Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2-A-Days & the McDreamy of Diabetes!

Hey Loveys,

Welcome to Hump Day (now that today is over, tomorrow is Hump Day!)! This week is insane. Mostly because it's so flipping hot out here in Toronto. Today it feels like 39 degrees C, tomorrow it's supposed to feel like 41. It's totally killer!!! Let me explain...

I've told you before that I'm not a morning person. I never have been... I never will be (or so I thought). Last night I had this brilliant idea to wake up early this morning to get a run in before work today. Well, my alarm went off at 6am and to be honest with you, I reset my alarm for 6:45 and almost went back to sleep. I realized I was already awake and instead of trying to fall back asleep, I got my ass out of bed, through on my shorts (I slept in my sports bra and tank top so I wouldn't have to do too much work when I woke up this morning), threw my hair up, got my shoes on and got my ass outside. I couldn't believe how hot it already was when I got outside at about 6:15am.

I had remembered to charge my GPS watch which was a huge bonus, so I didn't have to run with my phone in my hands this time. I ran in one giant circle which ended up being about 3.2km and it took me about 20 minutes to finish the whole thing. Like my last run on Sunday, it was really flipping hot and I took a ton of walk breaks because the heat eventually makes it hard to breathe when running. When I got home, I snapped a quick selfie (obviously) of how sweaty I was!!

1. My hair is insane... no judgement.
2. Can you see the immense amounts of perspiration running down my chest?
3. I felt gross, hence the crinkled nose. :)

Overall it was pretty good except for the fact that I think I have shin splints. Seriously. I can't get rid of these f*^@#^s. Well.. that's a lie. It's actually been a while since I've had shin splints. I think the last time was after I finished my half-marathon. But come on... really? The only way to fix these stupid things is to rest and I just got back into running and it's been going SO WELL and I don't want to stop. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I used Arnica Gel on the spots on my legs where the pain is (the inner calf, kind of deep in there) but I doubt that's going to help do much but reduce the pain (which I guess is kind of good). Maybe I should hit up my physio and get him to put some electricity on my calves. Ugh - this is frustrating. I can still feel where the achy bits on my legs are now..

You know.... I was surprised at how much I didn't mind running at 6am. First of all, hardly anyone is out walking at that time, so the sidewalks and the streets were fairly dead, making it easier for me to focus on running in a straight line and not dodging pedestrians. The mornings are so pretty and peaceful, it helped kind of "zone me out" while I was running, even though I had music blasting in my ears. And obviously it wasn't as hot at that time as it was most of the day today, so I'm glad I ran then and didn't over heat too badly. I also found that when I got home I had a ton of energy! The run had totally woke me up and prepared me for the rest of my day! C was kind of surprised at how chatty and chipper I was when I got home! Haha, I'm sure he wasn't prepared for that lol. 

Because I had gotten my day off to such a great and healthy start, I wanted to keep the momentum going! So I started by preparing all of my food for the day (I do this anyways, but today I'm going to brag about it. Lol). Like normal, I got my breakfast ready and blended it up with my Magic Bullet. I had 1 banana, some blueberries and frozen raspberries with some protein powder and water. DELISH. And I needed that protein after my run! For lunch I made my famous Upside Down Salad. 



Upside down salad. It's literally what you think.

Basically I make my salad in reverse. I used to find that I'd always put in too much lettuce or spinach and would never leave myself enough room for all of the other veggies I wanted to include in my salad, so I started putting in my random veggies first and the filler (lettuce/spinach) I'd put in at the end! I paired this salad with a mini can of Tomato & Onion Tuna... drool. Seriously. I love veggies so much, I'm kind of grateful for it.

As a snack at work I bought another small salad with hard boiled egg because I got hungry before lunch. Whatevs.

On my lunch break I decided to workout for a SECOND time today. I know, I know. I got some feedback on my Instagram account ranging from "You're crazy!" (thanks Katie :P) to "You're officially my new role model!" (which TOTALLY flattered me and made me blush...) however I had lots of energy and totally felt like lifting some heavy weights! I attempted a full body workout, but like I thought would happen, I did get a full body workout but it wasn't SUPER intense like normal (I basically had to divide my time between upper and lower body when I'm used to spending all my time on one or the other). Let me see if I can remember the exercises I did:

- Leg press
- Pec Dec
- Rear Deltoid Fly
- Leg Extension
- Leg Press
- Negative Pull-ups
- Bicep Curls
- Tricep Pressdown
- Lateral Raises (machine)
- Lateral & Frontal Raises (dumbbells)

I think that's about it. I don't think that's the correct order, but I think I covered it all. It was awesome! I was sweaty and my arms felt pretty weak at the end of my workout, which is always a good sign that you had a good workout! I definitely devoured my salad/tuna after all that.

Yesterday I didn't workout, however I got in some good walking. But fiiiirst.... I saw my McDreamy of Diabetes, my Endo (aka. my Diabetes Doctor). Remember Dr. Perkins? I've talked about him like 1421 times on here already, but yesterday after we talked shop (and how he can help me get healthier) I asked him for an updated photo for my blog. He's always so great with it, so I didn't feel as stupid this time as I did the first time lol! I look really tired in this photo.... 

He's actually dreamy, right? It's not just me? I know the ladies I work with all adore him and get jealous when I get to go visit. Hehe. So, do you know anyone that you think is basically perfect? And then they go and say they're going to do something super cool and all you can think is "Oh ya.. of course you are doing that.. you are perfect...", well that's what happened to me about him last night. A gal and a fellow diabetic is currently training to climb Mt Kilimanjaro soon, and it turns out that she's climbing with Dr. Perkins... which  means "of course he's climbing Mt Kilimanjaro...". Lol! He's officially the McDreamy of Diabetes. Done.

He actually asked me what the feedback was on him last time I posted a picture of him. Come on ladies, give me some concrete feedback to send him :). 

I actually walked home from the hospital yesterday because I knew I wouldn't be getting in a workout. I was dripping sweat by the time I got home because of how hot it was outside, and my balls were killing me (the balls of my feet that is ;P). Better than no workout at all I suppose!

One last thought for tonight's post. I got my new "Thank You" cards in the mail yesterday and I totally love them. That's all.


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Q: Do you ever do 2-a-day workouts?
Q: Seriously though... thoughts on my McDreamy?


  1. Way to get up and get moving so early in the morning! Early AM runs are actually my favorite time of day to run, although it's not always easy to drag myself out of bed. Cute new thank you cards! :0)

    1. Thanks Karen!! I actually kind of enjoyed it! If only the shin splints would disappear then I could start doing it more often!

  2. I love to run in the early mornings! its definitely my favorite time of day! you should def do it more often! great job!! and your dr. is completely adorable. you are very lucky to have him!!

    1. Hehe he issss adorable! :P Too funny. Once the pain in my shins goes away I will be with you (in spirit since you live far from me) in the early morning hours! :)

  3. Go girl! I have to get started with a morning workout plan. I always wait until after work and then hate myself.

    1. What!? Why do you hate yourself!? Girl don't even!! If you get a workout in at ANY time of the day then that's amazing! Doesn't matter when! I used to workout at night all the time - it's no biggie at all!!

  4. Never tried 2 a day workout, barely can keep up with exercising!
    Meh, I need to try harder! :D

    with love, Cassandra xx

    1. Haha it definitely takes some planning and effort, but if you really want it then you will find a way! :) Keep up the good work!

  5. SO SO SO SWEATY!!! It has been so hot!

  6. Your new thank you cards are so cute! Also you're hilarious but then again if my doctor were that good looking I might consider asking him for a picture too ;)

    Upside down salad is brilliant!


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