Monday, September 2, 2013

Goodbye Summer!... Weekend in Wingham!

Hey lovey,

Sigh... it's the end of the last long weekend of the summer. Which means basically summer is over. This is a touch bittersweet for me because I looove summer, but I also loooove fall (mostly because of my birthday!).

I spent the majority of my weekend back in Wingham, ON (my hometown) with C to visit my fam jam! If you aren't familiar with the area I grew up in, it's basically Amish country...

Can you see the horse and buggy riding down the highway? The first time C came to visit he was a touch shocked that people still lived that way lol.

We got to my parent's house around 1 on Saturday afternoon and my Aunt Judi was actually there with her new little daughter... little Lily Ohm!

ISN'T LILY SO DARN CUTE!? She's like 10 weeks old I think, and she's a mini-cockapoo! Wahh... so adorable. We didn't get to visit long but it was nice to get to see them both!!

Me and my sister and I all decided to drive about 10 minutes outside of town in the country to visit the mennonite market out in the country!

I had to snap a few photos to show you all the area I grew up in!!

If you're familiar with the Amish, they believe that getting their photo taken steals your soul. So obviously I took photos without them knowing. I don't think they care that I took photos of their veggies, but it was definitely hard to snap a photo of the actual Mennonites! Here are some so you can see their little market!

Pure, homemade apple sauce 
Brooke beside the kale and dill! 
Juicy peaches!
Mmmm, my favourite!! Pickled beans!!
This is ONE bunch of kale!! $1.25!! 
Potatoes and tomatoes!
The mom Mennonite
The man Mennonite, look at the cash register!! 
I bought a bunch of kale, a bunch of green onions, a bag of homemade maple granola, a basket of pears, a basket of peaches, a packet of pepperoni sticks for the boys, a spaghetti squash and 3 zucchini's and my total was $21! Absolutely insane, it was amazing! If I had had more room at home in my condo fridge I would have bought way more stuff!! They had pies, and home made ketchup, and tons of jared products, home made breads, peas, beets, flowers... SO MUCH!! I love love love going to the mennonites farm when I'm home. In the fall it's nice because it's all pumpkins and squashes! So much fun!!! I like the fact that all the veggies are still covered in dirt, they're not perfect looking, they're literally pulled from the farm, probably washed off quickly and then put in a basket to sell. The mennonites don't use crazy chemicals to grow their veggies and fruits, and they do it all themselves, they don't have crazy machines to do it for them (because they don't believe in that!)... so cool.

Another part of being home that I really love is seeing my fur baby, Louie.

Hahaha, face smush. I love this cat so much. I miss him so much! I think he remembers me when I come home... even though he's been with my parents longer than he was with me for. But he's so darn cute.

We took C to Goderich for dinner on Saturday night. I love Goderich because it's right along Lake Ontario. We went to a restaurant called The Park House, and I had crab stuffed mushroom caps for a starter and a massive Greek salad for dinner that I couldn't even finish, aaaaaand I had a Cesar. This might come to a shock to all of you, but since the Awards Gala I was at a couple of weeks ago, I haven't been going out partying or drinking or anything. I think in total since the gala I've had 2 glasses of wine, and like 4 Cesars. It's been nice! I think I've been losing a little bit of weight because of it!

Anyways... After we were done dinner we took a drive along the water to see the sunset...

So pretty and so peaceful! I would have loved to grab an ice cream cone and walk along the water, but I don't think many people were up for it and it was getting a bit chilly so we went home!

On Sunday we kept it kind of low key. Me and my mom and Brooke (my sister) went grocery shopping and I picked up some new lip gloss (lol). Brooke and I took a car selfie while we were waiting for my mom...


In the afternoon my mom and I took our dog Jake for a long walk. It was so nice out and so warm. Jake wasn't used to going on such a long walk so it was pretty funny seeing him drag his feet! We walked through town and walked in a little nature area that is close to my parents house. Needless to say that was pretty much the only exercise I got this weekend. I'm not too upset about it because I didn't drink much (1 Cesar and 1 glass of wine) and ate fairly healthy. I had the Greek salad, and then on Sunday night we had hamburgers for dinner but I used lettuce for my bun! My Grandma came over for burgers as well. She is so darn cute. She is 87 and just let us know she passed her driving test so she can drive until she's 90! Haha, she's so sharp, I hope I live as long as her!

It was nice to see my family. I was definitely getting a touch homesick. I love the small town, even though I couldn't live there.

Q: Have you ever visited a mennonite farm???
Q: Best highlight of your weekend???


  1. oh my goodness. Id have loved to go to that farm. you got some major deals!!! I would have probably had that maple granola gone by the time I got home! lol. im a granola freak. you and your sis look beautiful. she's adorable!!! I got to see some family this weekend too as a labor day picnic. it was really nice!

  2. I remember when I worked at a summer camp back in 2001 I saw a sign on the road saying look out for Armish. I couldn't believe it when I saw a carriage, I thought it was so cool.
    I would love to go to one of their farms, that would be so amazing.
    Now you can tell that there veggies are 100% organic and totally loved. They look amazing.

    My highlight for the weekend was finishing whole30, and I also won the run club handicap (which was a surprise for me, I wasn't expecting it).

  3. Goderich is on Lake Huron actually.


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