Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trying Out KT Tape - Vlog!

Hey loveys,

So I'm doing it. I'm getting up early again tomorrow to go for a run. Check out this vlog and you'll see what I'm going to try!

It's taken me forever to even write this because Breakfast At Tiffany's is on TV so obviously I'm sipping some Moscato while watching it. It's my favourite movie ever :). Do you think I could start going by Sarah Golightly? Would people think that's weird? :)

This is short. That's why I vlogged... anyways, here are some links of products I mentioned in the video!

Face Mask - Miracle10 Skincare
KT Tape
Essie Nail Polish
Hand Cream - Vaseline Hand & Nail Cream

Wish me luck and no shin splints tomorrow morning!!


  1. fingers crossed no shin splints, I'm not going out running today, so save my legs for my half on sunday (and I don't want to aggravate my shin either. )

  2. Love the totally cracked me up many times! Hah! Hope you have a great run in the morning!

  3. your vlogs are so great! I love hearing you chat, and as a side note, I died as soon as you started with "boo!" hahaha. facemasks are great, but I definitely don't use them often enough. I need you to keep encouraging me. LOL. I haven't used kt tape before, but I know ppl who swear by it. even for pulled bootay muscles! bahaha. I pray it does well for you and fixes you back to 100%!!! oh, and every time I go to target, I go in for one thing and end up spending atleast $80 minimum! its terrible!!!


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