Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some Super Exciting News & A Lower Body Workout Vlog

Hey loveys!

A few things to touch on today! But first... I'm SO EXCITED because I got a Tweet today from Best Health Magazine letting me know that this little bloggy is a finalist for their Best Health Blog award!! I almost died!!! I'm so flipping honoured and excited to be a finalist! It's myself and 11 other amazing bloggers who are finalists! If you're at all interested in voting (for myself in particular... :D) click HERE and it will take you directly to the voting screen! Voting closes on August 31, 2013 so I need all the support I can get! :) THANK YOU all SO much for your support in the past almost 2 years now (woahhhhhh). I'm so grateful for those who read and interact on my blog, and all of the lovely things that people tell me after they read my blog or try a recipe. It makes me SO happy each time, so a huge thank you to all of you who have done so :).

I also vlogged today! Check it out. This is the workout that I did today.... my legs are completely destroyed.

.... I'm sorry that I burped, but I was not refilming because of that. Lol. Tomorrow we're training with Trainer Friend again but doing upper body. On Friday I shouldn't be able to move anything on my body.... yaaaaye...... *rolls eyes*.

I've been doing quite well with diet this week. C and I actually went and did a really good grocery shop on Sunday. Thank god, because we hadn't done a really good grocery shop in a long time which was part of the problem (of me not eating so well). We stocked up and made a promise that we were going to cook each dinner this week (we have a tendency of getting lazy and we end up ordering food. Not good for the health and not good for the wallet). So far so good! On Monday night I made home made gluten-free chicken noodle soup and it was awesome because I had enough to take for lunch yesterday and today! Double bonus! Last night C made a ground beef meat sauce and he had pasta, and I made my own gluten-free pasta. It was actually really good and satisfying! Tonight I'm making some type of shrimp dish. I'm not sure what I'm going to make with it, but I'm sure I can come up with something clean and delicious!

I haven't really given you much follow up about the car accident we were in like 6 weeks ago. Remember when I wrote about it? Basically nothing has changed. We're still driving a rental car and our car is getting fixed in a shop somewhere and basically we have no idea what's going on. So that's comforting. On my search for information on cars I found a really cool car blog. So if you like cars, check it out here!

Oh - and you've heard the term "target outfit" before right? Where you go and buy an outfit that you want to fit in and look amazing in for a certain event? In 2 weeks we have our company's annual Awards Gala which is something I always look forward to. I bought my dress for the event about a month ago, and it fits and everything (I would never buy something smaller... it's the cardinal rule of fashion, what if you don't end up fitting in it?) however I just want to look a little fitter and nicer. It's not too short, comes just above my knees... but it has little cap sleeves so I want my arms to look great! It's also on the same weekend as canfitpro... it's a 4-day fitness conference (the biggest in North America) and it happens to be one of the events I used to help plan when I worked at canfitpro! I'm working in the tradeshow this year, so if you're coming to the event, make sure to watch for me or come and say hello! :)

Ok - I'm outty for tonight! Have a great Hump Night! :P

Q: Are you going to canfitpro in Toronto this year?
Q: Did you go vote for me yet?? :)


  1. congrats on being a finalist dear!! going to vote now!!! xoxo

  2. I think I voted for you... I don't think that voting page is compatible with Chrome so I tried with IE and it said thank you... wasn't the easiest voting page, but you totally deserve to win. (hence the effort).

    1. Aww thank you Hui!! I really appreciate it!!!

  3. Congrats lady!!! Obv voted for my fav blogger :)

  4. Your vlogs are the cutest!! I love watching them :). Congrats again on being a finalist!!! I definitely voted for you!

    xo Lauren

    1. THANKS Lauren!! Can't wait to see you on Friday!

  5. Dr. Tuling graduated from CMCC in 1997 (cum laude). Immediately after, he was accepted to the post-graduate position for the Clinical Sciences Fellowship programme.


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