Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend Musings & A G-Free Banana Muffin Recipe!

Hey lovey,

I hope you made the best of your weekend off! I had a pretty fun yet relaxing weekend! I have already told you about my Friday night meet up with some fellow foodie bloggers, so I will start this post on Saturday! :)

I didn't do much Saturday morning. I was lying in bed and a part of me really wanted to go for a run... but an even bigger part of me was content under the covers watching reruns of Will & Grace. Will & Grace most definitely won (it was the episode where Grace finds out that Karen is in a fetish film.. hilarious, do you remember??). Eventually though, I got hungry. Being in a lazy state of mind, I didn't want to cook so I got ready and went for a walk (which looking back is way more effort than just cooking... oh well).

I had Freshii in mind. I love that place, their salads are my absolute favourite! They are gianourmous... I can totally crush one to myself. I got myself ready and convinced C that he should come with, because it's only a few blocks away we'd be back in no time. Haha oh boy. So we got to Freshii and it was closed. I'm not sure why Freshii on one of the busiest streets in Toronto would be closed at noon on a Saturday?? It was kind of annoying, but not much I could do.

I'm the type of person that when I have something in mind, that's just what I want. So when Freshii wasn't opened, I was frustrated and had no idea what I wanted. It didn't help that I had worn a coat, and was getting so hot.. so whenever I went in somewhere to check out the food, I couldn't focus because I was overheating. Bah! After walking around aimlessly for about 45 minutes, I decided that I wanted Fresh. I knew they were open because there were people the patio enjoying their nice vegan cuisine.

I went in thinking it'd be decently quick.. it normally is. I ordered the Powerbowl on Soba Noodles and a green detox juice. I drank my juice SO slowly.. and still waited... and I think I waited probably like 30-40 minutes for my food. I don't go to Fresh often, not because I'm not a vegan or don't like it, but because it's expensive and takes SO LONG!! I got my food home and it was delicious. It was probably my favourite thing that I've had from Fresh so far!

My green juice!
Fresh Powerbowl on Soba Noodles
After my lunch, I made my way up to the Yorkville area in Toronto to go to the Miracle 10 Boutique there to have one of their peel treatments!! Click here to check out how my visit was, and lots of pictures. The boutique is absolutely gorgeous!! 

C and I decided to stay in on Saturday night and watch Now You See Me and have take out. Whoops. my food intake for the weekend was doing so well!! Oh well... :)

This morning I woke up at about 8:30.. I wish I could have slept longer. We live right above a major highway and there was an accident right below us at about 3am... and at about 3:30am someone wasn't paying attention and crashed into the crash that was already there. The whole highway was blocked off, sirens were blaring and our windows were open because the building heat is on and it was too hot :(. Wahh. Needless to say we didn't get the best sleep.

I decided to go for a run when I first woke up. It was basically as soon as I woke up or it wasn't going to happen. So I found my shorts, pulled my gross hair back, laced up and hit the pavement. I did a short 5km but it was nice! The weather was gorgeous and there were tons of people out running and biking by the time I made my way to the trails along the water.

Not a bad little run! I thought it was cool out so I wore a long sleeve shirt, luckily I paired it with shorts so I wasn't overly hot.. but I was definitely a sweatfest by the time I got back home!

C and I spent the day at like ever home improvement store in Toronto... Ikea... Lowes... Bed, Bath & Beyond... we want to spruce this condo up a bit. I didn't buy anything big.. but I bought a book for some design inspiration, so we'll see.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and I bought a bunch of ingredients to MAKE A NEW RECIPE!!!

Omg omg omg omg... It's been SO LONG since I've posted a recipe... and I'm really excited to share it with you so here we go!!!

Gluten-Free Banana Muffins
2 cups of gluten-free all purpose flour
1 tsp of baking soda
1/4 tsp of salt
4 eggs
2 cups of mashed ripe bananas (about 4 medium bananas)
1 cup sugar (I know - awful, but I didn't know what to substitute it with until after when Davida told me lol... you can use half the sugar and the other half use coconut palm sugar or 1 tsp of stevia extract!)
1/2 cup of organic unsweetened applesauce
1/3 cup of melted coconut oil
1 tsp organic vanilla extract
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
1/2 cup carob chips
1/4 cup sunflower seeds

1. Mix the flour, baking soda and salt in a large mixing bowl.
2. Mix eggs, bananas, sugar, applesauce, oil and vanilla in a small mixing bowl. Whisk until consistent.
3. Add to the larger bowl and mix until consistent.
4. Add walnuts, carob chips and seeds and mix.
5. Line a muffin tin with muffin tin foil thingys (what are they called?) and fill 3/4 the way full.
6. Bake about 10-15 minutes at 350F, 175C.

The batter, before baking.
I think I have redeemed myself in terms of baking. If you've been following this blog for a while, you know I gave up baking a couple years ago because, well, I'm really shitty at it. I am MUCH better at cooking, so that's what I stick to. I'm SO PROUD that these turned out well!! I have like 18 muffins to eat now though, damnit.

Q: What was your favourite part of the weekend? I think I ask this every Sunday.
Q: Are you a baker? Do you enjoy baking or do you usually fail horribly at it like myself?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Foodie Blogger Dinner #1 (Because There Must Be More!)

Hey loveys,

Sorry - this week has been another week of scarce blog posts. I don't think it was on purpose.... although I'm not sure what I was doing that would have gotten in the way of me blogging. Anywhoooo... I hope you're all having a great weekend!!


I forgot to tell you!!!!

I'm OFFICIALLY going back to school!!!! I KNOW!!!!!! I'm FREAKING out (you can tell by all of the capital letters and exclamation marks I'm using!!!!) because I've been out of school for a good 4ish years now. I'm seriously going back FULL TIME starting in January!! I got accepted to George Brown College for their 3-year Business Administration Marketing program, which has a 1-year co-op program at the end. I'm so excited you guys!!!!!!!! I applied a while ago, but obviously didn't want to say anything until I knew it was official. I was checking the Ontario Colleges website every single day for the past month and on Wednesday I found out the great news!!! My campus is so close to me too, it's about 2 blocks north and a good hike east, but not not walkable, although I'll probably invest in my student discounted TTC pass now :). I'm officially going to be a "downtown snob" hahaha. Omg I can't wait. SO YES that is my fantastic news of the week!!!

Last night I got invited out by Davida from The Health Maven to wine and dine with 6 other fellow foodie bloggers, and it was so much fun!! I have to admit a few things....

1. I didn't read through the emails in that much depth, I just knew the date and the place of where I needed to go.
2. I didn't really know the blogs of many of the girls there (but I do now and they're so cute!!!)

So to start, I was supposed to be there at 7. I got there at like 7:15 because I passed the place so many times. It was called Grasslands, and they have absolutely ZERO signage outside of their restaurant... just their street number above the door. Once I finally found it, I was so flustered and hot and disgusting I'm sure the ladies all thought I was insane. The ladies that were in attendance were:

Davida from The Healthy Maven
Sam from Better With Sprinkles
Suzanne from Hello Veggy
Chelsea from Chelsea's Healthy Kitchen
Christine from Gotta Eat Green
Amy from The Little Honey Bee
Gabby from The Veggie Nook
And me!

By the time I had got there they had all had a chance to figure out what they wanted, however the first thing I wanted was a cocktail so I ordered a Lychee Martini, and so did Sam... thank god lol.

Ok, now the funny part is that I ordered Crusted Chicken and it came with a ton of fun things on the side. After I ordered was when I realized that the restaurant was a vegan restaurant and the chicken I ordered was definitely not going to be chicken lol. I was a bit nervous, but it seemed like a decent restaurant and what I ordered was their most popular item on the menu, so it couldn't be THAT bad!


It came with sweet potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, mushroom gravy, yams, and mango salsa... it was definitely the best vegan meal I've ever had in my life. It was awesome to be around other bloggers, because we all understood when we ALL busted out cameras to take pictures of our food!

Thanks to Suzanne who had the idea to have the waiter take a picture of us doing this!! Haha, it's such an amazing shot and totally captures what we do perfectly. Here's a good, normal group shot.

Turned out nicely huh??

It was definitely an amazing experience to meet all of these great gals!! They're all so passionate about healthy living and healthy food. Gabby is current doing her Holistic Nutrition designation, while I'm pretty sure Amy is starting the Energy Exchange Yoga program soon!! Chelsea is doing an internship to become a Dietitian, Davida recently started a baking class, Suzanne is in nursing school, Christine is getting married soon, Sam lives in London and is doing her Masters and I'm going back to school SOON! Haha. Thanks for hosting us Grasslands!! Our waiter, Chris, was super nice and loved helping us take these photos! Thanks to you ladies for a great night out!!! Sorry I showed up late... I swear I'll be early and not sweaty next time we meet up! :)

Q: Where is your favourite Vegan restaurant? What's your favourite thing on the menu?

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Emperors Tea Review & The Memory Ball!

Hey loveys!

FIRST UP - This is my 300th post. Just saying :).

I hope everyone has had a great start to the week!! I can't believe tomorrow is already Tuesday!! Today flew by because I was on-site out of the office, and when I went into the office I had tons of emails to catch up on so I didn't look at the clock once (don't you love when that happens?). My weekend flew by just as fast. C and I were in Ottawa for the weekend because his parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! It was so much fun. I met C's sister and brother in law for the first time, and they are so cool!! They live in the USA so C doesn't get to see them often. We actually got to sit and have dinner with them on Friday night before the anniversary party on Saturday so we got some good one on one time with them!

Saturday night was fun! His parents had us over, and C's brother in law and sister, C's cousin, and a few friends of theirs for dinner. We ate an immense amount of Jamaican food and it was Heaven. It was my first time trying Curry Goat... and OMG guys... I don't know why I was afraid to eat it for so long, it's delicious! We had rum cake for dessert, and I had never had that before either!! It was strong so I literally only had a sliver of it, but it was good and that's all I needed! :) Here are some photos from the whole weekend...

With the cool weather quickly coming upon us, the more I find myself drinking warm beverages. It's no secret that I'm a bit obsessed with tea... I love all kinds of tea and I love fall for allowing me to drink tea no matter what time of the day!! :) I was given the chance to try out Emperor's Tea and share with all of you how I feel about the tea!! Well good news - I LOVE it!! I was given a package of Moroccan Mint Tea, Sicilian Blood Tea and one of their Lip Balms in Grand Mariner and Apricot .

I'm a huge fan of Peppermint Green Tea naturally, and this was definitely one of the better mint green tea's that I've had! It wasn't bitter (like how some green tea's can be) and the peppermint wasn't overpowering at all. I actually drink it often and love it!! Sicilian Blood is a really fruity tea, and I love fruity tea.

I snapped a photo of my Sicilian Blood tea and it literally looks like it's bleeding while it's steeping. It's delicious! You can even get like 2 or 3 massive cups of tea out of 1 tea ball full of the leaves! When I received the products I looked up the whole story about how this company came to be, and it's actually a pretty neat story! You can click here for their whole history, they now grow their own tea leaves so they can actually guarantee that what they sell is the best product and I love that! Also - they don't test on animals.. yay!

Head on over to their website, they have A TON of different and very unique tea's so check it out! You can even order online!! :)

SO!! Ok I have some fun exciting news!!

If you know me well, you know I'm always trying to do something to give back. As a youth, I always volunteered. I volunteered at a seniors centre in highschool, I always volunteered at my local Legion branch with the veterans and helping with local community events, I got my start in the fitness industry by volunteering and even to this day I try to do annual food drives around Christmas and try and donate a lot around the holidays!

Anyways - lately I've just been thinking that I've been wanting to do more. I did some research and on Twitter I came across a relatively new charity event in Toronto that was looking for volunteers. I took a chance and applied and had a phone interview and everything, and am happy to announce that I got the volunteer position!! My title is "Communications Ambassador" for The Memory Ball! That means I'm helping the team with social media, marketing, and basically getting the word out there about the event and why people should come to it!!
In the last two years they've raised $55,000 for the Alzheimer Society of Toronto to help raise money for Alzheimers research, and hopefully after this year we'll be over the $100,000 mark!! Basically 1 person every 4 seconds is diagnosed with Alzheimers. By the year 2038, 1,125,200 Canadian's will be diagnosed with dementia, 2.8% of all Canadians. The cost of this will be about $872 million dollars. We need to try and help fight this awful disease before it gets out of control, so that's what this event is trying to do! I'm very excited to be working with them, they are an AMAZING team of people... YAY!!! I'm sure I'll be able to talk more about this as I get deeper into the position, but I'm glad to be able to tell you all that I'm doing this now!!

Q: Do you volunteer your time to any charitable organizations?
Q: Did you have a kick ass weekend?? :)

PS - Have you seen these?? Pocket Display from Ashanging... I'm thinking of purchasing for my condo. Have you tried them? Thoughts?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm On The Right Track...

Hey Lovey,


This is the first chance ALL WEEK I'm getting to post!! This week has been a whirlwind... basically my whole September has been a whirlwind! This Monday I wasn't in the office for work, I was on-site somewhere else for work, so it kind of felt like a short week! I'm actually not in the office tomorrow either! I took half the day off tomorrow and in the morning I'm on site at another location so it's going to fly by! Sometimes life has a way of making me a busy gal, so my apologies if sometimes I go a few days in between posting. I know most of you aren't really that upset about it.. anyways...

Tomorrow C and I are actually heading to Ottawa for the weekend for his parents 50th wedding anniversary, which is super cool! We're going to be chowing down on some serious Caribbean food and meet some of his family that I've never met before and I'm TOTALLY excited about the whole thing!! I've been trying to think of what to wear since Monday... I still am not quite sure. Help! Dress? Pants? Crops? I have no clue! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Anyways - in my last post I talked about how I had fallen off the bandwagon. This week though, has been pretty good. And by pretty good I mean NOT perfect, but not bad :). Let's start with my updated chart....

Ok. So Monday - a 2 hour walk. That isn't my typical workout, but on Monday I did A LOT of walking and it took a lot of time so I'm counting it as my workout. I walked to and from the site I was working at, and then after work had to walk to my pharmacy and I took an extended walk because the weather was gorgeous and I was wearing a new jacket and I just wanted to take advantage of the weather while I could!

On Tuesday.. well Tuesday was hard. Tuesday was a really busy day of "catch up" at work (from being off Friday afternoon and out of the office on Monday) so of course the day flew by, but by the end of it I was exhausted. I knew I wanted to run, so one of my bosses and I were talking about it. She didn't feel like running, I didn't feel like running.. so what did we do? We promised each other when we got home we'd go for a run - so that's exactly what I did! If I go running after work, I have to make sure I don't sit down AT ALL, or my behind becomes super lazy and glues itself to the couch. So I got home, changed, grabbed my phone (GPS AND music!) and headphones and hit the pavement. I didn't think I was running that fast, but I did a fairly good time! I did 5km in 30:37, and there were a couple of street lights that I didn't pause the GPS for, and it was a good short while that I was waiting for the light to change... so I'd like to think my time was around the 30 minute mark. I'll take it!

Wednesday was a typical day in the weight room. I tried to keep it simple because I hadn't done weights in a while (remember... I'm lazy lately.). I'm glad I didn't over do it because today I am SOOOOORE... my chest is so tight and my biceps are medium tight. I ended up doing about 30 minutes of upper body weights and I ended with 20 minutes of pretty intense intervals on the Stepmill! It was an awesome workout and it helped me refocus and get back in the game for the rest of my day (I worked out on my lunch, in case I missed that).

Then last night we decided to go with a couple of friends to the Jays Game at the Rogers Center. They were playing the Yankees. It was a decent game. I spent more time learning about Candy Crush from my friend than I spent watching the game. I felt REALLY bad for A-Rod whenever he went to bat. Everyone always boo-ed him and chanted "Juice, Juice, Juice!"... bah! The poor guy has feelings too... leave him alone. Anyways - I ate like crap and had a beer, so we just won't talk about that... there are some photos though!

This is my new jacket that I love. And the CN Tower. Welcome to my neighbourhood.
Doesn't  it look vintage? Nope, 2013 baby.

I love Jays Games, and it wasn't scorching hot so it was nice!

Today I did a lower body workout with one of my Trainer Friends. We decided to do squats. Why? I'm not totally sure. I think he just really likes kicking my ass in all sense of the word. We did this thing to find out what my 1rep max was, so it was like a pyramid. I can't really explain it because I just did what I was told, but it was hard and I ended up doing sets of 1 and sets of 2... and we did stretching so that I could open up my hips and stretch out my calves so I could squat down further. Needless to say I'm going to be SO sore tomorrow and sitting in the car for a 4 hour car ride is going to destroy my legs. I had Trainer Friend take some photos....

Ohhh that face....
Yes, I understand my knee is past my toe.
It's not often I post pictures of me where you can see how I look working out, so taa daaaa... I was dying in picture 2... you can see my face is focused, basically so that I don't fall over.

My diet has been so good. Except for last night at the Jays game (Ahem nachos and a hot dog)... besides that I haven't had any gluten, I've had a little bit of liquorice.. but lots of water, lots of green juice, lots of veggies and lean protein!! Whoohooooo! :) Now to figure out when I can workout tomorrow before heading to Ottawa, and what to bring on the road for snackies!

Q: What's your favourite car ride healthy snack??
Q: Are you staying on track this week???

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I've Fallen Off... The Bandwagon That Is.

Hey loveys,

Not quite sure how Sunday night crept up on us so quickly. Lately I've been really flipping busy (you can probably tell by my lack of posts, and then MASSIVE posts to tell you everything I've been doing!), and this weekend was no exception.

On Friday I took a half day at work (I had to take a random half day off, so why not on a Friday?) and so I made an appointment to go to the Miracle 10 Boutique in Mississauga and meet with Diane to have her look at my skin, check everything out and do a peel treatment on me. My skin is looking better than it did before which is a huge plus! It was nice to have the half day off work, so I came home after my appointment and relaxed in bed! Haha, I think I was home around 3pm, how amazing is it to be relaxing in bed at 3pm on a Friday? You can't compare it to anything really.

Friday night C and I met up with a couple of friends of ours at Grace O'Malley's here in downtown Toronto. I love that bar because it's always live music and it's always music that reminds me of my home. We stayed out pretty late but it wasn't a wild night by any means.

On Saturday I woke up and the sun was shining so bright and the day just looked beautiful. I decided to go grab myself an Americano at Starbucks, go to M for Mendicino to inquire about a shirt that I wanted to purchase and then go to TIFF to pick up the movie tickets I had purchased. I knew it was chilly, so I took it as a perfect opportunity to wear my new black trench coat. Sorry - I don't have any pictures at the moment, but it's so pretty :).

C and I decided to go see the movie Joe that was playing at TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival) this year. It stars Nicholas Cage, and it was definitely an interesting movie. Daniel Gordon Green directed it (he was the director in Pineapple Express) and it had a definite feel of an indy film. The crowd at TIFF is much different than a crowd at a regular film. They all seem to have random inside jokes that I didn't understand, but multiple people across the theatre all chimed in on. There was applause for the opening ads, which is something I've never seen, and someone actually comes out before the film starts and says a little speech about the film.

The film itself was interesting. It was extremely graphic in some places, but I think the story of it was actually really nice. I won't go into detail and wreck the movie for you, but I did think it was a good movie, and it was definitely fun to experience the TIFF atmosphere for the first time.

On Saturday night I met up with my friend Alyssa who was in town. She's one of my oldest friends so I make sure to go and see her whenever she's in town! We met up at her husband's cousins condo here in Toronto and went out to a bar called Crews & Tangos, which has a drag queen show on Saturday nights. It's always extremely fun and the place is huge with tons of dance floor, so we can always find people to dance with! For whatever reason I wasn't camera happy last night like I normally am, so I'm sorry I can't share photos with you to make this story much better! Lol! I made it home around 3:30am... I was absolutely exhausted! A couple of other girls that we went to high school with showed up as well so it was nice to see them.

Oh!! I totally lied. I have a picture that I had to take before I left to meet up with Alyssa:

I bought this shirt yesterday at M for Mendicino and absolutely love it. if you can't read it due to it being backwards, it says "Celfie"... clearly a pun on the infamous "selfie" which is why I took one before I left. :). Can I just point out how awesome it was to wear a boyfriend style T to a bar? I mean, I paired it with a miniskirt.. but still, it rocked. ANYWAYS...

So I knew I had a meeting today at 1 for something I've recently become a part of (more about it later this month!) but I never sleep late so I didn't set my alarm. I woke up this morning at like 11am, bolted out of bed, got my behind ready faster than usual and made my way to said meeting. It was the first of many meetings with these lovely ladies, so it was super fun to finally meet everyone in person. I'm really excited to share with you what I'm going to be working on and who I'm working with, but stay tuned!!

So now here's my dish. I think.. no... I KNOW I've been super slacking. In all healthy areas of my life. I've been slacking on working out. I've been slacking on really watching my diet... I've just become 1 big giant slacker, and it doesn't feel good. So step 1 was buying a crap ton of healthy foods for my fridge, and so I did just that. C and I hit up the grocery store, and it was much needed... almost $300 later our fridge is back to normal, our freezer is restocked and our pantry looks much better. As soon as I got home I made a giant jug of green juice to get me through the next few days. It's hard to imagine I have a jug of juice that I could actually drink in a day, that has 6 apples, a ton of spinach, a whole thing of celery stocks, a whole cucumber, some kale and broccoli in it. That's a lot of flipping good food at my lips!

I also have to make a conscious effort to get in a serious workout everyday this week. I'm not at my office tomorrow or Friday this week so I'm either going to have to run outside, or workout in my condo, or travel to an actual gym. So in order to keep myself on track this week, I made this:

Ok. So basically when I post this week, I will update this and let you know what I've done! Hopefully I will be doing this on a weekly basis until my exercise and clean eating is a habit once again! I'm going to eat as paleo as I can this week (1 week, small steps) with the exception of rice, but definitely no gluten. The weekend is going to be tricky, but I think I can do it. We're heading up to Ottawa on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with C's family (including his sister and brother-in-law who are coming from the US!) so I will have to plan very strategically. The good news is that we're staying in a hotel that's connected to a GoodLife Gym, so I can sneak in there in the mornings and do my workouts before the family gatherings commence.

We will also be consuming immense amounts of Jamaican food as well, which is another reason I will be eating rice. Oh my god I can't wait, Jamaican is one of my favourite cuisines. My mouth is already watering.

If you guys want to join my in using this little grid this week, you can save it and just use Pic Monkey to fill it in as you go! We can update each other!!

Q: When you fall off the bandwagon and become a lazy bum like me, what do you use as motivation to get back into it??

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Insane Weekend!

Hey lovey,

Oh my gosh it feels like it's been so long since I wrote! It's been crazy insane here since last time I wrote which was Saturday... let me explain.

Saturday after I wrote I didn't end up going to my Christian Louboutin exhibit because it was pouring rain and I was exhausted so I had a nap. Rough, right? Then I wanted to slip to the mall because I wanted to get a new purse to go out with on Saturday night. I ended up getting a really pretty black clutch from Ted Baker..

Then we came home and got ready to head out for the TIFF party we were invited to at The Fifth Social Club. It was so much fun! When we first got there it was a bit dead just because we showed up early to avoid lines.. we made out way up to a bar that wasn't the main bar, and hung out there with each other. Eventually a big group of people came up and joined us, and one of them happened to be the owner of the bar, and another happened to be Joffrey Lupul of the Toronto Maple Leafs.


Do you understand how gorgeous Joffrey Lupul is? Well if not, take a peek....

... uh... ya. I'd say he's attractive.

He had his girlfriend with him who is equally as gorgeous and I wanted to seem cool so I didn't ask for a photo. However, he did talk to us and so that's cool, right? :). The group ordered this drink, and apparently more people than I thought knew about this (judging from people I've told this story to already).. anyways, it's a fishbowl filled with ice, a bottle of champaign, a bottle of vodka and bar lime, and they put a million different straws in it. It's basically a communal drink. As they were leaving, I convinced the bartender to let me have the drink. So this happened:

I didn't drink the whole thing obviously.. but it was fun to have :). The owner of the bar actually came back and "officially" gave it to me, since I'm sure he's the one that "paid" for it. Was very nice of him, thank you Oliver! :)

On Sunday morning I ran the Yorkville 5km Race with Michelle! It was kind of hard to get up after being out so late during TIFF (they serve until 4am.. oy!) but I managed to get there and run! I was excited for this run because I LOVE Yorkville here in Toronto. It's so glamourous and so much fun to spend time, and this is Toronto's only Boutique run, only letting 1000 participants in on it. We got there and as we were approaching the race, I found another friend of mine.. Jonny!

This was us before the race.. fun right? The tshirts were nice, and the funny thing is that the name bib actually lines up with the shirt so the little guy doesn't really get cut off! Haha, genius!

I managed to bust out the 5km in about 31 minutes, it was a slow one, but I only stopped 1 time for water, so not too bad!! I think the medals for this race was the best part of it all....

It's so darn pretty!!!! I will be doing this race again just to keep collecting the medals! They also have really fun treats after the race too :)

CINNAMON BUNS!! :) Haha, clearly we are very excited for these buns. They were delicious by the way.

Then after I got home I had to instantly start packing because I flew to Ottawa on Sunday afternoon! What a whirlwind. Not only was I already a bit queezy from the night before, but my landing into Ottawa was slightly bumpy so I spent the landing with my eyes closed lol! So I spent the night in a hotel by the airport in Ottawa and it happens to literally be in the middle of nowhere... so what did I do for dinner? Obviously I ordered Chinese Food Takeout.

Oh my god guys. I accidentally ordered a lot, so I ended up eating more for breakfast. I felt like absolute shit. My skin got so oily and I was exhausted and it just wasn't good. Epic fail. The good news is I wasn't away from home long, and as soon as I was done at my work meetings I caught my flight back to Toronto and I was home by 5:30pm! I snapped some photos from the plane on the flight home, but I was in the worst seat ever for photos...

Pretty clouds!! So I got home and crashed in bed, and yesterday I spent the day catching up on other things I needed to, and all of a sudden it's Wednesday night!! Pheew!

So because my weekend wasn't the healthiest, I've been eating veggies and drinking green juice all day today! Speaking of which, I think I might go pour myself a glass now.

Oh! And make sure to remember to enter my Miracle 10 Peel Treatment giveaway!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For all of the terms and conditions (and photos) click here for the original post!

Q: Did you do any races this weekend?
Q: What's the best advise to give a newbie traveller to keep the eats clean?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

ElectroDash Race Recap With Elle Pottsie!

Hey loveys!

Here's to the start of one crazy weekend. I have a lot on my plate this weekend, but I love it because I enjoy keeping busy! First up on the list of things to do this weekend actually took place last night, I ran the ElectroDash 5k race with Lauren from Ottawa (@ellepottsie on Twitter!)! She had come down from Ottawa a few days earlier and registered to run the race with me!

It was super cool finally meeting her in person after chatting for sooo long! C drove and became our official race photographer, like always (what a good man!). The race took place out at Canada's Wonderland. It was neat because the park was closed down so we were running through the actual amusement park!

These are all photos of us BEFORE the race even started. Be fore warned, there are A LOT of photos, and a lot of them are dark.

The race itself was ok. There wasn't very many people actually running, a lot of people were just walking and a lot of people actually had on those jumpy shoes.. I have no idea what they're called... Kangoo-Jumps or something like that. So it was kind of annoying have to run past huge groups of people who were walking and chatting and taking pictures...

Another thing was that it was REALLY dark. Like.. REALLY dark. With glow stick glasses on it made it really hard to see in a few places and I was nervous I was going to run into something or step on some weird ground. I didn't, thankfully! There were also places in the race where they had little bitty lights hitting the ground. It's hard to explain the feeling you get when you're trying to run, have glow stick glasses on your face and have little lights moving under your feet... Lauren said it almost felt like we were running backwards. TRIPPY!

The only other thing was the finish line. There wasn't any signs or any stations letting you know what km you were at... and near the end is a huge line of glowing arches, and a ton of people thought that was the finish line. It wasn't even close, it was only like the 3.5k mark so after that even MORE people were walking and talking and not running.. wah.

There were a few stops to take pictures at, but since it was so dark a lot of them didn't turn out that well.

My arms are out a lot in photos. 
Me jumping! 
More arms
Pretty trees!
Colourful fountain!
Us with Fountain
Some laser lights
A fairly large remote controlled helicopter with a camera!
Disco Ball
LAUREN! Shaky.. photo taking while running is hard.
Beware, this is NOT the end of the race :) 
Hello :)
Post race! I'm a sweaty mess and Lauren is fine. Lol
All in all it was definitely really fun and it was SUPER fun to finally meet Lauren in person! Now I'm off to get some breakfast before I head downtown Toronto to the Design Exchange to check out the Christian Louboutin exhibit. 200 of his shoes in one place? I couldn't miss this for the woooorld! I'm going alone, hopefully it's still fun! The weather here this morning is actually quite crappy so I'm going to have to take my umbrella. What do I wear to an exhibit? I think I'm going to bust out my Chuck's. I can't wear my Loubies to the exhibit because I'm walking!

Tonight C & I got invited to a TIFF Party downtown at The Fifth Social Club. It's their annual Paparazzi Party and I'm really looking forward to it! I'm wearing the dress I wore to my work gala a few weeks ago! Maybe I'll have some celebrity photos to share with you when I write again! :)

One last item of business!! If you missed my last post, Miracle 10 Cosmetics has been SO GENEROUS and is giving me 20 peel treatments to give away to 20 lucky readers!! SO COOL RIGHT? I've been raving about their products so I'm SUPER excited to be able to have the chance to share them with 20 people!! I've put the Rafflecopter below so you can enter easy peasy!

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Q: Have you ever run a race at night? What did you think?
Q: If you're a Torontonian, are you going to any fun TIFF functions this weekend/next week?