Saturday, September 28, 2013

Foodie Blogger Dinner #1 (Because There Must Be More!)

Hey loveys,

Sorry - this week has been another week of scarce blog posts. I don't think it was on purpose.... although I'm not sure what I was doing that would have gotten in the way of me blogging. Anywhoooo... I hope you're all having a great weekend!!


I forgot to tell you!!!!

I'm OFFICIALLY going back to school!!!! I KNOW!!!!!! I'm FREAKING out (you can tell by all of the capital letters and exclamation marks I'm using!!!!) because I've been out of school for a good 4ish years now. I'm seriously going back FULL TIME starting in January!! I got accepted to George Brown College for their 3-year Business Administration Marketing program, which has a 1-year co-op program at the end. I'm so excited you guys!!!!!!!! I applied a while ago, but obviously didn't want to say anything until I knew it was official. I was checking the Ontario Colleges website every single day for the past month and on Wednesday I found out the great news!!! My campus is so close to me too, it's about 2 blocks north and a good hike east, but not not walkable, although I'll probably invest in my student discounted TTC pass now :). I'm officially going to be a "downtown snob" hahaha. Omg I can't wait. SO YES that is my fantastic news of the week!!!

Last night I got invited out by Davida from The Health Maven to wine and dine with 6 other fellow foodie bloggers, and it was so much fun!! I have to admit a few things....

1. I didn't read through the emails in that much depth, I just knew the date and the place of where I needed to go.
2. I didn't really know the blogs of many of the girls there (but I do now and they're so cute!!!)

So to start, I was supposed to be there at 7. I got there at like 7:15 because I passed the place so many times. It was called Grasslands, and they have absolutely ZERO signage outside of their restaurant... just their street number above the door. Once I finally found it, I was so flustered and hot and disgusting I'm sure the ladies all thought I was insane. The ladies that were in attendance were:

Davida from The Healthy Maven
Sam from Better With Sprinkles
Suzanne from Hello Veggy
Chelsea from Chelsea's Healthy Kitchen
Christine from Gotta Eat Green
Amy from The Little Honey Bee
Gabby from The Veggie Nook
And me!

By the time I had got there they had all had a chance to figure out what they wanted, however the first thing I wanted was a cocktail so I ordered a Lychee Martini, and so did Sam... thank god lol.

Ok, now the funny part is that I ordered Crusted Chicken and it came with a ton of fun things on the side. After I ordered was when I realized that the restaurant was a vegan restaurant and the chicken I ordered was definitely not going to be chicken lol. I was a bit nervous, but it seemed like a decent restaurant and what I ordered was their most popular item on the menu, so it couldn't be THAT bad!


It came with sweet potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, mushroom gravy, yams, and mango salsa... it was definitely the best vegan meal I've ever had in my life. It was awesome to be around other bloggers, because we all understood when we ALL busted out cameras to take pictures of our food!

Thanks to Suzanne who had the idea to have the waiter take a picture of us doing this!! Haha, it's such an amazing shot and totally captures what we do perfectly. Here's a good, normal group shot.

Turned out nicely huh??

It was definitely an amazing experience to meet all of these great gals!! They're all so passionate about healthy living and healthy food. Gabby is current doing her Holistic Nutrition designation, while I'm pretty sure Amy is starting the Energy Exchange Yoga program soon!! Chelsea is doing an internship to become a Dietitian, Davida recently started a baking class, Suzanne is in nursing school, Christine is getting married soon, Sam lives in London and is doing her Masters and I'm going back to school SOON! Haha. Thanks for hosting us Grasslands!! Our waiter, Chris, was super nice and loved helping us take these photos! Thanks to you ladies for a great night out!!! Sorry I showed up late... I swear I'll be early and not sweaty next time we meet up! :)

Q: Where is your favourite Vegan restaurant? What's your favourite thing on the menu?


  1. Haha that's so funny you didn't realize the restaurant was vegan at first! My friend once made the same mistake though - it's confusing because they don't put "chicken" in quotations on the menu. Also yeah, I agree it's really hard to find the restaurant, especially in the dark!

    Anyways it was so great to meet you! I can't wait to do it again sometime.

    1. Haha, I felt silly, but it was good none the less!! It was great to meet you too!! :) xo

  2. Haha next time you won't show up late, and I won't leave early ;-) So awesome meeting you and the other ladies! Can't wait until we can do it again.

    And yes, the restaurant is definitely hard to spot...confession: when I went outside to call the cab, it may have taken me a second to find it again... ;-)

    1. LOL, it evened out the night if you ask me. I'm glad you couldn't find it.... at least "Well I don't live here" is a reasonable excuse for you! :)

  3. OMG I am dying, BAHHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! That picture of all of you taking pictures of your food. SOOOOOO FUNNY! I should totally be sitting at that table with you guys. I cannot wait to have a blogger meet up! I want to go to one so badly. I have only met a few blogging buddies but I want to go to a CONVENTION!!! I am envious of your dinner! :)

    1. Lol thanks Gigi! I knew people would laugh at it. Props to Suzanne for the idea, I would never have thought of it! :)

  4. Oh and I totally forgot to mention - CONGRATS on school! That's going to be quite a change!!! I just started ONLINE school after 3 years of not being in school, even that is a bit of a change for me, so I can only imagine what FULL TIME will be like. But I am sure you will update us! ;)

  5. It was so nice meeting you too; can't wait for your next meetup! I think they were trying to trick you with the 'Chicken" :P

    Grasslands was super good, but Live Food Bar and Fresh top my list as my favourite vegan spots!

    1. I actually went to Fresh the next day! It was fantastic, it just took FOREVER!!

  6. im glad you had a great time! sounds like a fun dinner! leechee is one of my favorite fruits, but ive only ever seen them when I visited the fl keys. I think the drink would be awesome! I am very excited for your new adventure going back to school! good luck to you!!

    1. Mm I love lychee nuts too! They're sometimes a pain in the butt to bust open though. Thanks for your kind words... as always! :)

  7. That picture of you all taking the foodie pictures made me giggle :0)

    Good luck with school! That is so exciting!


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