Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two Races, 1 Weekend & A Race Founder Interview!

Hey loveys,

The weekend of September 6-8 is going to be a busy one for me. Let me explain.

Yesterday... or Monday, I can't remember.. I signed up for the ElectroDash. It's a 5k race being held at Canada's Wonderland and it's at night! My heat is at 8:30 p.m.... and basically you get decked out in glow sticks and glow paint, and there's loud music thumping and lights flashing everywhere and you run the 5km course. It's similar to The Colour Run, but with lights and glowing jewelry! I think my friend Jenny is running it with me, although she hasn't confirmed for sure. I hope, or else I'm running this bad boy alone! If you want to sign up to run (with me!) you can click here to go to the registration page directly!

On the Saturday of that weekend.. well, who knows what I'll be getting up to. Visiting a market or walking aimlessly around downtown most likely.

On the Sunday though, it's going to be a touch nutso.

In the morning I'm running the B&O Yorkville 5km race with Michelle! I'm super excited about this race for multiple reasons. It's a charity event to help raise money for the YWCA here in Toronto which is always a good thing, but it also has a super cool medal and tons of awesome fundraising prizes. For those of you who know Toronto, Yorkville is one of the more "swankier" areas in the city. The race takes place during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) as well which means possible celebrity sightings!! You know I love that.

Some of the fundraising prizes include a bag by Louis Vuitton, Hermes, B&O Sound Techy Stuff, jewelry and travel/hotel vouchers. SWANK!

Not only that, but it's labelled as the fastest 5k race in North America, attracting runners from across the globe to take place. I think last year the guy who won the race finished in like 15 minutes. Death, he's like more than twice as fast as I am. Lol!! I was also given the opportunity to interview the founder of B&O (Bang & Olfusen) Jordan Korenzvit, who started the race as well! I only asked a few questions because I know he is a busy man... but here it goes!

S: What made you decide you wanted to raise money via a road race?
J: Most other high-end charitable events are cocktail parties. I wanted to do something more active and create the first high-end race. In 2009 and 10 I had been participating in a lot of road races. All of them were mass-market, low end events and most of them were outside of the city - Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara, etc. and none of them were in Yorkville. I had just moved the B&O store from a small shop on Bloor Street to it's current high visibility location on the corner of Avenue Road and Davenport - 120,000 people drive by this building every day! I figured I could leverage the exposure of the building and strength of the B&O brand to kick start a high-end, boutique charitable run.

S: Does the YWCA mean something special to you? Why did you choose to support this charity versus others?
J: I met YWCA through the local city councillor when I was talking to him about organizing this race. I've gotten to know YWCA Toronto's staff, board and clients over the years and they are a fantastic group of people. Smart, dedicated, efficient and hard working. It's been nice to see some women who started off as clients of YWCA years ago, join this event and fundraise and give back.

S: What's your favourite race distance to run yourself?
J: Marathon - though it'd be touch to pull off in Yorkville!

S: What's your favourite food?
J: Pasta - perfect for carb loading the night before a race.

S: In your opinion, what will be the most fun part of running the Yorkville 5k? What should myself and others look forward to the most?
J: Awards ceremony after the race. You'll see and meet some of the fastest runners in Canada and on the planet, meet some great people who are the top fundraisers this year, all while being served organic fruit, espresso, cheesecake and more by our volunteers in tuxedo t-shirts and white gloves.

UMM DID SOMEONE SAY ESPRESSO? I'm there! Thanks so much to Jordan for letting me interview him, how cool of him to do that! It's always nice to see how a race sort of "evolved" and why it came to be - so thank you!

Photo of the race from 2011 - I think these two won it!
Also, today when I was planning this post... I decided to do a little research. After Jordan and I connected on LinkedIn, I decided to Google Images him. Ladies - I think you might enjoy what I found....

Not only is he a business owner, philanthropist, but he's very fashionable, and not hard on the eyes. HI Jordan! :) If you want to register to run the Yorkville 5k, you can click here to be taken to the page directly!!

These races will put me at...... race number 4 and 5 of the year I think? Out of 5 races I think 3 of them will have been "fun runs" lol. I need to plan my race schedule for the rest of the year. I think Michelle and I are planning on doing the Women's 8km run in October this year (hopefully the weather is better than the constant raining we had last year) but I don't have much else planned other than that. The 5k of the Scotiabank races perhaps? Any suggestions in the Toronto area??

Anyways, after the race I'm catching a plane to Ottawa for the night for a work meeting on Monday!! Eeee! I've never flown alone, so this should be interesting for sure! I'm super excited about it. I'm heading there early afternoon so I can get there and have some of the day to spend in Ottawa! I'm hoping to get some 1 on 1 time with Lauren from A 5'3 Perspective who is also a fellow fashion/fitness enthusiast! We've been messaging for a while and have some serious blog ideas that we need to go over together, so needless to say, even though she's short (lol) I'm super pumped to finally meet her in person!!

Q: How many races do you have planned for the end of summer/fall?
Q: What is your favourite charity event to attend?

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Rest Of My Amazing Weekend!

Hey Loveys,

WHEEW Happy Monday!! Like always, Monday's are my favourite day of the week. Why? Because it usually flies by and I'm super productive and well rested from the weekend! Also - Happy MiMM! Thanks to Katie over at Healthy Diva Eats for hosting, as per usual!

I think in my last post I left off on Saturday afternoon, or I had told you everything I had done up until then. Buckle your seat belts because there was A LOT more that happened after my last post!! I have tons of photos, so be prepared to look at them!

So on Saturday night C and I were going to go out for a dinner to Fred's Not Here on King St. here in Toronto. But a last minute change of heart from yours truly then changed our plans and we made our way to the CNE with our friends Adam and Katie. We didn't go on any rides (Adam and I aren't really "ride" people.. and I was in a dress lol) but we managed to find the food building and got some good eats (no we did NOT eat Cronut Burger... the booth was abandoned lol). It was actually super hard trying to figure out what to eat because there was SO MUCH food. I ended up getting curry chicken and rice from a Jamaican food place because I flipping love Jamaican food and you can't really go wrong with it.

Other than that we walked the grounds and I took photos the whole time! Here are some for you :).

Ferris Wheel
Some prizes!
A cool ride!
Butter Sculpture of Stitch!
It was so fun. It was actually my first time going to the CNE so I'm glad we went because it closes after next weekend! I'm not sure I'd go back again unless I was taking someone, just because it's all junk food and rides and I'm not the biggest fan of either, but it was definitely great to experience!

On Sunday I woke up and knew I wanted to go for a run because it was SO nice out! So I made myself a smoothie, found some clothes to wear plugged in my iPod and Nike+ GPS watch to charge for a while and laced up. I had planned on running 5.. maybe 6 kilometers, a shorter run but I hadn't run in a while so it was ok.

I got outside and it was GORGEOUS! I ran along the trail that runs along the lake. I didn't run super fast, I actually ran a lot slower than normal, but I wasn't dying, I could breath normally and I managed to stick to my plan of run 10 minutes, walk 1 minute. Well before I knew it I was 5km away from my house. Who knows what that means? I had to run 5km back - for a total run of 10k!! That's the longest I've ran in SO LONG! My GPS actually died at 6.2k, so on the upload it looks like I ended my run super short... and that also meals I don't know exactly how long it took me, but it was definitely longer than an hour because I was at about 40 minutes when I hit the 6.2k mark. I didn't mind though, because I felt good, I was challenged and I had a great time!!! I'm not sore at all today! Success!!!

After my run I came home and got myself ready for an afternoon with some of my family! I have a cousin/his wife/his two little kiddies who live in Toronto and they were travelling our way for Toronto's annual Buskerfest that was held on Yonge St and at Yonge/Dundas Square (RIGHT downtown). It was so fun. Coming from a dance/gymnastic/circus tricks background, I can always appreciate the acrobats and what they do! Although it also kind of sucks because I used to do some of those tricks and 1. I know that they aren't as crazy hard as it seems to the average person and 2. it makes me sad because I don't do that anymore. Anyways, I snapped even more photos :).

This woman did a routine on the ariel hoop while blind folded and being splashed by water!
The same girl and water routine
These two ladies shared the trapeze and did a routine on it together!
Same duet 
Same duet
Acrobat doing a routine on a rope
Yonge St!
My fam jam! 
Cousin/God Father Jusin & I!
Super cool right????? It was a ton of fun!! So all in all it was an INSANELY good weekend! I didn't go out partying and that was key to my productivity! Next weekend we're heading to my home town of Wingham so I'm sure there will be tons of pictures from there as well! Oh... and I picked up a couple of books yesterday before Buskerfest...

Have you read any of these yet? I got the September issue of Vogue Magazine (AH SO EXCITED!), Over-Dressed, The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion and Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls! I'm excited. I have a slight obsession with books. I don't like e-books either. I like the physical book. I envision a room in my house having tons of book cases and it being full of books I love. :)

Q: How was your weekend? Did you attend any festivals? Have any killer workouts?
Q: If you could recommend me a book, what would it be?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Such a Happy Weekend Already!

Hey loveys,

So this weekend I was on a mission to NOT go out at night and drink too many adult beverages. Why? Well... quite frankly I'm kind of tired of it. It's the beginning of the end of summer and things are starting to wind down, and I just needed a weekend off. As much as I love going out and seeing people and being social, even this gal needs her down time, and there was nothing too crazy going on this weekend so it was the perfect opportunity to do so!

Last night C and I went to the movies to see The Butler. It was probably one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I knew it was going to be good thanks to all the news buzz about it, but I didn't really understand how good. I was laughing during parts, crying during others. The theatre was jam packed full, and I think Forest Whitaker is probably one of the cutest men ever when he giggles. One thing I did have a hard time with though was trying to separate Oprah from the character she was playing. Probably because Oprah is so popular... it was hard for me to envision her as someone else other than herself. Not that she wasn't a great actress because she was absolutely perfect, I just know her well as "Oprah" as opposed to a character, where as you probably wouldn't really know an actress like Julia Roberts because she doesn't have television show, showing the world the real her.

Does that even make sense? It makes sense in my head.

Today I got up surprisingly early. I was meeting my friend Katie at the gym because we were taking a spin class together at 9:30. So I woke up around 7:30, made myself a breakfast smoothie and walked to Katie's to pick her up! We made it to the gym in time for our class, thank goodness because it was a packed house! I had no idea people woke up that early on weekends to go workout, but I definitely really enjoyed getting my workout out of the way! It was a fairly tough class even though it was only 50 minutes long. It was technically an RPM class put on by Les Mills which is a Group Exercise based company that GoodLife Fitness has the rights to here in Canada (so in Canada you can ONLY do Les Mills programs at GoodLife Fitness!).

My towel was soaked by the end of the class, as well as my shirt and my capris. I think it was in part due to the fact that the room was INSANE and because people don't like fans blowing directly on them, the fans were facing the wall... wtf?! That seems like a waste to me, I would have enjoyed the damn breeze.

After the class we went downstairs to Starbucks and grabbed ourselves an iced coffee and chatted for a while!

Mmm... iced Americano with cream! Tis my favourite iced beverage from Starbucks!

Then we walked through Liberty Village a bit because we thought there was a farmers market, but turns out it wasn't open today. So we decided that we were going to Kensington Market instead! We stopped at Katie's house and she showered and changed then we drove to my place where I showered and changed! Then off to Kensington we went. First stop was food because we were both starving after the spin class! So we stopped at a place called Tasty Corner Restaurant.

I had half of a curry chicken roti. I did order the whole thing but it was SO MASSIVE I couldn't eat it all. It was absolutely delicious though, I would definitely recommend it. Katie had a dish called Divorced Eggs. I'm not totally sure what that means, but there was a red and green sauce on the eggs, it was served with a big helping of what looked like guacamole and beans! She said it was delicious too, so all in all the food we had was a win!

After that we walked around Kensington for a while. Made a few stops, I bought a new scarf and some almond milk for smoothies, biotin for my hair & a sample of some wheat grass powder that I will try later this week (and let you know how it goes!). Then we went into a produce place, and oh my god, I was instantly in love. Here is a photo of all the goodness that I bought.

I bought figs, 4 limes, 3 lemons, peaches (non-gmo so they're so super small), carrots of assorted colours and peas in their pods. All of this (I didn't include ALL of the peas so I didn't have to put them all back lol) came to.... guess..... $11!!!!!!!!!!! SO CHEAP!!!! And so real. The carrots have dirt all over them, the peaches are small, the peas have brown marks... ah. I love all natural foods! :)

Last night before the movies, I was hungry (I'm hungry often). I decided I wanted popcorn, so I pulled out the box that had my kernels in it, empty. #fail. So I made some impromptu soup and thought I'd share it with you.

Basically I boiled organic chicken broth, cut up some bok choy and let it boil/cook and then added some rice noodles. Whoop! It was delicious. And that's literally all I did so I'm not putting it in a recipe format for you - sorry!

Workouts this week have been medium. I only worked out twice besides my spin class this morning! I was trying to take it easy on my body at the beginning of the week because I was detoxing and it was hard enough without exercise, so my first workout happened on Thursday. I wanted to run outside but the weather was debatable so I opted to run on the treadmill. I know if I had ran outside it would have poured on me, because I'm lucky like that.

Not awful, but not my best. I didn't have the towel over the screen for most of the run so I think I was psyching myself out most of the time because I ran better when I couldn't see the screen. Oh, and it's blurry but it's 3.81 miles in 40 minutes, not 3.01 miles in 40 minutes. :).

Friday I worked out with Trainer Friend and we did upper body (I wanted to avoid lower body because I knew spin would kill my legs). If I remember properly, we completed the following exercises:

- lat pulldowns
- pushups
- skull crushers
- tricep pressdowns
- bicep curl with a preacher bar
- bicep curl with dumbbells
- frontal raises with dumbbells
- lateral raises with dumbbells
- should presses with dumbbells

Taadaaaa. Needless to say I'm a touch sore in the upper body after taking some much needed time off.

Tomorrow I'm seeing my cousins in the afternoon and we're going to hit up Yonge St to see Buskerfest!! I'm super excited, and I'll take lots of photos to show you!!

Q: Are you a morning exerciser, even on the weekends?
Q: Do you have a market close to you where you can buy fresh produce?

PS - Check out my new post on Tales of a 38" Inseam about why you should be wearing sunscreen daily and all year round!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Figgin' It.

Hey loveys,

Ok so now that the week has begun and my crazy weekend has wrapped up, I've been in serious detox mode. I'm not really doing a "detox" per se, but I've been drinking an INSANE amount of water (I've peed over 10 times today... FYI), adding lemon to my water in the mornings (a natural blood detoxifier) and have been literally eating only fruits and veggies... and meat. I know it's only Tuesday but let me tell you what I've ate so far this week:

Breakfast - fresh strawberries/blueberries with frozen berries and vanilla almond milk blended into a smoothie
Lunch -  1 litre of green juice with a small can of tuna
Snack - Salad with hard boiled eggs and chick peas and tomatoes, cucumber and onion
Dinner - chicken tacos on romain lettuce instead of wraps with water

I had a lot of coffee yesterday because I think I was still slightly hung over from the weekend and it really just got me through the day.

Breakfast - same as above but half vanilla almond milk and half water because I ran out of almond milk
Snack - FIGS! First time ever...... more on that in a second.
Lunch - A huge salad of chopped romanie, cherry tomatoes, baby cucumbers, radishes and carrots along with a small can of plain tuna in water

My Lunch Salad!
Snack - leftover green juice and a banana

I've also already guzzeled 1.5 litres of water at work, not counting the 3 cups I had in the morning with lemon. This is why I can't stop peeing. And I only had 1 coffee today, I opted for Chinese Green Tea instead of my second cup!

Morning Lemon Water
I work across the street from a really big grocery store so yesterday on my lunch break I went over and picked up A TON of veggies and berries because my fridge is bare and I haven't done a good veggie haul in quite some time. I've actually been super duper lazy and gross when it comes to the foods I've been eating lately and my skin clearly shows it to the world, massive break out... but anyways...

Grocery Haul!
This is the massive haul I brought home. There is everything from fresh, Ontario grown blueberries in there to PC Organic Kale/Spinach/Chard mix (which I'm super excited to try). I think there's also bok choy, celery, cucumber, mini cucumbers, carrots, beets, orange and yellow bell peppers, strawberries, raspberries, kale, ginger, green onions, broccoli florets, figs.... I think that's about it. :) I was super excited and I still am. A lot of this stuff I'm going to juice (mmm carrot/beet/ginger juice is SO good) so hopefully it helps my not-so glowing skin become lots more glowing!

OK!! So exciting times people - as you can see as part of my list of foods that I bought yesterday, I purchased some figs. Now, I know people who LOVE figs, but I've never been able to bring myself to eat one because the look of them kind of freaked me out. However, because I was on this insane "Detox" kick, I basically grabbed any fruit or veggie in the friggen grocery store. So 8 figs made their way into my cart and into my fridge when I got home. I brought 2 to work today to try.

I literally had to Google "How To Eat A Fig" because I didn't even know what I was supposed to do with it.

Anyways, I learned that you basically wash them and twist off the stem and then eat it just how it is. BOOM.

There is my fig. Someone commented on Instagram that it looks like an alien mouth.... now all I can see is an aliens mouth. Perfect.

I really actually liked them and can't wait to eat some more when I get home. In true Sarah fashion however, I wanted to know the benefits of eating figs so I could share it with all of you. It also occurred to me that I haven't done a Food For Thought post in like 17 years, so tonight I'm going to do one on FIGS. Annnnnnnd go.

Food For Thought - Figs!
Ok so first off, when I Googled "Health Benefits of Figs" the first thing that came up was something that said figs are the healthiest foods... so score one for figs. They're part of the mulberry family and they grow on Ficus Trees! They are unique because they have an opening on them called "the eye" which doesn't connect to the tree but it just helps the fruit's development by increasing its communication with the environment (very zen figs.. very zen).

Blood Pressure - Figs are a super good source of potassium which is a mineral that helps control blood pressure. If you're diet is higher in sodium than it should be, eating extra potassium (aka figs) is always a great idea.

Fibre - figs are a good source of dietary fibre, in 8oz of figs, there's 5.8% of our daily intake of fibre. Fibre helps control weight by helping to cleanse the colon and keeps us feeling fuller longer!

Calcium - figs are also a fruit source for calcium. For those who don't eat dairy, figs are a good alternative when trying to get your daily calcium intake! The potassium in figs may also counteract the increased urinary calcium loss caused by high-salt diets which also helps in preventing bones from thinning out at a fast rate.

Cardiovascular Health - figs have been shown in animal studies to lower triglycerides in the blood! Hollllla... amazing.

Eye Health - studies have shown that eating 3 or more servings of fruit per day will help lower your risk of age-related macular degeneration by up to 36%! Um... hello. None of us want that, so start eating your 3 servings of fruits!

So basically figs are super healthy and should be a part of your dietary rotation. They are super delish too, and someone actually said you should spread fig with some nice cheese on a cracker, which I think sounds delightful!

Q: Are you a Fig Fan?
Q: Tell me, what's your favourite detox tip (I mean food wise, not supplement, detox pills wise)!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

canfitpro Weekend & GoodLife Awards Gala!

Hey lovey,

WOAH. What a flipping weekend. That basically describes it completely. Let me explain.

Every year on this weekend we have our annual fitness conference called canfitpro. Usually I attend as a delegate and attend sessions and do fun things like that (I used to work and schedule speakers and sessions so I always like to see the presenters I used to work with!) but this year I went and actually worked in the trade show at a booth to hep out a friend of mine! I still got to see a whole bunch of people that I don't normally see, so it was great!! This is me in the booth! A girl I was working with snapped it quickly :)

On Friday night C & myself went to Grace O'Malleys with tons of work folks we hadn't seen in a while because they live out east! I have to admit, I went to the bar thinking that I wasn't going to drink too much because I had to work in the trade show on Saturday from 10-5 so I didn't want to be hurting. Well... my plans quickly changed when I ended up knowing the bartender and he made me a couple of stiff drinks. All in all it was a really fun night and I got to spend time with some people I hadn't seen (or even met!) for a while!

Out of everything that happened this weekend, my favourite and the thing I look forward to most is our company's annual awards gala that happens on Saturday night!! Basically hundreds of people from the company get all dressed up and we go and listen and applaud all of the top performers in our company and then mingle and drink and have a ball!! This year it was hosted at Roy Thompson Hall here in Toronto... very swanky ;).

I snapped some photos of the night but didn't take too many! It was so much fun!

C (aka Hugh Hefner) and I 
Jenny and I before the gala!
Other Jenny and Todd! 
My VP Michael and I
Mo Hagan, the reason I got into fitness! And I :)
Patch, owner of GoodLife Fitness and I!
My friend Tammy and I wore the same clutch! Great minds :)
Myself and Tammy!
Lol, I posed the same in every photo. Sorry about that, I didn't even notice until now! I'm so grateful and lucky to have such amazing coworkers. I love having such awesome people to work with and for. It's definitely one of the best parts of my job!!

Needless to say today was kind of rough. Once I managed to get some coffee and water and carbs in my system I felt tons better. I actually spent the majority of my day with my friend Jenny! Not the Jenny I used to talk about, but a different one! She actually literally lives across the street from me and she's just SUPER cool. I hope that her and I can become better friends, I really liked hanging out with her and getting to know her a bit better! 

We met up and walked to a little place in Toronto called Kensington Market. It's basically just off of China Town and it's a ton of vintage stores, outside market type places and amazing food joints. I took tons of photos, obviously, because I'm a massive geek like that! 

Bulk!!! So much fun!!!
Check out this amazing car! It was a planter!! 
The first place we planted our behinds was a little Mexican restaurant with a really cute patio called Valentina.

We both ordered Cesars... NOTHING cures a hangover like a cesar. We also split an appetizer which was homemade corn chips with guacamole and pico de gio. It was mouth watering delicious. The cesars were made with Jalepeno infused vodka. It wasn't as spicy as you'd think it would be, it was actually really nice!!

Jenny on the patio!
The next place we went was called the Blue Banana. It's like a big warehouse turned super random store. They sell EVERYTHING.

They had cupcake flavoured toothpaste. What would that be like??? I didn't buy it, but I was really close to.

Jenny tried moulding her face hahaha. It was pretty hilarious.

They had a section called "British Foods" which had this. I'm not sure what "Spotted Dick Pudding" is.... I'm curious. I didn't buy it. Perhaps I should have? Hmm...

We then almost made our way home, until we got close and decided that we wanted to check out a little gelato shop on the water that neither of us had been to. I got a scoop of lime and a scoop of chocolate hazelnut gelato and Jenny got Hazelnut and PB&Chocolate. Delish!! It was so so so so good. We took our scoops and went to sit along the water to watch the boats!

We both have a ton of stuff we want to do in the city so we actually made a "to-do" list of things we're going to do together, which includes but is not limited to a Toronto Double Decker Bus Tour and eat at a place in Kensington called "The Grilled Cheese". Stay tuned for more on our adventures on a later date!

All in all this weekend was insanely crazy. It was a whirlwind of a weekend but it was so super fun. I'm totally exhausted but it was worth it. Unfortunately I didn't eat well AT ALL or workout, so guess who's on a serious detox now? ME! Tonight I'm making a ton of green juice so I can sip on it during the day and I'm going to be running and working out like no one's business. It was definitely a "(mostly)" type weekend (get it? A play on my blog title?).

Q: What was the best part of your weekend?
Q: Were you in the Toronto area and attend canfitpro?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Top 3 "Healthy" Fast Food Options

Hey loveys,

Happy Wednesday ALREADY! And guess what? It's actually my Thursday because on actual Friday I'm attending canfitpro, North America's largest fitness conference and trade show! Yaaaaaye! It's one of my favourite weekends of the whole year, so needless to say I've been stoked about it for a while now.

I wanted to write more of an "article" today as opposed to the random ramblings that usually happen on this blog.... and because I ate so much food on the weekend, I thought doing my Top 3 "Healthy" Fast Foods  was appropriate. And I'm going to count down backwards... because I like saving the best for last :).

#3 - Starbucks

I know this doesn't sound like your typical "fast food" type meal, but I thoroughly enjoy getting food from Starbies. They have delicious little boxes (protein which includes peanut butter and a pita slice as well as a hard boiled egg, and fruit & cheese, my favourite, which includes 3 different types of cheese, an apple and almonds and dried cranberries). They also have delicious sandwiches and wraps and yogurt parfaits now too which is super easy to grab on the go, especially when you're stopping for a coffee anyways! Here are some cool choices:

*Protein Bistro Box - 360 calories, 18g of fat (healthy fats from PB), 37g of carbs, 5g of fibre, 15g of protein
*Fruit & Cheese Bistro Box - 470 calories (hello cheese), 28g of fat (hello again cheese), 42g of carbs, 7g of fibre, 17g of protein. Have I ever told you how much I enjoy cheese?
*Strawberry & Blueberry Yogurt Parfait - 270 calories, 4g of fat, 49g of carbs, 3g of fibre and 9g of protein.

Not bad Starbies, there are definitely TONS of worse options! :)

#2 - Wendy's Salads

I always see a lot of commercials about how great the salads are at Wendy's. I'll admit that they are fairly tasty, and they're probably one of Wendy's better options... although still not as good as getting maybe a salad from the grocery store? But the grocery store isn't counting in this list of fast food places. :) The cool thing about Wendy's is you can order their salad's in half sizes. I'm going to give you the nutritional information of the half-sized ones. Portions people!!

*Baha Chilli Salad Half-Size - 450 calories, 30g of fat (beans, chilli), 31g of carbs, 7g of fibre, 16g of protein
*Berry Almond Chicken Salad Half-Size - 280 calories, 12g of fat, 24g of carbs, 5g of fibre, 21g of protein (a very good choice!)
*Apple Pecan Chicken Salad Half-Size - 340 calories, 18g of fat, 28g of carbs, 4g of fibre, 19g of protein.

When in a crunch, any of these options would be a good one!

#1 - Subway

Ok so I'm probably a bit biased when it comes to Subway because I worked in one for about 3 years as a teenager and never once did I grow sick of the food, but it's ABSOLUTELY my favourite fast food. Subway is great because they're always coming out with new options as well as new healthy options as well... and they're great for corporate catering since they have huge party subs as well as sub platters! And you don't need to have a sub either, you could always opt for a salad too!

When I'm at Subway I usually order a footlong, but I don't eat it all at once... I usually have it over the course of 2 meals. So I'm going to give you my top 3 favourite subs and their 6" nutritional information (double it if you're interested in a footlong!)

*Chicken Teriyaki - 370 calories, 4.5g of fat, 59g of carbs, 5g of fibre, 26g of protein
*Roasted Chicken Breast - 320 calories, 5g of fat, 47g of carbs, 5g of fibre, 23g of protein
*Subway Melt (the not so healthy favourite of mine!) - 370 calories, 11g of fat, 45g of carbs, 5g of fibre, 23g of protein


Also, I wanted to inform you that I've been doing so well in my week of workouts so farrr!! I woke up at 5:45am and went for a 5km run! It wasn't my fastest 5km ever, I finished in about 31 minutes but the weather was great, it wasn't too hot and I warmed up after I started running a bit... I actually got to watch the sun rise while I was on my run as well, so that was really cool!! I plan on getting up early tomorrow too which means I should be going to sleep right about now. All day Monday I was pooped... and today I was pooped only because I slept bad last night.. so here's hoping tonight I sleep!

I did a second workout yesterday too! Upper body and I definitely felt it this morning. I ended up doing upper body again today with one of my trainer friends instead of the cardio I had planned, but it was fun. We did bench presses, incline bench presses, push presses and shoulder presses. I had already done some cardio which ate up some of my lunch time so I didn't get in much more than that, but I feel like I'm going to feel it tomorrow regardless.

Ok! I'm off to make shrimp taco's for dinner tonight. Super excited about them. I bought romaine hearts to use as the wrap to stay on track with my healthy week so far! I've never made shrimp tacos, so here's hoping it turns out well lol.

Q: What's your favourite healthy fast food option when you're on the go?
Q: Are you sticking with your workout plans for this week?