Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Quick Workout Recap!!

Hey loveys!

I don't know if you heard but Toronto has been having some EXTREME weather!! We had some serious flooding happen on Monday night, the power was out, the whole sha-bang! Needless to say I had a blog post started but didn't get a chance to post it since I was in the car until about 8:30 pm in bumper to bumper traffic (all of the lights were out in the downtown core... the cars were INSANE), got home, made dinner and crashed! Last night I had an appointment downtown that actually ran longer than expected, so again, didn't get to have dinner until 10ish again. SOO that's where I've been. How have you guys been? Hopefully the weather there has been better than here!

Flooding at Union Station here in Toronto
Remember in my last post I talked about how sore my legs were from my workout with Trainer Friend?  Well my legs and everything below the waist was sore up until Monday. I swear to God. On Sunday night I had had quite enough with the crazy amounts of pain I was having so I busted out the ol' foam roller and rolled out my lower appendages. In between my foam rolling I also did some serious stretching. I had to stretch out my hamstrings and my glute max SO BADLY so I literally laid on the kitchen floor and took really deep breaths and laughed (because I laugh when I'm in pain for some reason) and really forced myself to stretch out my tight muscles. During my foam rolling I had the dreaded knots in my quads. Oy vey.

I learned quickly, I need to spend more quality time with my foam roller.

However, because my legs were pretty sore I was able to get in a serious upper body lifting session on Monday. I worked on trying to activate my lats, because that's something I have trouble with. My back is toned and I'm happy with it, however when it comes to trying to progress in my pull-ups, because I have a hard time activating my lats (and not using my biceps), they just aren't coming around as quickly as I'd like them too.

Ahh... I remember the days when I was super fit. I was training for my half.... I had lost a ton of body fat (but not weight... FYI), I was weight training and pole dancing and TRXing and I had conquered the famous first pull-up... It made me so flipping excited and all I wanted to do was pull-ups. Alas... this is again yet a goal, but I'm hoping it comes back quickly!! :)

Half-marathon training. Hmm.. well where do I start on that subject. Basically I don't start because I haven't been running. I'd love to blame the weather and I'm sure that's what I'm going to do. Between Hurricane Toronto and it being so extremely humid and muggy, I've opted for weight training instead of running. Wah wahh. Basically that's all I have to update you on for that. #epicfail

I've been getting better in my diet. I'm slowly but surely getting back onto the paleo band wagon. I feel like a lot of people that were super keeners about paleo and eating clean before either have also fallen off the band wagon or have crazy big things going on in their lives right now so they aren't focusing so much on their diets or updating their blogs and whatnot on their diets. I find this kind of discouraging because I need to be held accountable a lot or I just won't do it. Mm.. Mike n' Ike's in the pantry?? Totally having those for dinner. :) THAT'S how it's been. Haha so not well.

Have you noticed that summer really isn't the best time to be healthy and fit and overall balanced? It should be. I mean.. bikini's, tank tops and shorts.. but really, all I want to do is hang out on a patio, get my tan on and sip on a Cosmo... is that REALLY so bad? Canadian's only get like 3 months of summer anyways, which means 25% of the time we act bad, and 75% of the time (the rest of the year) we're all healthy saints. That's fair, right? I think I'm rambling.

Today something happened that I'M REALLY FLIPPING FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT!!!!!! I can't tell you what this is probably for at least a few months.... but I'm freaking out inside and bought a bottle of Moscato wine to drink tonight to celebrate. All I can say right now is PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for me and send me all the positive energy you can because I need it!! It's something basically life changing.... AHH! :) (I thank you in advanced for your positive vibes).

Ok - I'm off to write about some more skin care goodness on my Peace, Love & Vanity blog tonight - have you been to check it out?? I know a lot of my fitness peeps also really enjoy fashion and beauty, so please stop by if you like, feel free to follow via BlogLovin' (by clicking the little button on the left hand side!).

Q: Do your fitness goals and nutrition goals kind of decrease over the summer months?
Q: Did you send me those positive vibes yet? :)


  1. Sending you positive vibes, and looking forward to reading this exciting news!

    1. Thanks girl!! I will post as soon as I can! :)

  2. awh! congrats on your exciting news whatever it may be! I cant wait to hear about it!! <3

    1. Thanks Jenna!! I can't wait to share either!! :)

  3. I feel like the summer is always a struggle of maintaining my current level of fitness instead of improving upon it....all those vacations amount to a lot of calories!

    1. THANK YOU!!!! I'm so glad someone is in the same boat as me!!

  4. Sending you oodles and oodles of positive energy!

    That storm was nuts. Walked home in it. Actually felt kind of nice but fortunately we didn't lose any power so a hot bath was an option! that was after spending 10 mins trying to get my jeans off my legs (they were basically suctioned to my legs).

    Let's get fit together!!!

    1. Thank you my love!! I feel bad for you.... I was in the office at North York and it got flooded and I didn't even notice till I looked away from my laptop. Glad you made it home safe and sound though!

      CAN WE PLEASE GET FIT TOGETHER!!?!?! Omg. When can we start?


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