Monday, September 23, 2013

The Emperors Tea Review & The Memory Ball!

Hey loveys!

FIRST UP - This is my 300th post. Just saying :).

I hope everyone has had a great start to the week!! I can't believe tomorrow is already Tuesday!! Today flew by because I was on-site out of the office, and when I went into the office I had tons of emails to catch up on so I didn't look at the clock once (don't you love when that happens?). My weekend flew by just as fast. C and I were in Ottawa for the weekend because his parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary! It was so much fun. I met C's sister and brother in law for the first time, and they are so cool!! They live in the USA so C doesn't get to see them often. We actually got to sit and have dinner with them on Friday night before the anniversary party on Saturday so we got some good one on one time with them!

Saturday night was fun! His parents had us over, and C's brother in law and sister, C's cousin, and a few friends of theirs for dinner. We ate an immense amount of Jamaican food and it was Heaven. It was my first time trying Curry Goat... and OMG guys... I don't know why I was afraid to eat it for so long, it's delicious! We had rum cake for dessert, and I had never had that before either!! It was strong so I literally only had a sliver of it, but it was good and that's all I needed! :) Here are some photos from the whole weekend...

With the cool weather quickly coming upon us, the more I find myself drinking warm beverages. It's no secret that I'm a bit obsessed with tea... I love all kinds of tea and I love fall for allowing me to drink tea no matter what time of the day!! :) I was given the chance to try out Emperor's Tea and share with all of you how I feel about the tea!! Well good news - I LOVE it!! I was given a package of Moroccan Mint Tea, Sicilian Blood Tea and one of their Lip Balms in Grand Mariner and Apricot .

I'm a huge fan of Peppermint Green Tea naturally, and this was definitely one of the better mint green tea's that I've had! It wasn't bitter (like how some green tea's can be) and the peppermint wasn't overpowering at all. I actually drink it often and love it!! Sicilian Blood is a really fruity tea, and I love fruity tea.

I snapped a photo of my Sicilian Blood tea and it literally looks like it's bleeding while it's steeping. It's delicious! You can even get like 2 or 3 massive cups of tea out of 1 tea ball full of the leaves! When I received the products I looked up the whole story about how this company came to be, and it's actually a pretty neat story! You can click here for their whole history, they now grow their own tea leaves so they can actually guarantee that what they sell is the best product and I love that! Also - they don't test on animals.. yay!

Head on over to their website, they have A TON of different and very unique tea's so check it out! You can even order online!! :)

SO!! Ok I have some fun exciting news!!

If you know me well, you know I'm always trying to do something to give back. As a youth, I always volunteered. I volunteered at a seniors centre in highschool, I always volunteered at my local Legion branch with the veterans and helping with local community events, I got my start in the fitness industry by volunteering and even to this day I try to do annual food drives around Christmas and try and donate a lot around the holidays!

Anyways - lately I've just been thinking that I've been wanting to do more. I did some research and on Twitter I came across a relatively new charity event in Toronto that was looking for volunteers. I took a chance and applied and had a phone interview and everything, and am happy to announce that I got the volunteer position!! My title is "Communications Ambassador" for The Memory Ball! That means I'm helping the team with social media, marketing, and basically getting the word out there about the event and why people should come to it!!
In the last two years they've raised $55,000 for the Alzheimer Society of Toronto to help raise money for Alzheimers research, and hopefully after this year we'll be over the $100,000 mark!! Basically 1 person every 4 seconds is diagnosed with Alzheimers. By the year 2038, 1,125,200 Canadian's will be diagnosed with dementia, 2.8% of all Canadians. The cost of this will be about $872 million dollars. We need to try and help fight this awful disease before it gets out of control, so that's what this event is trying to do! I'm very excited to be working with them, they are an AMAZING team of people... YAY!!! I'm sure I'll be able to talk more about this as I get deeper into the position, but I'm glad to be able to tell you all that I'm doing this now!!

Q: Do you volunteer your time to any charitable organizations?
Q: Did you have a kick ass weekend?? :)

PS - Have you seen these?? Pocket Display from Ashanging... I'm thinking of purchasing for my condo. Have you tried them? Thoughts?


  1. Love those pics! Those 2 are too cute!

    1. Haha I know right? They are so great! :)

  2. Glad you had a great weekend and congrats on the new volunteer position!


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  4. I think you've got tons to brag concerning! and that i would not worry about being "overly boastful" as a result of you are tooting your own horn! i prefer to listen to the great stuff that folks do. It's far better than hearing the long list of crap and ailments they're experiencing over ... and over ... and once again. Hearing dangerous stuff all the time is simply not smart.


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