Wednesday, October 9, 2013

6 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dairy

Hey loveys,

I'm not going to lie here, I'm sitting here and blogging and watching Dr. Phil and sipping on a Somersby (yay gluten free!)... and it's DELICIOUS!! I have no regrets.

How is your week going? It's already Thursday (almost)! Which means it's almost the weekend which mean's I get to see both sides of my family for TWO Thanksgiving meals! I have to watch that I don't consume an insane amount of food TWICE. I think I can do this. I'm going to try and stick to paleo Thanksgiving diner, which really shouldn't be that hard. My Aunt Janis is making a big rack of lamb (I'm drooling already, her stuff is always so good and so fresh out of her garden or fresh from one of her farmer friends), and she always has a massive pot of mashed potatoes, home made gravy, tons of different veggies, it's glorious. She's gluten-free as well so obviously she's going to cook gluten free for the most part! I get to bring a can of cranberries lol. Seems reasonable. So yes, my goal for the weekend is to eat only until I'm satisfies and not until I feel like I absolutely can't eat any more food.

I mentioned in my last post that I was trying to do 5k a day until my birthday party on October 19th! So far it's been decent. There have been some days that I didn't complete my 5k. I don't think I ran on Monday... I didn't run on the weekend... but I ran yesterday and I ran today so let's focus on the positive!

This was today's run! (side note: my hair looks dark... I need to get it highlighted again... Marina, if you're reading this, we need to make some arrangements :D) I felt good during the run, however I think it's almost time to get some new runners. I can feel it in my calves right now and my legs got really tired during the run actually. Yesterdays run felt better but I think it was roughly the same pace. I have a race coming up on October 26th, the Women's 8K Race here in Toronto, so I want to be able to do a decent time during that race, so I have to get my butt into gear!

You know what else I miss? I miss doing WODs. I haven't done an actual WOD in SO long and I'm missing it. I can tell my arms don't look as toned as they did when I was doing CrossFit every week, which makes sense I suppose. Maybe I'll try and tackle a WOD tomorrow instead of doing 5k. That's a suitable substitute, right? Hm. I will have to pick a WOD tomorrow and attempt. Good call Sarah! :).

On Monday night neither C nor I felt like cooking dinner. When that happens I usually occupy myself in the bedroom watching tv or blogging or reading and C is out in the living room either playing video games, working or watching sports... and neither of us attempt to get up to ask the other about dinner, and then it gets late and we end up ordering food.

Not ideal.

So anyways, on Monday we ordered some Thai/Chinese food (I know, not the same thing, but I can't remember what it was "technically"). I had a bowl of wonton soup and some crispy shrimp. I wasn't feeling so hot that night and stayed home from work on Tuesday (upset stomach... I won't give you details) and so I tried to eat well and calm my stomach down.

Clearly my kitchen lighting is not ideal for taking pictures of my food as you can see the shadows of me... but oh well. I made myself a green smoothie for lunch (1 mini cucumber, avocado, pineapple and spinach) as well as some leftover Thai soup I had ordered. I didn't eat this the night before because I was too full, it's made with pumpkin and yam as well as coconut milk and curry, so I thought because it was dairy free it should be easy on my stomach, and it totally was. Phewf.

I find dairy to be hard on my stomach. I only really have dairy in my coffee. I cut off dairy when I started eating paleo and felt better since I stopped consuming it. Now I let a bit more back into my diet, but I wanted to research why it's so hard for most humans to consume dairy, and if we actually need it. So I pulled up an article, and I know this subject is controversial so please know that I wasn't the person who performed this research, I'm just the messenger. Click here to be taken to the article directly... otherwise let me sum it up for you!

6 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Dairy

1. Milk doesn't reduce fracture risk. Eating dairy has never been shown to reduce the risk of bone fracture.

2. The less dairy you consume, the better bones you have. Countries with the lowest rates of dairy and calcium consumption (like those in Africa and Asia) also have the lowest rate of osteoporosis.

3. Calcium isn't as bone-protective as we think. Studies have shown that calcium has no effect in preventing bone fractures, where as Vitamin D has been shown to be much more important in reducing the changes of bone fracture.

4. Calcium may raise cancer risk. Studies have shown that higher intake of dairy and calcium can increase a man's chances of developing prostate cancer by 30-50%! Dairy also increases the body's level of insulin-like growth factor-1 which is a known cancer promoter.

5. Calcium has benefits that dairy may not. Calcium helps reduce the risk of colon cancer, however dairy products do not.

6. Not everyone can stomach dairy. About 75% of the world's population is genetically unable to properly digest milk and other dairy products.

Interesting right? So basically 3 out of 4 people can't properly digest milk or dairy products. That has to make you think, right? And to be honest... I can't remember what documentary or book I read, but it explained how cows milk should only ever be for the calves. Calves grow at a seriously fast speed and they need the milk to help with the rapid growth, where as full grown humans are no longer growing and it just packs on the lbs for us. And we're the only species to consume the milk of another species... did you know that?

Alright, well enough on dairy. I got a new mug this week. See?

Don't you love it? I love it. I'm totally in love with it. And it's an amazing size, which is just an added bonus! Oh.. and I also got a new agenda for school. It's Kate Spade so it's obviously SUPER cute.

Isn't it the most adorable thing you've ever seen? Pretty and Witty Are A Perfect Couple.... I couldn't agree more! Each month has a cutesy little quote like this. School supplies make me happy!! :)

Q: Do you consume a lot of dairy?? How does your body handle it?


  1. I've read and listened to alot of paleo books and podcasts, and they say all the same things.
    Milk is the BREAST milk for a calf. The closest thing to human breast milk is cats milk, followed by camels milk (as in similar enzymes).
    I'm part of that 75% of the population that is dairy intolerant, and I only discovered that from doing whole30.
    I can only tolerate dairy in very small doses now.

  2. I totally think subbing a WOD for 5k is a great call :) hope it goes well! So funny that you wrote this post about dairy because I just eliminated it from my diet. I only ate yogurt, chocolate and a sprinkling of cheese here or there but I got some food tests done and it seems that I am quite sensitive to dairy. Who would have thunk?! Thanks for the info!

  3. IT ANNOYS ME SOOOO MUCH when anyone defends DAIRY... NOOOO!!!

    I love you even much more now! ;) I haven't had dairy in 11 years!

  4. I have dairy but not much. I used to have like 4 glasses of milk back in the day. It was my thirst quencher! lol

    Lovin' the watch :)

  5. I stopped eating dairy last march and I feel so much better for it! No more bloating and stomach pain right after eating. My clothes fit better... I do not think it's a lactose thing but something else because I have tried lactose pills and they have no effect.
    I have tried to add some back in but no luck - so, no biggie. Just another part of my lifestyle change.

    Love that mug! My dad always had really big coffee mugs - wide enough to dunk a whole doughnut!

  6. For me (a vegan) an even better reason to avoid dairy is to help prevent the cruelty and dismal conditions of the average dairy cow, not to mention the drugs they are fed (that end up in our milk), the unnecessary death of both the cow's offspring and the cows themselves when they can no longer produce enough milk. The better health is just a happy side benefit.

  7. What a great post. I wish more people would understand the down sides of dairy. I love how you mentioned calcium because one of the best sources of calcium is eating vegetables! Also, one cup of rice milk has just as much calcium as a glass of cow's milk. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Love this post and it's so true!! I think more people need to see these facts!!! I love the new mug. I swear I would have a cupboard full of cool coffee mugs...must invest in a big cupboard haha


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