around just to get my heart rate down, so I walked around my lobby area inside because it was way too hot outside and I needed to cool down! On the way up to the condo I snapped a photo so you could see how sweaty I was!

Can you see how sweaty I was? When I got off the elevator on our floor, looked around to make sure no one was there and literally had to take off my shirt I was SO HOT. This picture was like 15 minutes and 4 glasses of water later and I'm STILL dripping sweat...

Yep. That's me in my sports bra. TAKE IT ALL IN! Haha.. I'm just kidding. But seriously... still sweating. I had a shower and got out and was still sweating. It was the weirdest thing. But it felt good! I actually looked up the weather when I got home and it turns out that it felt like 35 degrees Celsius outside. Probably silly of me to run but I didn't know when I started how hot it was going to be lol. Whoopsies...

I will admit I didn't get to workout on Saturday like I had hoped I would. On Friday night I was out
My friend Kim & I at Brassaii on Friday night! Vodka... so. much. vodka.
really late and had a touch too much to drink. Basically, vodka kicked my ass. However, I did dine alone for the first time!! C was out having drinks on a patio with his friend (I opted not to go because I couldn't stand the thought of drinking again in the hot sun) so I stayed home and was watching tv. I got really hungry and when I looked we had nothing that I wanted to eat or was willing to make to eat. So, I got this brilliant idea to go dine at my favourite restaurant here in Toronto called Rock Lobster. I called my good friend Nick because I thought he lived closer to me than he actually does. Womp womp. The good news is I got to talk to him for a while and I think he's coming out for my girlfriends birthday in a couple of weeks! He promised to text me this week so we can meet up for lunch or something sometime soon so that's super exciting!

I have never gone out for dinner by myself, so when I went into the restaurant I felt really weird asking for a table for 1 lol. He let me sit at the bar, so since I already knew what I was having (it's my fav restaurant... of course I already know what I'm ordering) I busted out my phone and crept Instagram and Twitter, like anyone dining alone would do. I ordered a drink (I felt a little peer pressure from the bartender who was judging me for not ordering a drink on a Saturday night lol!) and got a Rock Lobster Cesar... basically it's a normal Cesar but it comes with half of a lobster tail. Basically the best thing ever. Anyways, I ordered their famous Lobster Roll and omg devoured it like it was nobody's business. I think I've talked about how good they are before, and they just never fail me. I need to work there so I can eat them more often.

This is the Lobster Roll. Comes with chips and a pickle!!
It was kind of liberating actually. I used to be the type of person who couldn't do anything by herself.. I couldn't go shopping by myself, or for a walk and especially not out for dinner. I'm not sure why... I felt silly. But being in Toronto has kind of gotten me over all of that. It's super nice to be ok with just doing what I want, whenever I want. A lot of the things I enjoy doing isn't really C's thing lol. I like walking around aimlessly with my Canon camera... he doesn't like walking unless he's going to a specific destination. I like going to read in cutesy little cafe's and he likes video games lol. At first I was more self-conscious about it but now I'm good with doing stuff alone! It's great! :)

Q: Do you ever go out to dinner by yourself?
Q: What did you do for your workout(s) this weekend?

Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm Getting It Back!!

Hey loveys!

Happy Friday!! Guess what - RIGHT NOW is the furthest away from Monday that you can possibly be without having to work. WHAT!? Yep. Embrace it my love... embrace it. It's the weekend - FINALLY!

I'm a bit tired. Let me tell you why. Remember how I was complaining about the weather here in Toronto this week? Well today's weather was AMAZING, so obviously I had to get out and hit the pavement while I could. I decided while working that I was going to do a 5-7km run today to help get my weekend off to a good start! So that's exactly what I did. I charged up my Nike+ GPS Watch, put some new music on my iPod, laced my shoes and got outside. I haven't used my GPS watch in a while and I think it needs an update because it took forever to track down a satellite to track my km's, but whatevs.

So there I am.. run run run... feeling like I look all hot and like this...

.... when I look down at my GPS watch and notice that the km reading is the same as it was at my walk break, 5 minutes earlier. EFF! I looked like this......

Yes, correct. I went from running along the beach to running in the dessert. Just kidding. But really... I think a lot of drivers probably wondered what was wrong when I had a minor freak out about my watch stopping. I was so pissed. At least my watch was still going so I could kind of guess my km's based on my pace and the time elapsed. Needless to say I managed to bust out a 7.36km run in 44:37! Whoop whoop!! I'm totally getting it back. I think I also got a touch of colour on my arms and legs which is perrrrrfect because I'm going out tonight and during the summer, one can never look too glowing ;)

Speaking of glowing.... I think the amount of sweat I produced after I stopped running is a bit ridic. Check it.

I didn't pit a filter on this picture because I wanted.. no NEEDED.. you all to see the crazy lines of sweat running down my chest. It sounds hot, but when you look at that photo it's quite the opposite lol! I was sitting at my desk after my run, trying to catch my breathe and check out who emailed me while I was out running and I actually went to cross my legs when I noticed that they wouldn't cross because of how slippery and wet they were from sweat. Seriously!? The tops of my legs were sweating!? Must have been a good run. I did sprint the last 400ish km's... I think my heart had stopped during that time.

Do you have any fun workouts planned for this weekend? I actually am planning on working out BOTH days this weekend because I have no major plans. Double score. Weight training on Saturday and a run along the water on Sunday. Tonight I'm going to a birthday party of a lovely little lady that works for C, so that should be fun! I'm going to wear a long black maxi dress. I can't really decide which type of make-up to wear... a smokey eye and accented cheek bones, or less on the eyes (liquid liner and serious mascara) and a bold red lip. Thoughts? I'd love some feedback on that... like in the next couple hours please lol. 

Tomorrow C and I are heading to my FAVOURITE mall ever. Yorkdale. Ahhhh.... oh how I long to just walk around the really rich people. Lol. I'm going bathing suit shopping because one of my best friends, Rochelle, is having her birthday party in a couple weekends (which my BESTEST friend Lauren is coming home from Nova Scotia for and I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!) and as part of the "weekend madness" she's having a pool party at her house in Oakville. You bet I'm going to buy a new bathing suit for such an occasion! I also need a new dress for the night before because we're going out downtown Toronto, but I'll talk more about that when the time is actually here :). And of course, my Sunday will be spent studying all about arthritis! I actually got a second night of studying in this week which has been rare, but it was much needed. I've been distracted lately, but I think as of today things will be smooth going forward. At least a girl can hope! :)

On Monday of this week, I have a couple fun things happening that I will just touch on briefly.

1. I get to see my most favourite doctor ever, my Endo that I'm in love with!! I usually only see him for 30 seconds during my appointment (which comes out to be about 1.5 minutes per year of quality endo/Sarah time, but boy to I cherish those seconds. Lol! Do you guys remember him???

I wonder if he'd care if I asked him for an updated photo... I look awkward in that photo. I guess the whole experience of asking him for a photo "for my blog" was a bit awkward in general, but I could have made it look a little less awkward. Hmm... I think I will! Haha. Will update you with new photo on Monday - that's officially on my list lol!

2. C and I are having date night at the movies! I don't think it's much of a secret that I'm a sucker for a vintage film... and Cineplex has (and has been having for a while and I had no idea) classic film nights!! So on Monday we're going to see a classic Hitchcock film, staring who else but the beautiful and classic Grace Kelly, To Catch A Thief. I'm so excited!! I actually didn't think C was going to want to go with me so I literally bought 1 ticket for myself because I wanted to go so bad. I've never been to the movies alone, but turns out C did want to come with me (I wonder what he wants.... is this a "suck up" move???), so he'll suffice as my date :). I'm clearly very excited to watch some serious vintage love on a large, large screen.

Q: Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Date night with your lover perhaps? Date night solo? No judgement.
Q: What about workouts? What do you have planned? You BETTER get a good sweat on this weekend!! :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Quick Workout Recap!!

Hey loveys!

I don't know if you heard but Toronto has been having some EXTREME weather!! We had some serious flooding happen on Monday night, the power was out, the whole sha-bang! Needless to say I had a blog post started but didn't get a chance to post it since I was in the car until about 8:30 pm in bumper to bumper traffic (all of the lights were out in the downtown core... the cars were INSANE), got home, made dinner and crashed! Last night I had an appointment downtown that actually ran longer than expected, so again, didn't get to have dinner until 10ish again. SOO that's where I've been. How have you guys been? Hopefully the weather there has been better than here!

Flooding at Union Station here in Toronto
Remember in my last post I talked about how sore my legs were from my workout with Trainer Friend?  Well my legs and everything below the waist was sore up until Monday. I swear to God. On Sunday night I had had quite enough with the crazy amounts of pain I was having so I busted out the ol' foam roller and rolled out my lower appendages. In between my foam rolling I also did some serious stretching. I had to stretch out my hamstrings and my glute max SO BADLY so I literally laid on the kitchen floor and took really deep breaths and laughed (because I laugh when I'm in pain for some reason) and really forced myself to stretch out my tight muscles. During my foam rolling I had the dreaded knots in my quads. Oy vey.

I learned quickly, I need to spend more quality time with my foam roller.

However, because my legs were pretty sore I was able to get in a serious upper body lifting session on Monday. I worked on trying to activate my lats, because that's something I have trouble with. My back is toned and I'm happy with it, however when it comes to trying to progress in my pull-ups, because I have a hard time activating my lats (and not using my biceps), they just aren't coming around as quickly as I'd like them too.

Ahh... I remember the days when I was super fit. I was training for my half.... I had lost a ton of body fat (but not weight... FYI), I was weight training and pole dancing and TRXing and I had conquered the famous first pull-up... It made me so flipping excited and all I wanted to do was pull-ups. Alas... this is again yet a goal, but I'm hoping it comes back quickly!! :)

Half-marathon training. Hmm.. well where do I start on that subject. Basically I don't start because I haven't been running. I'd love to blame the weather and I'm sure that's what I'm going to do. Between Hurricane Toronto and it being so extremely humid and muggy, I've opted for weight training instead of running. Wah wahh. Basically that's all I have to update you on for that. #epicfail

I've been getting better in my diet. I'm slowly but surely getting back onto the paleo band wagon. I feel like a lot of people that were super keeners about paleo and eating clean before either have also fallen off the band wagon or have crazy big things going on in their lives right now so they aren't focusing so much on their diets or updating their blogs and whatnot on their diets. I find this kind of discouraging because I need to be held accountable a lot or I just won't do it. Mm.. Mike n' Ike's in the pantry?? Totally having those for dinner. :) THAT'S how it's been. Haha so not well.

Have you noticed that summer really isn't the best time to be healthy and fit and overall balanced? It should be. I mean.. bikini's, tank tops and shorts.. but really, all I want to do is hang out on a patio, get my tan on and sip on a Cosmo... is that REALLY so bad? Canadian's only get like 3 months of summer anyways, which means 25% of the time we act bad, and 75% of the time (the rest of the year) we're all healthy saints. That's fair, right? I think I'm rambling.

Today something happened that I'M REALLY FLIPPING FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT!!!!!! I can't tell you what this is probably for at least a few months.... but I'm freaking out inside and bought a bottle of Moscato wine to drink tonight to celebrate. All I can say right now is PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for me and send me all the positive energy you can because I need it!! It's something basically life changing.... AHH! :) (I thank you in advanced for your positive vibes).

Ok - I'm off to write about some more skin care goodness on my Peace, Love & Vanity blog tonight - have you been to check it out?? I know a lot of my fitness peeps also really enjoy fashion and beauty, so please stop by if you like, feel free to follow via BlogLovin' (by clicking the little button on the left hand side!).

Q: Do your fitness goals and nutrition goals kind of decrease over the summer months?
Q: Did you send me those positive vibes yet? :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

1 Crazy Leg Workout & My 2 Favourite Poems

Hey Loveys,

This morning is the best morning ever. Not for any reason specifically... but the sky looks so pretty. I'm up at 8am which is kind of early, yet still "sleeping in" from my regular time.... I'm sipping a delicious coffee... watching my new obsession (Gossip Girl - why am I not part of the upper class in Manhattan?? I think I'm dramatic enough..) and writing a post for you fine people :).

I hope you all had a great week! It was a short week for us here in Canada because Monday was a holiday thanks to Canada Day! So the week flew by faster than normal actually!

We stayed in last night and it was kind of nice. I got home and I was kind of grumpy and tired so I had a nap, but then I got some coffee into me and finished watching Dr. Oz and Ellen and decided to go for a walk to pick up some dinner! We decided on Hero Burger for dinner, so I picked a delicious turkey burger on a gluten free bun with brie cheese, portobello mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Omg it was to DIE for. It makes my mouth water thinking about it.. nom nom nom.

Speaking of yesterday - I had the most insane workout. Well... not the most insane, but it killed me regardless. First things first. I went up to the gym originally to do my own workout. I didn't have a plan, but then again I never really have a plan when I get to the gym (I should work on this). But I ran into my Trainer Friend on the way and he had half an hour so brought me upstairs to workout with him. He asked what I wanted to train and so I told him it didn't really matter. So he decided on legs...

We started with a standing row for some random reason lol. It was the only back exercise we did.. but whatever. It was a good warm up. OH! I forgot to mention, the air conditioning in the gym was broken, so it was basically like a sauna which made me sweat SO MUCH... but also made me feel really intense. Anyways, so we went onto doing that thing where you place an Olympic bar in the corner, and squat down with it and push it up once you're standing. Do you know what I mean? I can't remember what it's called. To superset that, we mixed it with a rotation while holding the bar straight out to work on core.

We moved along after doing 3 sets of those and did a ton of 1-legged lunges. We started by doing a split squat, so one leg propped up on a bench behind me while I lunge down on the other leg. I think it should be called Split Lunge because it's not really a squat position. Whatevs. So I did each leg 3 times and wanted to barf basically. To superset those bad boys, we did the lunges where you're on a step, and you step one leg backwards and lunge down until your knee touches the floor. Again - 3 sets of those... I almost fell over after completing them. :)

After doing those, I was dripping sweat, Trainer Friend has this brilliant idea that we needed to do Tabata Intervals. So if you don't know what Tabata Intervals are, it's 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes. This is what we did:

20 seconds - squats with a 12kg kettlebell in my right hand
10 seconds rest
20 seconds - kettlebell swings
10 seconds rest
20 seconds - squats with a 12kg kettlebell in my left hand
10 seconds rest
20 seconds - kettlebell swings
10 seconds rest
20 seconds - plank marches
10 seconds rest
20 seconds - knee highs
10 seconds rest
20 seconds - plank marches
10 seconds rest
20 seconds - knee highs

So obviously by this point when I was doing plank marches, I had sweat dripping off of the end of my nose and onto the mat I was on. Not glamourous hahaha. I ended up doing 20 minutes of cardio after all of that just to top the whole workout off, and I ended up with beads of sweat on my back - beads of sweat on your back is hard to get!! It was amazing. It was an awesome workout and it made me SO happy.. however today my legs are SO SORE I can barely curl up on the couch and write this! :) I'm actually about to get up and hit the gym to do some upper body and core before my afternoon out with friends at the Blue Jays game!! I figured getting my workout in early will just make me feel better all day because I'll know my workout has already been done!!

Last night I saw someone had posted a picture on Instagram of a poem that I really liked:

I loved this poem. I think a lot of people are overly critical about themselves (myself included) and this poem really stood out to me. But not only did I love it and think it was beautiful, it reminded me of my favourite poem...

I've loved this poem for a very long time. I'm not sure what about it I love so much, but I think when E.E. Cummings was writing it, it came from a place deep within them (do we know if E.E. is a guy or a girl?) and I think the words are so genuine. I just love it. I have it on my phone and read it often :). I was thinking last night and I think starting in August I'm going to host a Brain Fitness Challenge.... I don't have all of the details worked out yet but I will post probably closer to the end of July. Not only is it important to keep our bodies fit, it's important to keep our brain and minds fit as well. But more on that later.. :)

Ok! I'm off to the gym to get jacked before the baseball game this afternoon! I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend!! xoxo

Q: What's the highlight of your weekend??
Q: What's your favourite poem?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Green Juice & Rat Tails...!

Hey Loveys,

Happy hump day! I think one of the things I love most about having long weekends is having a short week afterwards. This week, well, these past 2 days have definitely been productive and therefore have flown by before I could even blink my eyes.

I am aware of the fact that lately... well... my blog hasn't been maybe my "first priority". I get that. Life gets in the way. So today I made a vow to myself to make sure I do a normal blog post... you know, where I give you nutritional advice, or tell you what I'm cooking, or what I'm whipping up in the blender. Aren't you so excited already!?!? :)

As you all know, because I've admitted, my diet has been sort of "ass-like" lately. I think this is partly because we haven't done a serious grocery shop in quite some time. I read a quote on Instagram today that said "If you have good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.". Ha. Seems obvious, right? But think about it for a second. How many times have you looked in your fridge and been like "meh.." and gotten some junk food. I do this ALL THE TIME!!!!! I think I'm totally addicted to sweet things now... and I was doing so WELL. Bah!! Needless to say we went grocery shopping after work today and I got a serious haul of fruits and veggies. It was much needed and I feel like my stress level is a bit lower because I know I have a ton of fresh, delicious foods to eat for the rest of the week!

The first thing I did when I got home tonight was whip myself up a nice glass of water. I have been drinking a ton of water lately because on Monday night I got diagnosed with another bladder infection. I've gotten these at least 1x/year since I was like 8 years old. Diabetics are also prone to bladder infections. I know instantly as soon as I start to feel it and I get my ass to the walk-in clinic or the emergency room with a massive water bottle in hand. I've been peeing about 1823 times per day since then. But I wanted to spruce my water up a bit tonight, so I got out my brand new cucumber, sliced about 5 slices of it, and popped it into my glass with some ice, and a fancy green straw to match my cucumber. Check it.

Not only is it so pretty - it tastes AMAZING. Mmm.... so refreshing. I think this is one of my new favourite bevies!

So besides laundry and groceries, one other thing that I put on my To-Do List for this evening was to make some juice! I haven't juiced in about a month, and I was really dying to basically juice anything that I could. Since we made a pit stop at Loblaw's on our way home from work, I decided that I wanted to get ingredients to make some..... wait for it..... GREEN JUICE! Haha.. so typical of me. So that's exactly what I did... and I'm going to share my favourite green juice recipe with you! What I used made me 1 litre of juice in total.

2 apples (I used some form of a red apple)
5 stalks of kale
1/2 of a full sized cucumber
Some sprigs of parsley
A lot of celery. Like... 12 pieces probably (I obviously did not count). **The amount of celery you use in your juice depends on how much you like celery I suppose. It has a very distinct flavour in juices so you have to be a fan or you just won't like it at all.

Juice all that crazy stuff together and voila!

Green juice!! I actually found a bottle that we almost recycled and washed it out really good and stored my green juice in that so I can use it as part of my green smoothie that I'm planning on having for breakfast tomorrow! Healthy food makes me overly excited.. is that weird?

Today instead of going outside for my run, I opted for a run indoors on the treadmill (there's a smog warning in Toronto right now, it's all hazy and humid out, figured inside might be easier on the lungs). My run got off to a fairly good start. In my last post I told you that I'm working on getting my endurance back, so I'm not running at the speeds I used to. I was running at 6.1 and I got to the 9 minute mark which is when I walk for 1 minute, and grabbed my towel to wipe copious amounts of sweat from my brow and then the MOST annoying thing ever happened. The emergency clip fell out of the cup holder, forcing my treadmill to instantly stop and restart. FUUUU($#(@#@*$#*@#!!!!! #fail

I was clearly pissed. But whatever. I restarted the stupid thing and went on my merry way. I do this thing where I run at like 6.1 for 9 minutes (I know, 6.1 is kind of slow but it felt fast for my legs.. ok?) and would walk for 1 minute. I did that twice for a total of 20 minutes and then I decided to kick it up a notch. I wanted to do some intervals. So I ran at 6.5 for 1 minute, 6.6 for 1 minute, 6.7 for 1 minute, walked for 1.5 minutes (I almost died I think) and then 6.0 for 30 seconds, repeated 3 times to bring my workout to a total of 45 minutes (if you include the first 9.5-10 minutes that got erased due to the stupid emergency clip).

The bottom photo is the end of my workout. Like I said on Instagram, tack on another 100 calories, 1 mile and 10 minutes (you can't see the total minutes because it's in countdown mode, but it was at 35 minutes). It was kind of humid in the gym today so I was sweating like a pig. Not ideal when my hair is hanging down my back. I wore my hair in a French braid today with some cute headbands that I have. I didn't think about it when I went for a run, I just switched to a running headband and ran. Ugh - then I came back to my office with literally a rat tail lol. It was so disgusting. My hair was dripping sweat off the end of my braid.... gross as hell lol. I guess that shows that my workout was pretty damn good - don't you think? :) Oh ya - and GO ME for finishing 4.24 miles... that's 6.82 kilometers! More than I've done in a loooong time. I hope I don't feel it too much tomorrow!

Q: What's your favourite way to infuse your water?
Q: Do you ever get the gross rat tail hair after your run? Lol.. please say yes, so it's not only me.

Monday, July 1, 2013

It Felt Like I Had A Small Heart Attack

Hey loveys,

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks!

Since it's Monday I decided to get back on the exercise band wagon today. Seriously. I fell off and completely wiped out. I have this goal in mind to try and get lets like Rita Catolino... have you ever heard of her? She's currently Tosca Reno's personal trainer, but she also trains at GoodLife Fitness in London, ON. Let me show you why this is my goal...

Uh ya. Hello legs. I'm not totally sure how tall she is (shorter people can gain muscle mass easier than tall people) but I don't even care.... Look at those legs! I want them. I sometimes feel like it would be easier if I simply cut them off her and put them on myself. Seems reasonable, right?

Anyways, back to my story. Because I have this goal in mind, last week I may have overdone it on my lower body workout. Overdone it as in I did the workout on Wednesday, and was still trying to stretch shit out last night because I was still sore. Lol. Whoops. Note to self - I can't squat like Rita... yet. So because of that, I haven't worked out much this week. After eating like a disgusting pig all weekend, I decided to stay in last night, not go out drinking, go to bed at a decent hour so I could get my butt out of bed and hit the pavement for a run this morning.

So I did just that. After watching an episode of Property Brothers (the house they transformed looked AMAZEBALLS by the way) I put on my running gear and got outside. In the elevator as it approached ground I realized that my iPod was dead. Ok - fail number 1. I had my phone with me so I could track my GPS so I just plugged my headphones into that and streamed the radio. Not the most ideal situation, but I made do.

It was fairly mild out this morning. The sun wasn't out, it was overcast, so I figured that would be good running weather. I wasn't completely wrong... it was definitely nice weather to run in. There were tons of runners out and about and tons of people cycling along my trail as well. So here I am.. running along thinking "Oh.. this isn't so bad... I mean, I'm a little winded but I've been running for what, 15 minutes already? I totally got this.". NEGATIVE! It hadn't even been 400 meters yet and already I was dying for breath and wanted to turn around. Awesome start to my little 5km run....

I'm running along the water, passing all these super fit people, people who looked like professional cyclists... basically everything that I wished I was at that moment, and all I was doing was trying not to pass out. Lol.. oh lord. At every kilometer mark my GPS talks to me, so when it hit the 2km mark, I knew I only had 500 meters to go before I needed to turn around and get my butt home. After what seemed like an hour, I finally hit the 2.5km mark so I was able to turn around. I think I tried to run faster to get home which was also quite hard. When I got home I was dripping sweat, I was a mess.

I thought about it briefly... I was actually kind of sad at the fact that I had run only 5km and it had been so ridiculously hard. I felt like I had a small heart attach. I obviously didn't, and I'm being dramatic. But still. It sucked. I think my official time was like 33 minutes and something... I don't even care lol.

It's probably hard to see the sweat, but it's running down my face and neck. Attractive. 
However, this run.. and the fact that it didn't go so well kind of motivated me and now I want to run each friggen day this week so I can get my endurance back. It needs to be back STAT. And I could stand to lose some of the 23430257770937 calories that I put on this weekend. :)

Q: How was your Canada Day??
Q: How was your weekend if you're not Canadian? Any good workouts??