Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm Getting It Back!!

Hey loveys!

Happy Friday!! Guess what - RIGHT NOW is the furthest away from Monday that you can possibly be without having to work. WHAT!? Yep. Embrace it my love... embrace it. It's the weekend - FINALLY!

I'm a bit tired. Let me tell you why. Remember how I was complaining about the weather here in Toronto this week? Well today's weather was AMAZING, so obviously I had to get out and hit the pavement while I could. I decided while working that I was going to do a 5-7km run today to help get my weekend off to a good start! So that's exactly what I did. I charged up my Nike+ GPS Watch, put some new music on my iPod, laced my shoes and got outside. I haven't used my GPS watch in a while and I think it needs an update because it took forever to track down a satellite to track my km's, but whatevs.

So there I am.. run run run... feeling like I look all hot and like this...

.... when I look down at my GPS watch and notice that the km reading is the same as it was at my walk break, 5 minutes earlier. EFF! I looked like this......

Yes, correct. I went from running along the beach to running in the dessert. Just kidding. But really... I think a lot of drivers probably wondered what was wrong when I had a minor freak out about my watch stopping. I was so pissed. At least my watch was still going so I could kind of guess my km's based on my pace and the time elapsed. Needless to say I managed to bust out a 7.36km run in 44:37! Whoop whoop!! I'm totally getting it back. I think I also got a touch of colour on my arms and legs which is perrrrrfect because I'm going out tonight and during the summer, one can never look too glowing ;)

Speaking of glowing.... I think the amount of sweat I produced after I stopped running is a bit ridic. Check it.

I didn't pit a filter on this picture because I wanted.. no NEEDED.. you all to see the crazy lines of sweat running down my chest. It sounds hot, but when you look at that photo it's quite the opposite lol! I was sitting at my desk after my run, trying to catch my breathe and check out who emailed me while I was out running and I actually went to cross my legs when I noticed that they wouldn't cross because of how slippery and wet they were from sweat. Seriously!? The tops of my legs were sweating!? Must have been a good run. I did sprint the last 400ish km's... I think my heart had stopped during that time.

Do you have any fun workouts planned for this weekend? I actually am planning on working out BOTH days this weekend because I have no major plans. Double score. Weight training on Saturday and a run along the water on Sunday. Tonight I'm going to a birthday party of a lovely little lady that works for C, so that should be fun! I'm going to wear a long black maxi dress. I can't really decide which type of make-up to wear... a smokey eye and accented cheek bones, or less on the eyes (liquid liner and serious mascara) and a bold red lip. Thoughts? I'd love some feedback on that... like in the next couple hours please lol. 

Tomorrow C and I are heading to my FAVOURITE mall ever. Yorkdale. Ahhhh.... oh how I long to just walk around the really rich people. Lol. I'm going bathing suit shopping because one of my best friends, Rochelle, is having her birthday party in a couple weekends (which my BESTEST friend Lauren is coming home from Nova Scotia for and I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!) and as part of the "weekend madness" she's having a pool party at her house in Oakville. You bet I'm going to buy a new bathing suit for such an occasion! I also need a new dress for the night before because we're going out downtown Toronto, but I'll talk more about that when the time is actually here :). And of course, my Sunday will be spent studying all about arthritis! I actually got a second night of studying in this week which has been rare, but it was much needed. I've been distracted lately, but I think as of today things will be smooth going forward. At least a girl can hope! :)

On Monday of this week, I have a couple fun things happening that I will just touch on briefly.

1. I get to see my most favourite doctor ever, my Endo that I'm in love with!! I usually only see him for 30 seconds during my appointment (which comes out to be about 1.5 minutes per year of quality endo/Sarah time, but boy to I cherish those seconds. Lol! Do you guys remember him???

I wonder if he'd care if I asked him for an updated photo... I look awkward in that photo. I guess the whole experience of asking him for a photo "for my blog" was a bit awkward in general, but I could have made it look a little less awkward. Hmm... I think I will! Haha. Will update you with new photo on Monday - that's officially on my list lol!

2. C and I are having date night at the movies! I don't think it's much of a secret that I'm a sucker for a vintage film... and Cineplex has (and has been having for a while and I had no idea) classic film nights!! So on Monday we're going to see a classic Hitchcock film, staring who else but the beautiful and classic Grace Kelly, To Catch A Thief. I'm so excited!! I actually didn't think C was going to want to go with me so I literally bought 1 ticket for myself because I wanted to go so bad. I've never been to the movies alone, but turns out C did want to come with me (I wonder what he wants.... is this a "suck up" move???), so he'll suffice as my date :). I'm clearly very excited to watch some serious vintage love on a large, large screen.

Q: Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Date night with your lover perhaps? Date night solo? No judgement.
Q: What about workouts? What do you have planned? You BETTER get a good sweat on this weekend!! :)


  1. Enjoy your movie date night!

    The weather has been amazing the past couple of days! I've been soaking it all up :)

  2. That woman sprinting in the bikini has such a nice tush!
    And well done on getting your mojo back! x

  3. Way to go! I know what you mean about being aggravated with missed distance on the garmin! Ugh.

  4. husband and I marked the track for run club, we had a great time, even though it was pouring down with rain. yes I still ran, and yes I got soaking wet, but we had fun.
    I had to have a bit of a giggle with your pictures, cause yep I and I think we all can totally relate.

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