Thursday, September 19, 2013

I'm On The Right Track...

Hey Lovey,


This is the first chance ALL WEEK I'm getting to post!! This week has been a whirlwind... basically my whole September has been a whirlwind! This Monday I wasn't in the office for work, I was on-site somewhere else for work, so it kind of felt like a short week! I'm actually not in the office tomorrow either! I took half the day off tomorrow and in the morning I'm on site at another location so it's going to fly by! Sometimes life has a way of making me a busy gal, so my apologies if sometimes I go a few days in between posting. I know most of you aren't really that upset about it.. anyways...

Tomorrow C and I are actually heading to Ottawa for the weekend for his parents 50th wedding anniversary, which is super cool! We're going to be chowing down on some serious Caribbean food and meet some of his family that I've never met before and I'm TOTALLY excited about the whole thing!! I've been trying to think of what to wear since Monday... I still am not quite sure. Help! Dress? Pants? Crops? I have no clue! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Anyways - in my last post I talked about how I had fallen off the bandwagon. This week though, has been pretty good. And by pretty good I mean NOT perfect, but not bad :). Let's start with my updated chart....

Ok. So Monday - a 2 hour walk. That isn't my typical workout, but on Monday I did A LOT of walking and it took a lot of time so I'm counting it as my workout. I walked to and from the site I was working at, and then after work had to walk to my pharmacy and I took an extended walk because the weather was gorgeous and I was wearing a new jacket and I just wanted to take advantage of the weather while I could!

On Tuesday.. well Tuesday was hard. Tuesday was a really busy day of "catch up" at work (from being off Friday afternoon and out of the office on Monday) so of course the day flew by, but by the end of it I was exhausted. I knew I wanted to run, so one of my bosses and I were talking about it. She didn't feel like running, I didn't feel like running.. so what did we do? We promised each other when we got home we'd go for a run - so that's exactly what I did! If I go running after work, I have to make sure I don't sit down AT ALL, or my behind becomes super lazy and glues itself to the couch. So I got home, changed, grabbed my phone (GPS AND music!) and headphones and hit the pavement. I didn't think I was running that fast, but I did a fairly good time! I did 5km in 30:37, and there were a couple of street lights that I didn't pause the GPS for, and it was a good short while that I was waiting for the light to change... so I'd like to think my time was around the 30 minute mark. I'll take it!

Wednesday was a typical day in the weight room. I tried to keep it simple because I hadn't done weights in a while (remember... I'm lazy lately.). I'm glad I didn't over do it because today I am SOOOOORE... my chest is so tight and my biceps are medium tight. I ended up doing about 30 minutes of upper body weights and I ended with 20 minutes of pretty intense intervals on the Stepmill! It was an awesome workout and it helped me refocus and get back in the game for the rest of my day (I worked out on my lunch, in case I missed that).

Then last night we decided to go with a couple of friends to the Jays Game at the Rogers Center. They were playing the Yankees. It was a decent game. I spent more time learning about Candy Crush from my friend than I spent watching the game. I felt REALLY bad for A-Rod whenever he went to bat. Everyone always boo-ed him and chanted "Juice, Juice, Juice!"... bah! The poor guy has feelings too... leave him alone. Anyways - I ate like crap and had a beer, so we just won't talk about that... there are some photos though!

This is my new jacket that I love. And the CN Tower. Welcome to my neighbourhood.
Doesn't  it look vintage? Nope, 2013 baby.

I love Jays Games, and it wasn't scorching hot so it was nice!

Today I did a lower body workout with one of my Trainer Friends. We decided to do squats. Why? I'm not totally sure. I think he just really likes kicking my ass in all sense of the word. We did this thing to find out what my 1rep max was, so it was like a pyramid. I can't really explain it because I just did what I was told, but it was hard and I ended up doing sets of 1 and sets of 2... and we did stretching so that I could open up my hips and stretch out my calves so I could squat down further. Needless to say I'm going to be SO sore tomorrow and sitting in the car for a 4 hour car ride is going to destroy my legs. I had Trainer Friend take some photos....

Ohhh that face....
Yes, I understand my knee is past my toe.
It's not often I post pictures of me where you can see how I look working out, so taa daaaa... I was dying in picture 2... you can see my face is focused, basically so that I don't fall over.

My diet has been so good. Except for last night at the Jays game (Ahem nachos and a hot dog)... besides that I haven't had any gluten, I've had a little bit of liquorice.. but lots of water, lots of green juice, lots of veggies and lean protein!! Whoohooooo! :) Now to figure out when I can workout tomorrow before heading to Ottawa, and what to bring on the road for snackies!

Q: What's your favourite car ride healthy snack??
Q: Are you staying on track this week???


  1. Beautiful squat! Knew going past toe is fine as long as the heel is firmly planted. which it was. legs destroyed. booyah trainered!

    1. Haha thank you Lex! I guess it's not bad afterall :)

  2. I love going on long hikes/walks as a part of my cross-training especially through forests and parks, so I definitely think your two-hour walk counts towards your exercise quota!

  3. for road trip snacks I love things like easy portable fruit (bananas, apples etc)bags of nuts like almonds and cashews, or good old granola bars. those are my favorite!

    1. I'm not typically a "bar" person so I'll stick with veggies and fruits!! :)

  4. Ugh I'm trying to get back on track myself - the summer was WAY too much fun!

    Unfortunately my hip injury is getting infinitely worse so running might have to be semi permanently shelved.. time to find a new hobby. Still doing the Zoo 10k tomorrow, might as well.

    Have fun in Ottawa!

    1. OMG did you hate the Zoo run!? It was THE WORST race I've ever ran.,.. I won't do it again!! Maybe you could cycle??? I'm sticking to shorter races I think.. although the thought of another half is intriguing.... :)

  5. Bulgarian Squats are KILLER! I hadn't included them in my regular routine lately, but I did some on Tuesday and holy wow, my legs are still sore!!

    1. I loved them! They do kick my butt, but I think that's the point!! :)


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