Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Food For Brain Health!

Hey loveys,

As I've mentioned before, this year I'm volunteering with Memory Ball with the Communications/Social Media team. Part of my job is to write a couple of guest posts for the Memory Ball blog! Obviously, I was all over this!!

Like I've said before, I think it's important to volunteer your time for a good cause and I think bringing awareness to Alzheimers/dementia is important because it's kind of a disease that has been overlooked in the past. Brain health and mental health is slowly becoming bigger and bigger and is being made aware more and more in the media (remember the Bell TV commercial with Clara Hughes? All about talking about mental health!). I'm so, so excited to be a part of this awesome team and to help out with promoting this cause and the awesome event we're holding!

We announced our date yesterday, so for all my Torontonian readers, it's March 29, 2014... and tickets go on sale January 1, 2014!! Make sure you save the date because it's going to be an amazing event. Want to know (one of) the best part? The event is open bar with the purchase of your ticket... ummm.... I know some people who would really put that ticket to good use! :)

So my blog is all about foods you can eat to help promote brain health! I hope you likey! :)


When it comes to health, not so often does “brain health” come to mind first. Most people focus on eating to lose weight, or eating to gain muscle mass... but what about eating for brain health? Do you know that certain nutrients in food can help improve memory, or improve the area of the brain that processes feelings and emotions? How about eating foods that will decrease the chances of developing any form of dementia? 

I want to take you through 10 of the best foods that you can eat, not only to increase overall health, but to increase your powerhouse.. the brain.

1. Berries
Berries are full of antioxidants. That means that they help fight free radicals in the body (which sometimes lead to cancer) and it also protects your brain from the oxidative process. 

2. Salmon
Salmon is FULL of health fat’s called Omega-3’s. Omega-3’s have been shown to be crucial in maintaining brain health. 60% of a healthy brain is Omega-3 fats, they help transport the chemicals sarotonin and dopamine (they make you happy) to your brain! 

3. Whole Grains
Whole grains provide the body with fibre and vitamin E, which help improve cardiovascular health which helps promote circulation of blood in the brain.

4. Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate is a very powerful antioxidant (the higher the % of cocoa, the better) which contains natural stimulants which helps increase the production of endorphins. The best dark chocolate for health will have less than 10g of sugar per serving.

5. Walnuts
Like salmon, walnuts are full of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help promote brain health and happy chemicals in the brain! 

6. Avocados
Avocados are full of monounsaturated fats which help promote good blood flow in the body, which in turn means good blood flow in the brain. The better the blood flow, the healthier the brain! They also help prevent hypertension which has shown to be a risk factor for cognitive abilities and therefore lower blood pressure equals better brain health.

7. Fresh Brewed Tea
Fresh tea can provide the body with a modest amount of caffeine which (which used appropriately) can help boost brain power and enhance overall memory, focus and mood. Tea is also full of antioxidants which, like berries, help protect the brain from oxidative process.

8. Beans
Beans help to stabilize blood glucose levels. The brain is dependent on glucose for fuel and since it can’t store it’s own glucose, it relies on a steady stream of glucose from the body... which beans can help with!

9. Tomato Juice
This is a personal favourite of mine. Tomato juice contains folate and lycopene which helps keep the arteries in the body young. Always opt for fresh juice instead of canned (the less heavy metals in our brains the better).

10. Oils
A lot of people are scared of oils due to the high caloric value they have. People who avoid oils though are missing out on heart and brain healthy monounsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-9 fats (if you don’t know why these are helpful, you need to reread this article!).

Not only are these foods great for your brain health, but they are ALL so delicious.. I encourage everyone to try and eat at least 1 of these foods per day to help with brain health (and overall health!). The more we can do to help keep our bodies and our minds healthy, the better! 



Neat huh? I love how food can do our body so much good.

Q: Out of the list I provided, which food is your FAV and why?? 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Summer Fresh Foods Blogger Event 2013

Hey lovey,

So I realize it's been like... a decade since I posted last, but I have been lazy on my mini-vacation so please cut me some slack! :)

As I mentioned earlier this week, I've been on vacation since Wednesday! I had some extra vacation days so I only worked two days this week, it's been nice to have a few days to myself! On Tuesday night I attended the Miracle 10 Fall Beauty Event in Mississauga, and then on Thursday I made my way out to Woodbridge to participate in a blogger event that Summer Fresh Foods held! I've been a busy bee!

The Summer Fresh event was definitely one of the better blogger events that I've ever been to. It started at 11 in Woodbridge but I was (of course) 15 minutes late. The good news was that I wasn't the only late one. We started by talking with the founder of Summer Fresh, Susan, and her head of Marketing, Lynn! They basically gave us a rundown of how Summer Fresh came about and a little education about the company in general.

Summer Fresh is the #1 brand in Canada for Dips and Hummus! They actually have more than 22 different dips, over 29 flavours of hummus, and all of their hummus and a lot of their dips are gluten free and lactose free. They also are the #1 brand in Canada for salads. They have over 16 flavours of packaged salads and over 66 kinds of bulk salads. They also produce a line of fresh sauces and mini mouse desserts, which are amazing. They say that their most popular product is the Artichoke & Asiago Dip, you've heard of that before right?

So there were about 17 of us in attendance (I'll list the names and then link them to their blog):

Heather @ Tasty Gardener
Marisa @ Tasty D
Julie @ Sober Julie
Melanie @ MBA Mama Musings
Clara @ The Food Sisterhood
Monica @ The Food Sisterhood
Vicky @ Mom Who Runs
Louisa @ Living Lou
Danielle @ Ginger Rose
Zannat @ Food 4 Happiness
Christine @ Life On Manitoulin
Cindy @ Hun What's For Dinner
Jennifer @ One Heart One Family
Nadia @ Life Over Easy
Kathleen @ Could It Be Celiac
Deb @ The Fridge Whisperer

After we had our initial introduction to the company, we went to check out their store that they have right in their office building.

Everything about the offices and the store was so pretty. They're so clean and everything is so organized, obviously by the photos you can see that they are SO clean and it was honestly really cool to see that. After we were done photographing the store (it's so much easier to take pictures of everything when everyone is doing it... so much more comfortable around other blogger!) we drove over to their actual food processing plant, which was at a separate location! I drove with Lynn, the head of their Marketing department. Her and I clicked because we're both tall and we got a few minutes of 1-on-1 time while we were driving over which was nice. She's SO lovely and so pretty and so nice.. it was a pleasure getting to connect with her!

When we got to the plant we broke up into two groups, and my group first hung out with Susan, the founder of Summer Fresh, in a beeeeeauuuuutiful kitchen where we were given forms to fill out and we taste tested some of the products. There were some that weren't up to their standard and we were challenged to try and figure out which products were not able to go to stores. I honestly couldn't find one that I didn't enjoy, and to this day I don't even know which ones weren't up to par! They actually taste test their foods every morning and rate them on a bunch of different scales. It's really neat.

Next we went into the actual processing plant to see how they make all of these amazing dips and salads and hummus. We weren't able to take pictures in the plant, but honestly it was one of the cleanest plants I've ever seen in my life. They have a huge room that's the temperature of an actual fridge that keep all of their fresh veggies cool and they get restocked daily. They use ZERO preservatives in their food so they have to get new stocks of veggies on a daily basis. There are people who actually cut the veggies by hand and send it into the made into hummus or dip. Then we saw how they fill up their little containers, seal them and put them in boxes! Everything is kept so separate from the food, which is the best way to keep the food and the food plant clean.

After the tour we went back to their office building and we were treated to some serious food pampering. They had SO MUCH food!! It was all gorgeously decorated and the place settings were spectacular.

After we checked everything out, they actually had a chef come out and show us how to make quick little appy's and then we got to eat them!

I didn't stay for all of the food being served because it was getting late and I had to drive an hour back home, but this is what I did get to eat and it was AH-mazing!!

They actually gave us spoons of lemon sorbet to "cleanse our pallets" after each serving, so that made me feel like a super intense foodie, it was sooo cool!!

The experience was so cool over all and I was so impressed by everything they showed us!! Not only was the experience cool and I left with a mini food baby, but check out what they sent us home with!

Right!?! I've been eating hummus all week now! Haha, not complaining because it's SO GOOD. Thank you SO MUCH for having me, it was an amazing time and I was so glad to meet some really cool new people!! Here's the picture that Summer Fresh sent us last week:

Aren't they the coolest??

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Fall Beauty Event by Miracle 10 & The Plastic Surgery Clinic

Hey loveys,

Last night I attended an event put on by Miracle 10 Cosmetics at The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Mississauga, ON. Every year they host an event in the spring/summer and in the fall, and this was my first time attending one of the events! The Fall Beauty Event had such a great turn out. I attended with a friend of mine (who is also named Sara, just without the H) who used to intern for Miracle 10 so it was nice for her to be able to see the people she used to work with!

The event ran from 4-8pm and we got there around 6:15ish. We pulled in and they actually had a valet service for all the attendees so they didn't have to worry about parking their cars. What? Swanky. I loved it. The first person we saw when we got there was Elizabeth. I had only ever communicated with Elizabeth via e-mail and a phone call one time, but she is the brains (and beauty) behind the awesome Peel Treatment giveaway I did on my blog a while back! It was so much fun to finally meet her in person. She's so cute and so sweet, I loved it! We also met Ann (Sara knew her already, so I guess just I "met" her) who is the President and Founder of Miracle 10... she's honestly so beautiful. She has amazing, long, luscious blonde hair, she's absolutely gorgeous, I was kind of intimidated! She seemed so sweet though and Sara didn't have enough good things to say about her so it was so nice to meet her as well.

Sara and I made our way inside and was instantly greeted by a server offering us wine. Uhh, yes please!! What a lovely little touch! There were 2 make-up artists from Holt Renfrew doing makeovers for anyone who wanted one using the Yves St. Laurent make-up line. If I hadn't just put makeup on I totally would have let them tackle my face for sure. Next time!

There were consultants wandering around both the upstairs and the downstairs helping people with skin consultations as well as any non-surgical procedures they wanted to inquire about (Botox (for face), Juvederm (lips), Latisse (eyelashes)..). All injectables were on sale so there were a lot of people stocking up! I've always been interested in trying Botox (it's preventative for wrinkles people!) but I didn't go for it.... this time! :) I got to see Nurse Lori, who is just so adorable. Anytime I see her she's in scrubs so seeing her all dressed up last night was so fun!!! She is short, and she was wearing massive heels and was STILL like a foot shorter than me. Mind you, I was wearing my Louboutins so that probably offset her heels slightly.

Sara and I were standing, sipping our wine and chatting when Dr. Lista (remember him from my Breast Augmentation post? He was/is my surgeon!) came over and started chatting with us. It was so nice to chat with him in a social setting rather than in an exam room about all things medical. He actually let us snap some photos with him for Twitter and my blog!

Yay! So fun. He was mingling all night so it was nice of him to chat with us for a while!

For any attendees that spent over $50 on the Miracle 10 products, they got suuuuuch a cute tote. It looks like something I'd 100% take to the beach with me, if the beach were an option right now.

I ended up purchasing the Miracle 10 Body Polish. It's like an exfoliating scrub that you use in the shower, and they gave me a shower mit to go with it! All of the products were 20% off last night, so I wanted to stock up while I could!!

I was purchasing the product with an employee, Lisa, and the funniest thing in the whole world happened. I laughed about it for a while... She was pulling up my account in the system and asked "Sarah, what's your last name?" and this woman who was working, but I had never met pipes up and goes "OHM!".. I was a bit shocked.. so I asked "What?! How did you know that!?" and she told me that apparently I was some sort of celebrity in their clinic because of my blogs haha. She said everyone there follows my blog now and she reads it every time. I'm not sure the name of that woman (if you're reading this, please comment and leave your name!), but I now love her a lot lol. Being has a celebrity has it's perks you know!! (Hahaha... oh man. I still love making fun of that whole experience lol!).

Unfortunately I didn't get pictures with anyone else but it honestly was like the staff was running around the whole night, they all must have crashed when they got home. The fun news is that I have to go back next Friday for an actual appointment so I'll get to see a lot of them again! Overall it was a great event. They had such good wine (ha) and munchies, everyone was so friendly and so assertive when people would walk in. They were so helpful and so full of information. Good job Miracle 10 and The Plastic Surgery Clinic! :)

On a random side note... today was my first day of my 3-day vacation this week. I slept kind of crappy last night but that didn't stop me from being fairly productive today. I managed to get my ass outside and go running (4k... first run of my half-marathon training program), get 2 loads of laundry done, do some errands I had to run, make a delicious lunch of raw veggies and meatballs (I need to do groceries...) watch a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars and make my way to Starbucks, where I am now, to share this blog with you and do some writing that I have to get finished asap!

Tomorrow I'm off to Vaughan for a blogger event at Summer Fresh Foods! I'll be getting a tour of the facility, I'll meet a few new bloggers and get to eat some munchies! I can't wait! I'll post all about it for you tomorrow or Friday!

Q: Are you an event lover? I know I am, but I also know some people who'd rather stay away from big events... what are your thoughts?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Booby Ball... Birthday Bash... Bed...

Hey loveys,

Well, my last post got some great feedback. I was a bit nervous to put it up there... for obvious reasons. The feedback about writing it was generally positive and I'm so thankful! There were a couple of judgy-Gina's but everyone has their own opinion and a right to their own opinion, so it's all good! I had an insane weekend... I debated not even blogging tonight because I just wanted to rest, but alas, here I am writing. Let's start at Friday night.

I spent Friday night volunteering for a charity called Rethink Breast Cancer, and every year they host a fundraising event called The Booby Ball. The event was so much fun! I spent the night helping moderate their social media that was displayed on a giant screen for all the party-goers to look at. We filtered things that were hastagged as #BoobyBall or the theme of the night, #BoobyU. It was a varsity theme and EVERYTHING was so Varsity it was amazing.

The social media screen on stage!
VIP Booth Sponsor Banners
The VIP booths were designed to look like dorm rooms - SO neat!
A quick area shot before the crowd arrive 
Guests were able to get their makeup done thanks to Shoppers Drugmart & Stila!
Skinny Cow sent their hunkiest servers to serve treats for the night!
Kayla and I having fun in between moderating! :)
Whats Varsity without cheerleaders!?
Or topless men dancers?
Or the same men dancers in their undies!? Pink! Breast Cancer Awareness! 
The night was an absolutely success! Kayla and I quickly became friends when we found out we both worked for the same company (canfitpro!) at one point, I in London and her in Toronto, and we knew a lot of the same people! Rethink Breast Cancer raised over $215,000 from that event which is MAJOR. Next year hopefully I will be attending as a ticket holder, I want to get dressed up! :)

On Saturday night I had a bunch of friends over to celebrate my birthday! It's not until the end of the month, but because it's on Halloween, I refuse to celebrate my actual birthday at that time, so this year I planned it early. I had some old friends come down from London and had new Toronto friends come over as well! We hung out at my house and then we made our way to The Fifth Social Club where we had a booth and got bottle service as well. To be honest with you, I drank a lot of tequila and didn't get out of bed yesterday until about 5pm. It was absolutely the most UNhealthy night ever... I felt like garbage the next day, but we did manage to have a good time. I can tell you this - that night turned me off of drinking for a LONG while.... At one point, myself, Elyse and a friend of hers had a shot that was glowing blue and was on fire... what!? I have no idea what it even was. Oy vey.

Jenny & I with our massive fishbowl drink
Oh lord. This was closer to the end of the night I think. I'm having a GREAT time.
And that folks, was my weekend. Last night Jenny and I mustered up the energy to go out for a tea and a walk and it helped us both feel tons better... even today I'm still so tired. Tomorrow is my last day of work for this week (WHOOP!) so I'm excited to take it easy and relax most of the week!!

Tomorrow night I'll be Tweeting and Instagramming live from the Miracle 10 Fall Beauty Event happening in Mississauga where they are debuting their new retinol product, so stay tuned for that! And on Thursday I'll be heading to Vaughan to participate in an event that Summer Fresh foods is hosting during the day! I am very excited to try out some of their new goodies!! So many events this week! I love it!! I love meeting new people and networking with new companies, and so this is a great way to do so!

Today I also think I convinced myself to train for another half-marathon distance. If I start training now I won't really have a race to run when I'm done my program, but I do want to increase my distance and endurance again, and to be honest my body is not as firm a it was a year ago, so I need an actual goal to train for! I'm going to use the same training program I used to run my first half-marathon and honestly, just do it for "fun". I use the word "fun" loosely because it's not really fun, but I'm also not doing it for competition. Yaaa know.... :)

Alrighty folks! Stay tuned on Wednesday for a recap of the Miracle 10 event and an update on how days 1 and 2 will be going of my training program!

Q: What was the highlight of your weekend?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Very Personal Story With Breast Augmentation

Hey loveys,

It's taken me a long time to muster up the courage to write this post. The obvious reason being that it's a fairly private topic... however I'm the type of person who likes to use her experiences to help others in similar situations. You may be wondering why I'm putting this on a blog that is (mostly) dedicated to health and fitness. I think self-confidence and being happy with yourself as a person, both inside and out has a lot to do with the wellness of a person, and I think that doing something to make you happier is definitely also going to make you more "well". I originally only planned to write this on my "Tales of a 38" Inseam" blog because it's dedicated to fashion/cosmetics, but I think the story can translate well to both blogs, and hopefully can help someone in similar situations that I found myself in. A lot of really amazing things have come out of this story, so let me start at the beginning.

It wasn't a "spur of the moment" type decision. Breast augmentation is something that I had been thinking about for at least two years prior to my actual surgery back in May 2013. However it wasn't until I actually started researching procedures and surgeons and clinics that I actually made my choice to go ahead with it. Growing up I always had a boyish figure. I am very tall and thin. I've always had curves on my bottom half, but I was never blessed with curves up top. It's something I came to terms with when I was younger, always purchasing and wearing bras that made me look a lot bigger than I was.

As time went on, it became more of an issue for me. Working out all the time, I couldn't help but always see myself in mirrors and notice that my breasts were just as flat as my stomach, I hated having no curves. Being into fashion was always kind of tricky as well, I could never wear anything low cut because I had zero cleavage to fill it out or to show off at all. I didn't want to wear massive padded bras all the time that tend to look a bit awkward, so I was very concious as to not purchase clothing that would show off my upper half. I slowly became extremely self-concious of myself. Going out on weekends caused me anxiety as I knew I'd see women with the shape I'd been longing for. It sounds dramatic, but it's how I felt.

For me, having small breasts was almost like having crooked teeth. People who have crooked teeth are normally self-concious about it and get braces to fix what they don't like. The same goes for people with crooked noes due to whatever reason... if it bothers them enough, they head under the knife for a rhinoplasty. Having smal breasts was no different for me than someone with braces, so I looked into my options for breast augmentation. Luckily for me, I had a friend who recently had the procedure and answered many questions I had for her. The next thing for me to do was search and find a surgeon who I would connect with and who would assure me that what I wanted done, would be done.

Under no circumstances did I want to look like Heidi Montag or Barbie. This was my list of criteria:

- I wanted to maintain my long and lean look. I don't want to be big at all.
- Having better shape in my breasts was my main focus, no size.
- I don't want the roundess at the top of my breasts like you see a lot of women with, I want them as natural looking as possible.
- I need to like and trust my surgeon.

So with my friends recommendation, and A LOT of online research, I went for my first consultation at The Plastic Surgery Clinic in Mississauga, ON. To be honest with you, I have probably never been more scared in my life. When my name was called to head into the room, I needed C to come with me because I was so nervous. I've never inquired about something so private and I knew I was going to have to show the surgeon my breasts, which was something I dreaded since I hated how I looked.

When I went into the room, I initially met with Jenny, a patient coordinator at the clinic. She basically walked me through what would happen in the consult, gave me a gown and told me to undress from the waist up and that Dr. Lista would be in soon to see and talk to me. I got undressed and waited on the chair and I swear I probably sweat like a litre of water because of my nerves.

When Dr. Lista came into the room, he looked at my breasts, did some quick measurements and gave me the size range he felt I could go to and still look extremely natural and keep my long and lean look. He told me my options for implant sizes, where I could get the incision, and what types of implants I could choose from. Then he left me to try on different sizes with Jenny. That was definitely the most fun part of the whole experience, and Jenny was so nice and outgoing, I instantly loved her.

I ended up booking my surgery that day for 6 weeks down the road. I was very hesitant in making the decision, but Dr. Lista had answered all of my questions and made me feel confident in my decision wheather I decided to go with the surgery or not.

Fast forward 6 weeks and it's the morning of surgery. Because I'm diabetic they operated on me first thing in the morning so I didn't go too long without food. I had to be at the clinic a little before 7am (BRUTAL) where I waited, hungry and thirsty, for my name to be called. I had a bag full of stuff I had to bring with me (pajamas, extra diabetic stuff, button down shirt... etc) and then my name was called and I was off. C went and hung out at Starbucks while I was getting cut open lol. I went into a pre-op room where I changed into my pajamas, put on a robe, a housecoat, a cap thing for my hair (I looked like a penis, seriously) and sat in a chair under a heating blanket watching City Line for like 20 minutes. Nurse Lori came in and gave me a cocktail of pills, had me test my blood sugar and walked through the whole procedure with me. After Lori was through drugging me, Dr. Lista came in, all smiles and so excited to cut me open. He plotted what he was going to do directly on my skin and asked me the size I was going so that he could write it on my so he "didn't forget"... 300 cc's and we're good to go.

So then it came time. When I get nervous I laugh a lot and try to make jokes. Normally this always comes at inappropriate times but no one cared here. I was lying on an operating table trying to talk weather with the nurses. I think the lady putting me under actually commented on how I had perfectly shapped eyebrows (hellp plastic surgery clinic, of course you would notice something like that) and so I joked about how I won't need those fixed any time soon. I can't remember if they laughed or not. I'm sure I thought I was funny. Then I dozed off...

.... then I woke up in the recovery room, and didn't feel the hottest. Not going to lie here, when you've just had surgery, it isn't cotton candy and butterflies, it does come with some pain. My chest was tight, I couldn't really use any of my stomach muscles and I just wanted to sleep (they give you GOOD drugs). There was actually a guy across from me just waking up as I was munching on crackers and he mentioned that he felt like he reeeeeeally wanted a steak. I laughed at him and he then congratulated me on my additions. Awkward... lol.

I got wheeled out eventually and made my way downstairs to my car where C was waiting. I had a pain pump on me, two drainage tubes in my armpits (that's where my incisions were) and an insulin pump on me as well. I was basically I walking robot for 24 hours. I couldn't really get in and out of the car without help, but little Nurse Lori helped me! She's so cute. I went back to the clinic 24 hours later to have my drainage tubes removed (weirdest feeling of life!) and my pain pump taken off. Lori did all of that for me too. I remember her calling me "babe" a lot, I loved her for that, especially when I hadn't showered for 3 days and I knew I looked like a bag of garbage.

A week passed and by the time I went back for a follow up appointment, most of my bruising was gone. I took Arnica to help with bruising (Yay Homeopathic!) which I really liked. At that point I was taught how to cleanse my incisions going forward, and was given the products to use to help them heal. A week after that I went back again and my stitches were removed (only 1 in each pitter) and I had specific intructions on how to massage the tatas so that they didn't develop capsular contraction (I feel really smart knowing all this medical jargon now), and so they moved free like real boobies! It wasn't the best feeling in the world, but I listened to all my doctors orders and fast forward to today, and they are GREAT!

I still have scars in my armpits (medical term - axilla), but Im a slow healer because of my diabetes, and I'm using special silicone stuff to help them go away completely, so it's just a matter of time before they're all gone. During my whole pre-op stage, I had Brittany as my patient coordinator (not Jenny anymore) and she was wonderful. We talked on the phone probably once every two weeks just because I had so many questions and kept going back and forth between the sizes I wanted to go. I actually still keep in touch with Brittany, she's so cute and so nice... and 1 woman I know of that's taller than me lol. Dr. Lista was a great surgeon and was always curious how I was doing and how my bloog sugars were doing. He was the one who introduced me to the Miracle 10 products that I'm always raving about, as Miracle 10 was developed by The Plastic Surgery Skincare Clinic.

Overall I was so super impressed by Dr. Lista and his amazing staff. I never once felt uncomfortable (after my initial consult and surgery of course lol) and if I ever had any questions I always got an answer right away from Brittany. Dr. Lista is so kind as whenever I had questions about my healing or my incisions, he takes a little time out of his already crazy insane day to check me out quickly and make sure everything is alright. I get a bit paranoid with my healing, but he understands and seems to be ok with it.

I'm now actually acting as a Patient Advocate for the clinic, so whenever a patient wants to speak to someone who has had the surgery, they call me (or someone like me!). I've also worked closely with Miracle 10 now, as you know, and really do love their products and the company. I've made friends with Brittany and Nurse Lori and I still enjoy seeing Dr. Lista in my follow up appointments. He's one doctor I don't mind seeing as I don't get in trouble for anything by him lol!

I thought I'd be really shy about having this operation, but I really do enjoy talking to people about it who are genuinely curious. It was probably one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I'm so much more confident than I was before, and I just feel more like an actual woman.. not in a little boy's body. It really has been such an amazing experience and journey for myself... It has changed my whole perception on plastic surgery in general. I'm now way more open as to why people would get plastic surgery, and I think it's a beautiful, great thing.

If you have questions or comments or anything you want to say/ask me privately, feel free to send me an email to, and I will definitely respond right away! To my family who didn't know about this - well, now you do. Sorry I didn't spill it all over Thanksgiving dinner lol!

Thanks for reading my story, xo.