Monday, October 21, 2013

Booby Ball... Birthday Bash... Bed...

Hey loveys,

Well, my last post got some great feedback. I was a bit nervous to put it up there... for obvious reasons. The feedback about writing it was generally positive and I'm so thankful! There were a couple of judgy-Gina's but everyone has their own opinion and a right to their own opinion, so it's all good! I had an insane weekend... I debated not even blogging tonight because I just wanted to rest, but alas, here I am writing. Let's start at Friday night.

I spent Friday night volunteering for a charity called Rethink Breast Cancer, and every year they host a fundraising event called The Booby Ball. The event was so much fun! I spent the night helping moderate their social media that was displayed on a giant screen for all the party-goers to look at. We filtered things that were hastagged as #BoobyBall or the theme of the night, #BoobyU. It was a varsity theme and EVERYTHING was so Varsity it was amazing.

The social media screen on stage!
VIP Booth Sponsor Banners
The VIP booths were designed to look like dorm rooms - SO neat!
A quick area shot before the crowd arrive 
Guests were able to get their makeup done thanks to Shoppers Drugmart & Stila!
Skinny Cow sent their hunkiest servers to serve treats for the night!
Kayla and I having fun in between moderating! :)
Whats Varsity without cheerleaders!?
Or topless men dancers?
Or the same men dancers in their undies!? Pink! Breast Cancer Awareness! 
The night was an absolutely success! Kayla and I quickly became friends when we found out we both worked for the same company (canfitpro!) at one point, I in London and her in Toronto, and we knew a lot of the same people! Rethink Breast Cancer raised over $215,000 from that event which is MAJOR. Next year hopefully I will be attending as a ticket holder, I want to get dressed up! :)

On Saturday night I had a bunch of friends over to celebrate my birthday! It's not until the end of the month, but because it's on Halloween, I refuse to celebrate my actual birthday at that time, so this year I planned it early. I had some old friends come down from London and had new Toronto friends come over as well! We hung out at my house and then we made our way to The Fifth Social Club where we had a booth and got bottle service as well. To be honest with you, I drank a lot of tequila and didn't get out of bed yesterday until about 5pm. It was absolutely the most UNhealthy night ever... I felt like garbage the next day, but we did manage to have a good time. I can tell you this - that night turned me off of drinking for a LONG while.... At one point, myself, Elyse and a friend of hers had a shot that was glowing blue and was on fire... what!? I have no idea what it even was. Oy vey.

Jenny & I with our massive fishbowl drink
Oh lord. This was closer to the end of the night I think. I'm having a GREAT time.
And that folks, was my weekend. Last night Jenny and I mustered up the energy to go out for a tea and a walk and it helped us both feel tons better... even today I'm still so tired. Tomorrow is my last day of work for this week (WHOOP!) so I'm excited to take it easy and relax most of the week!!

Tomorrow night I'll be Tweeting and Instagramming live from the Miracle 10 Fall Beauty Event happening in Mississauga where they are debuting their new retinol product, so stay tuned for that! And on Thursday I'll be heading to Vaughan to participate in an event that Summer Fresh foods is hosting during the day! I am very excited to try out some of their new goodies!! So many events this week! I love it!! I love meeting new people and networking with new companies, and so this is a great way to do so!

Today I also think I convinced myself to train for another half-marathon distance. If I start training now I won't really have a race to run when I'm done my program, but I do want to increase my distance and endurance again, and to be honest my body is not as firm a it was a year ago, so I need an actual goal to train for! I'm going to use the same training program I used to run my first half-marathon and honestly, just do it for "fun". I use the word "fun" loosely because it's not really fun, but I'm also not doing it for competition. Yaaa know.... :)

Alrighty folks! Stay tuned on Wednesday for a recap of the Miracle 10 event and an update on how days 1 and 2 will be going of my training program!

Q: What was the highlight of your weekend?


  1. The Booby Ball looks awesome! I always find their themes so inventive - love this one especially.

    1. Right?? They have some creative geniuses behind the scenes!!

  2. The Booby Ball looks like it was a lot of fun! I loved the pics of your night out with friends - especially the one with you in the background HAHA! good times huh?!
    The highlight of my weekend was my nephew's wedding. I got to spend quality aunt time with my nieces and nephews that I don't get to see to often not that they are grown up :0)

    1. Hahahaha, it was about time for me to leave at that point. It sounds like you had a great night!! I love family time :)

  3. Great job w the ball and a very happy early bday to u!!!!! I kno someones always out to judge regardless of the choices we make, so im glad you didnt let it phase you!! Xxoo have a super wkend!!

    1. Thanks Jenna!! You are adorbs. i heart you.

  4. I think you've got tons to brag concerning! and that i would not worry about being "overly boastful" as a result of you are tooting your own horn! i prefer to listen to the great stuff that folks do. It's far better than hearing the long list of crap and ailments they're experiencing over ... and over ... and once again. Hearing dangerous stuff all the time is simply not smart.


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