Monday, July 29, 2013

It's Been A While MiMM!

Hey loveys,

It's been a while since I participated in a little MiMM action hosted by Katie over at Healthy Diva Life.... so I thought I'd make a point of making sure I participated today! Woohoo!

It's been probably like a month since I participated, and I'm sure I can find some things since my last post that have been Marvellous... Let me think... Oh!! I've been writing a lot on my other blog, Peace, Love & Vanity and I've been given the awesome opportunity to try and review some amazing skin care products that I'm excited to share with you guys! The product line is called Miracle10, you might have seen me blog or tweet about their stuff before, but honestly, the stuff is amazing. The products were developed and created here in Toronto so I'm so excited to be able to support such an amazing, LOCAL company. The man who created the line, Dr. Lista, created it originally for his patients (he's a plastic surgeon here in Toronto and in Mississauga) and because it worked so well he developed it into a skincare line!

They recently put together this really adorable video and I had to share it with you! However, it's uploaded on Vimeo and I can only put videos on here from YouTube, so if you CLICK HERE (and please do, it's so cute) you can watch it! Anyways, if you live in the Toronto area, they're boutiques are so friggen beautiful. They have 1 in Yorkville and they have 1 in Mississauga. If you're not in the area, you can visit their online boutique and check out all their products.

This is their Yorkville boutique. Gorgeous, right?
I get so excited when I find products that I love. I love sharing and spreading the word. Let me know if you're interested and if you try their products... J'adore :). They actually recently hosted one of the founders of Gilt and one of the authors of By Invitation Only. I'm currently reading that book and it's unreal. You can always pick up a copy online on Indigo if you're interested... there are so many take aways from that book, even if you aren't into fashion! MARVELLOUS! :)

Since my last MiMM post I found out that I very much enjoy running in the mornings. Like, waking up early and running before getting ready for work. I 100% never thought that I'd be the type of person to workout in the morning. I've never been a morning person. I enjoy sleeping too much, but I gave it a chance and I absolutely fell in love with it. It woke me up, got me pumped up for my day and I didn't have to worry about getting in a workout during the day or not. I will admit that I still did workout on my lunch, but it was perfect because I got in a good 20-30 minutes of running in the morning and I spent my lunch time doing weights! However..... I ended up getting some shin splints so I've only gone on a total of 2 morning runs. I tried using KT Tape, but unfortunately I think the only thing I can do to heal them is rest.

After one of my AM runs! 
Once my leggies heal though, I'll be back out on the pavement at 6am! I might have to get up earlier if I ever want to do more than 3km in the morning. MARVELLOUS! :)

On some random day, I was going through some old photos of when I was in college... and I had NO IDEA how much I've changed since then. I posted a photo of my in 2007 and me now on Instagram and I was overwhelmed with all of the comments from people who follow me!

I started this blog because I wanted to help motivate people to live a healthier life... and I think this is the most feedback about being inspirational that I've gotten. This photo shows that losing weight and getting healthy isn't something that comes instantly. It took me almost 6 years to look how I do. I didn't rush anything, and in all honesty, I didn't set out to look the way I do. I just learned how to eat healthy and I enjoyed doing so. I started running because I enjoy doing so. I think the key to anybody's success is finding something you enjoy doing and keep a mental note on how it makes you feel. When something feels good, you're going to want to do it. My journey was definitely a long one, coming from my first year in college living off of ramen noodles and vodka with the weekend exercise of hitting up the dance floor at our local bar and ending up today where I still enjoy vodka, but eat A LOT of veggies and fruits and exercise almost every day in a gym :). MARVELLOUS! :)

This past weekend my bestest friend came to visit from Nova Scotia. We've been friends since our first year of college (we took the same program and lived in the same residence). Lauren (aka Lo) came for the weekend for our friend Rochelle's birthday party. We went to a club here in Toronto called Cake. I think the club is meant for birthday's because when you get a booth, you also get birthday stuff, like pins and crowns and cupcakes! Here's a picture of Lo and I that was taken that night..

Our friend Nick from college also joined us on the outing (C did too!) so Nick came over before we went out as well... and naturally I stole the glasses he was wearing because.. well... they were super cool and I loved them.

On Saturday Lo & C & I went out for brunch to this super cute place on Queen St called La Palette... it's very French and very vintage. I snapped a photo of my coffee because it was so friggen adorable.

And also snapped a photo of the wall I was staring at... La Palette definitely qualifies as my new favourite place to sip coffee with a friend.


Q: Did you have a fantastic weekend?
Q: Where is your favourite place to sit and sip on coffee with a friend?


  1. Great pics, and that's a really awesome transformation. Be proud girl! :)

  2. I think people need to see the before and after pictures to know that you ARE legit. It makes you even more relatable in my opinion.
    I want to be a morning runner... I just need to break the sleeping in habit. By the time I get a handle on it, the weather will be too cold for my taste - LOL
    We have a new coffee shop that Al goes to with her friends. I suggest to Dan that we should go some Saturday morning but he scoffs off the idea. Maybe I need morning running friends who like sipping coffee! Problem solved!

    1. I agree!! I hope no one thought I wasn't legit before, but this kind of just makes it real I suppose! I wanted to be a morning runner so bad too. I think you just need to convince yourself that trying it once won't kill you... and see if you like it!! :)

  3. I, like you, discovered I love running most in the morning!

    I love sipping coffee outside, on a patio, on a breezy summer day :)

    BTW, amazing transformation!!!

  4. is it bad that I literally had to think for a few minutes what I did this wkend!? and its only Monday! hahaha. mine was a good one. got a nice shopping day in with a girlfriend and my boyfriend and I had a great mini golf date. gotta love that! you are looking amazing as always! xoxo

    1. LOL you're so cute. I'm glad you had such a great weekend girlie!

  5. I love seeing transformations, you are totally rocking it.
    Oh and I hear you with the shin splints... argh i so hear you on that one.
    You are totally rocking those glasses, noice.
    My weekend, i rocked out a pb for 3km in 13:24min.
    Didn't have a coffee.
    Oh and I love morning runs!

    1. Woaaaaahhhh congrats on the PB girl!! That's amazing!!!!!

  6. Icy Hot patches put on before bedtime work pretty well for shin splints.


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