Sunday, August 18, 2013

canfitpro Weekend & GoodLife Awards Gala!

Hey lovey,

WOAH. What a flipping weekend. That basically describes it completely. Let me explain.

Every year on this weekend we have our annual fitness conference called canfitpro. Usually I attend as a delegate and attend sessions and do fun things like that (I used to work and schedule speakers and sessions so I always like to see the presenters I used to work with!) but this year I went and actually worked in the trade show at a booth to hep out a friend of mine! I still got to see a whole bunch of people that I don't normally see, so it was great!! This is me in the booth! A girl I was working with snapped it quickly :)

On Friday night C & myself went to Grace O'Malleys with tons of work folks we hadn't seen in a while because they live out east! I have to admit, I went to the bar thinking that I wasn't going to drink too much because I had to work in the trade show on Saturday from 10-5 so I didn't want to be hurting. Well... my plans quickly changed when I ended up knowing the bartender and he made me a couple of stiff drinks. All in all it was a really fun night and I got to spend time with some people I hadn't seen (or even met!) for a while!

Out of everything that happened this weekend, my favourite and the thing I look forward to most is our company's annual awards gala that happens on Saturday night!! Basically hundreds of people from the company get all dressed up and we go and listen and applaud all of the top performers in our company and then mingle and drink and have a ball!! This year it was hosted at Roy Thompson Hall here in Toronto... very swanky ;).

I snapped some photos of the night but didn't take too many! It was so much fun!

C (aka Hugh Hefner) and I 
Jenny and I before the gala!
Other Jenny and Todd! 
My VP Michael and I
Mo Hagan, the reason I got into fitness! And I :)
Patch, owner of GoodLife Fitness and I!
My friend Tammy and I wore the same clutch! Great minds :)
Myself and Tammy!
Lol, I posed the same in every photo. Sorry about that, I didn't even notice until now! I'm so grateful and lucky to have such amazing coworkers. I love having such awesome people to work with and for. It's definitely one of the best parts of my job!!

Needless to say today was kind of rough. Once I managed to get some coffee and water and carbs in my system I felt tons better. I actually spent the majority of my day with my friend Jenny! Not the Jenny I used to talk about, but a different one! She actually literally lives across the street from me and she's just SUPER cool. I hope that her and I can become better friends, I really liked hanging out with her and getting to know her a bit better! 

We met up and walked to a little place in Toronto called Kensington Market. It's basically just off of China Town and it's a ton of vintage stores, outside market type places and amazing food joints. I took tons of photos, obviously, because I'm a massive geek like that! 

Bulk!!! So much fun!!!
Check out this amazing car! It was a planter!! 
The first place we planted our behinds was a little Mexican restaurant with a really cute patio called Valentina.

We both ordered Cesars... NOTHING cures a hangover like a cesar. We also split an appetizer which was homemade corn chips with guacamole and pico de gio. It was mouth watering delicious. The cesars were made with Jalepeno infused vodka. It wasn't as spicy as you'd think it would be, it was actually really nice!!

Jenny on the patio!
The next place we went was called the Blue Banana. It's like a big warehouse turned super random store. They sell EVERYTHING.

They had cupcake flavoured toothpaste. What would that be like??? I didn't buy it, but I was really close to.

Jenny tried moulding her face hahaha. It was pretty hilarious.

They had a section called "British Foods" which had this. I'm not sure what "Spotted Dick Pudding" is.... I'm curious. I didn't buy it. Perhaps I should have? Hmm...

We then almost made our way home, until we got close and decided that we wanted to check out a little gelato shop on the water that neither of us had been to. I got a scoop of lime and a scoop of chocolate hazelnut gelato and Jenny got Hazelnut and PB&Chocolate. Delish!! It was so so so so good. We took our scoops and went to sit along the water to watch the boats!

We both have a ton of stuff we want to do in the city so we actually made a "to-do" list of things we're going to do together, which includes but is not limited to a Toronto Double Decker Bus Tour and eat at a place in Kensington called "The Grilled Cheese". Stay tuned for more on our adventures on a later date!

All in all this weekend was insanely crazy. It was a whirlwind of a weekend but it was so super fun. I'm totally exhausted but it was worth it. Unfortunately I didn't eat well AT ALL or workout, so guess who's on a serious detox now? ME! Tonight I'm making a ton of green juice so I can sip on it during the day and I'm going to be running and working out like no one's business. It was definitely a "(mostly)" type weekend (get it? A play on my blog title?).

Q: What was the best part of your weekend?
Q: Were you in the Toronto area and attend canfitpro?


  1. looks like you had a great time all weekend! I love the dress that you wore to the gala, and I cannot imagine what cupcake toothpaste tastes like. that's so weird! best part of my wkend was getting to visit with my gram yesterday!

    1. Hahaha I imagine it tasting like sugary vanilla. I saw the picture of you and your grandma - ADORABLE!!

    2. awh, thanks babe! so glad that you saw it!! <3

  2. You look stunning in that dress. Great dress too.

  3. You and C looked fantastic at the gala!

    I love Blue Banana. Such a fun store! Let's hang this week :) xo

    1. Haha aww thanks girlie. And uhmm... YES! PLEASE!

  4. Spotted dick is pretty much a fruit cake :) (I am English) :)


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