Monday, July 22, 2013

A Cool Weekend Filled with Family!

Hey loveys!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend!!

My weekend was pretty insane! I had my mom, dad and sister down from my hometown of Wingham! They got here Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday afternoon! It was tons of fun! On Saturday afternoon we met up with some other cousins and one of my Uncle's in the area and went to a Jays baseball game! I didn't really pay much attention to the game (I never do!) so much as chatted and visited with my family! I obviously snapped some photos... so here they are :).

Me & My Little Cousin A

Me & Mama

Me & Little Cousin W

Me & Sister

Me & C

Dad, Uncle, Mom, Me, Sister, A, J, W, R... lots of initials :)
It was super fun and I'm glad I remembered to put on sunscreen this time! I usually forget and end up with a little bit of a burn. I remembered to lather up my arms and legs however I forgot my chest and my face... so my nose and chest are both a bit red. My burns usually only last a day or two so it should be cleared up by Wednesday!

For dinner on Saturday night we went to this new place near where I live that just opened this summer called the Amsterdam Brewery. It's a massive restaurant with a massive patio right along the water that houses it's own brew house as well (so they make all their own beer).

My Fam <3
We sat inside because it was late and it was busy and if we sat inside we got our food quicker. I ordered an appy of mussels which were ok... the serving size wasn't that big so I was kind of disappointed by that... but for my main I ordered the lobster rolls...

I don't know why I ordered them. Maybe it's because a big part of me hoped they were going to be as good as the lobster rolls from Rock Lobster. They were not even close, but it did satisfy my craving for seafood. I've been having MASSIVE cravings for seafood lately. I don't know why, but I'm not complaining :).

On Sunday morning we decided to all go out for breakfast. By the time we actually made it out for breakfast though it was already lunch time. I had a hard time deciding where to go but we eventually decided on the Thompson Diner which is on Bathurst/King here in Toronto. I wasn't really feeling the typical "friend breakfast/brunch food" so I got a turkey cobb salad!

It was HUGE and so satisfying. I'm super glad I got that salad over an omelette or something. Then after breaky I took my mom and sister for a walk down Queen St to do a bit of shopping. We didn't find much, I found a dress... shocking.. lol.

No matter where I go I always seem to find something I enjoy. Super awesome for my closet, not at all ideal for my bank account lol.

Needless to say my weekend consisted of no exercise and some semi-poor food choices (I ate a lot of liquorice for some reason). However, I can still feel my shin splints so I'm trying to take it easy on them and let them rest and heal. I think I'm going to have to book some time with my physio and let him do some of that electro-shock stuff on my shins to help it heal quicker. I want them to heal before summer and all this nice weather is gone!

Oh - I totally forgot. Mom brought my some fresh peas in the pods from the local Mennonite farm that's close to where my parents live. Aren't these beautiful!?

And speaking of which - did I ever show you the after math of all the tiling we did in our kitchen? We did the backsplash behind our sink and the tile above our cabinets. Check it! (Because I didn't have enough photos in this post already)..


Thanks to Rona for helping us buy stuff that we didn't know we needed lol. Oh boy... thank god we know people that know how to do things because we couldn't have done this alone. Phewf.

Q: What did you do this weekend??
Q: Did you have any special family time?


  1. so glad you got to see the fam this wkend! I was really lucky to get to see mine also this weekend, because my parents hosted a large reunion for my dad's mom's side of the family. a lot of them I hadn't seen in many years! it was nice traveling back home to see them!

    1. Oh that's so much fun! I love family reunions!! :) Glad you had a good time!!

  2. Glad to hear you had such a great weekend! Mine was also devoid of exercise and few too many veggie burgers!

    1. Haha - veggie burgers don't count silly goose. :). Glad I wasn't the only one though!! :P

  3. I too spent time with family. I went down to visit my parents too, but I had an ulterior motive, I was running a half marathon.
    Kids still had a great time with my parents.
    Also the kids and I and hubby did a 3km kids fun run. The kids loved getting a medal.

    1. Oh that's so much fun!!! How did you end up doing??? That's exciting for the kiddies and the medals... I remember getting my first one (I used to be a high jumper as a kid and always won because I was so tall!) and being super excited too!

  4. CUTE FAMILY PICS!! Those lobster rolls LOOK AMAZING!!

    1. THANKS GIRL!! Hahaha. They were ok... Rock Lobster is MUCH better!


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