Saturday, September 7, 2013

ElectroDash Race Recap With Elle Pottsie!

Hey loveys!

Here's to the start of one crazy weekend. I have a lot on my plate this weekend, but I love it because I enjoy keeping busy! First up on the list of things to do this weekend actually took place last night, I ran the ElectroDash 5k race with Lauren from Ottawa (@ellepottsie on Twitter!)! She had come down from Ottawa a few days earlier and registered to run the race with me!

It was super cool finally meeting her in person after chatting for sooo long! C drove and became our official race photographer, like always (what a good man!). The race took place out at Canada's Wonderland. It was neat because the park was closed down so we were running through the actual amusement park!

These are all photos of us BEFORE the race even started. Be fore warned, there are A LOT of photos, and a lot of them are dark.

The race itself was ok. There wasn't very many people actually running, a lot of people were just walking and a lot of people actually had on those jumpy shoes.. I have no idea what they're called... Kangoo-Jumps or something like that. So it was kind of annoying have to run past huge groups of people who were walking and chatting and taking pictures...

Another thing was that it was REALLY dark. Like.. REALLY dark. With glow stick glasses on it made it really hard to see in a few places and I was nervous I was going to run into something or step on some weird ground. I didn't, thankfully! There were also places in the race where they had little bitty lights hitting the ground. It's hard to explain the feeling you get when you're trying to run, have glow stick glasses on your face and have little lights moving under your feet... Lauren said it almost felt like we were running backwards. TRIPPY!

The only other thing was the finish line. There wasn't any signs or any stations letting you know what km you were at... and near the end is a huge line of glowing arches, and a ton of people thought that was the finish line. It wasn't even close, it was only like the 3.5k mark so after that even MORE people were walking and talking and not running.. wah.

There were a few stops to take pictures at, but since it was so dark a lot of them didn't turn out that well.

My arms are out a lot in photos. 
Me jumping! 
More arms
Pretty trees!
Colourful fountain!
Us with Fountain
Some laser lights
A fairly large remote controlled helicopter with a camera!
Disco Ball
LAUREN! Shaky.. photo taking while running is hard.
Beware, this is NOT the end of the race :) 
Hello :)
Post race! I'm a sweaty mess and Lauren is fine. Lol
All in all it was definitely really fun and it was SUPER fun to finally meet Lauren in person! Now I'm off to get some breakfast before I head downtown Toronto to the Design Exchange to check out the Christian Louboutin exhibit. 200 of his shoes in one place? I couldn't miss this for the woooorld! I'm going alone, hopefully it's still fun! The weather here this morning is actually quite crappy so I'm going to have to take my umbrella. What do I wear to an exhibit? I think I'm going to bust out my Chuck's. I can't wear my Loubies to the exhibit because I'm walking!

Tonight C & I got invited to a TIFF Party downtown at The Fifth Social Club. It's their annual Paparazzi Party and I'm really looking forward to it! I'm wearing the dress I wore to my work gala a few weeks ago! Maybe I'll have some celebrity photos to share with you when I write again! :)

One last item of business!! If you missed my last post, Miracle 10 Cosmetics has been SO GENEROUS and is giving me 20 peel treatments to give away to 20 lucky readers!! SO COOL RIGHT? I've been raving about their products so I'm SUPER excited to be able to have the chance to share them with 20 people!! I've put the Rafflecopter below so you can enter easy peasy!

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Q: Have you ever run a race at night? What did you think?
Q: If you're a Torontonian, are you going to any fun TIFF functions this weekend/next week?


  1. This looks super-duper fun! And you girls looks tres adorable! LOVE

    1. You should have come out for it! It was really fun! :)

  2. Fun! I was thinking about running this but the timing did not work out. Wish I was going to Tiff events.. if only I was cool enough hah

  3. I've always wanted to do a night run, but the idea of 'glasses' that ruin my night vision seems a little... risky.

    Would you believe that I've lived in Toronto my whole life (except University years) and NEVER done anything TIFF related?


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